This being about 1/10th the size of the Bible is made up of just 114 chapters (“surahs”) and of course each one has a certain number of verses.

When you take the chapter number and add the number of verses in that chapter to itself, you end up with 114 new numbers which will lead us to something amazing! Here’s an example, it’s simple;

Chapter 1 has 7 verses, 1 + 7 = 8

Chapter 2 has 286 verses, 2 + 286 = 288

Chapter 3 has 200 verses, 3 + 200 = 203

and so on . . .

It is no statistical surprise that 57, or half of the 114 numbers obtained, are even and 57 are odd. However, also statistically, only a few of these numbers would be duplicates while the vast majority would be unique.

As we will see, that is not the case and this is part of our first clue that it is of intentional, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT design. (FYI; this amazing example is sort of like kindergarten level stuff, it goes way, way deeper to such extents thousands of scholars are still finding new encodings to this day as our computing technology “catches up” to the 5,000 to 2,000 yr old vedic/biblical texts and this 1,400 yr old Quran!)

OK, so watch what happens when we stand back to sum up the numbers of chapters, verses and their totals as shown above then separate the sums of the 57 evens from the 57 odds;



Now get ready . . . watch what happens next when we add all the unique chapter + verse totals with themselves and all the duplicate chapter + verse totals with themselves . . .

First the duplicates;

Then the uniques;

That’s 7,906 and 4,885 right? Look what happens if we do this; 7,906/4,885 = 1.618

That’s Phi, The Golden Ratio EXACTLY Which God Used Everywhere in His Creation! And As We’ll See, Throughout This Amazing Book As Well As the Lat/Long of His First Holy Temple On Earth!!!!

For the Translator; Phi = Golden Ratio = Golden Mean = Divine Proportion
The Golden Ratio, PHI, is the ratio between two quantities where the ratio of one to the other is the same as the ratio of larger one or the small one to the sum both numbers. It is an irrational constant 1.16180339887… or 6.180339887…



What if God tied the Earth and Abrahams’ Kaaba together with Phi 5,000 years ago? Modern mapping tells us the distance of the Kaaba at Mecca to the south pole is 1,234,832 km and the distance to the north pole is 763,168 km. OK, do this; 1234832/763168 = 1.618 The Golden Ratio EXACTLY AGAIN! These are not coincidences and man did not do it so they are miracles!

For MUCH MORE irrefutable proof of God and His Authorship of this Quran see the videos at www.QuranForChristians.com and/or read THIS BOOK. These Miracles Deserve Our Full Attention!

FYI; Mohamet didn’t do any of this, he didn’t even read or write! And as anyone who follows those links will see, above are but several of thousands of very advanced scientific proofs being uncovered today due to technology! There are many more both herein and in the bible not possible even by modern man to recreate! For some mind boggling biblical math see ITSASIGN.COM

Next; One of the thousands of miracles we (David & Peggy) have been experiencing since early 2016 when God really began showing us His Hand and guiding us on this, our mission. Since it’s directly related to this translation of the Quran, it is very apropos.

Said translation took all of 2020 which in the beginning was hampered by my being distracted with incoming emails, reminders and the many other projects I use my laptop for and generally have open in various programs. Especially distracting at that time was the building of Betterness. At any rate, the process was definitely being hindered by said distractions inherent to use of my laptop.

Well, we’d just bought a 2004 Lincoln and needed a PC to learn the entry code from the cars’ computer. Buying one seemed like a good idea because I didn’t want to risk damaging my 8 year old laptop which had went through 7 keyboards and needed an 8th! So, I jumped on ebay to look for a used one that might be well suited. I didn’t need or want much, just a basic PC to leave in the car for diagnostics. Among the first few that came up was a little Dell with a 10″ screen for a $100 bucks. I looked at the details and saw it had Windows 7 which was excellent because like most, this old dog doesn’t like learning new tricks (if not necessary). It looked brand new, the seller had good ratings and the price was right so, I figured what the heck and bought it and a new $13 battery for it.

It arrived in mint condition and I fired it up. To my delight the first thing I noticed was that it was 7 Pro and had a full copy of MS Office 2016 installed. (I use MS Word to write most of our stuff including this Quran) It also had a touchscreen and was just a really nice little laptop overall. So, I began thinking; this could be too nice for the car! And it would definitely be handy for using to write the Quran while on the go instead of putting more hours on my old 17” HP which with its case is huge/heavy. Then I realized I could also run lean without the distractions due to a max of 2GB of ram coupled with an older processor in this one. I couldn’t even be tempted to install a bunch of my other software so, it is perfect!

Now hold on, it gets better, way better! Most have heard the saying “the devil is in the details” but what we are repeatedly finding is that it’s actually God in the details. Yea, when He Does Something, Anything, it’s perfect down to a T in details. This applies to ALL His Creations, Plans and Proofs of His Almighty Existence. Let us take a quick accounting of how we see His Fingerprints all over this little tool I’d purchased to bring into existence the very best English translation of the Quran that will ever come to be.

In addition it had to be one of the most convincing bodies of evidence to simultaneously prove Gods’ Existence. It also had to “unloose the seals” (secrets) of prior scriptures as prophesied in Rev 5:1-5 “the lion of the tribe of Judah” would do in end times. For an average guy who’s relatively new to the bible, having only picked it up in 2013, and even more so with only a few years into the Quran, it sounds like a pretty big challenge eh? It is, but in all honesty wasn’t for me. And as you will see, that can only be due to Gods’ Guidance throughout the process exactly like the rest of the rollercoaster ride we’ve been on since 12/21/12! (Mayan end date)

A recap of the 1st set of God confirming details surrounding the PC;

  • Perfect, Like New, Mint Condition for $100!
  • Safe, Cushy, No Stress Deal With A Well Rated Seller.
  • Familiar Windows 7 (days of Creation) and Pro “to boot”!
  • Full, Free $100 Copy of MS Office w/Word Not Advertised!
  • Familiar Touch Screen Like My Ipad, Also Not Advertised!
  • Max 2 GB of Ram = No Temptation to Install Distractions!
  • Really Compact, Perfect For Camper Life Then of Current.
  • Just Enough Processor for Word & Firefox to do Research!
  • A Wireless Card Installed For Our Wireless Only Condition!
  • An Upgraded SDHD For Fast Saves Between 1000s of Edits!

For the Translator; YasuMasih
Windows 7 Professional

Note that last one was not advertised either and turned out to be a “Godsend” over the course of 999+ hours of editing! OK, but those aren’t that incredible right? Right. UNTIL . . . you add the following; it’s a picture of how the unit arrived (and now remains) with the strange username of “YasuMasih” which I thought must have been the name of some Asian fellow or gal who owned it before. I being curious googled it one day while having lunch thinking I should get around to personalizing it with my own username. Lo and behold it is how Arabic Christians say “Yeshua the Messiah” and I was using it to write what I had already titled the “Quran for Christians”!

Note the model #2120, the year I did this! (this is the 21st century) All while being lled/Dell by other “users”! Also Websters’ 4th def for “latitude”; “Freedom of action or choice” is quite fitting if one looks into what latitude God is prophesied to give me, the al-Mahdi. That’s something and it also applies to the weighty feelings I experienced while making big decisions in the proper translation of this Holy Quran! (Interpreting Gods’ Word is no small matter!!!)

Now, we’ve learned there are no coincidences when you’re working for God! So, the username prompted me to email the seller for the story behind this. The first curious thing I noticed was his ebay handle of “Abra-Sale” as in Abracadabra, Abraham and Abrasive? (There are no other root words in my Websters version) As we’ll see, it is all part of this miracle, recall God Details to a “T”!

Those only 3 words have very profound meanings to me; Abracadabra is obviously a magical word as has been our journey since awakening. All miracles are magical, think about ones from all the prophets and recall Yeshua himself was called “the magi”. Abraham is the only messenger out of 25 mentioned herein who is referred to as a “monotheist inclined towards Truth ”. Anyone who reads my stuff will agree I have become the proverbial epitome of that. And of course I do try to cooperate in the transformation, but I did not orchestrate it! Also, I have always figured I am here to unite all those of strong “Abrahamic” faith. Now for the last one; Abrasive. There can be no doubt that I am becoming the #1, most feared individual by millions, no Billions of people on Earth. It is because I speak the Truth about them, the enemies to God and We the Adamite People of His Creation. Indeed I’m extremely abrasive to these filthy degenerates and that is a badge I wear with honor! Now while keeping that in mind recall the 4th definition of latitude; “Freedom of action or choice“. Consider that while connecting it with some of the prophecies of Mohamet about me, the Al-Mahdi.

OK, so that was just about the sellers’ ebay handle of Abra– Sale, remember God Is In the details! Here’s the google result I got;

For the Translator; Messiah – Wikipedia
In Abrahamic religions, a messiah or messias is a saviour or liberator of a group of people. … Masih is used by Arab Christians as well as Muslims, and is written as Yasū al-Masih by Arab Christians or Īsā al-Masīh

I of course went there and while doing so shared what I was learning with Peggy. Well, she had been on that very same wiki page the day before researching why Muslims call Yeshua the Messiah! That little coincidence was to let us know all this is NOT coincidence! Beginning to see how God rolls? And after asking the seller twice about the username, all he could tell me was he was compelled to “get the name right”. So, what does this all mean?

It’s a good question and another is one Peggy and I have had since 2012 when we made our covenant with God and then in 2016 when He really Began Showing us some of His Handiwork. That question is; who are we? We know our mission isn’t for the average joe and jane, that much is certain from the book we wrote back in 2012 and the subsequent 66 man SWAT team attack on us afterwards. That book like this Quran obviously exposes the actual enemies of “We the Adamite People Of God”. They didn’t like that nor this Quran and like Yeshua, they hate me! But as we can now say with surety due to this Miracle, God Has Blessed all this work!

OK, one last bit before digging into the Quran. After 10 years of full time plus “truthing” we have come to accept a strange phenomenon we assume many believers are also experiencing in these days leading up to the millennial reign of Christ. That being the absolute impossibility of saving souls by imparting Gods’ Word to nontheists and polytheists. It is due to a long standing Tradition Of God with messengers such as Noah and others whose missions were being carried out just before God and His angels Decimated vast swaths of undesirables. Each time with catastrophic events akin to the flood or biblical destruction of sodom and gomorrah.

And as you will soon learn, many other forms of highly disturbing mass cullings of disbelievers and “degenerate snaking imposters”. So, we now know this inability to help others believe during such times like these of current is repeatedly described in this Quran to ad nauseam. Indeed, no one, not even Gods’ Messengers can help those destined to Gods’ Wrath/Culling in the immediate years leading up to such events. They are condemned and unreachable.

We discovered this telltale sign of impending doom is also in the Bibles’ Rev 22:10 And he said to me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this Book, for the time is near. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the Righteous still do Right, and the Holy still be Holy“. Johnny Cash wrote an excellent song surrounding this verse and phenomenon called The Man Comes Around if the reader is so inclined. We recommend it.

We also recommend taking time to grasp the following;

2:6-7 But the deceived it is the same to them whether thou warns them or thou has not warned them. They do not believe. These are whose hearts God Has Sealed and Muffled their hearing over whose sight He Has Placed a covering. 4:155 Then because of their violation of their agreement and their denial of the Proofs Of God and their saying: Our hearts are already full of wisdom. Nay! The Truth is God set a seal upon them for their ingratitude so now they cannot believe except a few. 6:25 And among them are some who listen to thee but some We place upon their hearts coverings so they cannot understand it and in their ears deafness so if they have every Proof they will not believe in it. 6:109-110 And they swore by God their strongest oaths that if a Proof came to them they would believe in it. Say: The Proofs Of God are here and well known but how shall those whom cannot perceive ever know them whilst they do not believe? Yea a great conundrum! Lo We will turn away their hearts and their sight as they did not believe to begin with and leave them wandering blindly in much disorder. 7:179 And We have sown for Hell many among the jinn and humans. They now have hearts that understand not and eyes that see not and ears that hear not. These are like the livestock. Nay. They aren’t that wise they are far astray. 10:16 … Had God willed I would not have recited it to you, instead He does not allow fools to hear or see it. 18:57 We place coverings upon their hearts lest they should understand it and deafness in their ears and then if thou invites them to the Guidance they will not be Rightly Guided no not ever. 45:23 Yea God Has Knowingly Sent them Astray and Sealed their hearing and their hearts and Set Over their sight a covering. 47:23 These are whom God Has Cursed He Made deafness in their ears and blindness in their sight. 9:93 All because their hearts are Sealed By God so they cannot understand. 18:11 Then We sealed their ears and put them to sleep in the cave a number of years. 30:59 Thus God Seals the hearts of those who do not know. 40:35 Thus does God Seal every proud self serving heart. 45:23 Yea God Has Knowingly Sent them Astray and Sealed their hearing and their hearts and Set a covering over their sight. 47:16 All these are whose hearts God Sealed so they follow their vain desires. Share this to see how many are condemned vs. the guided few, you’ll be surprised!

Dear believer, those verses and others reveal why no one can help any nontheist or polytheist now. We have tried with literally 1,000s of people for over 10 years with not one single success, they are Condemned By God and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The only ones we can help are those already on the Correct Path, we can remind them of Gods’ Presence and strengthen their faith by giving them this Quran and showing them all the new Miracles God Is Showing us. The one above is only the beginning of a vast rabbit hole of Miracles, Signs and amazing telltale stories we have been Given From God. Hence, it is highly recommended that you take in both the Quran and those Miracles, Signs and stories at the same time. We say all this because of an extremely well emphasized message repeatedly given herein, that being to believe in, fight for and obey Gods’ Messengers. Those who don’t, are going to hell, plain and simple. There’s no getting around that regardless of anyones’ beliefs, deeds or adherence to Gods’ Laws. So, if you want to do your soul a favor, do what I’m recommending, read and reread this Quran while taking in Truth #s 1 & 3 at 5Truths.com (Most of #s 2, 4 & 5 are included in this .pdf) If you get your head around those you will be one step closer to God and Paradise than you’ve ever been! But those who can’t or don’t aren’t going to like the consequences, guaranteed!

If These Are Biblical End Times, Who’s Going to be The King of Kings and Where’s All the Miraculous Signs/Wonders/Proof?
THE TRUE LITMUS TEST FOR ALL MIRACLES IS IN THE ODDS. For Instance, Regardless of What Anyone Believes About Jesus, The Odds of Him Meeting ALL The Criteria from Dozens of Old Testament Prophecies of Himself Was Just Short of a Sexagintillion (a # with 153 zeros) To One. This Material Documents A Modern Day Miracle Which Outperforms That and ALL Others Combined By Unthinkable Orders Veritable By All. There is Now A Man Walking the Earth Who Matches SEVERAL HUNDRED KEY CRITERION of The Final Servant Predicted By EVERY Major End Times Prophet and Documented In EVERY Major Body of Ancient Text From EVERY Nation Around the Globe In EVERY Era of Recorded History Which Include Very SPECIFIC Physical Characteristics (hair color, eye color, height, weight, scars, birthmarks etc) Very SPECIFIC Mental Characteristics (attitude, mission, mindset etc.) Very SPECIFIC Personal Characteristics (name, age, birth sign etc.) and Very SPECIFIC Numeric Characteristics (666 and others) Along With EVERY Other Trait One Might Imagine Such a Human Servant to God Would Possess, Plus Countless More. To Be 100% Crystal Clear, That’s EVERYTHING Any Hard to Convince Scholar Could Ever Dream of Having For Solid, Irrefutable Proof. And As One Would Expect From God, THERE IS ALWAYS MUCH MORE. Absolutely No One Can Refute This. NO ONE. Hence, Any Who Deny the Realities of End Times, God Or His Servant After This Are Veritably Insane. (Denying Reality Is De Facto, Clinical Insanity) This Form of Lunacy Created From Deception Was the Goal For The Religonuts Who Run ALL the Major Media, Banks, Govts & 501(c) Churches.
The Dead Sea Scrolls of The OT Bible Match ALL The Characteristics of Our 666 Man Against Odds of About An Octillion (1 w/27 zeros) to 1. There are also many beautiful verses like; “Your eyes will be filled with tears but they will not be due to bitterness or sorrow, rather from great joy and expectation you’ve never experienced . . . You will leap with joy, with shouts of praise and glory to my name!”Revelation 13:18 Has Made 666 the Most Imfamous Number on Earth for 2000 Yrs. Learn How the Odds of A Mans’ Name Both Equaling 666 and Him Having All the Basic Earmarks Expected of Any Servant of God Are About 1 in 7 Septillion. (A MILLION BILLION Earths Worth of People At Current Population of 7 Billion)Rev 13:18 Calls For More Than Just A Mans’ Name Equaling 666, It Implies Ownership As Well. (i.e. “HIS number is 666") Bare Witness to a Plethora of Mind Boggling Miracles From God Which Irrefutably Prove Divinely Granted Ownership of 666 To The Same Man Whose Name Equals 666. No One Else On Earth Can Lay Claim to This And Odds For This Are Not Describable With Words For Numbers Known By Man.
The Hadiths Are the Words of Our Final Prophet (PBUH) Which Contain The Largest Body of Prophetic Texts About End Times On Earth. Even Though They Are Not Claimed To Be Actual Words of God, There Are Literally Hundreds of Very Specific Descriptors and Events, Every Single One (Excepting Those Which Have Yet to Occur) is Shown to Be a Perfect Match For The Very Same Man Prophesied In The Bible. Odds For This Are Not Describable With Words For Numbers Known By Man.End Times Is Not What Corrupt Govt and Religious Leaders Teach Because It Is The End of THEM As We The People Transition From the 2160 Yr Age of Pisces to Aquarius. Who You Choose to Believe, Follow and Support From Here On Out Will Prove To Be The Most Important Decision of YOUR Life. This Is What Every Religion On Earth Was Always Based Upon, IT’S TIME!Seven Prophetic Verses In Four Separate Books of the Bible Specifically Tell Us The Name of Our End Times Servant Will Be “David”. This Blatant Fact Has Been Swept Under The Rug By Corrupt Religious Leaders But Can No Longer Be Hidden From Anyone With Eyes Connected to Their Brain. The Man Who Matches ALL THE OTHER END TIMES PROPHECIES ON EARTH Will in Fact Be “David”. This Man Exists and Started Doing His Work For God 20 Years Before His "Awakening" Which Will Not Be All Together Different Than YOURS NOW.
~ Pronounced “Yah-Way” ~ Embrace The Name and Destiny That Enemies to Humanity Have Hidden From We The People For Millennia!

Imagine the effect of reading “YHWH”, Gods’ Holy Name 5,410 times in the original Bible would have had in uniting humanity. Think it’s important?

Now We Begin With The Holy Quran, Gods’ Final Testament;