Chapter 79. The Soul Snatchers, an-Nazi’at

79.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

79:1 By They Who drag them forth!

79:2 The Ones Who are ever active

79:3 and ever swimming. the angels

79:4 The Foremost Vanguard

79:5 Commanded by the Command

79:6 on the Day of quaking convulsion

79:7 followed by the subsequent. aftershocks

79:8 That Day hearts will pound in terror

79:9 utterly humbled at what they see.

79:10 Yet still they say: Will the dead really be returned to their former state?

79:11 Even after they are decayed bones?

79:12 Surely that is nonsense!

79:13 Then there is but one cry

79:14 and they will be wide awake.

79:15 Has there come to thee the story of Moses

79:16 when his Lord Called to him in the valley of Tuwa

79:17 saying: Go thou to pharaoh

for he has transgressed.

79:18 So say to him: Would thou like to purify thyself?

79:19 I will guide thee to thy Lord

then thou shall fear Him.

79:20 Then He Showed him Great Proofs

79:21 but he rejected and opposed.

79:22 Yea he turned away in haste

79:23 and summoned his people to gather

79:24 saying: I am your most high I am your lord!

79:25 So God Seized him as an Exemplary Proof for those then and those later like you.

79:26 In that is a lesson for those of Wise Fear.

79:27 And are you harder to Create

or were the great Heavens

which He Built?

79:28 Yea He Raised the ceiling thereof

and Fashioned it

79:29 and He Made its nights dark

and Brought Forth Light for its days.

79:30 After that He Spread Out the Earth

79:31 and Brought Forth its waters and its pastures.

79:32 And the mountains He Anchored with granite instead of basalt

79:33 all to benefit you and your livestock.

79:34 Then when the Day the greatest destruction comes

79:35 mankind will take heed for how they strove

79:36 and Hell will be exposed for all to see.

79:37 Yea for those who transgressed

79:38 and chose the life of this world over the Next

79:39 truly Hellfire will be their abode.

79:40 But as for those who feared the Station Of their Lord

and restrained their souls from vain desires

79:41 the Garden will be their habitation.

79:42 And they ask thee about the Hour

when will its arrival be?

79:43 But how would thou know?

79:44 Yea to thy Lord Alone is the Finality thereof.

79:45 And thou only warns those who fear it.

79:46 And the Day they see Eternity it will be as though

they had not tarried but an evening

or a morning hereof.