Chapter 81. The Wrapping Up, at-Takwir

81.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

81:1 When the sun goes out

81:2 and the stars fall

81:3 and the mountains are set in motion

81:4 when the full term she camels are neglected

81:5 and the wild beasts are gathered together.

81:6 This is when the seas will overflow

81:7 and souls are taken by the angels

81:8 and when the aborted or sacrificed babies are asked

81:9 for what transgression were they murdered?

81:10 Yea when the scrolls are opened

81:11 and the sky is removed

81:12 and Hell is seen ablaze

81:13 that is also when the Garden is brought near.

81:14 When each soul will know what it has bought.

81:15 Then do I swear by the stars that recede

81:16 like ships withdrawing from view

81:17 and by the night when they swarmed

81:18 and by the morning when they sighed

81:19 truly Gods’ Noble Messenger delivered the Quran

81:20 a possessor of power in the Presence Of The Lord of the Throne. Gabriel is Gods’ Noble Messenger.

81:21 One who is obeyed and trustworthy.

81:22 And your human companion Mohamet is not possessed

81:23 for he has seen him on the clear horizon

81:24 and he is not being secretive about what he has seen.

81:25 And this is not the word of any degenerate snaking imposter

81:26 so where does it lead you?

81:27 Lo it is only a Remembrance for all mankind jinn/humans

81:28 for whom among you wills to be upright.

81:29 But in the end what you willed is What God Willed

for He Is The Lord of the Worlds.