39. Psalm 52- The fate of the wicked

Why do you boast, O oppressors, of treachery done against the Godly? All the day you plot destruction. Your tongue is like a sharp razor you workers of treachery who love evil over Good and lies more than Truth. You love all words that devour, O you of deceitful tongues. But YHWH Will Break you Down Forever! He Will Snatch and Tear you From your home, He Will Root you Out of the Land of the Living. The Righteous shall see and rebuke and laugh at them, saying: “See those who would not make God their refuge but trusted in gifts riches, children, power, fame, etc. as if they were refuge!” But I am like a green olive tree in the House Of God. I fully trust in Thy Steadfast Love O YHWH for ever and ever. Yea I will thank You Alone Forever, because You Have Done It! Yea I will proclaim Your Name in the presence of the Godly, for It Is Great in Goodness.