Chapter 91. The Sun, ash-Shams

91.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

91:1 By the sun and its brightness

91:2 and the moon when it follows it

91:3 and the day when it reveals it

91:4 and the night when it covers it

91:5 and the sky and Who Built it

91:6 and the Earth and Who Distributed it

91:7 and a soul and Who Designed it

91:8 and then Inspired it to distinguish evil from Good.

91:9 Indeed those who purify their souls succeed

91:10 and indeed those who corrupt their souls fail.

91:11 Thamud rejected in their transgression

91:12 when their most wicked were sent forth

91:13 and the Messenger Of God Salih said to them:

Care for this pregnant She Camel Of God

allow her to drink.

91:14 Yea then they rejected him

and brutally slaughtered her

so their Lord Leveled them with destruction

91:15 and He does not fear consequences

for All Consequences are His Alone.