1. Psalm 3- Confidence facing the enemy

O YHWH, how many are my foes! Billions today! Scores are rising against me, many are saying: “There is no help from God for him.” But You, O Lord, Are A Shield about me, my Glory and The Lifter of my head. in righteousness, honor and esteem Yea I ask of YHWH and He Answers me from His Holy Hill. Then I lie down and sleep, Then I wake again and YHWH Sustains me. Hence I am not afraid of tens of thousands of enemies who set themselves against me round about. No Fear! At most I need only say: “Arise, YHWH! Deliver me, O my God!” For You Do Smite all my enemies on the cheekbones, yea You Do Break the teeth of the wicked. And then Deliverance Belongs to You YHWH, for Your Blessing is upon Your People!