Chapter 86. The Piercing Star, at-Tariq

86.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

86:1 By the Heaven at night and the Tariq!

86:2 And how will thee know what the Tariq is?

86:3 The piercing star! a special angel

86:4 By thereof there is no soul without a guardian.

86:5 So let one see what they are Created from.

86:6 Yea they are Created from a spurting slime

86:7 issuing forth from between the loins and the backbone.

86:8 And they are to return to Him Who Made Everything

86:9 on a Day all secrets are exposed

86:10 then they will have neither strength nor protectors.

86:11 By the sky full of those angels who return

86:12 with the Earth cracking all around

86:13 this Quran is a Decisive Warning

86:14 not for amusement. A hard read with the best of Rewards!

86:15 Verily those who plan they plan a plan

86:16 and I Plan a Plan.

86:17 So be patient while looking on at the fools while I Grant them a short delay.