Chapter 87. The Most High, al-A’la

87.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

87:1 Glorify The Name Of thy Lord, The Most High!

87:2 He Who Created

and Designed

87:3 and Who Ordained

then Guided.

87:4 He Who Brought Forth the pasture

87:5 then Makes it fertilizer as russet brown decay.

87:6 We will make thee recite

and thou will not forget. Speaking to Mohamet about this Quran.

87:7 Per what God Wills

for He Knows the manifest and unseen

87:8 and We will ease thee towards ease.

87:9 So remind them

with a Profitable Reminder.

87:10 Those of Wise Fear will take heed

87:11 but the miserable condemned will scorn it

87:12 those who will burn in the Great Fire

87:13 who neither die nor live therein Forever. in agony

87:14 Yea one who purifies oneself has prospered

87:15 from Remembrance of The Name Of their Lord

and performing the Prayer.

87:16 While in Truth most focus on the life of this world

87:17 when the Hereafter is better and Everlasting.

87:18 Yea and all of this is in the previous scriptures

87:19 of those such as Abraham and Moses.