Part 4, Chapters 41-114

Part 4, Chapters 41-114


Chapter 41. Revelations Detailed, Fussilat

41.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

41:1 ḥā mīm

41:2 This is a Successive Revelation From The Almighty, The Merciful.

41:3 A Decree set out and detailed

in Arabic verse as a Recitation for people who know.

41:4 It is from a bearer of Glad Tidings and a Warner

but most of them do not listen and turn away.

41:5 Some say: Upon our hearts are coverings against that which thou invites us to

and in our ears is deafness

yea between us and thee is a strange barrier.

So work thy doctrine

and we will work ours.

41:6 Say: I am only a mortal like you

and am instructed simply that your God Is The One God

so go straight to Him and seek Forgiveness From Him.

And woe to the polytheists

41:7 those who do not give God the Respect He Is Due

and are deniers of the Hereafter.

41:8 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have an Unfailing Reward.

41:9 Say: Do you deny He Who Created the Earth in two days and imagine equals to Him?

That Is The Lord of the Worlds.

41:10 And He Made firm mountains atop it

and Blessed it

and Decreed therein its sustenance in four equal spans winter, spring, summer and fall for those who ask.

41:11 Then He Turned Towards the sky when it was smoke and Said to it and the Earth:

Come willingly or unwillingly

and they replied: We come obediently!

41:12 And He Ordained seven Heavens in two periods

and Instructed each Heaven in its purpose.

And We adorned the lower Heaven with lamps for protection. Stars/angels to defend against would be escapees of this test which is why we cannot explore beyond the firmament. Watch NASHA

That is the Ordainment Of The Almighty, The Knowing.

41:13 Then if they turn away say:

I warn you of a thunderbolt like those sent upon the cities of Ad and Thamud.

41:14 When the messengers came to them before and after saying: Serve not any but God Alone!

They said: If our Lord Had Willed He Would Have Sent Down angels for Proof

so we are deniers that you have been sent.

41:15 Then as for Ad

they were proud in the land without cause

when they said: Who is mightier than us in power?

Had they not considered that God Who Created them He Is Mightier than them in power?

Yea and they denied Our Proofs.

41:16 So We sent a violent wind upon them

in days of calamity

that We might make them taste the suffering of degradation

in the life of this world.

But the Punishment of the Hereafter is incomparably more degrading

and they will not be helped.

41:17 And as for Thamud

We guided them

but they preferred blindness to Guidance.

So the thunderbolt of suffering and humiliation took them for what they earned.

41:18 But We rescued those who heeded Warning and lived in Wise Fear.

41:19 On the Day the enemies to God are gathered they will march in ranks headlong towards the Fire.

41:20 And when they see it

their ears and their eyes and their skins

will bear witness against them as to what they did.

41:21 And they will say to their skins:

Why do you bear witness against us?

They will say: God Gave us speech He Is Who Gave All things speech.

This may be speaking of how God and the angels use DNA to store the memories of ones’ existence within its’ empty strands which have been proven to provide a vast storage medium. However, it is also possible this is more anecdotal in nature and that Everything is being recorded by the angels and/or God in some other fashion beyond digital storage not conceivable to us. Regardless, it is an oft repeated warning that Everything down to the smallest is being documented and stored for Judgement Day.

And He Created you the first time

and to Him you will be returned.

41:22 So no one hides anything because your ears and your eyes and your skin bears witness against you.

Yea you thought God did not know Everything you did!

41:23 And that foolish assumption which you invented about your Lord brings you to ruin on this Day

hence you are now among the losers Forever.

41:24 And even if they are patient and calm in repentance

on this Day the Fire will still be home for them.

Yea when they then seek to make amends

they are not of those who can make amends.

41:25 And We assigned intimate companions to them

who made what was before and what was to come seem fair to them.

And hence upon the former and latter communities of jinn and humans is how the Word became binding

thereby they become the losers Forever.

41:26 And those who disbelieve say:

Do not heed the Quran and talk idly during its recital

so that you might retain control.

41:27 But We will cause those who disbelieve to taste a Severe Punishment.

Yea We will reward them for such evils they did.

41:28 That is the Reward for the enemies to God.

The Fire

for them Hell is the Eternal Abode

as Reward for their denial of Our Proofs.

41:29 And those who disbelieve will say:

Our Lord Show us those who led us astray among jinn and degenerate snaking imposters and humans.

We will lay them under our feet so they are the lowest!

41:30 While those who said: Our Lord Is God

and remained on the Straight Path

the angels descend upon them saying:

Fear not nor grieve

but rejoice at the Garden God Promised to you!

41:31 We are your Friends in the first life and in the second

and whatever your souls desire is in the Garden

yea for you therein is whatever you ask.

41:32 An Accommodation from The One Forgiving, Merciful.

41:33 And who is better in Word than one who invites others to their Lord and works Righteousness while saying:

I am of the submitted.

41:34 Yea Good and evil deeds are not the same

so use the former to repel and replace the latter.

Then would be enemies become like intimate friends.

41:35 But only the patient are granted such grace

and only they will receive the Abundant Reward.

41:36 So when tempted from whispering jinn and the degenerate snaking imposter to do evil deeds

seek refuge in God. Recite surahs #1 and #114 and Psalms 23.

For He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

41:37 And among His Proofs are the night and the day and the sun and the moon

but do not worship the sun nor the moon.

Yea submit to God Who Created them

if It Is He YHWH you serve.

41:38 And while some are too proud

remember those angels who are with thy Lord give glory to Him night and day

and they never grow weary of it.

41:39 And among His Signs is how thou sees the Earth barren

until We send down water stirring it to life then giving abundance.

And He Who Gives it Life Is Also The Quickener of death

for He Is Powerful Over All Things.

41:40 And those who deviate concerning Our Proofs are not hidden from Us.

So is one who is to be cast into the Fire better off now

or is one to have security on the Day of Resurrection?

Yea do what you will

He Sees Everything you do.

41:41 Those who deny this Remembrance when it comes to them are being watched

and truly it is a Mighty Book to disregard!

41:42 Falsehoods cannot reach it from before or after it

a Successive Revelation from One Wise, Praiseworthy.

The original Arabic words memorized by millions of Muslims have not changed since its revelation to Mohamet which is now verified by the extremely advanced mathematical miracles encoded deep in its prose. If one single letter were changed the entire code would collapse. Now recall Mohamet didn’t write and that the Quran was delivered telepathically!

41:43 And there is said to thee only what was said to the messengers before thee:

Thy Lord Is The One Possessing Forgiveness

and The One Possessing Painful Retribution.

41:44 Had We made it a non-Arabic recitation they would have said:

Oh that its verses were only set out and detailed

in an Arabic tongue from our fellow Arab!

Say: In it is Guidance and Healing for those who believe

but those who do not believe in their ears is deafness

and in their hearts is darkness.

Yea they are as if called from a distant place unhearing.

41:45 And We gave Moses the Torah but it was disputed.

Had it not been for the Words From thy Lord prior

it would have been concluded between them

for they were already skeptical. Speaking of either the Vedas or early biblical scriptures like Enoch or Job which are thought to be the oldest are likely what’s being referred to here.

41:46 Whoever works Righteousness it is for their soul.

And whoever does evil it is against their soul

for it is not thy Lord who is unjust to His Servants.

41:47 Unto Him is referred Knowledge of the Hour

and no fruits come forth from their sheaths

and no female bears or gives birth

without His Knowledge.

And the Day He Summons all polytheists Asking them:

Where are My partners now?

They will say: There is not among us a witness who ever knew them!

41:48 Yea strayed from them will be who they called to

and they will see that they have no place of refuge.

41:49 The disbeliever tires not of asking for enjoyment

but when hardship touches them

they are left in despair without hope.

41:50 And if We cause them to taste mercy after an affliction touches them they say:

This is my doing

and I think not that the Hour will take place

but if I am brought back to meet my Lord it will surely result in greatness for me.

But We will inform those who disbelieve about what they did

and We will make them taste a Stern Punishment.

41:51 Yea when We are gracious to some they turn away and remain aside.

Then when hardship touches them

they are full of Supplication.

41:52 Say: Have you considered even though Everything is From God

you were ungrateful for it?

Who is further astray than ones in such extreme schism?

41:53 Soon We will show them Proof in the horizons

and in themselves

then it will be clear to them that this is the Truth. We will see massive foreign craft approaching in the sky and hear majestic voices speaking plain words from every language in our heads.

Then will it not suffice concerning thy Lord that He Is The Witness to Everything?

41:54 Yet still most doubt the Meeting With their Lord

He Who Encompasses Everything.

Chapter 42. Council Consultation, ash-Shura

42.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

42:1 ḥā mī

42:2 ʿayn sīn qāf

42:3 Thus Instructs thee and those before thee

God The Almighty, The Wise.

42:4 To Him Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

He Is The Exalted, The Sublime.

42:5 The Heavens are nearly split asunder from above them

as the angels sing giving Glory and Praise to The Lord

and asking forgiveness for those on the Earth.

Truly God

He Is The Forgiver, The Merciful.

42:6 And those who take protectors besides Him

God Has Full Custody Over them

and thou are not their guardian.

42:7 And thus We instruct thee by an Arabic recitation

to warn the mother of cities Mecca and all around her.

Yea to warn of the Day of gathering whereof there is no doubt

when some will go to the Garden

and the rest into the Inferno.

42:8 And had God Willed He Would Have Made them one community

but He Makes whom He Wills enter into His Mercy

and the wrongdoers have neither ally nor protector.

42:9 For they have taken protectors besides Him

when God Alone

He Is The Only Ally.

He Gives Life to the dead

and He Is Powerful Over Everything.

42:10 And wherein you differ in anything

the Judgement thereof is for God.

That is God my Lord in Whom I place all my trust

and to Whom I am fortunate to turn in repentance.

42:11 The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth

He Has Made pairs for you among yourselves

and among the livestock.

Yea He Who Multiplies you thereby

there is nothing like Him

He Is The All Hearing, The All Seeing.

42:12 His are the Keys of the Heavens and the Earth.

He Expands and Restricts His Provision for whom He Wills and He Knows Literally Everything.

42:13 He Laid Down the Law of the Way of Life for you and it is what He Enjoined upon Noah

that which We have also instructed thee.

Indeed it is what We enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Yeshua saying:

Uphold the Doctrine and be not divided therein at all.

Hence that to which thou invites the polytheists is difficult for them.

And God Chooses for Himself whom He Wills

and Guides To Himself those who turn in repentance.

42:14 And some became divided when certain knowledge came to them causing rivalry. jinn gave nephilim/DSIs knowledge of sorcery, astronomy, metallurgy, music, makeup and etc. which was given to them by the angels Harut and Marut as a test per 2:104. Also see Enoch.

And had it not been for Gods’ Word of a named term

death would have been the conclusion for them.

And those who inherited the Torah after them were then with many doubts and torn in uncertainty.

42:15 So for that call to this Quran.

And stand firm as thou are commanded

not following their ways but instead saying:

I believe in what God Sent Down of this Book

and I am commanded to be just among you

for God Is The One Lord mine and yours.

And to me be my works and to you be your works

so let there be no disputation between us

for God Will Bring us one and all at once.

Yea to Him is the Journeys’ End for us all.

42:16 And those who dispute concerning God after that has been said

their argument has no weight with their Lord

and His Wrath is Upon them.

Yea they have a Severe Punishment.

42:17 It Is God Who Sent Down the Books with Truth and balance. Click here to find out what this means!

And how can one know that the Hour may be near?

42:18 Disbelievers taunt to get it over with

but those who believe are apprehensive for they know it is the Truth.

Yea those who deny the Hour are in great error.

42:19 God Is Subtle with His Servants

He Provides for whom He Wills

and He Is The Strong, The Almighty.

42:20 Whoever desires the provisions of the Hereafter

We increase them in its provisions.

And whoever desires the provisions of this world

We give them thereof

but they might have no share in the Hereafter.

42:21 And some accept doctrines from those they serve for which God has not given His Permission.

And had it not been for His Word naming their term

death it would have been concluded between them.

Those wrongdoers have a Painful Eternal Punishment.

42:22 Yea thou will see the wrongdoers in horror over what they have earned

when it falls upon them.

While those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness will be in lush fields of the Gardens.

They will have whatever they wish From their Lord

and that is the Greatest Grace.

42:23 That is What God Gives as Glad Tidings to His Servants who believe and do deeds of Righteousness.

Say: I ask no reward from you for it except to love your brethren. By living peacefully/justly as believers under Gods Laws.

And whoever performs a Good deed We add for them more Good therein

for God Is Forgiving, Appreciative.

42:24 And if it hurts when they say:

He invented a lie about God.

When God Wills He Can Protect thy heart

for God Eliminates falsehood and Establishes Truth

He Knows what is in all hearts.

42:25 And He It Is Who Accepts repentance from His Servants

and Pardons evil

and Knows Everything you do.

42:26 And He Responds to those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

and Increases them of His Bounty

but the fools they have a Severe Punishment.

42:27 And had God Enlarged the Provision for His Servants they would likely be insolent in the Earth

so He Sends Down in measure what He Wills

and He Is All Aware, All Seeing of His Servants.

42:28 And He It Is Who Sends Down the rain after despair

and He Unfurls His Mercy

for He Is The Protector, The Praiseworthy.

42:29 Yea among His Proofs is Creation of the Heavens and the Earth and what He Has Spread therein of creatures

and He Has Power to Gather them all when He Wills.

42:30 And what befalls you of misfortune

it is because of what your hands earned

but He Pardons much.

42:31 And you cannot escape from the Earth again a test trap!

and you have neither ally nor protector besides God.

42:32 And among His Proofs are ships floating like mountains on the seas.

42:33 If He Wills He Calms the winds and they become still upon its surface

in that is Evidence for every patient and grateful one.

42:34 Or He Sets them Up to perish for what they earned.

But indeed He Pardons much.

42:35 And those who dispute concerning Our Proofs will find they have no place of refuge.

42:36 Whatever you are given here is for the enjoyment of this present life

but What is With God is Better and Everlasting for those who believe

and place all their trust in their Lord.

42:37 It is those who avoid the greater sins and immoralities

and when angry they forgive.

42:38 They respond to Words of their Lord

and uphold the Prayer

and run their affairs by mutual consultation.

And of what We provide them they spend for God.

42:39 And those who when injustice befalls them defend each other.

42:40 And the Reward for evil is evil the like thereof

but whoever pardons and does Right

their Reward is Upon God

He Who does not love the wrongdoers.

42:41 And whoever helps themselves after injustice

these there is no way against them.

42:42 There is only a way against those who wrong others and oppress in the Earth without cause

yea they have a Painful Punishment.

42:43 Yet whoever endures patiently and forgives

that surely matters for determination. In Judgement

42:44 And whomever God Sends Astray

there is for them no ally after Him.

And thou will see the wrongdoers in desperation when they see the Punishment asking:

Is there any way back?

42:45 Yea thou will see them exposed to Hell

humbled in their ultimate weakness

looking on and glancing at each other.

And those who believe will say:

The losers are those who lost themselves and their families on this Day the Day of Resurrection.

Yea now the unjust have a Lasting Punishment.

42:46 And they had no protectors to help them besides God.

Yea those whom God Sends Astray

there is no way for them.

42:47 So respond to the Words Of your Lord now before the Day comes when there is no running from God.

For if not you will have no refuge that Day

and no way to stop anything.

42:48 So if they turn away

We did not send thee as a custodian over them.

Yea upon thee is only the Clear Communication.

For when We let them taste mercy from Us they are well pleased.

But if hardship befalls them because of what their hands sent before them

then they are ingrates.

42:49 Still the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth Belong To God.

He Creates what He Wills

and He Gives to whom He Wills females

and He Gives to whom He Wills males.

42:50 Or He Gives both males and females

and He Makes barren whom He Wills.

He Is The Knowing, The Powerful.

42:51 And it is not for a mortal that God Should Face them. God Speaks to mankind only from behind a barrier

or through messengers instructed of what He Wills.

Truly He Is Exalted, Wise.

42:52 Thus We instruct thee of His Spirit by Our command.

Before this thou knew not of the Books nor the Faith.

But We made it a light whereby We guide whom We will of Our servants.

And indeed now thou guides them to the Straight Path.

42:53 The Path To God To Whom Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

and unquestionably all matters End With God.

Chapter 43. Ornaments of Gold, as-Zukhruf

43.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

43:1 ḥā mīm

43:2 By the Clear Book!

43:3 We made it an Arabic recitation that you might use reason. Because Arabic is the most expressive language on Earth with over 12 million word meanings. (which is why there is no complete Arabic dictionary) Hence one can imagine the impossible task of imparting all the original meanings of this in English. FYI; Arabic is also known as one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken because of its rhythmic qualities which result in prose like communications in general, everyday matters.

43:4 And it is in the foundation of the Mother of Books in Our possession from The Exalted, The Wise.

43:5 Should We turn this Remembrance away from you because you are a people committing excess?

43:6 And how many a prophet did We send to the former peoples!

43:7 But no prophet came to them that they did not mock.

43:8 And We destroyed far stronger than them in might

but most evidence of those peoples is gone! note “most”

43:9 And if thou ask them: Who Created the Heavens and the Earth?

They say: The Almighty, The Knowing Created Them.

43:10 And Who Made the Earth a bed for you

and Made Ways for you therein that you might navigate surely?

43:11 And Who Sent Down water from the sky in known measure Resurrecting dead lands thereby?

Thus you will be brought forth in resurrection.

43:12 And Who Created all kinds of Everything

and Made ships for you and animals whereon you ride?

43:13 Yea so you need only sit!

Hence remember the Grace of your Lord when you take your places thereon.

And say: Glory Be Unto Him Who Has Made All these useful things and companions of ease for us!

For we were not able to create all this ourselves.

43:14 And to our Lord we are returning.

43:15 Yet they make lowly slaves for themselves from among what are actually His Valued Servants.

Such are obvious ingrates for all they already had!

We can decisively discern Gods’ Thoughts regarding slavery in such verses. Slaves are not to be unequal, they’re usually POWs to eventually become valued members of families, clans and societies, and then if found to be Good, freed.

43:16 And the heathens say; Gods’ Angels are female

while their own offspring are both female and male.

43:17 But when one has a daughter rather than a son

his face turns black suppressing grief.

43:18 He thinks to himself: I now have one to be brought up wearing ornaments and not of use in conflicts!

43:19 And still they say of the angels who are also Servants Of The Almighty are females.

Did they witness their Creation?

Their statements are recorded

and they will be questioned!

43:20 And they say: Had The Almighty Willed we would have not served others.

But they are ignorant

and tell only lies.

43:21 Or have We forgotten a former Decree from Us

which they are holding fast to?

43:22 Nay! They say: Our fathers were of this creed so we are rightly guided following hard upon their ways.

43:23 Thus We have not sent Warners to any town before thee where its opulent ones did not claim likewise.

43:24 The Warners said: Even though I bring you better Guidance than that of your fathers?

They said: We are deniers of you and your messages.

43:25 So We punished them

hence thou sees the final outcome of the deniers.

43:26 And when Abraham said to his father and his people:

I am innocent of your crimes of idolatry.

43:27 Only He Who Made me

Will Be Guide for me.

43:28 And he said it loud and clear repeatedly hoping it would endure among his progeny

that they might also turn to the Way.

43:29 These and their fathers were granted enjoyment until God Sent His Clear Messenger with the Truth.

43:30 But when the Truth came to them many said:

This is fantasy and we are deniers thereof.

43:31 Oh if this Quran had only been revealed to a great scholar of the two cities instead! . . . of illiterate Mohamet.

43:32 But is it they who decree blessings from thy Lord?

Nay. We decree among them Everything in this life

and We raise some above others in varying degrees

so some lead and others follow but neither are higher.

The Mercy Of thy Lord is Higher than all they amass.

43:33 And were it not that humanity might become one entire nation of disbelievers

We would have given all the deniers of God roofs of silver for their buildings

and stairs whereby to ascend

43:34 and for their dwellings secure doors

and couches whereon to recline

43:35 and great decoration.

For all that is but vanity in the fleeting life of this world

while the Hereafter With God is the aim for those of Wise Fear.

43:36 And whoever fails the Remembrance of The Almighty

We assign to them degenerate snaking imposters

who seem to be intimate friends to them.

43:37 But they divert humanity from the Way

while making them think they are Rightly Guided.

43:38 And when one comes to Us on Gods’ Day they will say:

If only between thee and me were two days distance of the suns travel!

Evil are degenerate snaking imposters as companions.

43:39 Yea and your companionship profits you not this Day

for you have done wrong

and now will be partners with them in the Punishment. They are destined to hell from birth due to the curse upon their jinn fathers.

43:40 Ask thyself: Can thou make the unwilling to listen hear

or guide those unwilling to see

or correct those in obvious error?

43:41 Nay. And whether We take thee away sooner or not

We will exact retribution upon them.

43:42 And when We show thee Hell which is Promised them

you will know how We are omnipotent over all.

43:43 So hold fast to that which thou are instructed

knowing thou are on the Straight Path.

43:44 Truly this is a Remembrance for thee and thy folk

and you will be questioned.

43:45 Seek lessons from messengers before thee whether We appointed gods to be served besides The Almighty.

43:46 Hence why We sent Moses with Our Proofs to pharaoh and his eminent ones

saying: I am a Messenger Of The Lord of the Worlds!

43:47 And when he brought them Our Proofs they laughed.

43:48 And every Proof We gave them was greater than the one before.

Then We tormented them with a series of hardships

to remind them. A flood, locusts, frogs, blood, drought and hunger.

43:49 It was then they said: O sorcerer call to thy Lord for us for what He Has Promised thee.

Then we will be Rightly Guided.

43:50 But when We removed the torments

they reneged.

43:51 And pharaoh called to his people saying: O my people

is the dominion of Egypt not mine

and these rivers flowing beneath do I not bring up?

Wells utilizing ram pumps. Will you then not see!

43:52 Am I better or is Moses

he who is despised and can barely speak to us?

43:53 If only armlets of gold had but been cast upon him!

Or angels had come with him as companions!

43:54 Yea he swayed his people and they obeyed him

but they were truly a wantonly disobedient people.

43:55 So they angered Us

and We took vengeance by drowning them altogether.

43:56 Yea We wiped them and their kingdom away

as a lesson for the ages from Us.

43:57 And when the son of Mary is quoted as an example

thy people cried aloud saying:

43:58 Is the creed of our gods better or is his?

And they misquote Yeshua only to be argumentative

for indeed they are a contentious people.

43:59 Yeshua was only a servant to whom We were overly gracious as example for the children of Israel.

43:60 And had We willed We would have placed among you angels to be successors in the Earth.

43:61 And certain is knowledge of the coming Hour

leaving no doubts concerning it.

So follow me this is a Straight Path.

43:62 And do not let degenerate snaking imposters divert you for they are definite enemies to you.

43:63 And when Yeshua first came with Blatant Signs he said:

I have come to you with Wisdom

and to clear up that wherein you differ of Gods’ Word.

So be in Wise Fear of your God and obey me.

43:64 Truly God

He Is your Lord and my Lord so serve Him.

This is the Straight Path.

43:65 Still some parties among them differed

and with woe comes the Punishment of a Painful Day for those who choose wrong!

43:66 Await they merely for the Hour to come upon them unexpectedly when they do not perceive its coming?

43:67 Friends that Day will be enemies to one another except those of Wise Fear.

43:68 O My Faithful Servants you need not fear this Day

nor will you regret.

43:69 Yea to those who believed in Our Proofs and submitted

43:70 We will say: Enter the Garden

you and your partners rejoicing.

43:71 Moving about them will be plates and cups of gold

and there will be what the souls desire and the eyes delight in

and therein you will abide Eternally.

43:72 For that is the Garden which you are given as an inheritance for your Good efforts.

43:73 For you there is abundant fruit whereof you will eat

43:74 but the evildoers will abide in the Punishment of Hell Eternally.

43:75 And it will not be lightened for them

yea they will despair greatly therein.

43:76 And We wronged them not

for they are the wrongdoers.

43:77 And they will call out to their jinn: O malik let thy Lord make an end of us.

He will say: Here you and I will remain.

FYI: malik is molech in the bible, the false god who is just a jinn like lucifer that psychopathic fools serve and sacrifice animals and children to by blood and/or in the fire.


For the Translator; Bohemian Grove: Two future US Presidents, Richard Nixon & Ronald Regan sat round the table in the camps ‘Owl’s Nest’ (circa 1976) & worshipping The Owl Statue ‘Moloch’

43:78 We have brought thee the messages but most of you are averse to the Truth.

43:79 And if they scheme a scheme We scheme a better one.

43:80 For they think that We cannot hear their secret thoughts

and their confidential conversations

yet verily Our Recorders are with them recording.

43:81 Say: Even if The Almighty Did Have a son

I would still be first of those to serve God Alone.

43:82 Glory be unto The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth

The Lord of the Throne

contrary to what they describe!

43:83 So leave them alone to jest and play until they experience the Day they are Promised.

43:84 He Alone It Is Who Is God of Everything in the Heavens

and God of Everything in the Earth

He Is The Wise, The Knowing.

43:85 And Blessed Be He To Whom Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them

and With Whom Alone is Knowledge of the Hour!

Yea It Is To Him you will be returned.

43:86 And those jinn to whom they call besides Him possess no intercession except as ones who bear witness to the Truth. Against humans

And they know.

43:87 And if thou ask them Who Created them they will certainly say: God.

Then how are some deluded? Consider this oft repeated schism!

43:88 And the messengers say: O my Lord these are a people who do not believe!

43:89 So turn away from them

and move on seeking peace

for they will come to know.

Chapter 44. The Smoke, ad-Dukhan

44.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

44:1 ḥā mīm

44:2 By the clear Quran!

44:3 We sent its finality down on a Blessed Night

for indeed We have forever Warned mankind.

44:4 Wherein every Wise Command is made clear

44:5 directly from Us.

Now We sent thee

44:6 as a Mercy From thy Lord.

He Who Is The All Hearing, All Knowing

44:7 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them

if you are of certainty.

44:8 There is no god but He.

He Gives Life and He Gives Death

your Lord

the Same Lord of your fathers of old.

44:9 The Truth is they were in doubt and only playing.

44:10 So wait for the Day the sky brings obvious smoke

44:11 that envelops the people

for then begins a Painful Punishment!

44:12 The fools will say: Our Lord Remove this Eminent Punishment from us

for we are now believers!

44:13 But they had been reminded before with Clear Proofs from obvious messengers sent to them.

44:14 Still they turned away from their messengers and said:

One taught by sorcerers or insane and possessed!

44:15 And when We removed hardship in the past they were only ingrates for it.

44:16 So on the Day We strike with the greatest violence We will exact Irrevocable Retribution.

44:17 And We tried the people of pharaoh before them

and sent them a noble messenger Moses saying:

44:18 Listen to me Servants Of God

for I am a trustworthy messenger to you.

44:19 Do not exalt yourselves against God in any way

I am obligated to bring you this Clear Warning.

44:20 And I have received Refuge From my Lord and your Lord for if not you would have stoned me.

44:21 So if you cannot believe me

run away from me as you are compelled.

44:22 And he called to his Lord: Truly I now see these are an evildoing people!

44:23 God Replied: Travel thou by night with My People of Israel for you will be followed.

44:24 And go calmly by way of the emptied sea

after which they are a force to be drowned in it!

44:25 How many fine gardens and springs they left

44:26 and great crops and noble stations

44:27 and prosperity in which they found joy.

44:28 But We gave it as inheritance to the Israelites.

44:29 And the Heavens and the Earth did not weep for them

nor will they be granted respite.

44:30 Yea We delivered the children of Israel from the humiliating oppression

44:31 of pharaoh.

He was self exultant among the committers of excess.

44:32 And We chose them knowingly above all others.

44:33 And We gave them Proofs wherein were clear tests.

44:34 Yet some still said:

44:35 There is only one death

and we will not be raised.

44:36 And: Bring back our fathers if you be Truthful.

44:37 Are they better like the people of Tubba and those before them?

We destroyed them

because they were evildoers.

44:38 For We did not Create the Heavens and the Earth and all that lives in them in jest.

44:39 We Created them in perfection with purpose

but most do not know.

44:40 And the Day of Decision is an appointed time for one and all.

44:41 The Day a friend cannot avail another friend

nor will they be helped by Us.

44:42 Except those on whom God Has Mercy

for He Is The Almighty, The Merciful.

44:43 And the tree of zaqqum

44:44 is the food of the fools.

44:45 Like molten brass

it seethes in their bellies.

44:46 Like seething of a scalding liquid.

44:47 Yea take them and drag them to the Depths of Hell!

44:48 Then pour over their heads the suffering of a scalding liquid.

44:49 Now taste it! Those who said they were mighty and noble.

44:50 Yea this is that which you denied!

44:51 But those of Wise Fear are in Secure Stations

44:52 among the Gardens with springs

43:53 clothed in apparel of finest silk and brocade

facing one another.

44:54 Thus it will be! And We will partner them with pure beautiful eyed ones.

44:55 They will receive therein every fruit and security.

44:56 And they will taste no death except the first

and He Will Protect them from the Punishment of Hellfire.

44:57 All as Favor From thy Lord

and that is winning the Sublime Triumph!

44:58 And We made this easy to memorize in thy native tongue

that thy peoples might take heed.

44:59 So watch

for All of Us above are watching too!

Chapter 45. The Kneeling, al-Jathiyah

45.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

45:1 ḥā mīm

45:2 The Successive Revelation of this Book is From God

The Almighty, The Wise.

45:3 In the Heavens and the Earth is plenteous Evidence for the believers.

45:4 Yea in your creation and the creatures He Scattered in the Earth is Evidence for people who use reason.

45:5 And in the alternation of night and day

and in what He Sends Down from the sky of Provision Giving Life thereby to the Earth after its death.

And in the circulation of the winds

is Evidence for people who use reason.

45:6 This is the Word Of God

and We recite It to thee in Truth.

So in what narration and verses other than Gods’ will they believe?

45:7 Woe to every false deceived one!

45:8 Hearing the Word Of God recounted to them then persisting in arrogance as if they did not hear them.

Give these tidings of a Painful Punishment!

45:9 Indeed those that come to know any of Our Words then make light or mockery of them

these have an Especially Humiliating Punishment.

45:10 Yea pushing behind them is Hell

and what Good they did will not help them

nor will those they take as protectors besides God.

Indeed they all have a Horrifying Punishment.

45:11 This is Guidance.

And those who deny the Proofs Of their Lord

they have the Punishment of a Painful Wrath.

45:12 God It Is Who Made the sea serviceable to you that the ships might run thereon by His Command

and that you might seek of His Bounty

and that you might be grateful.

45:13 He Made serviceable to you all that is in the Heavens and in the Earth.

Everything is Provided By Him

and in that is Evidence for people who reflect.

45:14 Say to those who believe:

Forgive those who do not hope for the Days Of God

for He Alone Rewards people for what they earned.

45:15 And whoever works Righteousness

it is for their soul.

And whoever does evil

it is against it.

Then to your Lord will you all be returned.

45:16 And We gave the children of Israel the Torah and judgement and prophethood

and provided them with Good things

and favored them above all mankind. jinn/humans

45:17 And We gave them Clear Commandments

which they later differed upon out of envy and rivalry over which prophet was greater. While they’re all just men.

Yea thy Lord Will Decide between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.

45:18 Hence have We set thee upon a Straight Path

so follow it.

Do not follow the vain desires of the ignorant

45:19 for they can avail thee in nothing against God.

Yea the wrongdoers are partners of one another

but God Is The Partner of those in Wise Fear.

45:20 This is a means of insight for mankind

and a Guidance

and a Mercy for people with discernment.

45:21 If those who commit evil suppose We will make those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

the same in their living and their dying

direly wrong is what they assume.

45:22 God Created the Heavens and the Earth with Truth

that every soul be Rewarded for what it earned

hence none will be wronged. And the repentant are Forgiven!

45:23 Has thou considered those who take their vain desires as their god? Self, wealth, materialism, children, power, fame etc.

Yea God Has Correctly Sent them astray

and Sealed their hearing

and their hearts

and Set a covering Over their sight.

So who will guide them other than God?

Will you then not take heed!

45:24 And fools say: There is only our life of this world

we live and we die

and it is only time that can destroy us.

But they have no knowledge of any of it

yea they only wish in their foolishness.

45:25 And when Our Clear Proofs are recounted to them their argument is often that they say:

Bring back our fathers if you be Truthful.

45:26 Say: God Gives you Life

then He Gives you Death

then He Gathers you to the Day of Resurrection whereof there is no doubt.

But most do not know.

45:27 For the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To God

and the Day the Hour comes

that Day those who followed deceptions will be lost.

45:28 And thou will see every community on its knees

each called to its Book from their messenger all of which say:

This Day you are Rewarded for Everything you did!

45:29 This Our decree speaks against you with Truth

for We recorded Everything you did.

45:30 Then as for those who heeded the Warning and did deeds of Righteousness

their Lord Will Make them Enter Into His Mercy

and that is the Clear Achievement.

45:31 And as for those who were deceived it will be said:

Were not Our Proofs recounted to you?

Yet still you were a proud and evildoing people?

45:32 And when it was said: The Promise Of God is True as is the Hour about which there is no doubt.

But those deceived said: We do not know what the Hour is and we think it is only conjecture

yea we are not convinced.

45:33 But the foolishness of what they did will become clear

when all they had mocked surrounds them!

45:34 Then it will be said: This Day We will forget you in Hell as you forgot the Meeting with Us on this Day.

Yea your habitation is the Fire

and you will never have any protectors.

45:35 That is because you made mockery of Gods’ Proofs

and allowed the life of this world to deceive you.

So as of that Day they cannot escape

nor are they allowed to make amends.

45:36 And the Praise Belongs To God.

The Lord of the Heavens!

The Lord of the Earth!

The Lord of the Worlds!

45:37 To Him Belongs All the Majesty in the Heavens and the Earth

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

Chapter 46. The Dunes, al-Ahqaf

46.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

46:1 ḥā mīm

46:2 The Successive Revelation of this Quran is From God

The Almighty, The Wise.

46:3 We Created the Heavens and the Earth and what is between them the firmament with Truth for a term.

But those who are deceived turn away from exactly that with which they are being Clearly Warned! Truth!

46:4 Say: Have you considered what you call to besides God?

Show me what they have created of the Earth!

And if they have a partnership in the Heavens

bring me a decree like Gods’ or some remnant of great knowledge if you be Truthful.

46:5 For who is further astray than those who call to other than God that respond not until as witnesses on the Day of Resurrection? Indeed they the jinn are unable to answer their calls!

46:6 And when humanity is gathered they will be enemies to them and deniers of their being worthy of worship.

46:7 And when Our Clear Words are recited

those who disbelieve say of such Truth when it comes to them:

This is obvious fantasy.

46:8 And if they say: He has invented it.

Reply: If I have invented it then why do you possess no power against me? Gods’ Messengers cannot be harmed by anyone. As we see in the case of Jesus/Yeshua, it is all a LIE to make people doubt the Protection Of God. But in reality, not a single Messenger Of God has ever been harmed or beaten in any manner (except as punishment, correction or teaching from God) as with all steadfast believers except those who willingly die fighting for/honoring God to obtain salvation.

Yea He Knows Best what you utter concerning it

and Sufficient Is He As Witness between you and I.

And He Is The Forgiving, The Merciful.

46:9 Say: I am no new thing among the messengers

and I do not know what will be done with you or me.

Yea I follow only what I am instructed

and in that I am only a Clear Warner.

46:10 Say: Considered ye if my message really is From God

yet you deny it?

Yea I am a witness bearing witness exactly as the sons of Israel Jacob

they believed while you are wrongdoers.

See how God guides not the wrongdoing people?

46:11 And those who disbelieve say of those who believe:

If it were Good they would not have to press us to it.

Yea and because they have not been Rightly Guided By God to it

they will say: This is an ancient lie.

46:12 And before this was the Book of Moses the Torah as an example and a mercy.

Now this is a Decree and confirmation of it in the Arabic tongue

that it might warn those who do wrong

and bring Glad Tidings to the doers of Good.

46:13 Those who say: Our Lord Is God

then are upright

they need not fear

nor will they regret.

46:14 These are the companions of the Garden

abiding Eternally therein as Reward for what they did.

46:15 And We enjoined upon believers Good conduct towards their parents.

For mothers carried them with struggles

and brought them forth with pain.

And the bearing of them and the weaning of them is thirty months.

Then when fully grown and aged forty years

one says: My Lord Direct me to be grateful for the Grace wherewith Thou Has Favored me

and my parents

and to work Righteousness Pleasing To Thee.

And do Thou Right by me concerning my progeny

for I now turn to Thee repentant

and I am of those submitted to Thee.

46:16 These are they from whom We accept the best of what they did while overlooking their evil.

So they are among the companions of the Garden

hence the Promise they were Promised becomes Truth.

46:17 And one who disbelieves says to their parents;

Are you telling me that I will be brought forth when generations have come and gone before me?

And they seek Help Of God saying: Woe to thee!

Believe thou believe!

The Promise Of God is True!

But they say: It is only legends of former peoples.

46:18 These are they upon whom the Word concerning the communities of jinn and then humans which had come and gone before them became binding because they were warned

and they are the losers.

46:19 And for all are seven degrees of hell for what they did that He Might Repay them in full for their deeds

and they will not be wronged.

46:20 And the Day those who disbelieve are exposed to the Fire it will be said:

You have now left your favorite things in the life of the world where you sought enjoyment therein.

But this Day you are Rewarded with a Humiliating Punishment because you were proud in the Earth without cause

and because you were wantonly disobedient.

46:21 And remember the brother of Ad

who warned his people of the wind carved sand hills.

Warners had come and gone before and after him saying: Do not serve other than God

I fear for you the Punishment of an Onerous Day!

46:22 They said: Has thou come to us to lead us away from our gods?

Then just bring upon us What thou promises now if ye be of those who speak the Truth.

46:23 He said: Knowledge of that is Only With God

I convey to you what has been sent to me

but I see you are a folk in love with ignorance.

46:24 Then when they saw it as an expanse of clouds with God and His Angels above approaching their valleys they said:

This is an expanse of clouds bringing us rain!

Nay! It is that which you sought to hasten

a wind wherein is terrible pain and death abound!

46:25 It will destroy all life by the Command Of its Lord.

Then morning found them

and there was nothing to be seen but remains of their dwellings recall the many deserted but intact archeological sites

thus We Reward the evildoing people.

46:26 And certainly We established them with more than We have established you.

And We gave them hearing and sight and intellect

but their hearing and sight and intellect availed them nothing

after they rejected the Proofs Of God.

Then surrounded them what they mocked. angels and Hell

46:27 And We destroyed cities around you and now clearly expound the Evidence of their destruction

that some might return to the Way.

46:28 Oh if only those whom they took for gods besides God could be mediators for them!

But nay they forsook them

for that was their lie they had invented.

46:29 And when We turned a band among the jinn towards thee listening in to the Quran

they said to each other: Listen attentively!

And when it was concluded they went back to their people with the Warning.

46:30 They said: O our people We have heard a Decree sent down after the One from Moses

a confirmation of it being True

guiding to the Truth and the Straight Path.

46:31 O our people respond to us your callers to God and believe in Him

for God Will Forgive you your transgressions and Protect you from a Painful Punishment.

46:32 And whoever does not respond to any caller to God

will not escape the Earth

and they have no protectors besides Him.

Yea these are in obvious error.

46:33 Have they not considered that God Who Created the Heavens and the Earth

and was not wearied at all by their Creation

Is Able To Give Life to the dead?

Yea verily God Is Powerful Over All Things.

46:34 And the Day those who disbelieve are exposed to the Fire they will be asked:

Is then this not the Truth?

They will say: Verily By our Lord it is True!

And He Will Say: Then taste the Punishment for what you denied.

46:35 So have patience as messengers prior who were imbued with constancy were patient

and seek not to hasten Gods’ Judgement of them.

The Day they see Eternity as Promised it will be as though they had tarried but an hour of a day in this life.

Communicate this

so only the wantonly disobedient are Punished.

Chapter 47. Mohamet, Muhammad

47.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

47:1 Those who disbelieve

and barred others from the Path Of God

He Causes their actions to go astray.

47:2 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

and believe in what was sent down upon Mohamet

as the Truth From their Lord

God Removes their evil from them and Makes Right their state of mind.

47:3 Because those who disbelieve follow falsehood

and because those who believe follow the Truth.

Thus Does God Present their Lessons to them.

47:4 When you meet deceived ingrates who fight you

smite their necks with a sound thrashing.

Or for those who surrender

tie them fast with restraints.

Then if war begins then concludes either give them grace or ransom them to their defeated clansmen.

Thus it is so! But know Had God Willed He Would Have Taken Revenge On them By Himself so it was only

that He Might Try Some of you by means of others.

And those who are slain in the Path Of God

He will never allow their deeds to be for naught.

47:5 Yea He Will Guide them and Make Right their state of mind beforehand

47:6 and then Make them enter the Garden which He Has Promised. Note how even those who die for God have to be Guided!

47:7 O you who believe: If you help God He Will Help you and Plant your feet firm!

47:8 But for those who are deceived

wretchedness is theirs

and He Causes their deeds to go further astray.

47:9 Because they were averse to what God Sent Down

He Makes them fail.

47:10 Yea have they not travelled in the land to see the final outcomes of those before them?

God Destroyed them

and for future fools soon is greatest of the like thereof.

47:11 Because God Is Benefactor to those who believe

and because fools have no defender.

47:12 God Makes those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness enter Gardens

beneath which rivers flow.

While those who disbelieve enjoy themselves and gorge as carnivorous animals gorge

so the Fire is home for them.

47:13 And how many a city stronger than thy city Mecca which has cast thee out have We destroyed!

Yea they have no protector.

47:14 Is then one who is acting on Clear Evidence From their Lord

like one who imagined the evil of their deeds to be fair

while following their vain desires?

47:15 Nay. Submission Rewards the Garden which is Promised to those of Wise Fear.

Therein are rivers of unpolluted water

and milk of unchanging taste

and divine libations

a pleasure to the drinkers.

And therein are virtual rivers of purified honey

and every sort of fruit

with Pardon From their Lord.

Is that like ones who abide Eternally in the Fire

and are given a scalding liquid to drink so that it lacerates their intestines for Eternity?

47:16 And among them are some who listen to thee but

afterwards say to those who they think are wise:

What was that he said just now?

All these are whose hearts God Sealed

so they follow their vain desires.

47:17 But those who are Rightly Guided He Increases them in Guidance and Awards them with Wise Fear.

47:18 Yet they await unwittingly that the Hour should come upon them unexpectedly?

Then when its prophesied events come as Reminders

what use will they be to them?

None! There won’t be enough time to overcome their brainwashing.

47:19 So know there is no god but YHWH!

And ask forgiveness for thy transgressions

and the same for the believing men and women.

For God Knows your turmoil and your Eternal Home.

47:20 And those who believed say: Why was a chapter of the Quran about fighting not caused to descend?

Then when an explicit chapter is sent down and killing is mentioned therein

thou sees those with diseased hearts looking at thee with the look of one fainting at death. Woe to them!

47:21 Better is obedience with honorable words!

And when this life is concluded they will realize that giving to God was really just giving to oneself.

47:22 Do those who turn away from God work corruption in the land and sever ties with believing kin?

47:23 Yea. These are whom God Has Cursed

He Made deafness in their ears

and blindness in their sight.

47:24 They will not consider the Quran with the care due

for there are locks upon their hearts.

47:25 And truly those who turn their backs after the Guidance is made clear

were enticed by whisperings of jinn or temptations of degenerate snaking imposters or both

and they foolishly indulged.

47:26 Those who are averse to what God Sent Down say:

We will only obey you in part of the matter.

But God Knows that and all their secrets.

47:27 So how will it be when the angels take them with force

striking their faces and their backs?

47:28 They will know they followed what Angered God which can only mean they dislike His Contentment.

So He Makes them fail. Think about this, it is a virtual act of war!

47:29 Those in whose hearts is disease does thou think that

God has no knowledge of their ill will to Him?

47:30 And had We willed We would have marked them and shown them to you openly

but thou will know them by their twisted ways.

And God Knows All their deeds.

47:31 And We will test you until We know the diligent

and the patient among you

and We will test your assertions.

47:32 Those who disbelieve

and abandon the Path Of God

or are hostile towards His messengers after the Guidance is made clear to them

they do not harm God at all.

And He Will Cause their hostilities to end in disaster!

47:33 O you who believe obey God and obey the messenger

and do not render your Good works to be for naught.

47:34 But woe to those who are indifferent to this Warning and abandon the Path Of God then die as ingrates!

For God will never forgive them.

47:35 So do not relent and only call for peace once you have the upper hand!

And know God Is With you and will not deprive you from Rewards for your deeds.

47:36 Yea the life of this world is but play and diversion

but if you believe with Wise Fear He Will Support you and not ask for your wealth.

47:37 But if He Does Ask it of you and Press you while you are a miser

He Will Bring Out your rancor that can only harm you.

47:38 So here you are

called to spend in the Path Of God

then among you is one who is miserly.

And whoever is miserly

is only miserly against themselves.

For With God Are All Riches

and you in the Earth are poor.

And if you turn away He Will Simply Replace you with a people unlike the likes of you!

Chapter 48. Victory, al-Fath

48.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

48:1 We gave thee believers clear victory.

48:2 That God Might Forgive thee that which preceded of thy transgression

and what He Already Knows will follow

and Perfect His Grace Towards thee

and Guide thee to a Straight Path.

48:3 And that God Might Help thee With His Mighty Help.

48:4 It Is He Who Sent Down Tranquility Into the hearts of the believers

so they could add belief to their belief.

And in Truth all the Armies of the Heavens and the Earth Belong To God.

God Who Has Been Knowing, Wise.

48:5 That He Might Make the believing men and the believing women enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they then abiding Eternally therein.

And that He Absolve each conscious of all guilt

for that is a Wonderful Success With God.

48:6 But He Will Punish the talmudic men

and women

and the polytheists

and the idolaters

all those who think an evil thought about God.

Evil is turned against them

for God Is Wroth with them

and Has Cursed them

and Is Now Preparing them for Hell.

How miserable is that for their Journeys’ End!

48:7 Yea To God Belongs All the Armies of the Heavens and the Earth.

And God Is Mighty, Wise.

48:8 We sent thee to witness

and bear Glad Tidings

and as a Warner.

48:9 That some might believe in God and His Messenger

and honor Him and revere Him and give

glory to Him morning and evening.

48:10 Those who swear allegiance to thee only swear allegiance to God

and the Hand Of God Works Over their hands.

And whoever reneges

only reneges against their own soul.

And whoever fulfills what they have taken upon themselves as a pledge to God

He Will Give these an Immense Reward.

48:11 Those left behind of the bedouins will say to thee:

Our property and our families held us back from fighting

so ask thou Forgiveness for us.

They speak with their tongues that which is not in their hearts.

Say: Who can avail you anything against God if He Intends Harm for you or Intends Benefit for you?

The Truth is God Is Fully Aware of Everything you did.

48:12 And the Truth is you thought the messenger

and the believers would never return to their families.

And that was made to seem real in your hearts so you

thought an evil thought and are now a people ruined.

48:13 Whoever does not believe in God and His Messengers

We have prepared the Inferno for those fools.

48:14 To God Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

He Forgives whom He Wills

and He Punishes whom He Wills.

Yet God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

48:15 Then when you set forth to take the spoils those who stayed behind will say:

Let us go with you!

They seek to change the Command Of God over destiny

so say: You shall not go with us.

Thus God Forewarned they would say to thou:

The Truth is you are envious of us.

But truly they understand not but a little.

48:16 Say to those who were left behind of the bedouins:

You will be called against a people of strong might

and you will fight them

or they will submit instead.

Either way if you obey God He Will Give you a Goodly Reward.

But if you turn away as you turned away before

He Will Punish you with a Painful Punishment.

48:17 But there is no blame upon the blind

nor the lame

nor the sick.

Whoever obeys God and His Messenger these He Will Make Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow.

And whoever turns away He Will Punish with a Painful Punishment.

48:18 God Was Well Pleased with the 1,500 believers when they swore loyalty to thee beneath the great tree.

He Knew fear was in their hearts

so He Sent Down His Tranquility upon them and Rewarded them with coming victories!

48:19 Yea many gains you believers will all take

for God Is Mighty, Wise.

48:20 Yea God Promised you many gains that you will take

and He Quickens this for you

and Withholds the hands of others from you

so that it might be a Proof for the believers

and He Might Guide you on a Straight Path.

48:21 And little does thou know other gains not yet within your reach that God Has Already Secured.

For God Is Powerful Over All Things.

48:22 And had those who are indifferent to

the Warning fought alongside you they would have turned and fled

forevermore finding neither ally nor protector.

48:23 This is the Practice Of God which had been before

and thou will not find deviation in the Practice Of God.

48:24 And He It Is Who Withheld their hands from you

and then your hands from them

in the valley near Mecca

after He Made you victorious over them.

God Is Beholder of Everything you do.

48:25 They are those who were deceived and diverted you from the Kaaba

and God Prevented what they planned from occurring.

And were that not the case you might have trampled believing men and women you knew not

and a blot would have befallen you on their account without knowledge.

All that God Might Make Enter Into His Mercy whom He Wills.

But had the believers left the Kaaba We would have punished those remaining who disbelieved with a Painful Punishment.

48:26 While disbelievers held zealotry in their hearts

the zealotry like that before in the time of ignorance

God Sent Down His Tranquility Upon His Messenger and Upon the believers

and Made them adhere to the Word of Righteousness.

For they were more deserving and worthy of it.

God Is Knowing Of Everything.

48:27 God Was Sincere to the vision of His Messenger in Truth

when you told the believers they would enter the inviolable place of worship secure if God Should Will

with hair shaven and cut well kept

not fearing.

For He Knows what you know not

and He Appointed besides that a victory close at hand.

48:28 He Has Sent His Messenger with the Guidance and the Doctrine of Truth

that He Might Uplift It over all other doctrines.

And God Excels As Witness.

48:29 Yea Mohamet thou are the Messenger Of God

and those with thee are hard against the disbelievers

but compassionate among yourselves.

Thou sees them bow down in submission

seeking Favor From and Pleasure For God.

Glad expressions on their faces in result of submission

is their example in the Torah and in the Gospel.

Their example is like a seed that put forth its shoot and became stout

and took its place upon its stem impressing the sowers

that He Might Confound the deniers by them.

Yea God Has Promised those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness His Forgiveness and a Great Reward.

Chapter 49. The Chambers, al-Hujurat

49.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

49:1 O you who believe do not put yourselves ahead of God or His Messenger.

And be in Wise Fear of God

for truly God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

49:2 O you who believe do not raise your voices above the voice of the prophet.

Yea and do not be loud when speaking to him as you are loud with one another

lest your deeds be made vain while you are not aware.

49:3 Truly those who lower their voices in the presence of the Messengers Of God

these are they whose hearts God Has Examined for Righteousness.

They have Forgiveness and a Sublime Compensation.

49:4 And those who call to thee while you are at home most of them do not reason.

49:5 Had they been patient until thou came forth to them it would have been better for them.

But God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

49:6 O you who believe

if one who is careless or disobedient brings accusations

verify them before you strike a people in ignorance

possibly becoming remorseful for what you did.

49:7 And know that the Messenger Of God is among you

and if he were to hearken to your suggestions in most matters you would fall into misfortune.

But God Has Endeared Faith to you and Made It feel pleasing to your hearts.

And He Caused ingratitude and disobedience and rebellion to be detestable to you.

Yea these indeed are the Right Minded.

49:8 Favor and Grace are From God

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

49:9 If two groups of the believers fight among themselves

make things Right between them.

And if one of them oppresses the other

warn the oppressors of punishment unless they return to the Command Of God.

Then if they return

make Right between them with equity

by acting justly.

For God Loves those who act justly.

49:10 The believers are brethren

so make Right between your brethren

and be in Wise Fear of God

that you might obtain His Mercy.

49:11 O you who believe let not one group ridicule another

even if it may be that they are better than the other.

Nor let women ridicule other women

even if it may be that they are better than the other.

Nor look for fault among yourselves

nor insult one another with lowly nicknames

for miserable are believers who malign other believers

and turn not in apologetic repentance

these are wrongdoers.

49:12 Yea and O you who believe shun your suspicions and negative assumptions of brethren

for it can be a sin. i.e. if from the false/negative whisperings of jinn

And spy not upon one another

nor cause some to backbite others.

For would you like to eat the flesh of your brother?

You would detest it yet it is the same.

And be in Wise Fear of God

God Is Relenting, Merciful.

49:13 O mankind We Created you from male and female

and made you different peoples and types that you might recognize one another.

But the most noble of you in the Sight Of God are those who are the most conscious of Gods’ Presence.

God Is Knowing, Aware.

49:14 The bedouins say: We believe.

Say: You have not believed

you only say: We believe.

While True Faith has not yet entered into your hearts.

But if you obey God and His Messenger He will not deprive you of anything in your deeds.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

49:15 But true believers are only those who believe in God and His Messenger

they do not doubt either

and strive with their wealth and their lives on the Path Of God.

These are the Truthful.

49:16 Say: Would you teach God your doctrine when God Knows All that is in the Heavens and the Earth?

Yea God Knows Everything.

49:17 And if they think it a favor to thee that they submit

say: Your submission is no favor to me!

It Is God Who Has Done you a Favor By Guiding you to Faith if you are sincere.

49:18 And truly God Knows the unseen of the Heavens and the Earth

and God Sees Everything you do.

Chapter 50. The Letter Qaf

50.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

50:1 qāf

By the Glorious Quran!

50:2 The Truth is they marvel that a Warner has come from among themselves

so fools among them say:

This is a strange and unlikely thing.

50:3 Yea and to rise after we are dead and became dust

that would be an unlikely return!

50:4 But We know best how Earth devours their bodies

and such Decrees persevere only by Our secret ways.

50:5 So the fact is they deny the Truth that comes to them

and they are troubled in confused states of ignorance.

50:6 Likewise they have looked at the sky above them

wondering how We constructed it and made it fair.

There are no gaps therein.

50:7 And We spread out the Earth

and cast firm mountains therein

and We caused every sort of delightful kind to grow

50:8 as an insight and reminder for each repentant servant.

50:9 And We sent down blessed water from Heaven then caused to grow gardens thereby and the reaped grain

50:10 and tall date palms with clusters of spathes

50:11 as a provision for the servants.

And therewith We gave life to a dead land

and thus will be the Emergence.

50:12 This was rejected before by the people of Noah

and the companions of the Rass a community well

and Thamud

50:13 and Ad

and pharaoh

and the brethren of Lot

50:14 and the companions of the woods Jethros’ people

and the people of Tubba.

Everyone who rejects My Messengers

sees My Warnings become manifest!

50:15 And were We wearied by the first Creation?

Nay. Yet they are in doubt about a new Creation?

50:16 Yea We have Created mankind jinn and humans not hybrid DSIs

and We know what their souls whisper to them

for We are nearer than their jugular veins. This describes a level of constant intimacy worthy of much consideration at all times!

50:17 When We commit for life two jinn watchers one seated on the right and one on the left

50:18 none utters a word that a watcher is not ready to record.

50:19 And with the stupor of death will come the Truth

of what each should have toiled to avoid.

50:20 When the trumpet will be blown

that is the Day of the Eminent Threat!

50:21 When every soul will come forth

with it an angel as driver and one as a witness.

50:22 Certainly most were heedless of this

but Today We have removed your veil

so keen is your sight on this Day! We will be able to see the angels, Heaven, Hell and other aspects of the unseen for the first time!

50:23 And the recording angel will say:

This is what I have recorded and prepared.

50:24 Then cast into Hell is every stubborn ingrate!

50:25 Hinderers of Good!

Skeptical transgressors!

50:26 Those who set up false gods with God!

Yea cast these into the Severe Punishment!

50:27 And their jewish comrades will say:

Our Lord I did not cause them to transgress

but they had been going far astray.

50:28 He Will Say: Contend not in My Presence

when I Had Sent My Warnings ahead to you.

50:29 And the Word With Me does not change

nor Am I unjust to My Servants.

50:30 The Day We say to Hell: Art thou full?

It will say: Is there more?

50:31 And the Garden will be brought near

for the Righteous.

50:32 We will say: This is what you were Promised

for everyone who turned and stayed repentant.

50:33 Those who feared The Almighty in the unseen

and came with a repentant heart

50:34 will enter it in peace.

And that is the Day of Eternity.

50:35 They have what they desire therein

and there is always more from Us.

50:36 And how many generations did We destroy before them!

They were stronger than them in might

and they explored throughout the lands

but found no place to escape from God!

50:37 In that is a reminder for one who has heart and gives witness with God Consciousness.

50:38 And We Created the Heavens and the Earth and all things living in them in six periods

while absolutely no weariness touched Us.

50:39 So be patient over what disbelievers say

and give thou glory with the praise of thy Lord before the rising sun

and before its setting.

50:40 And some of the night glorify Him

and between Prayers.

50:41 And listen for the Day the crier will cry from a place nearby.

50:42 The Day they will hear the Blast in Truth

that is the Day of Emergence.

50:43 Yea We give life and We give death

and to Us is the Journeys’ End.

50:44 The Day the Earth is rapidly rent asunder around them.

And that Day of the gathering is easy for Us.

50:45 Yea We know best what the fools say

and thou are not over them as one to compel

so just remind those who fear My Warnings with this Quran.

Chapter 51. The Winnowing Winds, ad-Dhariyat

51.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

51:1 By the winnowers a winnowing

51:2 and the bearers of burden

51:3 and those sailing with ease

51:4 and those Who distribute the Command!

51:5 You are Promised what is True

51:6 and Gods’ Judgement Will Befall

51:7 by the sky full of paths

51:8 for you are ones at variance in your sayings!

51:9 Yea misled by the misled

51:10 and damned are the tellers of lies

51:11 those who are in oblivious confusion.

51:12 They ask: When is the Day of Judgement?

51:13 Say: It is the Day when they will be tried by Fire.

51:14 So taste your prosecution

that which you sought to hasten!

51:15 While those of Wise Fear will be among Gardens with springs

51:16 taking That which their Lord Gives them.

For before that they were doers of Good.

51:17 They often slept only little of the night

51:18 and at the break of day sought His Forgiveness.

51:19 And of their wealth was an obligation for the ones who needed and the ones deprived.

51:20 And in the Earth is Evidence for those who are certain

51:21 and in yourselves

do you then not see?

51:22 And from the sky comes both your provision and What you are Promised. i.e. air, sun, rain, then the angels and God!

51:23 Then by The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth

it is as True as Truths you yourselves speak.

51:24 Has there come to thee the story of the honored guests of Abraham?

51:25 When they entered upon him and said: Peace!

He said: Peace strangers!

51:26 Then he turned away from his people

with a fatted calf.

51:27 And brought it near them

saying: Will you not eat? confusing them with carnivorous jinn

51:28 Then he had a sense of fear of them

but they said: Fear not

and gave him Glad Tidings of an intellectual lad.

51:29 And his wife came forward crying out and struck her face and said:

I am only a barren old woman!

51:30 They said: It be thus Sayeth thy Lord

for He Is The Wise, The Knowing.

51:31 He said: Then what is your case O messengers?

51:32 They said: We are sent to an evildoing people

51:33 that We might rain upon them molten stones

51:34 Sent By thy Lord for the committers of excess.

51:35 So We went to bring forth the believers therein

51:36 but found not but one household submitted. Lots’

51:37 And We left it as an example for those of Wise Fear.

51:38 And in Moses

when We sent him to pharaoh with Clear Authority.

51:39 But he turned away with his people and said: A fantasizer or one possessed and insane.

51:40 So We seized him and his forces drowned in the sea

for he was blameworthy.

51:41 And in Ad

when We sent upon them the winnowing wind.

51:42 It leaves nothing it touches without being as if decayed. i.e. cooked via ionizing radiation

51:43 And in Thamud

when it was told to them:

Enjoy yourselves for a time.

51:44 But they scorned the Command Of their Lord so the thunderbolt took them while they were looking on.

51:45 They were unable to even stand up imagine this

yea they could not help themselves at all.

51:46 And the people of Noah before

who were wantonly disobedient people.

51:47 And the universe We built with great might the big bang and truly We are Ones Who still expand it. as now known

51:48 Then We spread out the Earth

and how excellent are Those Who spread! for God.

51:49 And We Created life in pairs

that you might take heed. of the import of heterosexuality

51:50 So flee to God

for I am a Clear Warner to you From Him.

51:51 And do not make another god with God

for truly I am a Clear Warner to you From Him.

51:52 And there came no messenger to those before them who it was not said of the like:

A fantasizer or one possessed and insane!

51:53 Have the fools handed this saying down between themselves as an inheritance?

Yea. They are a people transgressing all bounds.

51:54 So turn away from them

for thou are not to be reproached by them.

51:55 Just remind them

for the Reminder profits the believers.

51:56 And I Created the jinn and humans only that they might serve Me.

51:57 I desire no provision from them nor do I want what they offer to feed Me.

51:58 God He Is The Provider, The Lord of Might, The Sure.

51:59 And for those who do wrong is a portion like the portion of their companions

so do not let them seek to hasten My Judgement.

51:60 And woe to those who disbelieve in their Day which they are Promised!

Chapter 52. The Mountain, at-Tur

52.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

52:1 By the mount!

52:2 By Books inscribed

52:3 on parchments unrolled

52:4 in the house frequented.

52:5 And by the exalted roof

52:6 and that which is poured over the seas

52:7 the Punishment Of thy Lord will befall

52:8 for none can avert it.

52:9 On a Day the sky will spin a spinning

52:10 and the mountains will journey a journey

52:11 woe that Day to those who deny

52:12 and those who play in jest.

52:13 The Day they are thrown into the Fire of Hell!

52:14 This is the Fire which you denied.

52:15 Be it fantasy? Think you will not believe it then?

52:16 Yea thou will burn therein

and be patient or not patient

it is the same for you

you are only being Rewarded for Everything you did.

52:17 While those of Wise Fear are in Gardens of Bliss

52:18 glad with what their Lord Has Given them

for their Lord Protected them from the Punishment of Hell.

52:19 It is said: Eat and drink with calm for the Good you did

52:20 reclining upon couches arrayed.

And We honor them with pure lovely eyed ones. Who we would call ETs as servants and friends.

52:21 And those who believe and whose progeny follow them in faith We place them together.

And We diminish not anything of their deeds

everyone is responsible for what they earn.

52:22 And We provide them with whatever fruit and delicacies they desire.

52:23 They only contend with one another for a cup around which is neither idle talk nor sinfulness.

52:24 And the Eternally youthful ET servants move about serving them as if we are well guarded pearls.

52:25 And some of them will draw near to others saying:

52:26 We were ones apprehensive before

52:27 but God Was Gracious to us and Protected us from the scorching wind and the Eternal Punishment.

52:28 Truly we did call to Him before

and indeed He Is The Virtuous, The Merciful.

52:29 So remind! For By the Grace Of thy Lord thou Mohamet are not a soothsayer nor possessed.

52:30 And if they say: A poet! We will wait to see him fail like all poets. DSIs and their jews belittle Gods’ Servants as such, we’ll see!

52:31 Say: Yea wait

for I am with you among those waiting.

52:32 Ask thyself: Is it solely their own minds at work?

Or are they a people mentally condemned By God for transgressing the bounds?

52:33 And if they say: He has invented it.

The simple Truth is they do not believe.

52:34 Let them produce a chapter the like hereof if they be Truthful.

52:35 For were they Created from nothing out of nothing

or are they the Creators?

52:36 Did they Create the Heavens and the Earth?

Nay. Yet still they are not certain about God?

52:37 Do they possess the Treasuries Of thy Lord?

Are they the overseers?

52:38 Or do they have a stairway on which they can listen in?

Then let their listeners come with their clear authority.

52:39 And Has He only daughters when they have sons?

52:40 Or has thou asked a reward of them

so that they be indebted if they were to listen to thee?

52:41 Or know they of the unseen and can describe it in clear words like these?

52:42 And if they scheme a scheme a plan of cunning

then surely have those who disbelieve been outwitted.

52:43 Yea have they a god other than God?

Glory Be Unto God High Above that they serve!

52:44 And when they see Those of Heaven descending they will say: Clouds heaped up.

52:45 So leave them until that Day in which they will be left swooning and awestruck.

52:46 A Day in which all their scheming will avail them nothing and they will not be helped.

52:47 Also for those wrongdoers is the Punishment after that

but most do not know.

52:48 So be patient for the Judgement Of thy Lord

for thou and all reside before Our eyes.

And give glory with the praise of thy Lord when rising in the morn.

52:49 And some of the night glorify Him

and at the retreat of the stars.

Chapter 53. The Star, an-Najm

53.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

53:1 By the star when it sets.

53:2 Your Messengers have not strayed nor erred

53:3 and they do not speak from vain desire.

53:4 It is only an instruction given

53:5 from one mighty in power

53:6 and possessed of strength. Gabriel.

Yea he took his place

53:7 when he was in the highest horizon

53:8 then he drew nearer and descended.

53:9 He was at two bows’ length or nearer about 600 feet

53:10 then he instructed his servant what he instructed

53:11 and Mohamets mind did not lie about what it saw.

53:12 So will you then dispute with him about what he saw?

53:13 And he saw him in another descent

53:14 by the lote tree of the utmost boundary Speaking of the Pleiades viewed from where the firmament meets the Earth at the artic circle or Antarctica. Note the artic circle is the biblical “Earth circle”.


53:15 near it is the Garden of Abode. Gods’ Kingdom begins on the other side of the firmament surrounding us. We’re in the Earth Circle atop a very large globe which is Gods’ Actual Kingdom or “Heaven”. The sun and moon are equal size and distance above our “test trap”. To eliminate doubts about this and other related lies, watch NASHA.


For the Translator;
Heavenly Kingdom of YWHW!

Get the whole truth at

53:16 And when there covered the lote tree that which covered. Nightfall seen as the darkness behind the Pleiades.

53:17 The vision did not deviate nor transgress.

53:18 He has seen among the Proofs Of his Lord the Greatest. Mohamet saw Gabriel in his real form, likely a stunning ET similar to God!

53:19 Have you considered idol jinn goddesses Al-Lat and Al-Uzza

53:20 and Manat the third the other?

53:21 So have you the males and He the females?

53:22 That then is an unfair division. for battles

53:23 Yea they are but names you and your fathers named for which God Sent Down no authority.

They followed only assumption and what their souls desired

but now there has come to them the Guidance From their Lord.

53:24 If one is to imagine owning what they desire

53:25 Everything Still Belongs To God.

53:26 And how many an angel are in the Heavens! Quadrillioins!?

Yet their intercession avails nothing unless

God Gives Permission to whom He Wills and Is Pleased.

53:27 Yea those who do not believe in the Hereafter name the angels with female names

53:28 but how could they have knowledge thereof?

They follow only assumption

and assumption does not suffice against Truth at all.

53:29 So turn away from those who turn away from Our Remembrance and desire only the life of this world.

53:30 That is their extent of knowledge

and thy Lord Knows Best who strays from His Way

and He Knows Best the Rightly Guided.

53:31 God Created Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

that He Might Reward those who do evil with evil

and Reward those who do Good with Good.

53:32 And those who avoid the major sins and immoralities being guilty only of the lessor offenses

for them thy Lord Is Of Abounding Mercy.

He Knew Best when He Brought you Into Being from the Earth

and when you were hidden in the bellies of your mothers.

So think not yourselves to be pure

for He Knows who is best and it is those of Wise Fear.

53:33 Has thou then considered those who turned away

53:34 and gave only a little and even that begrudgingly?

53:35 Have they knowledge of the unseen or do they see it?

53:36 Are they informed of the writings of Moses

53:37 or the story of Abraham who paid his account in full?

53:38 There bears not any bearer the burden of another

53:39 and no one receives other than that which they strive

53:40 and their striving is seen.

53:41 Then they are Rewarded by the Fullest Reward

53:42 for to thy Lord that is the Finality.

53:43 He Makes them sigh and He Makes them weep.

53:44 He Gives Life and He Gives Death.

53:45 He Who Created the mates the male and the female

53:46 from a drop of slimy fluid emitted.

53:47 And upon Him is the Second Creation

53:48 when He Makes free from need and Enriches.

53:49 He Is The Lord Of Sirius an angel/star

53:50 Who Destroyed Ad

53:51 and of Thamud He Left none alive no not one.

53:52 And the people of Noah before

who were greater in wrongdoing and defiance.

53:53 So He Destroyed their cities

53:54 and Covered them with what He Covered. Brimstone, rocks, magma, raging winds, lightening bolts, blasts, ionizing radiation, floods etc.

53:55 Then which of the Acts Of thy Lord does thou dispute?

53:56 Yea this is from a Warner upon previous Warnings.

53:57 The Drawing Near is at hand

53:58 and there is none to bring it besides God.

53:59 So do you then marvel at it as if perplexed and

53:60 and then jest instead of seriously repenting

53:61 while you amuse yourselves?

53:62 Nay. Submit to God and worship Him Alone.

Chapter 54. The Moon, al-Qamar

54.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

54:1 The Hour draws near

when the moon will be rent asunder. for real, we will see this!

54:2 But if they see smaller Proofs they turn away and say:

Persistent fantasy!

54:3 Yea they reject and follow their own desires

but every matter is settled regardless.

54:4 And there has come to them Tidings

wherein is offered deterrence.

54:5 Yea and far reaching Wisdom

but the Warnings avail not.

54:6 So turn thou away from them

then on the Day The Caller Calls

54:7 their eyes will be humbled in horror

when they come forth from their states of death like scattered locusts

54:8 hastening towards The Caller with terror in their eyes.

Indeed those fools will say:

This is a difficult Day!

54:9 Like the people of Noah who denied before them

when they disrespected Our servant saying: One possessed and insane.

Then drove him away.

54:10 Hence he called to his Lord: I am rejected please Help!

54:11 So We opened the gates of the sky pouring water

54:12 and caused the Earth to gush forth in springs

and the waters met for the purpose determined.

54:13 And We carried him upon that vessel made of planks and pitch caulk

54:14 which sailed before Our eyes as a gift for him who they disrespected.

54:15 And We have left this story as a Sign

but is there one here who recounts?

54:16 So how were My Punishments and My Warnings?

54:17 And We have made the Quran easy to memorize

in Arabic but is there one here who recounts?

54:18 Ad rejected

then how were My Punishments and My Warnings?

54:19 Truly We sent upon them a raging wind on a day of enduring calamity

54:20 hurling people like trunks of uprooted date palms.

54:21 Then how were My Punishments and My Warnings?

54:22 And We have made the Quran easy to memorize

but is there one here who recounts?

54:23 The people of Thamud refused the Warnings

54:24 when they said: Is it a lone mortal from among us we are to follow?

Nay. We would be astray and insane!

54:25 For has the Remembrance been given to Salih an average man from among us?

Nay. The Truth must be he is an insolent teller of lies.

54:26 But they will come to know tomorrow who the insolent tellers of lies are!

54:27 We sent the she camel as a test for them

so wait thou for them and be patient.

54:28 And inform them that the water is to be divided fairly between them and the she camel

each drinks in its turn.

54:29 Then they called their companion who took over and brutally slaughtered the thirsty she camel.

54:30 Then how were My Punishments and My Warnings?

54:31 We sent upon them one blast and they became like dry stalks of the fence maker.

54:32 And We have made the Quran easy to memorize

but is there one here who recounts?

54:33 The people of Lot refused the Warnings

54:34 so We sent upon them a rain of molten stones

except for the house of Lot

who We delivered at dawn

54:35 through grace from Us.

Thus do We help those who are grateful.

54:36 And he had advised them of Our might

but they disregarded the Warnings.

54:37 And they sought to lure him away from his guests

so We blinded their eyes.

Yea taste My Punishment after My Warnings!

54:38 And certainly an abiding scourge of death befell them in the early morn.

54:39 Yea taste My Punishment after My Warnings!

54:40 And We have made the Quran easy for Remembrance

but is there one here who recounts?

54:41 And the Warnings came to the house of pharaoh.

54:42 They denied each of Our Proofs

so We seized them with a Seizing Of One Who Is The Almighty, The Omnipotent.

54:43 Are your nontheists better than those?

Or have you immunity decreed by ancient scrolls?

54:44 Or if they say: United we stand.

54:45 Their multitude will be defeated and turn in flight.

54:46 For the Hour is as Promised to them

but the Hour is more calamitous and bitter than imaginable.

54:47 Yea it is the evildoers who are in error with insanity.

54:48 The Day they are dragged into the Fire upon their faces

it will be said: Taste the touch of Saqar!

54:49 Truly We Created everything in measure

54:50 and Our command to it was only one

completed in the twinkling of an eye.

54:51 And We have destroyed your like

but is there one who recalls?

54:52 But Everything they did is in written records.

54:53 Yea Everything small and great is written down.

54:54 Those of Wise Fear will be among Gardens with rivers

54:55 in positions of sincerity before The Omnipotent King.

Chapter 55. The Almighty, ar-Rahman

55.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

55:1 The Most Gracious.

55:2 He Brought the Quran

55:3 He Created the human being. Adamites

55:4 He Taught the Clear Explanations.

55:5 The sun and the moon are to keep count.

55:6 The stars and the trees both prostrate.

55:7 The Heaven He Raised

and He Appointed the Balance.

55:8 Transgress not the Balance.

55:9 Set up the weighing with justice and skimp not in the Balance.

55:10 And He Appointed the Earth for all living creatures

55:11 wherein are fruits like the sheathed date palms

55:12 and the grain in the ear and the fragrant herb. Among most fragrant of herbs is cannabis, now known to be a miracle medicine!

55:13 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny? “Both” is speaking of humans/Adamites and jinn (i.e. lucifer, zeus, amen etc.).

55:14 He Created the jinn using fire in manufacture of bionic cyborgs

55:15 then He Created humans of Earthen dust. Carbon 12

55:16 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:17 The Lord of the Two Easts

and The Lord of the Two Wests! Earths’ and Heavens’

55:18 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:19 He Set Forth the two waters so when they meet

55:20 between them is a barrier one crosses not. Ocean water doesn’t flow into fresh water due to elevation, that’s the barrier.

55:21 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:22 He Brings Forth from each pearls both great and small.

55:23 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:24 And By His Designs are giant ships buoyant upon the sea like mountains.

55:25 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:26 Everyone in the Earth shall perish.

55:27 But the Countenance Of thy Lord Will Abide Forever

The Possessor of the Majesty and the Splendor.

55:28 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:29 All who are in the Heavens and the Earth ask of Him

everyday for He Is Fully Involved.

55:30 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:31 We will attend to you at leisure O you two dependents.

55:32 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:33 O congregations of jinn and humans

if you can pass through the firmament between the Heavens and the Earth then pass.

But nay! You shall not pass without Our authority. Hence we have never journeyed to the moon or outer space, it’s all lies.

55:34 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:35 Sent against you will be flames of fire aka falling stars

that you cannot escape.

55:36 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:37 And when the sky is rent asunder and becomes rosy like oil.

55:38 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:39 That Day neither believing humans or jinn will be asked about their sin.

55:40 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:41 But evildoers will be known by their marks

and seized by the forelocks and feet. Their marks are the expressions of guilt, sorrow and horror on their faces during interrogation.

55:42 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:43 Then comes Hell which the evildoers denied!

55:44 They will crawl to and fro between the Blaze and a fiercely scalding liquid Forever.

55:45 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:46 But for those who feared the Station Of their Lord are two Gardens.

55:47 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:48 Of many Beautiful Creations.

55:49 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:50 In them two springs flow.

55:51 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:52 And every sort of fruit in diverse pairs.

55:53 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:54 Reclining upon couches lined with brocade

and fruits of both Gardens ripe hanging low.

55:55 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:56 In the Gardens are kind and modest servants

whom neither humans nor jinn have known. ETs

55:57 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:58 As if rubies and small pearls.

55:59 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:60 Is the reward for kindness other than kindness?

55:61 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:62 And besides them are two other Gardens.

55:63 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:64 Two of the deepest green.

55:65 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:66 In them two gushing springs.

55:67 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:68 With fruit and date palms and pomegranate.

55:69 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:70 In all Good and beautiful creatures. Animals!

55:71 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:72 And fair ones kept in pavilions. livestock/pets!

55:73 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:74 Unlike neither humans nor jinn have known.

55:75 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny?

55:76 And fine carpets with green cushions to recline on.

55:77 So which Feat Of your Lord will you both deny!

55:78 Blessed Be The Name Of thy Lord

Possessor of the Majesty and the Splendor!

Chapter 56. The Inevitable Event, al-Waqi’ah

56.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

56:1 When the Inevitable befalls

56:2 there will be no more denial

56:3 on the Day that abases some and exalts others.

56:4 When the Earth will rock with a rocking

56:5 and the mountains will crumble with a crumbling

56:6 scattered like dust

56:7 then you will be of three kinds.

56:8 The companions of the right

who are the companions of the right?

56:9 And the companions of the left

who are the companions of the left?

56:10 And the vanguard

who are the vanguard?

56:11 They are those brought nearest

56:12 in the Gardens of Bliss

56:13 a multitude of the former peoples due to stauncher believers

56:14 and a few of the latter due to more being deceived these days

56:15 are on couches inlaid with precious stones

56:16 reclining upon them facing one another.

56:17 Eternally youthful servants moving about them

56:18 with bowls and pitchers and a cup from a running spring

56:19 wherefrom they have no headache

nor do they become drunken.

56:20 And fruit of their choosing

56:21 and such flesh of fowl as they desire.

This is obviously a troubling verse which would require the death of birds. It also raises the question; are we cooking in Heaven? If so this would be the ONLY mention of it in all the scriptures. So, it’s either that or are we eating the birds raw? It could also be that the jews changed the meaning of the original Arabic root for “fowl” similar to how they changed words for various vegetarian foods mentioned in the Bible into “meat”. Or it could be that the flesh itself is grown in another manner than a life, we have the technology to do this now. Or it’s possible that it doesn’t really matter since Heaven is another illusion of sorts and nothing real is being harmed. This matrix/avatar like concept works on many levels especially that of Gods’ Omnipotent Ability to Install us Into Hell/Garden programs per an elaborately just and perfect system unimaginable to us now.

56:22 And kind servants of modesty with beautiful eyes

56:23 as if they were closely guarded pearls

56:24 as Reward for what members of the vanguard did.

56:25 They hear neither vain speech nor falsity therein

56:26 only the saying:



56:27 And the companions of the right

who are the companions on the right?

56:28 Among thornless lote trees

56:29 and acacia piled up in layers

56:30 and shade extended

56:31 and water poured forth

56:32 and plenteous fruit

56:33 unfailing and unceasing

56:34 it is an exalted place of restfulness.

56:35 We have brought them into being anew new bodies

56:36 and made them like virgins i.e. chaste, innocent and moral.

56:37 pure of speech and well matched

56:38 for the companions of the right hand.

56:39 Made up of a multitude of the former peoples

56:40 and a multitude of the latter. Good news for believers today!

56:41 And the companions of the left

who are the companions of the left?

56:42 Those in scorching Fire and scalding liquid

56:43 under a shadow of black smoke

56:44 which is neither cool nor generous.

56:45 These who before were made opulent

56:46 then persisted in vain wickedness

56:47 those who said mockingly in doubt: When we are dead and have become dust and bones we will be raised up?

56:48 And our forefathers?

56:49 Say: Truly great multitudes of ancient ones and later ones

56:50 will be gathered together at the appointed time on a Known Day.

56:51 And O you erring deniers

56:52 you will eat of a tree of zaqqum recall this nasty plant of thorns

56:53 and fill your bellies therewith

56:54 and drink of a scalding liquid on top of that

56:55 drinking it as the thirst wracked camel drinks.

56:56 This is their welcoming gift on the Day of Judgement.

56:57 We Created you

and if only you had given credence!

56:58 Have you considered what you spill of your seed?

56:59 Did you Create the system or are We the Creators?

56:60 Yea and We have decreed death for you

and We will not be outrun.

56:61 And We will change your likenesses by Creating you as creatures you do not know

56:62 unlike the former Creation. New and different Eternal bodies!

2 Corinthians 5:1-10 “For we know that when this Earthly tent we live in is taken down, we will have a house in Heaven, an eternal body Made for us By God Himself and not by procreation. We grow weary in our present bodies, and we long to put on our Heavenly bodies like new clothing. For when we will put on Heavenly bodies; we will not be spirits without bodies. While we live in these Earthly bodies, we groan and sigh, but it’s not that we want to die and get rid of these bodies that clothe us. Rather, we want to put on our new bodies so that these dying bodies will be swallowed up by Life. God Himself Has Prepared us for this, and as a guarantee He Has Given us His Holy Spirit. So we are always confident, even though we know that as long as we live in these bodies we are not at Home With The Lord. For we live by believing and not by seeing. Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these Earthly bodies, for then we will be at Home With The Lord. So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please Him. For we must all stand before God to be Judged.”

Yea you will come to regret if only you had took heed!

56:63 Do you not reap what you sow?

56:64 Is it you who causes all things to grow

or are We the causers?

56:65 If We willed We could make it chaff

then you would continue in jest

56:66 while saying: We are debt laden to God but intend not to repay! Consider the brazen insolence of all who live thanklessly.

56:67 So on the Day such are deprived!

56:68 Have you considered the water which you drink?

56:69 Is it you who designed the rainclouds

or are We the designers?

56:70 If We willed We could have made rain bitter

yea if only you had been grateful!

56:71 Have you considered the fire which you light?

56:72 Was it you who Created the fuels thereof or were We the designers?

56:73 We made such to remind and comfort believers while venturing and emigrating throughout the expanses.

56:74 So give thou glory with The Name Of thy Lord, YHWH The Almighty.

56:75 For I swear by the orbit of the stars stars orbit us!

56:76 and that is a weighty oath if you but knew

56:77 that this Quran is a Noble Recitation

56:78 from a Greater Book unknown to mankind.

56:79 None touches it except Those Purified

56:80 a Successive Revelation From The Lord of the Worlds!

56:81 So is it this Narration you take lightly

56:82 as if you make your daily bread by calling Truth a lie!

56:83 Then why do you not intervene before a friends soul leaves with the last exhale?

56:84 Nay. You at that time only look on in helplessness.

56:85 And We are nearer to the dying than you

but you do not see Us.

56:86 If you are not ones to be judged why do you not

56:87 return the soul to the body of your brethren if you be truthful?

56:88 But for those of the vanguard brought near there is

56:89 gladness of sweet smelling herbs and a Garden of Bliss.

56:90 And for the companions of the right

56:91 peace is yours among the companions of the right.

56:92 Yet always for the erring deniers

56:93 a welcoming gift of scalding liquid

56:94 and Eternal burning in Hell.

56:95 Truly that is the fact of Certainty

56:96 so glorify The Name Of YHWH thy Lord, The Almighty.

Chapter 57. The Iron, al-Hadid

57.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

57:1 All in the Heavens and the Earth give glory to God

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

57:2 To Him Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth.

He Gives Life

and He Gives Death

and He Is Powerful Over All His Creation.

57:3 He Is The First

and The Last

Knowing the outward

and the inward

He Knows Literally Everything.

57:4 He It Is Who Created the Heavens and the Earth in six days

then He Took His Place upon the Throne.

He Knows what penetrates the Earth and what comes forth therefrom

and what comes down from the sky and what ascends into it.

He Is With you wherever you may be

yea God Sees Everything you do second by second.

57:5 And To Him Truly Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

and unto God are all matters referred.

57:6 He Makes the night turn to day

and the day turn to night

and He Knows what is in the hearts.

57:7 Believe in God and His Messenger and spend for God of that which He Has Made you heirs

for those who believe and spend have a Great Reward.

57:8 And why should you not believe in God

when the messenger calls you to believe in your Lord

and He Has Taken your oath

if you be believers? The oath taken from us upon conception when asked: 7:172 . . . “Am I not your Lord”? They said: “Verily we bear witness.” Lest they say on the Day of Resurrection: “Of this we were unaware”.

57:9 He It Is Who Sends Down Clear Words to His Servants that He Might Bring you forth from darkness into Light.

Yea God Is Kind To you, Merciful.

57:10 And why should you not spend in the Path Of God

when To God Belongs the Inheritance of the Heavens and the Earth?

Not equal among you are those who spent and fought before the victory.

These are greater in degree than those who spent and fought afterwards.

But unto each God Has Promised Good

and God Is Aware of Everything you do.

57:11 So who will lend to God a Goodly loan

when He Pays It Back In Multiples

as a Noble Reward?

57:12 The Day thou will see the believing men and the believing women with their Light recorded by their will on their right hand

there is Glad News for these on this Day!

Gardens beneath which rivers flow!

They will live Eternally therein

and that is the Crowning Achievement.

57:13 The Day the talmudic men and women

will say to those who believe:

Look upon us that we might borrow of your Light.

It will be said: Go back and seek Light if you can.

Then there will be set up between them a wall having a Gate.

On the inside thereof

His Mercy

on the outside thereof

His Punishment.

57:14 They will cry to them: Were we not with you?

They will say: Verily but you subjected your souls to prosecution


and doubting

with vain desires which deceived you until the Command Of God came to pass and you were caught!

Yea for the deceivers deceived you about God!

57:15 So this Day no ransom will be taken from you or other disbelievers

your shelter will be the Fire.

That is your Reward.

and miserable is that Journeys’ End.

57:16 So is it not time for the hearts of believers to grow humble at the Remembrance of God?

And to take heed of this Quran more seriously

than those in possession of the Word before? Those are weighty questions that reveal the significance of this Quran from the last prophet before end times! Hence the MANY references to Judgement Day. (Click that link far a .pdf of a decisive compilation of verses on the subject!)

The time between messengers was long to them It’s been 1,400 years since this was delivered! so their hearts hardened.

But many were wantonly disobedient before.

57:17 Know that God Gives Life to the Earth after its death.

We have made the Clues clear to you in the cycle of life then death then life that you might relate wisely.

57:18 And the men who give in charity

and the women who give in charity

and lend to God a Goodly loan

it is multiplied for them and they have a Noble Reward.

57:19 And those who believe in God and His Messengers

these are the Truthful.

They are witnesses before their Lord

having their Reward and their Light.

But the ingrates and deniers of Our Word

they are the companions of Hell.

57:20 Know that the life of this world is but play

and diversion

and adornment

and mutual boasting among you

and competition for increase in wealth and children.

Like the example of a rain it pleases tenders of gardens with its growth

then it withers turning to yellow

becoming debris.

In the Hereafter is both Severe Punishment and Forgiveness with Good Pleasure From God.

But life of this world is only sporadic delusion of joy.

57:21 So compete for Forgiveness From your Lord

for a Garden the breadth whereof is as the breadth of the sky and the Earth

is prepared for believers in God and His Messengers.

That is the Bounty Of God which He Gives to whom He Wills.

And God Is The One Possessing Endless Bounty.

57:22 And no misfortune befalls on Earth or on yourselves

except that decreed in a very elaborate, all encompassing, program before We bring it into being.

That is Easy For God.

57:23 So grieve not over what escapes you

nor crow about what comes to you.

For God loves not every proud boaster.

57:24 Those stingy enjoining miserliness upon mankind.

And as to whoever turns away

God, He Is The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

57:25 And We sent Our messengers with Clear Evidence

and Truth and the Balance

that you uphold equity.

And He Sent Down iron wherein is mighty power and benefits for mankind.

Remember God Knows who stands up for Him and His Messengers As He Watches On from the unseen.

Truly God Is Strong, Mighty.

57:26 And We sent Noah and Abraham and placed among their progeny prophethood and many scriptures.

Then among them are the Rightly Guided

but many are wantonly disobedient.

57:27 Then We sent Our Messengers following hard upon those peoples.

Yea We sent Yeshua son of Mary

and We gave him the Gospel and placed love and mercy in the hearts of those who follow his teachings.

But monasticism monasteries monks and nuns they invented it.

We ordained for them only to seek the Pleasure Of God

and they did not attend to it exactly as We prescribed.

But still We give those who heeded Warning among them the Goodly Reward.

While others were wantonly disobedient.

57:28 O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God and believe in His Messenger.

He Will Give you a double share of His Mercy and Appoint for you a Light wherever you go.

And He Will Forgive you

for God Is The Forgiving, The Merciful.

57:29 The talmudic jews should know they possess nothing of the Bounty Of God

that it is in the Hand Of God Alone.

And He Gives It to whom He Wills

for God Alone Is Who Possesses the Endless Bounty.

Chapter 58. She Who Pleaded, al-Mujadilah

58.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

58:1 God Has Heard of her that disputes with the prophet concerning her husband and complains to God.

Yea God Hears the conversation between you

for God Is The All Hearing, All Seeing.

58:2 Wrong are those who insult their wives by saying they are like their mothers

when they are not their mothers.

Their mothers are only those who brought them up

so what they say is evil

and a falsehood.

But God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

58:3 And those who still say their wives are like their mothers will find their wives go back on their oaths of marriage.

Hence atonement requires freeing of a slave before touching one another.

That you are encouraged to do.

And God Is Aware of Everything you do.

58:4 And whoever has not the wherewithal to free a slave

a fast of two moons consecutively before they touch one another.

And whoever is not able to do that

the feeding of sixty needy ones.

That is so you may be given privilege to believe in God and His Messenger. Note that belief is a PRIVILEGE GIVEN to us!

Those are the Limits Of God

and for fools is a Painful Punishment.

58:5 Those who oppose God and His Messenger will be brought low as those before them were brought low.

And We have sent down Clear Proofs

but for fools is a Humiliating Punishment.

58:6 The Day God Raises them one and all He Will Inform them of what they did.

God Recorded it all

while they forgot most!

God Is Sure Witness Over All Things.

58:7 Has thou not considered that God Knows Everything in the Heavens and the Earth?

There is no confidential conversation of three because He Is their Fourth.

Nor of five because He Is their Sixth.

Nor of less than that or greater because He Is With mankind wherever they are always.

Thus Will He Inform them of Everything they did on the Day of Resurrection

for God Knows All Things.

58:8 Has thou not considered those who were forbidden secret meetings then attend them?

These deal in falsehood with sin and aggression and disobedience towards the messenger.

And when they come to thee they greet thee with a greeting wherewith God has not decreed for thee.

And they say within themselves:

God has not punished us for what we say.

But their Reckoning will be Hell

and they will burn therein Eternally

and what a loathsome misery is their Journeys’ End!

58:9 O you who believe do not hold secret meetings in falsehood with sin or aggression or disobedience towards your messenger.

Hold secret meetings in virtue for piety

and be in Wise Fear of God to Whom you will be gathered.

58:10 Conspiring secretly is only for the degenerate snaking imposter that they dishearten those who believe.

But they cannot harm them at all without Gods’ Permission. i.e. for tests

So in God Alone let the believers place all their trust.

58:11 O you who believe when it is said to you: Make room

at the gathering.

Then make room.

For God Will Make Room for you. in Heaven

And when it is said: Think higher

then think higher.

God Will Raise those who believe and those given knowledge among you higher in degrees

for God Is Constantly Aware of Everything you do.

58:12 O you who believe when you seek to converse with the messenger in private

bring a gift

for that is better and purer for you.

But if you cannot find the means

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

58:13 Are you afraid of bringing the wrong gift?

If so then do not

but God Turns Towards you With Advice:

Uphold the Prayer Chapter/Surah #1

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

and obey God and His Messenger

for God Is Aware of Everything you do.

58:14 Has thou considered those who partner with people whom God Is Wroth With? Disbelievers, DSIs and jews

They are not of you and you are not of them

and they swear jewish kol nidre oaths in falsehood

while they know it.

58:15 God Has Prepared a Severe Punishment for them

for evil is what they do.

58:16 They took their oaths as a cover

and forsook the Path Of God.

So a Humiliating Punishment comes for them.

58:17 Their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God.

These are companions of the Fire

wherein they will abide Eternally.

58:18 The Day God Raises them one and all

then they will swear to Him as they swore before.

And they will think that they still stand upon something

but they are liars who stand upon nothing.

58:19 Their lies overcame them and caused them to forget the Remembrance of God.

These are of the synagogue of satan the congregation of the degenerate snaking imposters, see Rev 2.9 and 3.9 and they are the definite losers.

58:20 Those who work against God and His Messenger

they will be among the lowest and most miserable.

58:21 God Has Decreed: I Will Conquer

I and My Messengers

for God Is Strong, Mighty.

58:22 Thou will not find any folk who believe in God and the Last Day who stay friends with whoever opposes God and His Messengers.

Even if they are their parents or their children or their brethren or their kindred. They are enemies we are to abandon.

For these True believers

He Has Decreed Faith in their hearts and Strengthened them with His Spirit

to Make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and they will live Eternally therein.

For God Is Well Pleased with them

and they are well pleased with God!

These are the Party Of God

and no doubt the Party Of God

they are the Successful.

Chapter 59. The Exile, al-Hashr

59.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

59:1 All that is Good in the Heavens and in the Earth gives glory to God

for He Alone Is The Almighty, The Wise.

59:2 He Is Who Expelled the ingrates among the talmudic jews from their homes earlier at the gathering of folk in Madinah.

You thought they would not leave

and they thought their strongholds would protect them from God.

But God Sent His Prophet against them from where they did not expect he killed their chief and burnt their farms

and Put Terror In their hearts

causing them to destroy their dwellings with their own hands before fleeing and being looted

at the hands of the believers.

So take a lesson O you with eyes that see.

59:3 And had God not Decreed Exile for them He Would Still Have Punished them in this world

then they receive the Punishment of Hell for Eternity!

59:4 All because they were hostile towards God and His Messenger

for whoever is hostile towards God

God Is Severe in Penalty.

59:5 And of their beautiful palm trees cut down or left standing on their roots

were by Gods’ Permission and that He Might Disgrace the ingrates with jealousy and loss.

59:6 And what of theirs God Bestowed Upon His Messenger

you did not spur any horse or riding camel. in labor

Hence God Gives His Messengers Authority over whom He Wills

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

59:7 And All Spoils that God Bestows upon His Messengers from other peoples

Belong to God and His Messengers

to Give to relatives

and the fatherless

and the needy

and the wayfarer

not for distribution between the rich among you.

So what the messenger gives you

take it

and of what he forbids you


Yea and be in Wise Fear of God

for God Is Severe in Retribution.

59:8 And for the poor emigrants driven from their homes and their property

while seeking Favor and Approval From God.

These who help God and His Messenger are the worthy so for them is a portion.

59:9 And the poor believers already living there love the believers who emigrate to their town.

There is no envy in their hearts for this is grace given to them so they are happy for them and satisfied with it.

Yea whoever is protected from being stingy during life

these are the Successful!

59:10 And those who are immigrating to their town say:

Our Lord Forgive us and these brethren who preceded us in faith

and make not rancor in our hearts towards believers

for our Lord Thou Are Gentle, Compassionate.

59:11 Has thou not considered the hypocrites?

They say to their ungrateful brethren among the talmudic jews:

If you are expelled we will go out with you and will not obey your enemies ever.

Yea and if you are attacked we will help you!

But God Bears Witness that truly they are liars.

59:12 For if they are expelled they will not go out with them

and if they are attacked they will not help them

they will turn and flee

so there is no help for either lot.

59:13 You cause stronger fear in their hearts than

God because they are a people who do not believe.

59:14 They will not fight you at all except in fortified cities or from behind walls

for their might is only strong against each other.

Yea thou thinks they are united but their hearts are divided because they are a people who do not reason.

59:15 Like the examples of those before them

who tasted the consequences of their affair in this life and then receive the Painful Punishment for Eternity.

59:16 Like the example of the degenerate snaking imposter when they tell an Adamite to disbelieve

then when it is done their talmudist companion says:

I had no part in that

I fear God, The Lord of the Worlds!

59:17 So the final outcome is they are both scorched in the Fire

abiding Eternally therein

that is the Reward for wrongdoers.

59:18 So O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God!

And let every soul comprehend what it puts forward for its Eternal existence.

Yea be in Wise Fear of God

for God Is Aware of Everything you do Always.

59:19 And be not like those who forgot God so He Caused them to forget their souls

these are the wantonly disobedient.

59:20 Yea the companions of the Fire and the Garden are not at all alike.

The companions of the Garden

they are the Triumphant.

59:21 Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain thou would see it humbled and rent asunder in fear of God.

These examples We present to mankind

that they might reflect.

59:22 He Is YHWH

and there is no god but He.

The Knower of the seen and the unseen

He Is The Almighty, The Merciful.

59:23 Yea He Is YHWH

and there is no god but He.

The King

The Holy

The Perfect

The Faithful

The Preserver

The Almighty

The Compeller

The Supreme.

Glory Be Unto God High Above what they serve!

59:24 He Is YHWH

The Creator

The Originator

The Designer.

To Him Belong the Most Beautiful Names

and to Him all in the Heavens and the Earth give glory

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

Chapter 60. She That Is Tested, al-Mumtahanah

60.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

60:1 O you who believe take not My enemy and your enemy as friends.

Extending love towards them when they have denied that which has come to you of the Truth

while expelling the messenger and yourselves because you believe in God your Lord.

If you go forth to strive in My Cause and seek My Pleasure

yet show them love as if in secret

I Know Best what you hide and what you proclaim.

And whoever does that among you

has strayed from the Right Path.

60:2 If they gain the ascendency over you they will be hard enemies to you

and will stretch out their hands and their tongues against you with evil for as long as they can.

And they long to deceive you into disbelief and disobedience.

Because they are predestined to Hell under Gods’ Curse of their jinn fathers and want the same for Adamites. They hate We the People. Hence why they use ALL the newspapers, magazines, TV/Radio stations and social media to popularize sins of idolatry, satanism, faggotry, pedophilia, abortion, oppression, murder of innocents (people and animals) and their favorite, false worship/deification of their fathers such as jeZEUS by deceived christians and AMEN-rah by both christians and muslims in their 503c corporate churches & mosques!

60:3 And on the Day of Resurrection no Earthly relations will benefit you for He Is Judge to you all.

And God Sees Everything you do.

60:4 There was a Good model for you in Abraham and those with him

when they said to their people:

We are innocent of what you serve besides God

and we reject you for there has risen between us and you deep seated dislike and hatred for time without end unless you repent and believe in God Alone.

But the saying of Abraham to his father was:

I will ask Forgiveness though I have no defense for thee from God.

Yea our Lord in Thee we place all our trust

and to Thee may we turn repentant

for to Thee is the Journeys’ End.

60:5 And: Our Lord do not Let us be sources of pleasure

for disbelievers and please our Lord Forgive us.

Thou Alone Are The Almighty, The Wise.

60:6 Yea there was a Good model for you in Abraham and anyone awaiting the Last Day when they meet God.

As to whoever turns away

God Remains The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

60:7 But it could be that God Will Place Affection between you and some believers you may dislike.

For God Is Powerful

and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

60:8 God Forbids you from fighting those who neither fight you in doctrine nor seek to expel you from your homes.

Be virtuous towards them and act justly with them

for God Loves the just.

60:9 God Only Forbids befriending those who fight you in doctrine

or seek to expel you from your homes

or assist thereto.

Whoever befriends these

they too then are the wrongdoers.

60:10 O you who believe when women come to you as strangers or immigrants saying they believe

test them

for only God Knows Otherwise. And He Will Help Root them out!

If you find them to be believing women

do not return them to disbelievers

for such women are unlawful for them

and they are not lawful for such women.

And give their men what they spent on them

then you do no wrong to marry such women when you give them their compensation.

And hold back conjugal ties with denying women.

That is the Judgement Of God

for He Alone Judges between you

and God Is Knowing, Wise.

60:11 And retaliate against disbelievers who take your wives!

Run them down and take everything they have then give to the ones who lost their wives their amount due.

And be in Wise Fear of God in Whom you are believers.

60:12 O prophet when known believing women come to thee swearing fidelity to thee that they will not serve other than God

and will neither steal

nor commit adultery

nor kill their children

nor produce backbiting among you

nor use their hands or feet against you

nor disobey what is honorable.

Then accept their fidelity

and ask God To Forgive them.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

60:13 But O you who believe take not friends from peoples with whom God Is Wroth.

Surely they gave up hope of seeing the Garden like they have given up hope of seeing the dead.

Chapter 61. The Ranks, as-Saff

61.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

61:1 Everything in the Heavens and Earth gives glory to God

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

61:2 O you who believe why say that which you do not?

61:3 It is an obvious wrong in the Sight Of God that you promise then do not fulfill.

61:4 And God Loves those who fight in His Cause in ranks as if they were a tightly bound structure.

61:5 And when Moses said to his people:

O my people why do you malign me when you know that I am the Messenger Of God to you?

Lo when they deviate God Makes their hearts deviate

for God does not guide the wantonly disobedient.

61:6 And when Yeshua son of Mary said: O children of Israel

I am the Messenger Of God to you

confirming the Torah that came before and bringing

Glad Tidings of a messenger to come whose name will be Ahmad. Mohamad – see those prophecies in Truth #3 at

But when he showed them his Proofs they said:

This is obvious fantasy.

61:7 So who is denser than one who invents such a lie about God when they are invited to submission?

Lo it is because God guides not the unjust.

61:8 They wish to extinguish the Light Of God with lies from their mouths

but it matters not for God Will Perfect His Light regardless of however many fools are averse.

61:9 He It Is Who Sent His Messengers with Guidance and the Doctrine of Truth to uplift it over all ways of life

regardless of who dislikes it!

61:10 O you who believe shall I direct you to a deal that will deliver you from a Painful Punishment?

61:11 Believe in God and His Messenger and strive in the Path Of God with your wealth and your lives!

Yea that is best for you if you only knew.

61:12 He Will Forgive you your transgressions and

Make you Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow.

Yea the Goodly Dwelling like the Garden of Eden is the Perpetual Abode.

That is the Tremendous Achievement!

61:13 And He Will Give you another thing you love

Help From God in a victory that nears!

So give Glad Tidings to the believers.

61:14 O you who believe be Helpers Of God like Yeshua son of Mary when he said to the disciples:

Who are my helpers for God?

The disciples said:

We are your helpers for God!

Yea a number of the children of Israel believed

and a number denied

but We strengthened the believers against their enemies

so they were the ones who become dominant.

Chapter 62. Friday Congregation, al-Jumau’ah

62.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

62:1 All in the Heavens and in the Earth give glory to God

The King

The Holy

The Almighty

The Wise.

62:2 He It Is Who Raised up Mohamet an unlettered messenger from among them

reciting to them His Word

and increasing them in God Consciousness

and teaching them the Truth and Wisdom

even though they were in obvious error prior

62:3 like others among them who did not join them.

He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

62:4 That is the Grace Of God He Gives to whom He Wills

and God Is The Possessor of Endless Grace.

62:5 And those entrusted with following the Torah

but did not are like asses given books.

Yea and wretched are people who deny Gods’ Proofs

so God guides not the wicked.

62:6 Say: O you who hold to talmudism if you think you are Favored By God above the rest of mankind

Pray for death today if you be Truthful!

62:7 But they never will because they know what they have been doing.

And God Knows Better Yet!

62:8 Say: The death which you constantly fear and flee from

it will meet you!

Then you will be sent back to The Knower of the unseen and the seen

and He Will Inform you of Everything you did.

62:9 O you who believe when the call is heard for the afternoon Prayer on the day of assembly Friday

hasten to the Remembrance of God and abandon

business. until sundown on Saturday when Sunday and the week begins

That is best for you if you only knew.

62:10 And when the Prayer is over

disperse in the land to seek the Bounty Of God.

But remember God much so that you might succeed.

62:11 Then when they see some sport or way to profit they rush towards it and leave thee standing

so say: That which God Has Is Better than sport or profits!

Yea and God Is The Best of providers.

Chapter 63. The Hypocrites, al-Munafiqun

63.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

63:1 When hypocrites come to thee they say:

We bear witness thou are the Messenger Of God.

But God Knows thou are His Messenger

and God Bears Witness that hypocrites are liars.

63:2 They intentionally took false kol nidre oaths as a cover

then forsook the Path Of God

yea evil is what they did.

63:3 So because they believed then denied

God Sealed their hearts

so they cannot understand.

63:4 Sometimes their physique impresses thee and you give ear to their smooth speech.

But when the Quran is recited while they sit leaning against the walls it is really as if they were propped up pieces of dry wood

who think every Warning is a flame directed at them.

Yea they are the enemy

so beware of them

for God Curses them

and O how they are deluded! Utter psychopaths actually!

63:5 So when it is said to them:

Repent and come here so the Messenger Of God can ask Forgiveness for you.

They look away

and thou sees them leave

drawn back full of arrogance.

63:6 And whether thou ask Forgiveness for them or not it is the same for them

God will not forgive them

for God guides not the wantonly disobedient people.

63:7 They are those who say:

Neither help nor profit those with the Messenger Of God until they disband. A unilateral boycott against believers!

All the while To God Belongs All the Treasuries of the Heavens and the Earth

but the hypocrites are fools who do not understand.

63:8 They say: If we return to Madinah our leaders will drive out these contemptible ones for us.

But Honor is Affixed To God and His Messenger and the believers

yet the fools do not know.

63:9 O you who believe do not let your wealth or your children divert you from the Remembrance of God

because those who do that

these are the losers.

63:10 Yea and spend for God of what We have provided you before death comes to you and you say:

My Lord if Thou delay me a little while I will give more of myself and of what You Gave me.

Yea I will be among the Righteous!

63:11 But God delays no soul when its term comes

and God Is Aware of Everything you choose to do.

Chapter 64. The Cheating, at-Taghabun

64.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

64:1 Everything in the Heavens and the Earth gives glory to God.

To Him Belongs All Dominion

and To Him Belongs All Praise

for He Is Powerful Over All Things.

64:2 He Is Who Created you.

And among you is the fool

and among you is the believer

and God Sees Everything you all do Always.

64:3 He Created the Heavens and the Earth in Truth

and He Designed you and Made you of Goodly forms in His Bipedal Image and to Him is the Journeys’ End.

64:4 He Knows Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

yea He Knows what you conceal

and what you make known.

Yea God Knows Everything that is in the hearts.

64:5 Has the story of the fools who were here before not reached you?

They tasted the miserable consequences of their affairs

yea then they have a Far Worse Punishment.

64:6 Because when their messengers came to them with Clear Evidence they said: Shall mortals guide us?

Hence they denied and turned away

but God Is Omnipotent

He Alone Is The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

64:7 Those who disbelieve claim they will not be raised

so say: Verily By my Lord you will be Raised!

And then you will be informed of Everything you did!

That is Easy For God.

64:8 So believe in God and His Messenger and the Light which We have sent down

for God Is Aware of Everything you do at All Times.

64:9 The Day He Will Raise you for the Gathering

that will be the Day of mutual loss and gain.

Whoever believes in God and works Righteousness

He Will Remove their evil from them and

Make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

abiding forever therein Eternally.

And that is the Tremendous Achievement!

64:10 But those who disbelieve and deny Our Word

these are the companions of the Fire

ones who will dwell forever in it Eternally.

And how miserable is their Journeys’ End!

64:11 No misfortune befalls without Gods’ Permission

and whoever believes in God He Guides their heart.

And God Knows All Things.

64:12 So obey God and obey the messenger

but if you turn away

upon Our Messengers is only the clear communication.

64:13 God

there is no god but He

so in God let the believers place all their trust.

64:14 O you who believe among your spouses and your children are enemies to you

so beware of them. Disbelievers, jews and DSIs.

But when you overlook or forgive a disbeliever

know that God Too Was Forgiving, Merciful to you.

64:15 Your wealth and your children are only Tests From God

but with Him is the Immense Reward.

64:16 So be in Wise Fear of God as much as you are able

and listen

and obey

and spend in Godly Ways

for it is better for your souls.

And whoever protects themselves from their own stinginess these are the successful.

64:17 For if you lend a Goodly loan to God He Will Double it and Give you His Forgiveness.

For God Is Appreciative, Forbearing.

64:18 The Knower of the unseen and the seen

The Almighty, The Wise.

Chapter 65. Divorce, al-Talaq

65.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

65:1 O prophet when they seek divorce tell them to

cease intercourse

and wait three menses

and be in Wise Fear of God Who Is Always Looking On.

Expel them not from their households nor let them go forth except if they do a major wrong the commandments

those are the Limits Of God.

And whoever transgresses the Limits Of God has wronged their soul.

Do they not know that God Can Bring About grave new difficulties for them?

65:2 And when they reach their term inquire if they are sure

then if so separate them honorably

by calling as witness two just men among you.

And uphold the witness before God

for by this they are exhorted

those who believe in God and the Last Day.

And whoever is in Wise Fear of God

know He Will Make a way out for them.

65:3 And He Can Provide For them without reckoning

so whoever places all their trust in God

He Will Be Quite Sufficient for them.

Because God Reaches Through us by His Command

and God Has Set His Measure for all things.

65:4 And for women no longer menstruating if there is doubt their waiting period shall be three moons

as well as for those who do not regularly menstruate.

For those found to be bearing their waiting period shall be till they lay down their burden.

And those in Wise Fear of God He Will Give them Ease.

65:5 That is the Command Of God He Sent Down to you.

And whoever is in Wise Fear of God He Removes their evil from them and Readies Fair Compensation.

65:6 Let them dwell in what manner you dwell out of your means

yea do not press upon them or put them in bad straits.

And if they be bearing spend on them until they lay down their burden

then if they suckle for you compensate them.

And if this causes difficulty consult others

about letting another suckle the child.

65:7 And let those of abundance spend for God of it

and whose wealth is light let them spend for God of What God Has Given them.

God imposes not upon a soul beyond what He Gives it

and after hardship tests God Will Bring Ease.

65:8 And how many a city scorned the Command Of its Lord and His Messengers.

So We called them to stern accountings

punishments with scourges and horrific deaths!

65:9 So they tasted the consequences of their affairs

yea the final outcome of their affairs were total loss!

65:10 And God Has Also Prepared A Far More Severe Punishment for them so be in Wise Fear of God O you possessed of insight who believe!

Yea God Has Sent This Remembrance Down To you.

65:11 And a messenger reciting to you Proofs Of God that are made manifest

that He Might Bring Forth those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness from darkness into Light.

And whoever believes in God and works Righteousness He Makes Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they abiding forever therein Eternally.

Yea God Has Made a Goodly Provision for them.

65:12 God Is He Who Created the seven Heavens

and upon the Earth their like in diversity. 7 continents

His Commands descend from On High unceasingly

that you might know God Is Powerful Over All Things

and that God Encompasses All Things In His Knowledge.

Chapter 66. Prohibition, at-Tahrim

66.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

66:1 O prophet why has thou sought to please thy wives by way of claiming it is wrong to have relations with a woman God Permitted thee? This is speaking of their distaste for Maria a true christian who later became mother of Mohamets’ son Ibrihim.

But God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

66:2 God Imposed on you the dissolution of such falsities

and God Is your Defender

He Is The Knowing, The Wise.

66:3 When the prophet confided part of a Discourse From God about this to one of his wives

she then told it to another

and God Informed him of her loose lips.

And when he informed her he knew about it she said:

Who told thee I misspoke?

He said: The Knowing, The Aware Informed me!

66:4 If you repent to God

then your hearts have inclined.

But if you conspire against Gods’ Messenger

know that God Is his Defender

and Gabriel and all the angels are his protectors

and the Righteous believers will all stand behind him.

66:5 And it may be that if he divorces you his Lord Will Give him In Exchange wives better than you!

Those fully submitted


devoutly dutiful




of both previously married or virgins.

66:6 O you who believe protect yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel is jinn and humans and stones

over which are angels who are stern

and severe

not opposing God in what He Demands of Punishment

indeed fully doing whatever they are Commanded!

66:7 O you who are deceived you will make no excuses for yourselves on the Day

you are only to be Rewarded for what you did.

66:8 O you who believe turn to God for Forgiveness sincerely remorseful and repentant

so it may be your Lord Will Remove your evil from you

and Make you Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow.

Yea all on a Day when God will not disgrace the prophet and those who believe with him.

Their Light will shine before them and on their right

and they will say: Our Lord please Perfect our Light for us and Forgive us

for Thou Are Powerful Over All Things.

66:9 O prophet strive thou against the disbelievers and the

waverers and be stern with them

about their habitation in Hell

for miserable is that Journeys’ End.

66:10 God Presents an example for the deceived:

The wife of Noah and the wife of Lot were with two of

Our Most Righteous Servants

yet they betrayed them

and now nothing will avail them against God

it is only said: Enter the Fire with the other losers!

66:11 And God Presents an example for the believers:

The wife of pharaoh who was being hellishly tortured by pharaoh

when she said: My Lord build me a dwelling with Thee in the Garden

and deliver me from pharaoh and his deeds

and the wrongdoing people.

66:12 And Mary daughter of Imran who guarded her chastity

We breathed into her of Our Spirit DNA to Create Yeshua

and she believed in the Words Of her Lord

and His Books

and was of the devoutly obedient.

Chapter 67. The Kingdom, al-Mulk

67.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

67:1 Blessed Is He in Whose Hand is the Dominion!

He Is Powerful Over All Things.

67:2 He Who Gave Life and Death that He Might Try you

to Find which of you are best in deeds.

He Is The Almighty, The Forgiving.

67:3 He Who Created seven Heavens in layers.

Thou sees no mistake in the Creation Of The Almighty

so look again

can thou find any flaw? Nope. Like this in Arabic, it’s perfect!

67:4 And look again for as long as you can!

Thy sight will return to thee fatigued and humbled.

To grasp this imagine learning ALL there was to know about Gods’ Perfect Creation including DNA, RNA, atomic structures, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, languages, gravity, space, time, electromagnetics, wave spectrums, other higher technologies and everything else known and unknown about the world. Imagine the Omnipotent Mind Of God! When you’ve attempted to imagine that you’ll have glimpsed into what this verse speaks!

67:5 And We have adorned the firmament with lamps

and armed them with missiles aka falling stars to be thrown at the degenerate snaking imposters. i.e. NASA

For them is prepared the Punishment of the Inferno.

67:6 Yea for those who disrespect their Lord is the Punishment of Hell

and it is a sore misery for their Journeys’ End.

67:7 When they are cast therein they hear its roaring

as it boils up.

67:8 As if bursting with rage

whenever a lot is cast in the keepers thereof ask them:

Did not a Warner of All This come to you?

67:9 They will say: Verily Warners came but we denied them saying:

God has not sent down anything

you are only in great error.

67:10 And they will say: Had we listened or used reason we would not be among the sufferers of this Inferno.

67:11 And they will regret their transgressions Forever

so away with the companions of the Fire!

67:12 But those who fear their Lord in the unseen

they have Forgiveness and a Great Reward.

67:13 And hide your beliefs or declare them publicly

He Knows what is really in the hearts.

67:14 For how could He not know

He Who Created It All?

Yea He Is The Subtle, The Aware.

67:15 He It Is Who Made the Earth for you

so walk in His Paths and eat Of His Provisions thereof

then to Him is the Resurrection.

67:16 Do you really feel secure that He Who Is In Heaven cannot Make the Earth swallow you

by Him Simply Telling it to swallow you?

67:17 Or do you feel secure that He Who Is In Heaven cannot Send a rain of molten stones upon you?

Yea you will come to know the Truth of My Warners.

67:18 And those before them also denied

so thou might wonder how were their deaths?

67:19 And have they not considered the birds flying in formations above them often soaring without effort?

Held up in air only by the Perfect Designs Of God

He Who Sees Everything.

67:20 And what army could help you like The Almighty?

Those in delusion about these things are fools!

67:21 Who else will sustain you if He Withholds His Provision?

Yet they persist in scorn and aversion.

67:22 Who is better guided while walking on their paths

one who focuses on this short life while not believing

or one who utilizes this life to secure Great Eternal Life?

67:23 Say: He It Is Who Gave you this Life and Crafted you with hearing and sight and intellect

while most give little thanks for it all and fail.

67:24 Say: He It Is Who Seeded you in the Earth

and to Him you will be gathered in joy or in anguish.

67:25 And they say: When is this Promise if you be Truthful?

67:26 Say: Knowledge of the Hour is Solely With God

I am only a Clear Warner.

67:27 Then when they see it nearing

the faces of the ingrates will cloud over

and it will be said: Here is that of which you inquired!

67:28 Say: Have you considered the end result if God Chooses death for me or those with me and then Lays His Supreme Mercy On us?

Yea who will grant protection from a Painful Punishment when the denying fools die?

67:29 Say: He Is The Almighty

we believe in Him

and we place all our trust in Him.

And you will come to know who was in obvious error.

67:30 Say: Have you considered if all the waters drained into the Earth

who else could give you flowing streams again?

Chapter 68. The Pen, al-Qalam

68.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

68:1 nūn

By the pen and what they write!

68:2 By the Grace Of thy Lord thou are not possessed.

68:3 And for thee is an Unfailing Reward.

68:4 For thou are set out upon a Long Held Tradition.

68:5 And thou will see

and they will see

68:6 which of you is mad.

68:7 Thy Lord Knows Best who strays from His Way

and He Knows Best the Rightly Guided.

68:8 So do not obey or concede to the deniers.

68:9 Know they would love for thou to compromise

and for that they themselves would compromise much!

68:10 Neither obey a despised false swearer of oaths

68:11 or a backbiter going about with slander

68:12 nor the hinderer of Good

nor the transgressor

or one who deceives

68:13 relentless and ignoble

68:14 because they have wealth and authority and children.

68:15 When Our verses are recited they say:

These are but legends of former peoples.

68:16 We will permanently brand them with darkened faces those who frown Forever!

68:17 We will try them as We tried the owners of the garden when they swore to pluck its fruit in the morning

68:18 and made not an allowance for the poor.

68:19 Then a Visitor Of thy Lord moved about upon it while they slept

68:20 so in the morning its fruit was plucked and gone!

68:21 Then when they awoke and called to one another:

68:22 Go early to your crop if you be harvesting.

68:23 So they set off

and they whispered together:

68:24 No needy ones will enter it this day!

68:25 And they went out early

annoyed and determined to covet their Gifts.

68:26 Then when they saw it they said: We have gone astray!

68:27 Nay we have been deprived!

68:28 The most moderate among them said:

Did I not tell you?

O had we only given glory to God!

68:29 They said: Glory Be To our Lord!

We were wrongdoers!

68:30 Then they set back while blaming one another

68:31 and saying: Woe is us! We were doing wrong.

68:32 But it may be that our Lord Will Give us in exchange better than it.

So in our Lord do we hope.

68:33 Thus are some trials and punishment in this life

but the Final Punishment of the Hereafter is infinitely greater if they only knew.

68:34 All the while for those of Wise Fear are Gardens of Bliss With their Lord.

68:35 Shall We treat the submitters the same as evildoers?

68:36 If you think so what ails you?

How do you reason?

68:37 Nay. You have been given a Decree that Promises

68:38 you will have whatever you choose!

68:39 And these are oaths binding upon Us until the

Day of Resurrection that you will indeed have whatever you yourselves chose. Be careful with your freewill!

68:40 And ask them: Who is The Guarantor for all that?

68:41 Would that be God or some other partners made up?

Then let them bring their partners if they be Truthful.

68:42 The Day the Dreadful is uncovered

and they are then desperately inclined to submission

but it will be of no use!

68:43 Indeed the sight of Hell will humble them

and their stupidity will cover them in abasement

knowing they had been openly invited to submit

when they were still able.

68:44 So leave Me To Deal With whoever refuses this Decree

for We will lead them gradually while unknowing

68:45 and grant indulgences to make them think all is well. Again we are warned that whoever fails to hear this Quran is doomed!

My Plan is Surely Fair and Just for it is of their choosing!

68:46 And did thou ask them for rewards for these Lessons? Nay!

68:47 And if the unseen and their partners are real

why do they not write about it openly for all to see?

68:48 Yea be thou patient for the Judgement Of thy Lord

and be not like the companion of the great whale

when he cried out

as one suppressed by grief.

68:49 Had not Grace From his Lord Been Given to him

he would have washed ashore dead

and been condemned to Eternal Hell.

68:50 But he repented so his Lord Forgave him

and Placed him among the Righteous Forever.

68:51 And those who disbelieve would all but kill thee with their eyes when they hear the Decree

and then say: He is possessed and insane!

68:52 Hence this Reminder is only for those who listen.

Chapter 69. The Reality, al-Haqqah

69.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

69:1 The Reality.

69:2 What is the Reality?

69:3 And what would cause thee to recognize what the Reality is?

69:4 Thamud and Ad denied the Reality.

69:5 Then as for Thamud

they were destroyed by a storm with the greatest thunder and lightning never to be recounted by any!

69:6 And as for Ad

they were destroyed by a deadly scourge of violent winds

69:7 which He Set Against them seven long nights and eight days without let.

And thou could see the people therein laid prostrate like uprooted date palms.

69:8 Does thou hear any recount of those who suffered it?

69:9 And there came pharaoh

and those before him

and the cities thrown down due to their errors.

69:10 They opposed the Messengers Of their Lord

so He Seized them With a Tight Grip.

69:11 And when the water rose We carried yours in the ship

69:12 that We might make it a reminder for you

and that the hearing ears might take heed.

69:13 The trumpet will be blown with a single blow

69:14 before the Earth and the mountains are leveled with a single leveling and everything therein is taken up.

69:15 That Day the Inevitability becomes the Reality.

69:16 Yea the Day the wide Heavens will be rent asunder

as if feathers blown about.

69:17 The angels will be upon its borders

and eight will bear the Throne Of thy Lord above them.

69:18 That Day you will be presented your books

and no secret among any of you will be hidden.

69:19 As for those given their Book in their right hand

they will say: Here read my Book

69:20 for I knew that I would meet my Reckoning.

69:21 Then they will have a pleasing Eternal Life

69:22 in a High Garden

69:23 where the fruits hang low and it is said:

69:24 Eat and drink with ease for what you sent before you in days past.

69:25 But as for those given their book in their left hand

they will say: If only this record of mine were not kept!

69:26 And this were not my Reckoning!

69:27 Yea if only the first death had been my end!

69:28 Now my wealth does not avail me

69:29 and gone from me is my security and authority!

69:30 All that is said is: Take them!

And fetter them!

69:31 Then burn them in Hell!

69:32 And anchor them to chains of seventy cubits in length!

69:33 For they did not believe in God, The Almighty

69:34 and did not encourage helping those in need.

69:35 So for them there are no intimate friends this Day

69:36 nor drink except foul puss

69:37 which is only drank by those who erred.

69:38 This do I swear by what you see

69:39 and what you see not.

69:40 It is the speech of Gods’ Noble Messenger

69:41 and not the speech of a poet

yet so little do most believe!

69:42 Indeed it is not the speech of a soothsayer

yet so little do most take heed!

69:43 A Successive Revelation From The Lord of the Worlds.

69:44 And had the messenger fabricated some sayings

69:45 We would have taken him with Our right hands

69:46 and severed his aorta.

69:47 And not one among you could have prevented that nor anything else We do!

69:48 Yea this is a Kindly Reminder to those of Wise Fear

69:49 and We know who among you denies

69:50 so this is a sorrow upon all those fools.

69:51 For it is the Certain Truth

69:52 so give thou glory with The Name Of thy Lord, The Almighty.

Chapter 70. Ascending Stairways, al-Ma’arij

70.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

70:1 One supplicant Noah asked for a Punishment to come

70:2 upon all the fools for which there is none to avert it

70:3 from God

The Owner of the Stairways of Ascent.

70:4 The angels and the Spirit Gabriel ascend to Him during a span the measure whereof is fifty thousand years. This is likely speaking of their lifespans in their current states.

70:5 So be thou patient with a graceful patience.

70:6 And know they jinn/humans see it as distant

70:7 but We see it near at hand.

70:8 The Day the sky becomes like molten brass

70:9 and the mountains like clusters of wool

70:10 when no loyal friend asks of another loyal friend

70:11 even though they see each other there.

And the evildoer will wish they could be ransomed from the Punishment of that Day

by selling their children

70:12 and their spouses

and their siblings

70:13 and their kin who sheltered them

70:14 and whomever and whatever is in the Earth altogether

if it could save them.

70:15 But no indeed! It is the Fire of Hell for them

70:16 and it sears away the skin

70:17 raging upon those who drew back and turned away from the Truth

70:18 or gathered wealth and hoarded it.

70:19 Truly mankind was Created anxious.

70:20 When hardship touches them they are distressed

70:21 and when Good touches them they are unthankful.

70:22 But the ones who Pray

70:23 those who are consistent and have Wise Fear.

70:24 And those who use their wealth to pay Gods’ Dues

70:25 to the ones who ask and the ones in need.

70:26 And those who confirm the Day of Judgement.

70:27 And those who are in Wise Fear of Punishment from their Lord

70:28 for there is no safe harbor from Punishment Of God.

70:29 And those who are custodians of their modesty

70:30 except with their spouses

or what they possess rightfully

they are not blamed.

70:31 But whoever seeks beyond that

these are the transgressors.

70:32 And those who honor their word and their pledges.

70:33 And those who are upright in their witness.

70:34 And those who keep to the Prayers.

70:35 These are who are honored in Gardens.

70:36 So what is with the ingrates you see acting deplorably in front of thee?

70:37 Polytheists on one side and nontheists on the other.

70:38 Is there hope for any of them to enter the Gardens?

70:39 Nay! If they only knew We Created them.

70:40 So nay! And I swear by The Lord of the Rising and the Setting that We are able

70:41 to exchange them for better than them

and We are not outdone.

70:42 So leave them to jest and play until their Day which they are Promised.

70:43 The Day they will come forth from their states of death in haste as if hurrying frantically to a goal.

70:44 Then indeed the Sight of Hell will humble them

and their stupidity will cover them in abasement.

That is the Day they were Promised.

The Day they will lose the Only Thing that was Everything.

Chapter 71. Noah, Nuh

71.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

71:1 We sent Noah to his people to

warn them before a Painful Punishment came.

71:2 He said: O my people I am a Clear Warner to you.

71:3 So serve God and be in Wise Fear of Him

and obey me.

71:4 He Does Forgive transgressions

and Has Delayed you for a named term.

Then when the Term Of God comes it cannot be delayed

if you only knew.

71:5 He said: My Lord I invited my people night and day

71:6 but my calling increased them not except in flight.

71:7 Truly whenever I told them You Would Forgive them

they put their fingers in their ears

and covered themselves with their garbs

and persisted in proud insolence yea arrogantly!

71:8 I called to them out in the open

71:9 indeed with a Goodly announcing.

And I tried confiding with them privately.

71:10 I said: Seek Forgiveness Of your Lord

He Is Forgiving!

71:11 He Will Send Down from the sky His Abundance

71:12 and Supply you with wealth and children

and Make gardens for you

and rivers that flow.

71:13 What ails you that you do not see the Majesty Of God?

71:14 Do you not know He Is Who Created you in stages?

71:15 And have you not considered how God Created Seven Heavens in layers

71:16 and Made the moon a cool light therein

and Made the sun a burning torch? Objects in shadows from moonlight are warmer and Gen 1:14-19 says the moon emits its own light.

71:17 And look How God Has Caused you to develop Bringing you forth from what is in the Earth. Carbon 12 and H20

71:18 And He Will Return you to it

then He Will Bring you Forth Anew. Again, new bodies!

71:19 And look How God Made the Earth an expanse for you

71:20 that you might travel the broad ways thereof.

71:21 Noah said: My Lord they have opposed me and followed one whose wealth and children have increased them not except in final loss.

71:22 And they schemed a mighty scheme

71:23 then they told me: You are not to leave our jinn gods!

Nay. You are not to leave wadd

nor suwa

nor yaghuth

nor yauq

nor nasr.

71:24 Truly they have gone far astray

and do not guide the wrongdoers except to more error.

71:25 Yea and because of their errors they were drowned

and caused to enter the Fire

indeed they found no protectors besides God for them.

71:26 Noah had said: My Lord Leave not a single one of these fools on Earth!

71:27 For if Thou Does they will lead Thy Servants astray and produce nothing but more foolish ingrates.

71:28 But my Lord please Forgive my parents and I

and those who enter my household as believers

yea the believing men

and the believing women.

But Increase Thou not the wrongdoers except in ruin!

Chapter 72. The Jinn, al-jinn

72.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

72:1 Say: I am instructed that a band among the jinn

have listened in while Gabriel was delivering this to Mohamet

and they said: We have heard an Amazing Recitation!

72:2 One that guides to sound judgement

and we believe in it

and do not ascribe a partnership with our Lord to any.

72:3 And that

Exalted Be the Majesty Of our Lord

He Who has taken neither wife nor son!

72:4 And that

a foolish one of ours ascribed that outrageous lie about God.

72:5 And that

truly we had supposed humans nor jinn would do this.

72:6 And that

those among humans would not seek protection from those among jinn by invoking them with witchcraft/sorcery

yea then it increased them only in vileness.

72:7 And that

humans supposed as the jinn supposed that God would not raise anyone.

72:8 And that

we reached for the sky in their UFOs

but found it filled with stern guards who shoot stars.

72:9 And that

we once sat in good positions for hearing

but whoever listens in now will find a shooting star lying in wait for them.

72:10 And that

we know not whether Punishment is intended for those of Earth

or whether our Lord Intended the Straight Path for us.

72:11 And that

among us are those Righteous and among us are other than that

we are of diverse paths. So, there are good and bad jinn.

72:12 And that

we know that we cannot escape God in the Earth

nor can we escape Him through flight. Recall this was given to us 1,400 years ago. Who was able to fly back then? jinn in UFOs maybe?

72:13 And that

when we heard the Guidance we believed in it

and whoever believes in their Lord with Wise Fear

they shall suffer neither meagerness nor harm.

72:14 And that

among us are the submitted and among us are the deceived

but whoever submits these have sought the Right Path.

72:15 As for the unjust they are like firewood for Hell.

72:16 Had they been on the Right Path We would have given them water to drink in abundance

72:17 that We might test them in it.

But whoever turns away from Remembrance of The Lord He Will Sentence to a Most Severe Punishment.

72:18 And that

all houses of worship should only be for God

those therein calling not to anyone but Him.

72:19 And that

when the Servant Of God stood up calling to Him

a dense crowd amassed eager to listen.

72:20 Saying: I only call to my Lord and ascribe no partnership with Him to anyone.

72:21 And: I have no power to hurt you nor can I put you on the Right Path

72:22 and like you none can grant me protection from God

nor can I find refuge without Him

72:23 unless I am delivering Messages From God

His Messages.

And whoever opposes God and His Messengers

theirs is the Fire of Hell

ones who will dwell in it for Eternity.

72:24 And when they have seen What they are Promised

then they will know who is without protection and weak in number. This infers the possibility of Trillions of angels.

72:25 Say: I do not know if what you are Promised is near

or if my Lord Has Named it a distant term.

72:26 And He Is The One Who Knows the unseen!

He discloses not the unseen to anyone

72:27 except a messenger with whom He Is Content.

And He Places in front of him and behind him Watchers

72:28 so He Will Know that they have conveyed the Messages Of their Lord.

And He Enwraps whatever is with them with numbers

and Counts Everything with numbers. Those who read pages 5 onward of #119 of the Goyim Gazette will get a detailed mathematical exploration of the mind boggling meanings behind these last 3 verses.

Chapter 73. The Enwrapped One, al-Muzammil

73.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

73:1 O thou enwrapped one! Again, Gods’ last messenger who is identified by numerical miracles. All during this final age of computerized information, the only era like it in recorded history for humans.

73:2 Arise during the night

only a little

73:3 or maybe half thereof

or reduce it some

73:4 or add thereto

and comprehend the Quran with a Goodly comprehending. Most of the editing hereto was done late at night!

73:5 For We will cast upon thee some Deep Understandings.

73:6 Lo the vigil of the night is often best for keenness of mind

and Potency of the Word

73:7 for by day thou has other things to focus on.

73:8 So remember The Name Of YHWH thy Lord

and devote thyself totally to Him.

73:9 The Lord of the Rising and the Setting

there is no god but He

so take Only Him As your Guardian.

73:10 And be thou steadfast over what they say

just leave them with graceful abandon.

73:11 Yea leave thou to Me the ones who deny

those possessors of ease.

You will only have to put up with them for a little while.

73:12 For with Us are their shackles

in the Raging Fire

73:13 and a food that chokes

theirs will only be Painful Punishment and shame.

73:14 The Day the Earth and the mountains will shake

then level out as if sand being vibrated.

73:15 Yea We have sent a messenger as a witness against you

as We sent a messenger to pharaoh.

73:16 But pharaoh opposed his messenger

so We seized him with a Deadly Grip.

73:17 So how will you be in Wise Fear if you deny the Day which will make the children white haired

73:18 when the great sky will crack open?

Yea His Promise will be fulfilled.

73:19 This is a Reminder

so whoever wills might take a Way to their Lord.

73:20 Thy Lord Knows that thou loves His Word nearly two thirds of the night

or a half of it

or a third of it

as do a number of those with thee.

And God Determined the night and the day for you

Knowing that you could not.

He Turned Towards you in Forgiveness yea Optimistic.

So recite what is made easy of the Quran.

He Knows there will be some sick among you

and others traveling in the Earth in search of the Bounty Of God

and others fighting for the Cause Of God.

So recite what is made easy hereof

and uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

and lend to God a Goodly loan.

Yea what Good you send ahead for your souls you will find it Magnified By God into an Immense Reward.

So seek Forgiveness Of God.

and know indeed God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

Chapter 74. The Cloaked One, al-Mudathir

74.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

74:1 O cloaked one. Again speaking of the “Al-Mahdi” this time about how God will keep his identity secret from his enemies until the right time. (now)

74:2 Stand up and warn!

74:3 And magnify thy Lord

74:4 and purify thy garment by being vegan

74:5 and depart from uncleanliness of mind

74:6 and do no favors seeking gain Hence why all our stuff is free.

74:7 and be patient unto thy Lord.

74:8 Then when the trumpet is sounded

74:9 truly that Day will be a Difficult Day

74:10 yea for all the fools it will not be easy.

74:11 So leave Me to whom I Created

74:12 those I Appointed with wealth

74:13 and children

74:14 and Made Smooth for them.

74:15 Then they think that I Should Add more?

74:16 No indeed!

They were obstinate towards Our Proofs.

74:17 So I Will Burden them with a steep ascent.

74:18 Truly they deliberated

and measured.

74:19 O how they accounted only to be destroyed!

74:20 Yea damned are their deliberations!

74:21 Yea they were shown

74:22 then they frowned and scowled

74:23 and turned away in pride

74:24 saying: This is only fantasy handed down

74:25 the mere speech of a mortal.

74:26 So We will burn them in Saqar.

74:27 And what will convey to thee what Saqar is?

74:28 It spares not and leaves nothing

74:29 scorching the flesh.

74:30 And over it are nineteen.

74:31 We made nineteen angels the only wardens of the Fire

and We made their number a trial for disbelievers.

So those who were given the scriptures are reassured and those who believed will add to their belief.

Yea both people of the Bible and the Quran will no longer have doubt. Speaking of the “miracle of nineteen” only recently discovered via computers which were necessary to unlock the mindboggling mathematical codes God Placed quite literally everywhere in the original Arabic of this Quran and throughout His Creation, the Vedas and Bible too.

But those who are sick in their heart and deceivers who wish to hide the truth and disbelievers deceived by them say: What does God Intend by such examples?

And it is in such manner God Will Lead Astray or Guide whomever He Wills.

Only God Knows His Faithful Soldiers

but this is a Remembrance to all mankind.

74:32 And no indeed! I swear by the moon

74:33 and the night when it retreats

74:34 and the morning when it glows!

74:35 This is one of the greatest of all things

74:36 the Warning to mortals.

74:37 Whoever among you chooses to advance or to stay behind when a battle calls

74:38 know that every soul is in pledge for what it earns.

74:39 But the companions of the right

74:40 will be in Gardens exchanging questions

74:41 about the losers such as:

74:42 What brought them into Saqar?

74:43 They would say: We had not been among the performers of Prayer

74:44 and we had not fed the needy

74:45 and we jested with those who jest

74:46 and denied the Day of Judgement

74:47 until the Certainty came to us and it was too late.

74:48 And no benefit to them is intercession of intercessors.

74:49 Then what ails them that they turn away from the Reminder to fear the warnings in this Quran

74:50 as if they were frightened donkeys

74:51 fleeing from a lion? Avoid or embrace and heed this, it’s a choice!

74:52 The Truth is some egotistical ones desire to be given scrolls rolled out specially just for themselves as Proof.

74:53 But nay. Hence they will not fear the Hereafter.

74:54 Indeed! For truly specifically this Quran is their Reminder

74:55 so let whoever wills heed it.

74:56 And they will find those who do are only as God Wills.

Yea in this know He Is Worthy of much Wise Fear

and that He Is Capable of Granting His Forgiveness.

Chapter 75. Rising Of The Dead, al-Qiyamah

75.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

75:1 I swear by the Day of Resurrection!

75:2 And I swear by the reproachful soul.

75:3 Does mankind really think We cannot Recreate their bodies?

75:4 Verily We are able to Recreate each identically down to their fingerprints. Denoting their uniqueness only recently proven.

75:5 Nonetheless they want to deny the Day that comes.

75:6 They ask: When is the Day of Resurrection?

75:7 Then when the sight is dazzled

75:8 and the sun is darkened as also in Rev, Isa, Eze, Joel, etc.

75:9 and gathered with the moon

75:10 that Day they will say: Where can I escape to?

75:11 No indeed! There is no escape.

75:12 Unto thy Lord that Day is the Destination.

75:13 The Day they are informed of what they did wrong and not done Right.

75:14 Yea humans are eye witnesses against their own souls

75:15 even if they offer excuses.

75:16 And prophet move not thy tongue to hasten with it. Meaning don’t try to fill in or finish the Revelations coming from Gabriel during deliveries.

75:17 For upon Us is Its Gathering and Its Recitation.

75:18 So when We Recite it just follow the Recitation thereof.

75:19 Then indeed upon Us is also Its Explanation. i.e. now!

75:20 It is as if you love that which fleets away in this life

75:21 while abandoning the World To Come.

75:22 Faces that Day will be beaming

75:23 looking towards their Lord.

75:24 And faces that Day will be scowling in morose

75:25 at the crushing calamity before their eyes.

75:26 Yea indeed! When it reaches the collar bones at death

75:27 and it is said: Where is a wizard to save me now?

75:28 And they are certain of its Finality

75:29 digging in their heels with futility

75:30 but unto thy Lord that Day they will be driven.

75:31 For they neither took heed

nor performed the Prayer.

75:32 Nay! They rejected and turned

75:33 back to lives of arrogance.

75:34 Indeed nearer to thee!

And nearer!

75:35 Then nearer yet!

And nearest it does come!

75:36 Do they think they will be left to pay no price?

75:37 Were they but the result of a drop of seminal fluid emitted?

75:38 Then a clot

that He Created

and Designed

75:39 and Made into two

the male and the female.

75:40 Is He not then Able To Bring Back the dead? Yea!

Chapter 76. Human, al-Insan

76.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

76:1 Was there not a long span of time before humans were even thought of? 15:27 And We Created the jinn before humans from a mixture of fire of scorching heat. (bionic cyborg lifeforms aka ETs)

76:2 Yea We Created humans from a drop of sperm

so that We may test souls

while being cognizant.

76:3 And truly We guided them all to the Way

regardless of if grateful or ungrateful at first. All Adamites and jinn have freewill but many abandon their instincts and get condemned.

76:4 And We prepared for fools chains and yokes in an Inferno.

76:5 While the virtuous will drink cool mixtures of Kafur

76:6 a spring whereof the Servants Of God drink

which is caused to gush forth abundantly.

76:7 Yea if they fulfill the vows

and have Wise Fear of the Day that comes

76:8 and give of the food they love

to the needy

the orphans

and the captives.

76:9 They say: We only feed you because it is Gods’ Way

while seeking no reward or thanks.

76:10 For we fear From our Lord a Dismal and Distressful Day.

76:11 So God Will Protect us from the misery of that Day

and Cause us to meet with radiance and joyfulness.

76:12 And He Will Reward us with Gardens and silk for enduring steadfastly.

76:13 Yea reclining therein upon raised couches

seeing neither sun nor biting frost

76:14 temperate with shade nearby

and copious fruits thereof within easy reach.

76:15 And silver crystal goblets passed among them

76:16 indeed clear cups overflowing.

76:17 And they are given to drink a cup mixed with ginger

76:18 from a spring therein named Salsabil.

76:19 And serving them will be eternal youths small ETs moving about who when one sees would think them to be as scattered pearls.

76:20 Yea when thou sees them it will be a sight of bliss in the Great Dominion.

76:21 Wearing garments of finest green silk and brocade

with adornments of silver bracelets

offering Purifying Drinks From their Lord.

76:22 Truly this is for you as Reward

for your endeavoring which He Appreciates.

76:23 Hence We sent down upon thee the Quran as a successive Revelation.

76:24 So be patient for Judgement Of thy Lord over all

and do not obey the perverts nor ingrates.

76:25 And remember The Name Of thy Lord at early morn and eventide

76:26 and part of the night.

Yea submit to Him

and glorify Him much in the long night.

76:27 Those who love this fleeting life

and do not care to think of the Grievous Day to come

76:28 should know We Created them and built their frames and We will change their likenesses completely. Again upon resurrection we are given new bodies of whatever type we’ve earned. Some made for Hell and some made for Heaven. Kind of like matrix/avatar, God Can Put our souls into anything He Chooses which should be quite sobering when considering the possibilities.

76:29 This is a reminder

so whoever wills may take the Way to their Lord.

76:30 But after you will you will will only as God Wills

yea God Is Knowing, Wise. Good one eh?!

76:31 He Causes whom He Wills to enter into His Mercy

and for the wrongdoers He Has Prepared a Painful Punishment.

Chapter 77. The Messengers, al-Mursalat

77.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

77:1 By the ones sent forth one after the other ranks of angels

77:2 and with them tempestuous winds a raging

77:3 scattering a goodly scattering of humans and jinn

77:4 and dividing a goodly dividing. the saved from the damned

77:5 And the deliverers of Remembrance the arch angels

77:6 as justification and Warning for this Day.

77:7 Yea you have been Promised

it will befall.

77:8 Truly when the stars no longer shine

77:9 and the sky is rent asunder

77:10 and the mountains are laid flat

77:11 and the messengers are gathered on a Day Appointed. To serve as witnesses against those communities they warned.

77:12 And of what Appointed Day do We speak?

77:13 The Day of Decision.

77:14 And how will you know it is the Day of Decision?

77:15 You will see great woe that Day upon the deniers!

77:16 Have We not decimated former peoples with fire and rocks?

77:17 Indeed! And again We will pursue those come of late

77:18 for thus do We do to all evildoers.

77:19 So woe that Day to the deniers!

77:20 Have We not Created you from a sticky slime?

77:21 And did We not place you in a secure lodging the womb

77:22 for a measured time? 9 months

77:23 Yea it was We who determined

and how excellent are We to determine!

77:24 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:25 Have We not made the Earth a vast container a test trap!

77:26 for all that lives and dies?

77:27 And have We made therein high mountains firm

and given you cool sweet waters?

77:28 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:29 You shall depart into that which you denied!

77:30 Depart thou under the shade of the Fire! Thick smoke.

77:31 The shade that gives no relief

nor avails against the raging flames of the Fire!

77:32 Bursting columns of flames

77:33 as if giant fiery ropes.

77:34 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:35 This Day they will not speak

77:36 thereby permitting not the putting forth of excuses.

77:37 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:38 This is the Day of Decision

when We will gather every soul past and present.

77:39 So if you think you are cunning try to outwit Me!

77:40 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:41 When those of Wise Fear are amidst shade and springs

77:42 with delicious fruits of their desire.

77:43 Yea eat and drink with ease for what you endured!

77:44 Thus We Reward the doers of Good.

77:45 But woe that Day to the deniers!

77:46 Eat and enjoy yourselves a little now

you criminals.

77:47 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:48 Those warned to bow

but did not bow.

77:49 Woe that Day to the deniers!

77:50 And if not this Quran what after it will they believe?

Chapter 78. The Report, an-Naba’

78.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

78:1 What exactly is left to question among them?

78:2 The Good News or the Horrific News?

78:3 Which is it wherein they disagree?

78:4 Nay. Deep down they know and will see!

78:5 Then indeed

they will come to know for certain!

78:6 Yea and have We not made the Earth a resting place

78:7 and the mountains firm stakes with bottoms like pegs

78:8 and Created you in heterosexual pairs

78:9 and made your sleep restful

78:10 and made the night like a garment

78:11 and the day for Goodly living.

78:12 And did We build above you seven great ones

78:13 and set therein a blazing light

78:14 and sent down cascading rains from clouds

78:15 bringing forth grains and plants

78:16 in luxuriant gardens?

78:17 Yea and the Day of Decision is an appointed time.

78:18 The Day the trumpet is blown and you come in units

78:19 and the sky is opened as gates

78:20 and mountains are set in motion looking as if a mirage.

78:21 Yea it is then that Hell is lying in wait!

78:22 That is the Journeys’ End for the defiant and the fools.

78:23 They will forever long for a final death

78:24 never experiencing shade nor satisfying drink

78:25 only scalding Punishment and liquids of filth

78:26 will be their recompense.

78:27 For they yearned for no accounting

78:28 and they denied Our Proofs defiantly

78:29 but We have their ledgers fully detailed

78:30 so taste it!

And We will increase you in nothing except Punishment.

78:31 But for those of Wise Fear is a place of long sought security

78:32 with fertile gardens and grapevines

78:33 and splendid companions well matched

78:34 your cups overflowing.

78:35 Hearing therein neither vain speech nor lies.

78:36 Yea it is the Reward From thy Lord

a Gift

and a Reckoning.

78:37 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in them.

The Almighty

against Whom none can argue.

78:38 The Day the spirit Gabriel and the angels stand in ranks

speaking not

until The Almighty Grants Permission to whom He Wills

to say what is True.

78:39 That is the Day of Unending Truth

and whoever wills will be pleased to see their Lord at their Journeys’ End.

78:40 Hence We warn you of this Punishment drawing near

the Day mankind will look upon what their hands have sent before them

and the fools will say:

If only I were dust!

Chapter 79. The Soul Snatchers, an-Nazi’at

79.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

79:1 By They Who drag them forth!

79:2 The Ones Who are ever active

79:3 and ever swimming. the angels

79:4 The Foremost Vanguard

79:5 Commanded by the Command

79:6 on the Day of quaking convulsion

79:7 followed by more of the same.

79:8 That Day hearts will pound in terror

79:9 utterly humbled at what they see.

79:10 Yet still they say: Will the dead really be returned to their former state?

79:11 Even after they are decayed bones?

79:12 Surely that is nonsense!

79:13 Then there is but one cry

79:14 and they will be wide awake.

79:15 Has there come to thee the story of Moses

79:16 when his Lord Called to him in the valley of Tuwa

79:17 saying: Go thou to pharaoh

for he has transgressed.

79:18 So say to him: Would thou like to purify thyself?

79:19 I will guide thee to thy Lord

then thou shall fear Him.

79:20 Then He Showed him Great Proofs

79:21 but he rejected and opposed.

79:22 Yea he turned away in haste

79:23 and summoned his people to gather

79:24 saying: I am your most high I am your lord!

79:25 So God Seized him as an Exemplary Proof for those then and those later like you.

79:26 In that is a lesson for those of Wise Fear.

79:27 And are you harder to Create

or were the great Heavens

which He Built?

79:28 Yea He Raised the ceiling thereof

and Fashioned it

79:29 and He Made its nights dark

and Brought Forth Light for its days.

79:30 After that He Spread Out the Earth

79:31 and Brought Forth its waters and its pastures.

79:32 And the mountains He Set Firm

79:33 all to benefit you and your livestock.

79:34 Then when the Day the greatest destruction comes

79:35 mankind will take heed for how they strove

79:36 and Hell will be exposed for all to see.

79:37 Yea for those who transgressed

79:38 and chose the life of this world over the Next

79:39 truly Hellfire will be their abode.

79:40 But as for those who feared the Station Of their Lord

and restrained their souls from vain desires

79:41 the Garden will be their habitation.

79:42 And they ask thee about the Hour

when will its arrival be?

79:43 But how would thou know?

79:44 Yea to thy Lord Alone is the Finality thereof.

79:45 And thou only warns those who fear it.

79:46 And the Day they see Eternity it will be as though

they had not tarried but an evening

or a morning hereof.

Chapter 80. He Frowned, ‘Abasa

80.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

80:1 The messenger frowned and turned away once

80:2 when an ignorant one came to him.

80:3 And how does thee know if it was Right?

For they might have purified themselves with your

80:4 message by taking heed.

Yea the Reminder may very well have benefited them.

80:5 And as for they who are rich

80:6 pay attention to them as well.

80:7 But not upon thee is it that they purify themselves.

80:8 Yet as for one who comes to thee in earnest

80:9 while showing Wise Fear

80:10 do not let thou judge on your own who receives it.

80:11 No indeed! It is a Reminder for all

80:12 so whoever wills might remember it

80:13 in Honored Verse

80:14 exalted and purified

80:15 by Our messengers

80:16 those noble and virtuous.

80:17 For already damned are many

and how ungrateful are those!

80:18 Again recall from what did He Create humanity?

80:19 From a drop of sticky slime He Created them

and Ordained what they would be.

80:20 He Made the Way easy for them by their choice

80:21 then Gave them Death.

80:22 And when He Wills He Will Resurrect them.

80:23 Yet no indeed!

Mankind does not accomplish its Commandments.

80:24 So let all look at their food to know if you’re evil or Good

80:25 and how We pour water in floods

80:26 as it often creates fresh tilled Earth. sediment from floods

80:27 And We cause grain to grow therein.

80:28 and grapes and herbage

80:29 and olives and date palms.

80:30 Yea fertile Gardens dense with foliage

80:31 of fruits and grass

80:32 that benefit you and your livestock.

80:33 Then when the blast comes

80:34 on a Day mankind abandons their siblings

80:35 and their mothers and their fathers

80:36 and their spouses and their children.

80:37 Everyone will be preoccupied thinking only of themselves on that Day.

80:38 The Day some faces will glow

80:39 gleefully

rejoicing at the Glad Tidings

80:40 while other faces are torn with sorrow

having great darkness upon them

80:41 as if covered in dirt.

80:42 Those are the deniers

the wicked and licentious.

Chapter 81. The Wrapping Up, at-Takwir

81.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

81:1 When the sun goes out

81:2 and the stars fall

81:3 and the mountains are set in motion

81:4 when the full term she camels are neglected

81:5 and the wild beasts are gathered together.

81:6 This is when the seas will overflow

81:7 and souls are taken by the angels

81:8 and when the aborted or sacrificed babies are asked

81:9 for what transgression were they murdered?

81:10 Yea when the scrolls are opened

81:11 and the sky is removed

81:12 and Hell is seen ablaze

81:13 that is also when the Garden is brought near.

81:14 When each soul will know what it has bought.

81:15 Then do I swear by the stars that recede

81:16 like ships withdrawing from view

81:17 and by the night when they swarmed

81:18 and by the morning when they sighed

81:19 truly Gods’ Noble Messenger delivered the Quran

81:20 a possessor of power in the Presence Of The Lord of the Throne. Gabriel is Gods’ Noble Messenger.

81:21 One who is obeyed and trustworthy.

81:22 And your human companion Mohamet is not possessed

81:23 for he has seen him on the clear horizon

81:24 and he is not being secretive about what he has seen.

81:25 And this is not the word of any degenerate snaking imposter

81:26 so where does it lead you?

81:27 Lo it is only a Remembrance for all mankind jinn/humans

81:28 for whom among you wills to be upright.

81:29 But in the end what you willed is What God Willed

for He Is The Lord of the Worlds.

Chapter 82. The Cleaving, al-Infitar

82.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

82:1 When the sky cracks

82:2 and the stars scatter

82:3 and the seas gush forth

82:4 and the dead are strewn

82:5 every soul will know what it sent ahead and left behind.

82:6 O mankind! Who has deceived thee concerning God thy Noble Lord?

82:7 He Who Created thee

then Made you grow and come to be.

82:8 Yea He Alone Is Who Has Made you who you are.

82:9 And then indeed fools refuse His Ways!

82:10 But there are custodians over you

82:11 Gods’ Dedicated Recorders

82:12 Who know Everything you do.

82:13 And the virtuous will be in bliss

82:14 but the licentious will burn in Hell.

82:15 Yea they will begin to roast on the Day of Judgement

82:16 and they will not be absent from this Appointment!

82:17 And what is the Day of Judgement?

82:18 Yea how will you know what the Day of Judgement is?

82:19 You will know!

It is the Day a soul will not protect another soul

because All Commands Belong Solely To God.

Chapter 83. The Defrauders, Al-Mutaffifeen

83.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

83:1 Woe to the unfair traders!

83:2 Those who when they take from others take in full

83:3 but when paying back cut short and cause loss.

83:4 Do these not consider that they will be raised

83:5 on a Day that is certain

83:6 the Day all will stand before The Lord of the Worlds?

83:7 No indeed!

The book of the licentious companions of the left is in Sijjin.

83:8 And how will you know what Sijjin is?

83:9 It is a written book.

83:10 And woe that Day to the ones who deny

83:11 those who denied the Day of Judgement!

83:12 And none deny it but every false transgressor

83:13 who when Our verses are recited say:

Fables of the ancient ones!

83:14 No indeed!

Their habits have overcome them.

83:15 No indeed!

That Day they will be alienated from their Lord in hopelessness.

83:16 Truly then they will burn in Hell.

83:17 And it will be said: This is what you denied.

83:18 No indeed!

The Book of the virtuous the vangaurd is in Illiyyun.

83:19 And how will you know what Illyyun is?

83:20 It too is a Written Book

83:21 which only those brought nearest to God will see.

83:22 Those virtuous who will be blissful

83:23 upon raised benches looking on.

83:24 Thou will recognize in their faces the radiance of bliss.

83:25 They are given an exquisite elixir to drink

83:26 sealed with musk

and for that let those who strive strive.

83:27 Another mixture for companions on the right is from Tasnim

83:28 a spring those brought near to God will drink from.

83:29 Yea and the evildoers laughed at these who heeded Warning

83:30 winking at one and other when they passed by them

83:31 then returning to their people in frivolity.

83:32 And when they saw these believers they said: Those are not Right Minded.

83:33 But the believers are not custodians over them

83:34 and this Day the believers will laugh at the fools.

83:35 Yea upon raised benches looking on

83:36 for should criminals not be Rewarded for their crimes?

Chapter 84. The Rending Asunder, al-Inshiqaq

84.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

84:1 When the sky is rent asunder

84:2 and hearkens to its Lord

as it must do.

84:3 And when the Earth is laid flat

84:4 and casts out all that is in it becoming empty

84:5 and hearkens to its Lord

as it must do.

84:6 O humanity thou are unknowingly toiling towards thy Lord in your labors

and you will meet Him!

84:7 And as for ones given their records in their right hand

84:8 these will be called to account with an easy Reckoning

84:9 and they will turn to their companions in joy.

84:10 But as for those given their records in their left hand

84:11 these will cry for death

84:12 only to lament in the Blaze Forever.

84:13 They were among those people well pleased

84:14 and supposed they would never be diminished.

84:15 But verily their Lord Was Watching them.

84:16 And then do I swear by the twilight glow

84:17 and the night and what it enshrouds

84:18 and by the moon when it is full

84:19 you will ride plane after plane! In realizations looking back.

84:20 So what ails them that do not believe

84:21 who when the Quran is recited to them do not submit?

84:22 Verily those who disbelieve only reject the Truth.

84:23 And God Knows Best what they amass.

84:24 So give them tidings of a Painful Punishment!

84:25 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have a Sure Reward that is Forever Unfailing.

Chapter 85. The Constellations, al-Buruj

85.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

85:1 By the Heaven of constellations

85:2 and the Promised Day

85:3 for the witnesses and the witnessed.

85:4 Damned were the companions of the trench

85:5 of the fuel fed fire

85:6 when they sat above it

85:7 and gloated over what they did to the believers. The jews filled a trench with wood and tried to burn believers in it while watching on but God saved them by taking their souls before they could burn.

85:8 Yea they resented them only because they believed in God The Almighty, The Praiseworthy.

85:9 To Whom Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth.

The Grand Witness Over All Things, That Is God.

85:10 And they who subject His Believing Men and Believing Women to persecution then do not repent

they have the Punishment of Hell

the Punishment of an All Consuming Fire for Eternity.

85:11 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and that is the Greatest Achievement.

85:12 Yea the Power Of thy Lord is Great.

85:13 He It Is Who Originates and Repeats

85:14 The Forgiving, The Loving.

85:15 The Owner of the Glorious Throne.

85:16 Doer of whatever He Intends.

85:17 Yea has there come to thee the story of the people

85:18 of pharaoh and Thamud?

85:19 Verily those who disbelieve are in denial

85:20 but God Surrounds them all from the unseen.

85:21 And this Quran is a Glorious Recitation

85:22 from the Well Guarded Tablet.

Chapter 86. The Piercing Star, at-Tariq

86.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

86:1 By the Heaven at night and the Tariq!

86:2 And how will thee know what the Tariq is?

86:3 The piercing star! a special angel

86:4 By thereof there is no soul without a guardian.

86:5 So let one see what they are Created from.

86:6 Yea they are Created from a spurting slime

86:7 issuing forth from between the loins and the backbone.

86:8 And they are to return to Him Who Made Everything

86:9 on a Day all secrets are exposed

86:10 then they will have neither strength nor protectors.

86:11 By the sky full of those angels who return

86:12 with the Earth cracking all around

86:13 this Quran is a Decisive Warning

86:14 not for amusement. A hard read with the best of Rewards!

86:15 Verily those who plan they plan a plan

86:16 and I Plan a Plan.

86:17 So be patient while looking on at the fools while I Grant them a short delay.

Chapter 87. The Most High, al-A’la

87.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

87:1 Glorify The Name Of thy Lord, The Most High!

87:2 He Who Created

and Designed

87:3 and Who Ordained

then Guided.

87:4 He Who Brought Forth the pasture

87:5 then Makes it fertilizer as russet brown decay.

87:6 We will make thee recite

and thou will not forget. Speaking to Mohamet about this Quran.

87:7 Per what God Wills

for He Knows the manifest and unseen

87:8 and We will ease thee towards ease.

87:9 So remind them

with a Profitable Reminder.

87:10 Those of Wise Fear will take heed

87:11 but the miserable condemned will scorn it

87:12 those who will burn in the Great Fire

87:13 who neither die nor live therein Forever. in agony

87:14 Yea one who purifies oneself has prospered

87:15 from Remembrance of The Name Of their Lord

and performing the Prayer.

87:16 While in Truth most focus on the life of this world

87:17 when the Hereafter is better and Everlasting.

87:18 Yea and all of this is in the previous scriptures

87:19 of those such as Abraham and Moses.

Chapter 88. The Enveloping, al-Ghashiya

88.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

88:1 Has there come to thee the Warning of a Day?

88:2 When faces

become humbled

88:3 fatigued

and weary

88:4 facing consumption by the Scorching Fire.

88:5 Drinking from boiling springs which rot their inners

88:6 and they will have no fresh food except of thorns

88:7 which neither sustain nor satisfy their hunger.

88:8 All the while other faces that Day will be


88:9 pleased with their striving

88:10 in a high Garden

88:11 where they hear no idle talk

88:12 and have a flowing spring.

88:13 Setting upon raised benches with goblets filled

88:14 yea their cups overflowing

88:15 among cushions arranged

88:16 upon carpets strewn.

88:17 Will they then not look at the great camels

how they are Created!

88:18 And at the beautiful sky

how it is raised!

88:19 And at the majestic mountains

how they stand firm!

88:20 And at the vibrant Earth

how it is spread out in perfect diversity!

88:21 So remind thou

for thou are but one reminding.

88:22 Thou are not an overseer of them

88:23 and whoever turns away in denial of your messages

88:24 God Will Punish them with the Greatest Punishment.

88:25 Yea to Us is their return

88:26 then upon Us is their Reckoning.

Chapter 89. The Dawn, al-Fajr

89.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

89:1 By the dawn

89:2 and ten nights

89:3 and by the even

and by the odd

89:4 and the night when it departs.

89:5 Is there not in that an oath for anyone of intelligence?

89:6 Has thou not considered how thy Lord Dealt With Ad

89:7 and the giant people of Iram who towered like pillars

89:8 the like of which had not existed before? Because they were nephilim hybrids, giant psychopathic freaks NOT of Gods’ Creation! The ruling degenerate snaking imposters and their jinn fathers would have you believe the next pics are “photoshopped”, but we’ve just been Told By God for about the 100th time that giants were/are real. Who will you believe?







89:9 Like Thamud who honed out the rocks in the valley

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\Used Thamud2.png



Petra, Jordan (again)

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\OldCities\Petra, Jordan.jpg


Gujarat, India

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\OldCities\Gujarat, India.jpg

. . . 89:9 Like Thamud who honed out rocks in the valley

89:10 and pharaoh the lord of bloody stakes.

89:11 All those who transgressed bounds in the lands

89:12 and made much corruption therein.

89:13 So thy Lord Poured Out a scourge of death upon them.

89:14 Yea truly thy Lord Is Definitely On the Watch.

89:15 And as for mankind when their Lord Tests them by Honoring them and Providing them with ease they say:

My Lord Honors me.

89:16 And when He Tries them by Reducing their provision they say:

My Lord Humiliates me.

89:17 No indeed! The Truth is you do not honor the orphan

89:18 and do not encourage one another to feed the needy

89:19 but consume the inheritance greedily

89:20 and love wealth with immense cherishment.

89:21 No indeed! When the Earth is leveled like sand

89:22 is when thy Lord Comes with His Angels

rank upon rank.

89:23 Hell is brought about that Day

the Day mankind will remember Our Warnings.

But of what use will remembering then serve?

89:24 They will say: If only I had sent forth of Goodness for this my Eternal Life to come!

89:25 For none can make suffer as He Will Make the fools suffer on that Day

89:26 and nothing will bind like His Binding.

89:27 But O thou souls at ease

89:28 return thou to thy Lord


for pleasing Him

89:29 and enter among My Servants

89:30 yea enter My Garden.

Chapter 90. The City, al-Balad

90.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

90:1 I swear by this city

90:2 that thou are a free here

90:3 and your parents and your progeny.

90:4 But We have Created humans for adversity

90:5 and assume they that none have power above theirs?

90:6 Some say: I have squandered vast wealth without care!

90:7 Do they think no one sees them?

90:8 Have We not given them two eyes to see

90:9 and a tongue

and two lips to speak

90:10 and shown them paths of Good and evil?

90:11 Yet they do not rush towards the Ascending Path

90:12 but how will you know what that Steep Path is?

90:13 Freeing a slave

90:14 or sharing on a day of scarcity

90:15 with the orphan

90:16 or one needy in destitution.

90:17 Yea these are among those who believe

and exhort one another to patience

and compassion.

90:18 These are the companions of the right.

90:19 But those who disbelieve Our verses

they are the companions of the left

90:20 and the Fire is that which is closing in on them.

Chapter 91. The Sun, ash-Shams

91.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

91:1 By the sun and its brightness

91:2 and the moon when it follows it

91:3 and the day when it reveals it

91:4 and the night when it covers it

91:5 and the sky and Who Built it

91:6 and the Earth and Who Distributed it

91:7 and a soul and Who Designed it

91:8 and then Inspired it to distinguish evil from Good.

91:9 Indeed those who purify their souls succeed

91:10 and indeed those who corrupt their souls fail.

91:11 Thamud rejected in their transgression

91:12 when their most wicked were sent forth

91:13 and the Messenger Of God Salih said to them:

Care for this pregnant She Camel Of God

allow her to drink.

91:14 Yea then they rejected him

and brutally slaughtered her

so their Lord Leveled them with destruction

91:15 and He does not fear consequences

for All Consequences are His Alone.

Chapter 92. The Night, al-Layl

92.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

92:1 By the night when it covers

92:2 and the day when it reveals

92:3 in simile Who Created the male and the female.

92:4 Truly your endeavors are diverse

92:5 and as for one who gives and is in Wise Fear

92:6 and establishes what is Fair and True

92:7 We will ease towards ease.

92:8 But as for the miserly and rich

92:9 who refuse to do Good

92:10 We will ease them towards the Fall

92:11 and their wealth will not rescue them from it.

92:12 Truly all Guidance is upon Us

92:13 and to Us belong the first

and the last.

92:14 So I warn you of the Raging Fire

92:15 in which the wicked burn

92:16 those who denied the Proofs and turned away.

92:17 But the devout will be Led Straight.

92:18 And one who gives of their wealth to purify themselves

92:19 gives freely without seeking rewards nor thanks

92:20 rather only seeking the Countenance Of their Lord, The Most High.

92:21 Yea one who does that will be glad!

Chapter 93. The Morning Hours, ad-Duha

93.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

93:1 By the morning light

93:2 and the night when it broods.

93:3 Thy Lord has not abandoned nor loathed thee

93:4 and the Next Life will be far better than this one!

93:5 Yea thy Lord Will Give to thee

and thou will finally be satisfied.

93:6 Did He not find thee fatherless and Give Shelter

93:7 and find thee astray and Guide

93:8 and find thee in need and Make Sufficient?

93:9 So in like kind do not oppress the orphan

93:10 and as for those who beg or are in need do not judge

93:11 and as for the Grace Of thy Lord

recount thou!

Chapter 94. The Expansion, ash-Sharh

94.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

94:1 Have We not expanded thy heart for thee

94:2 and laid down from thee thy burdens

94:3 which weighed heavily on thy back?

94:4 And have We not exulted thy name?

94:5 And behold with each hardship test comes ease.

94:6 Yea with hardship comes ease.

94:7 Then when thou are unoccupied supplicate

94:8 to perfect your quest to God.

Chapter 95. The Clot, al-‘Alaq

95.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

95:1 By the fig and the olive

95:2 and by Mount Sinai

95:3 and by this trustworthy land.

95:4 We have Created humans in the best form We have freewill and ability to overcome whisperings of jinn who have no such challenge.

95:5 then We make them the lower of the low for a term.

95:6 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have a Reward Unfailing.

95:7 And what will allow thee to deny that judgement?

95:8 Yea is God not the Most Just of any judges?

Chapter 96. The Fig Tree, at-Tin

96.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

96:1 Recite in The Name Of thy Lord Who Creates.

96:2 He Who Creates humans from a clinging thing.

96:3 Recite thou:

My Lord Is The Most Noble

96:4 He Who Taught by pen Created language and text

96:5 He Taught mankind all they could not know.

96:6 Yet indeed still they transgress!

96:7 They consider themselves rich yet do not share

96:8 while To thy Lord is thy greatest payment due!

96:9 Have you seen the ones

96:10 who try to stop servants from Prayer?

96:11 Have you considered if they are guided

96:12 or enjoin Righteousness?

96:13 Have you seen how they deny and turn away?

96:14 Not realizing that God Sees?

96:15 Yes indeed! And if they do not desist We will take them by the forelock

96:16 the lying erring forelock!

96:17 Then let them call their council

96:18 while We will call the nineteen guards of Hell.

96:19 Indeed! Obey them not!

Only submit to God

and seek nearness to Him.

Chapter 97. The Determination, al-qadr

97.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

97:1 We sent it down on the Night of the Determination.

97:2 And how will you know what the Night of the Determination is?

97:3 The Night of the Determination is better than a thousand months.

97:4 The angels and the spirit Descend By the Permission Of their Lord

over every sort of affair.

97:5 So peace! Until the rising dawn.

Chapter 98. Clear Proof, al-Bayyinah

98.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

98:1 Those who disbelieve among the talmudic jews and the polytheists will not set their false beliefs aside

until Clear Proofs come to them.

98:2 A Final Messenger From God who recounts Purified Words from all the scrolls

98:3 wherein is only Truth. This is a prophecy about the al-Mahdi, the final messenger who declares authenticity of Vedic, Biblical and Quranic scriptures. Could it be you are reading those works now?

98:4 Those in possession of the Commandments will only turn about after this Clear Proof draws near.

98:5 They were commanded to serve God as monotheists

living sincere to Him in their ways

inclined to Truth

and upholding the Prayer

and being conscious of Gods’ Presence

that is the Doctrine of the upright.

98:6 And those who disbelieve among the talmudic jews and the polytheists go into the Fire of Hell

abiding Eternally therein.

These are the worst of creatures.

98:7 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

these are the best of creatures.

98:8 Their Reward is With their Lord

Gardens of Perpetual Abode beneath which rivers flow

abiding therein Forever.

Yea God Is Well Pleased With them

and they are well pleased with Him.

That is for them who were in Wise Fear of their Lord.

Chapter 99. The Earthquake , az-Zalzala

99.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

99:1 When the Earth is quaking in convulsion

99:2 and brings forth its burdens

99:3 and mankind says: What is with all this?

99:4 That Day it will report its news

99:5 because thy Lord Instructs it.

99:6 That Day each person will come out alone

one by one

to be shown their deeds.

99:7 Whoever did the weight of an atom of Good will see it.

99:8 Whoever did the weight of an atom of evil will see it.

Chapter 100. The Chargers, al-‘Adiyat

100.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

100:1 By the chargers panting

100:2 the ones striking sparks of fire

100:3 the ones raiding at dawn

100:4 raising trails of dust thereby

100:5 then penetrating the center with their multitude!

100:6 Truly mankind is ungrateful to their Lord

100:7 and they themselves are witness to it

100:8 and indeed they love wealth intensely.

100:9 Do they not know when the dead are strewn about like locusts

100:10 and what is in the hearts is exposed

100:11 that Day they will know their Lord Was Forever Aware!

Chapter 101. The Calamity, al-Qari’ah

101.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

101:1 The calamity!

101:2 What is the calamity?

101:3 How will you know what the calamity is?

101:4 The Day mankind will be like dispersed moths

101:5 and the mountains like plucked wool clusters.

101:6 Then as for one whose balance is heavy

101:7 they will be in the Pleasant Life well pleased.

101:8 And as for one whose balance is light

101:9 they will be firmly bound in the Abyss of Hell.

101:10 And how will it be known what that is?

101:11 Humiliation with dread and regret while burning in Fire for Eternity!

Chapter 102. Increase, at-Takathur

102.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

102:1 Your favorite diversion is competition for increase

102:2 until death comes to visit.

102:3 Then indeed you will come to know.

102:4 Indeed! You will come to know for certain!

102:5 Then indeed

if only you had known for certain before!

102:6 You will see Hell closing in.

102:7 And you will see it with eyes of certainty.

102:8 And on that Day you will be asked about the actual values of your pleasures.

Chapter 103. The Span of Time, al-‘Asr

103.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

103:1 By the span of time over the ages

103:2 all of humanity has been in loss

103:3 except those who believe

and do deeds of Righteousness

and counsel one another with Truth

and help one another in patience.

Chapter 104. The Slanderer, al-Humazah

104.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

104:1 Woe to every slandering fault finder

104:2 who accumulated wealth and counted it over and over

104:3 assuming it made them high and even as if immortal!

104:4 No indeed! They will be cast into the Crusher.

104:5 And how will you know what the Crusher is?

104:6 It is the Roaring Fire that God Kindled for Eternity

104:7 that examines the guilty hearts

104:8 forever closing in upon them

104:9 in extended pillars of raging fire.

Chapter 105. The Elephant, al-Fil

105.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

105:1 Has thou not considered how thy Lord Dealt With the companions of the elephant? Peoples of Yemen who sought to destroy the Kaaba.

105:2 Did He not make their cunning lead to nothing?

105:3 He Sent flocks of birds against them

in successive waves

105:4 hurling rocks upon them.

105:5 Yea He Made them like stubble.

Chapter 106. Quraysh, al-Quraysh

106.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

106:1 For the solidarity of the Quraysh. Mohamets’ people.

106:2 Their solidarity is the journey of winter and summer.

106:3 Then let them serve The Lord of this house the Kaaba

106:4 Who Feeds them against hunger

and Secures them against fear.

Chapter 107. Small Kindness, al-Ma’un

107.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

107:1 Has thou considered one who denies the Way?

107:2 One who repels the orphan

107:3 and does not encourage the feeding of those in need?

107:4 Then woe to those who you see Pray

107:5 while being insincere

107:6 only making show

107:7 while they deny simple kindnesses!

Chapter 108. Abundance, al-Kauthar

108.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

108:1 Truly We have given thee abundance

108:2 so perform the Prayer To thy Lord

and let go what does not matter.

108:3 And know thy adversary

they are the ones cut off. Degenerate snaking imposters who are destined to Hell from birth due to the curse upon their jinn fathers with lucifer who God Cursed for not bowing to His Latter Creation, humanity.

Chapter 109. The Disbelievers, al-Kafirun

109.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

109:1 Say: O you fools!

109:2 I serve not what you serve

109:3 nor serve you What I serve

109:4 neither served I before what you served

109:5 nor serve you What I serve now.

109:6 Yea you have your doctrine

and I have mine.

Chapter 110. The Help, an-Nasr

110.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

110:1 When the Help Of God Made the victory draw near

110:2 and thou saw mankind enter the Doctrine Of God in crowds.

110:3 Glorify and praise thy Lord

and seek His Forgiveness

for He Is The Receptive.

Chapter 111. Twisted Strands, al-Masad

111.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

111:1 Ruined were the hands of Abu Lahab in his end. Mohamets’ disbelieving and hateful uncle.

111:2 His wealth did not avail him

nor what he earned.

111:3 He will burn in the Fire of Flame

111:4 and his wife as the bearer of firewood for it

111:5 around her neck a rope of twisted strands.

Chapter 112. The Sincerity, al-Ikhlas

112.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

112:1 Say:

He Is God, The One.

112:2 God, The Absolute.

112:3 He has not begotten

nor been begotten

112:4 nor is there an equal to Him anywhere.

Chapter 113. Daybreak, al-Falaq

113.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

113:1 To ward off jinn and black magic/spells cast on you. . . Say: this and the next verse I seek refuge with Thee The Lord of Daybreak

113:2 from the worst of what exists

113:3 and from the worst of darkness when it darkens

113:4 and from the worst of the witches blowing on knots

113:5 and from the worst of the enviers when they envy.

Chapter 114. Humanity, an-Nas

114.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

114:1 Say:

I seek refuge with Thee The Lord of humanity

114:2 King of humanity

114:3 God of humanity

114:4 from the worst of the sneaking whisperers

114:5 who whisper evils in the hearts of humanity.

114:6 Yea woe to the fallen jinn and their degenerate snaking imposters!


End of the Quran for Christians

~ End of Part 4, Chapters 41-114 ~

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