Chapter 90. The City, al-Balad

90.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

90:1 I swear by this city

90:2 that thou are a free here

90:3 and your parents and your progeny.

90:4 But We have Created humans for adversity

90:5 and assume they that none have power above theirs?

90:6 Some say: I have squandered vast wealth without care!

90:7 Do they think no one sees them?

90:8 Have We not given them two eyes to see

90:9 and a tongue

and two lips to speak

90:10 and shown them paths of Good and evil?

90:11 Yet they do not rush towards the Ascending Path

90:12 but how will you know what that Steep Path is?

90:13 Freeing a slave

90:14 or sharing on a day of scarcity

90:15 with the orphan

90:16 or one needy in destitution.

90:17 Yea these are among those who believe

and exhort one another to patience

and compassion.

90:18 These are the companions of the right.

90:19 But those who disbelieve Our verses

they are the companions of the left

90:20 and the Fire is that which is closing in on them.