Chapter 78. The Report, an-Naba’

78.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

78:1 What exactly is left to question among them?

78:2 The Good News or the Horrific News?

78:3 Which is it wherein they disagree?

78:4 Nay. Deep down they know and will see!

78:5 Then indeed

they will come to know for certain!

78:6 Yea and have We not made the Earth a resting place

78:7 and the mountains firm stakes with bottoms like pegs

78:8 and Created you in heterosexual pairs

78:9 and made your sleep restful

78:10 and made the night like a garment

78:11 and the day for Goodly living.

78:12 And did We build above you seven great ones

78:13 and set therein a blazing light

78:14 and sent down cascading rains from clouds

78:15 bringing forth grains and plants

78:16 in luxuriant gardens?

78:17 Yea and the Day of Decision is an appointed time.

78:18 The Day the trumpet is blown and you come in units

78:19 and the sky is opened as gates

78:20 and mountains are set in motion looking as if a mirage.

78:21 Yea it is then that Hell is lying in wait!

78:22 That is the Journeys’ End for the defiant and the fools.

78:23 They will forever long for a final death

78:24 never experiencing shade nor satisfying drink

78:25 only scalding Punishment and liquids of filth

78:26 will be their recompense.

78:27 For they yearned for no accounting

78:28 and they denied Our Proofs defiantly

78:29 but We have their ledgers fully detailed

78:30 so taste it!

And We will increase you in nothing except Punishment.

78:31 But for those of Wise Fear is a place of long sought security

78:32 with fertile gardens and grapevines

78:33 and splendid companions well matched

78:34 your cups overflowing.

78:35 Hearing therein neither vain speech nor lies.

78:36 Yea it is the Reward From thy Lord

a Gift

and a Reckoning.

78:37 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them.

The Almighty

against Whom none can argue.

78:38 The Day the spirit Gabriel and the angels stand in ranks

speaking not

until The Almighty Grants Permission to whom He Wills

to say what is True.

78:39 That is the Day of Unending Truth

and whoever wills will be pleased to see their Lord at their Journeys’ End.

78:40 Hence We warn you of this Punishment drawing near

the Day mankind will look upon what their hands have sent before them

and the fools will say:

If only I were dust!