The first few are about Al-Mahdi aka yours truly whom God Is Guiding and Teaching in “these times”. FYI; there are many other prophecies in the Quran some of which have already came True, these are only the current/future ones.

72:26-28 He Is The One Who Knows the unseen! And He discloses not the unseen to anyone except a messenger with whom He Is Content. He Places in front of him and behind him Watchers so He Will Know that they have conveyed the Messages Of their Lord. And He Enwraps whatever is with them with numbers and Counts Everything with numbers. Those who read pages 5 onward of issue #119 of the Goyim Gazette will get a detailed mathematical exploration of the mind boggling meanings behind these last 3 verses. It starts here;

For the translator;
David Allender in Jewish Gematria equals: 893
David Allender in English Gematria equals 666
David Allender in Simple Gematria equals 111

Note the last one of 111 from “simple gematria”. Now let us see if this David is connected to the Quran. Recall from the introduction the number 6555 from totaling the chapters herein and the total from the odd chapter/verse calcs was also 6555. Well 6555 + 111 = 6666! So it was only natural to look into the prophets’ name Mohamet to see if it too is encoded in the Quran. Here’s what we find; Mohamet is formed from Arabic; Mim, Ha, Mim, Dal.

Mim is the 24th word & the 24th surah has 64 verses

Ha is the 6th word & the 6th surah has 165 verses

Mim is the 24th word & the 24th surah has 64 verses

Dal is the 8th word & the 8th surah has 75 verses

Based on the same thing we did to come up with the chapter/verse sums in the intro; The sum between number of Surahs and verses total of each Surah is

24 + 64 = 88

6 + 165 = 171

24 + 64 = 88

8 + 75 = 83

And 88 + 171 + 88 + 75 = 430 . . . The Quran has 6,236 verses and 6236 + 430 = 6666!

3:81 And when God Took agreements with the prophets Saying: Whatever I Have Given you of Future Insights prophecies and Wisdom then comes to you a final messenger confirming what I Gave you you must believe in him and help him. He Said: Do you affirm and take on this severe test? Said they: We do affirm. He Said: Then bear witness and I Am With you among the witnesses. This commonly misunderstood verse is about a covenant with God from all the messengers who’ve existed prior (who are with God now, not dead per 2:154 & 3:169) to help the final messenger of end times. Remaining loyal to him at first will be a “severe test” because the final messenger is not a prophet so is not in direct communication with Gabriel or directly guided by God but rather a human who makes human mistakes and must learn and grow as he goes. This is Gods’ Way of proving how Good a human of His Creation can be without total control of God.

9:33 He It Is Who Sent His Messenger with the Guidance and the Doctrine of Truth that He Might Make It Manifest over every doctrine though the polytheists be averse.

18:82 And as for the wall it belongs to two fatherless lads in the town and beneath it there is a treasure for them. And their father was Righteous and thy Lord Willed that they should reach maturity and bring forth their treasure as a Mercy From thy Lord and I did not do it by my own command. Thus is the interpretation of what thou has not been patient in.

73:1-18 O thou enwrapped one! Arise during the night only a little or maybe half thereof or reduce it some or add thereto and comprehend the Quran with a Goodly comprehension. For We will cast upon thee some Deep Understandings. Lo the vigil of the night is often best for keenness of mind and Potency of the Word for by day thou has other things to focus on. So remember the Name Of YHWH thy Lord and devote thyself totally to Him. The Lord of the Rising and the Setting there is no god but He so take only Him as Guardian. And be thou steadfast over what they say and leave them with graceful abandon. Yea leave thou to Me the ones who deny the possessors of ease you will only have to put up with them for a little while. For with Us are their shackles in the Raging Fire and a food that chokes only Painful Punishment and shame. The Day the Earth and the mountains will shake and level out as if sand being vibrated. Yea We have sent to you a messenger as a witness against you as We sent a messenger to pharaoh. But pharaoh opposed his messenger so We seized him with a Deadly Grip. So how will you be in Wise Fear if you deny the Day which will make the children white haired when the great sky will crack open? Yea His Promise will be fulfilled.

End of Al-Mahdi related prophesies, the rest are yet to come . . .

6:73 And He It Is Who Created the Heavens and the Earth with Truth and to whatever He Says: Be thou! It is. His Speech is Truth and To Him Belongs the Dominion on the Day the trumpet is blown. He Is The Knower of the unseen and the seen The Wise, The Fully Aware.

14:48-51 The Day the Earth is changed into another Earth along with the Heavens they will come before God, The One, The Omnipotent. The Day thou sees evildoers bound in shackles. Then as if covered with tar with the Fire consuming their faces. This that God Rewards each soul for what it earned yea and God Is Swift In Reckoning on this Day!

17:104 And We said to the children of Israel afterwards: Dwell in the land then when the Promise of the Hereafter comes We will bring you out as a mass.

18:94 They said: O Dhu’l Qarnayn Gog and Magog are workers of corruption in the land so may we appoint for thee due payment on condition that thou make between us and them a barrier?

18:99-101 And We will leave them that Day to surge one upon another when the trumpet is blown and We gather them one and all. And Hell will be displayed to the fools. Those whose eyes were under a covering from My Remembrance and who were unable to hear.

20:15 The Hour is coming and I Nearly Hide It so that every soul is Rewarded with what it strove for.

20:100-103 Whoever turns from it they will bear a burden on the Day of Resurrection. And they will live Eternally therein. So how miserable is the load for them on the Day of Resurrection! The Day the trumpet is blown that Day We will gather the evildoers white eyed with fear and whispering among themselves: Woe this be Eternal as if we tarried only ten days on Earth!

21:95-96 When a prohibition is upon a city We have destroyed none will return until Gog and Magog have been loosed issuing forth in every direction.

21:104-105 The Day We roll up the Heavens like the rolling up of a library of scrolls as We began the first Creation We will repeat it. Yea it is the Promise upon Us and We are Ones to do it. And We decreed to King David upon giving him the Psalms after the Torah: My Righteous servants will inherit the Earth.

23:99-104 And when death has come to one of them they say: My Lord please Send me back! Yea that I might work Righteousness in what I left behind. But no indeed! It was but words that they said and behind them is a barrier until the Day they are raised. Then when the trumpet is blown there will be no ties of kinship among them that Day! Nor can they ask anything of one another. Then whose balance is heavy in Good deeds these are the successful. And whose balance is light these are they who lost their souls they will abide Eternally in Hell. The Fire scorching their faces while wailing and scowling in morose forever.

24:55 And God Has Promised those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness that He Will Make them successors in the Earth even as He Made those successors who were before them. And He Will Establish their doctrine for them which He Approved for them and Will Give them in exchange Safety after their fear. They serve Me and they ascribe no partnership with Me to anything and whoever denies after that these are the wantonly disobedient.

27:82-83 And when the Word finally befalls them We will bring forth a creature from the Earth telling them that mankind was foolish for not being certain of Our Proofs. And the Day We gather from every community a unit of those who deny Our Proofs then they will be marshaled to march in rank to Us.

27:87-88 And the Day the trumpet will be blown everyone in the Heavens and the Earth will be in terror except whom God Wills. All will come to Him abased and humbled in lowliness. And when thou sees the mountains which ye thought were solid they will pass like the passing of the clouds. Hence the Work Of God Who Perfected All His Things! And He It Is Who Is Aware Of Everything you do.

28:5-6 But We desired to give Grace to those who were oppressed in the Earth and to make them leaders and to make them inheritors and to establish them in the Earth and to show pharaoh and haman and their forces what they ought to have feared.

33:44-47 Their greeting the Day they meet Him is: Peace! And He Has Prepared a Noble Reward for them. O prophet We have sent thee as a witness a bringer of Glad Tidings and a Warner. And as a Caller to God by His Permission yea thou are an illuminating torch. So give Glad Tidings to the believers that they have a Great Bounty From their God.

44:10-11 So wait for the Day the sky brings obvious smoke that envelops the people for then begins a Painful Punishment!

47:18 Yet they await unwittingly that the Hour should come upon them unexpectedly? Then when its prophesied events come as Reminders what use will they be to them? None!

54:1 The Hour draws near when the moon will be rent asunder.

69:13-17 The trumpet will be blown with a single blow before the Earth and the mountains are leveled with a single leveling and everything therein is taken up. That Day the Inevitability becomes the Reality. The Day the wide Heavens will be rent asunder as if feathers blown about. The angels will be upon its borders and eight will bear the Throne Of thy Lord above them.