3:28 Let not believers take fools as protectors rather than fellow believers. For whoever does that is not of God in anything unless it is because you are Godfearing and are surveying and learning of their schemes while recalling that to God is the Journeys’ End.

4:138-39 Bear thou tidings to the hypocrites that they have a Painful Punishment. And those who take the fools as protectors rather than the believers do they seek greatness from them? Greatness Belongs To God Alone.

4:144 O you who believe do not take fools as protectors instead of believers.Why would you give God a Clear Warrant against you?

5:51 O you who believe do not take the talmudic jews nor the christians as protectors for they are partners of one another and whoever takes them as protectors among you they become of them. And God does not guide the wrong doing people.

33:48 Do not obey fools nor hypocrites and disregard their hindrances just place all thy trust in God for God Is Unparalleled as Guardian.