Chapter 93. The Morning Hours, ad-Duha

93.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

93:1 By the morning light

93:2 and the night when it broods.

93:3 Thy Lord has not abandoned nor loathed thee

93:4 and the Next Life will be far better than this one!

93:5 Yea thy Lord Will Give to thee

and thou will finally be satisfied.

93:6 Did He not find thee fatherless and Give Shelter

93:7 and find thee astray and Guide

93:8 and find thee in need and Make Sufficient?

93:9 So in like kind do not oppress the orphan

93:10 and as for those who beg or are in need do not judge

93:11 and as for the Grace Of thy Lord

recount thou!