Chapter 80. He Frowned, ‘Abasa

80.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

80:1 The messenger frowned and turned away once

80:2 when an ignorant one came to him.

80:3 And how does thee know if it was Right?

For they might have purified themselves with your

80:4 message by taking heed.

Yea the Reminder may very well have benefited them.

80:5 And as for they who are rich

80:6 pay attention to them as well.

80:7 But not upon thee is it that they purify themselves.

80:8 Yet as for one who comes to thee in earnest

80:9 while showing Wise Fear

80:10 do not let thou judge on your own who receives it.

80:11 No indeed! It is a Reminder for all

80:12 so whoever wills might remember it

80:13 in Honored Verse

80:14 exalted and purified

80:15 by Our messengers

80:16 those noble and virtuous.

80:17 For already damned are many

and how ungrateful are those!

80:18 Again recall from what did He Create humanity?

80:19 From a drop of sticky slime He Created them

and Ordained what they would be.

80:20 He Made the Way easy for them by their choice

80:21 then Gave them Death.

80:22 And when He Wills He Will Resurrect them.

80:23 Yet no indeed!

Mankind does not accomplish its Commandments.

80:24 So let all look at their food to know if you’re evil or Good

80:25 and how We pour water in floods

80:26 as it often creates fresh tilled Earth. sediment from floods

80:27 And We cause grain to grow therein.

80:28 and grapes and herbage

80:29 and olives and date palms.

80:30 Yea fertile Gardens dense with foliage

80:31 of fruits and grass

80:32 that benefit you and your livestock.

80:33 Then when the blast comes

80:34 on a Day mankind abandons their siblings

80:35 and their mothers and their fathers

80:36 and their spouses and their children.

80:37 Everyone will be preoccupied thinking only of themselves on that Day.

80:38 The Day some faces will glow

80:39 gleefully

rejoicing at the Glad Tidings

80:40 while other faces are torn with sorrow

having great darkness upon them

80:41 as if covered in dirt.

80:42 Those are the deniers

the wicked and licentious.