Cadence Restored: The Quran in Arabic is one long, beautiful, poem like song, a prose with breaks between parts as restored herein. This separation in verse substantially expands the number of pages required to present it, but actually reads far better and quicker.

Short and Concise: The Quran is a short but dense book only a 10th the size of the Bible. This version is further shortened with intense wordsmithing by yours truly. I hope it to be straightest to the point.

Purpose Defined: Since we cannot change nontheists into believers nor polytheists into monotheists in “these times”, this Book is for believers like ourselves who found themselves sifting through the giant web of lies spun by the enemy throughout the media, internet and most definitely churches. You will find veritably sound corrections to their lies along with Astoundingly Beautiful Proofs From God hidden from We the People by lucifer and his minion.

Gender Unspecific: i.e. where apt man/men is one/them/their etc.

Liner Notes: Like the Bible, meanings behind many verses in the Quran can often be mysterious, leaving one guessing. I don’t like it so figure others don’t either and hope to have eliminated as much ambiguity as possible in the short notes herein. (shown in 8 point text)

Yoda Speak: Like Hebrew Arabic reads backward which often seeps into English translations. While it does breathe of its origin, it often does so at the price of poor comprehension of the original Golden Meanings of Gods’ Word. Hence, Yoda away with! (mostly)

No punches pulled: This, Gods’ Final Testament was given to us by His Final Prophet before “end times” when each will come face to face with death or salvation followed by Eternal Punishment in Hell or Bliss near God in Heaven. There is nothing of more import than ones’ Eternal Future so this is a serious book written in seriousness.

Proper names corrected: From Alah (Eloh in Hebrew) to God and YHWH when translated from HA-WA herein. (That link proves it. And again “YHWH” was used 5,410 times in the original Hebrew of the OT) And “Jesus” in Arabic as “Isa” is corrected to his actual name of “Yeshua”. All names of YHWHs’ other prophets and messengers have been translated back to their English equivalents.

Base Translation by “formal equivalence“: This method is that used by the translators of the 1611 CE King James Version Bible.

No wife beating or unlimited polygamy: When read correctly these ridiculous ideas do not exist in any Holy Writ Of God. God never sanctioned violence between spouses and in Gods’ Way polygamy was often a form of sexless charity for taking in widowed women with children in need of a father, protection and family.

No Forgiveness to men who pimp women into prostitution: God only forgives the poor women who were forced into it.

No Islam or Muslims: FYI; Islam means peace as in Jeru-salem the “city of peace” and muslim means one-who-submits. (to God)

Verbiage: The great challenge here is not the translation but rather the interpretation and conveyance of original meanings which are often quite blunt, gruff and serious. Hopefully that remains intact.

Respect: Capitalizations for All Things “God Related” herein may prove to be a new form of literary art! It’s meant to compel the reader to ponder the weighty differences between God, angels and mankind. (jinn & humans) Humility is the 1st step towards Heaven!

Pictures say a 1000 words: The graphics and illustrations found in this work took a fair amount of time and determination to create and source while under constant attack spiritually, physically and technologically. “They” threw everything they could at us but as all can plainly see, by Gods’ Grace, it didn’t work, again. Hence, you now have before you what I hope will be seen as a unique and refreshingly comprehendible meal for the eyes and the soul. This attempt in expression also carries over into the many websites and videos we have produced since 2012. Note that you will not find most of the videos nor images anywhere else but with us on our $500/mth private servers that God sanctioned into our mission back in 2012! Indeed, as anyone not living under a rock is quite aware, all Truth, especially From God, has been under total attack.

Exposing the enemy: Jesus and Mohamet are the most influential people in the world to this day because God Made It that way. They each spent their lives attacking the enemies to humanity using words, then Mohamet like Moses answered Gods’ call by waging wars with death and gore abound. Such will be the end result of this work as well, due to exposing them for the last time herein. It does not suffice to say they are “jews”, although it is all the jewish owned media and internet resources such as youtube and google responsible for censoring truths about themselves. However all self acclaimed jews not of the hybrid race are just heavily deceived foot soldiers for the ones who are. Therefore, their jinn fathers such as lucifer and their hybrid offspring are the real enemies. Nonetheless ALL jews will be thrown under their proverbial bus in days to come.

No “satan/s”: This is THE biggie. And it’s never been done before because only Gods’ Final Messenger would be guided to see through all the deceptions surrounding it. The word “satan” has been misused so badly that very few decipher its original meaning which was that of living breathing people from lucifers’ lineage. So, each time you read “degenerate snaking imposter” recall it is the hybrids Mohamet originally was speaking of exactly as Yeshua did. (as serpents, evil spirits, demons, etc.) And as would be expected, I have also been doing just that ever since 2011 when I began awakening and coined the very apropos label of “satanic jews” for this real, evil brood of degenerate snaking imposters. (DSIs) So, whenever you see that phrase slow down to think about the FACT that we have a hybrid race of scum living among us who are indeed enemies to us, the Earth and God. They are the offspring of the bibles’ lucifer also called shedim or familiar spirits therein or jinn herein. It’s a lot to get your head around but after reading this Quran it will become clear and you will understand who both Mohamet and Yeshua were continually fighting, exposing and rebuking for their and our God, YHWH. Note; All the excellent reference .PDFs hotlinked herein along with updated versions of this work can be downloaded for free on the home page.