Chapter 92. The Night, al-Layl

92.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

92:1 By the night when it covers

92:2 and the day when it reveals

92:3 in simile Who Created the male and the female.

92:4 Truly your endeavors are diverse

92:5 and as for one who gives and is in Wise Fear

92:6 and establishes what is Fair and True

92:7 We will ease towards ease.

92:8 But as for the miserly and rich

92:9 who refuse to do Good

92:10 We will ease them towards the Fall

92:11 and their wealth will not rescue them from it.

92:12 Truly all Guidance is upon Us

92:13 and to Us belong the first

and the last.

92:14 So I warn you of the Raging Fire

92:15 in which the wicked burn

92:16 those who denied the Proofs and turned away.

92:17 But the devout will be Led Straight.

92:18 And one who gives of their wealth to purify themselves

92:19 gives freely without seeking rewards nor thanks

92:20 rather only seeking the Countenance Of their Lord, The Most High.

92:21 Yea one who does that will be glad!