Chapter 98. Clear Proof, al-Bayyinah

98.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful

98:1 Those who disbelieve among the talmudic jews and the polytheists will not set their false beliefs aside

until Clear Proofs come to them.

98:2 A Final Messenger From God who recounts Purified Words from all the scrolls

98:3 wherein is only Truth. This is a prophecy about the al-Mahdi, the final messenger who declares authenticity of Vedic, Biblical and Quranic scriptures. Could it be you are reading those works now?

98:4 Those in possession of the Commandments will only turn about after this Clear Proof draws near.

98:5 They were commanded to serve God as monotheists

living sincere to Him in their ways

inclined to Truth

and upholding the Prayer

and being conscious of Gods’ Presence

that is the Doctrine of the upright.

98:6 And those who disbelieve among the talmudic jews and the polytheists go into the Fire of Hell

abiding Eternally therein.

These are the worst of creatures.

98:7 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

these are the best of creatures.

98:8 Their Reward is With their Lord

Gardens of Perpetual Abode beneath which rivers flow

abiding therein Forever.

Yea God Is Well Pleased With them

and they are well pleased with Him.

That is for them who were in Wise Fear of their Lord.