Chapter 89. The Dawn, al-Fajr

89.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

89:1 By the dawn

89:2 and ten nights

89:3 and by the even

and by the odd

89:4 and the night when it departs.

89:5 Is there not in that an oath for anyone of intelligence?

89:6 Has thou not considered how thy Lord Dealt With Ad

89:7 and the giant people of Iram who towered like pillars

89:8 the like of which had not existed before? Because they were nephilim hybrids, giant psychopathic freaks NOT of Gods’ Creation! The ruling degenerate snaking imposters and their jinn fathers would have you believe the next pics are “photoshopped”, but we’ve just been Told By God for about the 100th time that giants were/are real. Who will you believe?







89:9 Like Thamud who honed out the rocks in the valley

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\Used Thamud2.png



Petra, Jordan (again)

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\OldCities\Petra, Jordan.jpg


Gujarat, India

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\OldCities\Gujarat, India.jpg

. . . 89:9 Like Thamud who honed out rocks in the valley

89:10 and pharaoh the lord of bloody stakes.

89:11 All those who transgressed bounds in the lands

89:12 and made much corruption therein.

89:13 So thy Lord Poured Out a scourge of death upon them.

89:14 Yea truly thy Lord Is Definitely On the Watch.

89:15 And as for mankind when their Lord Tests them by Honoring them and Providing them with ease they say:

My Lord Honors me.

89:16 And when He Tries them by Reducing their provision they say:

My Lord Humiliates me.

89:17 No indeed! The Truth is you do not honor the orphan

89:18 and do not encourage one another to feed the needy

89:19 but consume the inheritance greedily

89:20 and love wealth with immense cherishment.

89:21 No indeed! When the Earth is leveled like sand

89:22 is when thy Lord Comes with His Angels

rank upon rank.

89:23 Hell is brought about that Day

the Day mankind will remember Our Warnings.

But of what use will remembering then serve?

89:24 They will say: If only I had sent forth of Goodness for this my Eternal Life to come!

89:25 For none can make suffer as He Will Make the fools suffer on that Day

89:26 and nothing will bind like His Binding.

89:27 But O thou souls at ease

89:28 return thou to thy Lord


for pleasing Him

89:29 and enter among My Servants

89:30 yea enter My Garden.