Chapter 88. The Enveloping, al-Ghashiya

88.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

88:1 Has there come to thee the Warning of a Day?

88:2 When faces

become humbled

88:3 fatigued

and weary

88:4 facing consumption by the Scorching Fire.

88:5 Drinking from boiling springs which rot their inners

88:6 and they will have no fresh food except of thorns

88:7 which neither sustain nor satisfy their hunger.

88:8 All the while other faces that Day will be


88:9 pleased with their striving

88:10 in a high Garden

88:11 where they hear no idle talk

88:12 and have a flowing spring.

88:13 Setting upon raised benches with goblets filled

88:14 yea their cups overflowing

88:15 among cushions arranged

88:16 upon carpets strewn.

88:17 Will they then not look at the great camels

how they are Created!

88:18 And at the beautiful sky

how it is raised!

88:19 And at the majestic mountains

how they stand firm!

88:20 And at the vibrant Earth

how it is spread out in perfect diversity!

88:21 So remind thou

for thou are but one reminding.

88:22 Thou are not an overseer of them

88:23 and whoever turns away in denial of your messages

88:24 God Will Punish them with the Greatest Punishment.

88:25 Yea to Us is their return

88:26 then upon Us is their Reckoning.