Chapter 13. Thunder, ar-Ra’d

13.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

13:1 alif lām mīm rā

Those are the Proofs Of Gods’ Word

and What is Sent Down to thee From thy Lord is Truth

but most do not believe.

13:2 God It Is Who Raised Up the Heavens

without pillars you can see.

Then He Took His Place upon the Throne

and He Subjected the sun and the moon

each running for a certain term according to deep digits of PI!

for He Alone Directs All Matters.

And He Sets Out and Details the Proofs

so you might be certain of the Meeting With your Lord.

13:3 Yea He It Is Who Spread Out the Earth

and Placed Therein firm mountains and rivers

with every sort of fruit and He Made Pairs. males/females

He Covers the night with the day

yea and in that is Evidence for people who reflect.

13:4 And in the Earth are tracts adjacent to one another

gardens of grapes

and crops

and date palms

from a single stem and other than a single stem

watered with one water.

And some of them We prefer in yield to others

in that is Evidence for people who reason.

13:5 And if thou are amazed at that

then how amazing is their query:

After we are dust we will become a new Creation?

Such questioners are they who deny their Lord

and these will have yokes on their necks.

Yea these are the companions of the Fire

wherein they abide Eternally.

13:6 And they challenge thee to get it over with instead of seeking the Good

when their like have come and been punished before them repeatedly.

And still thy Lord Is Full Of His Forgiveness Towards mankind despite their wrongdoings

but thy Lord Will Also Be Severe In Retribution.

13:7 Those who disbelieve say:

Oh that a Miracle of our liking were sent down upon him From his Lord!

Remember thou are but a Warner

and for every nation comes such a guide.

13:8 God Knows what every female bears

and when the pregnancy is shortened

and when it is lengthened

Everything is in measure With Him.

13:9 The Knower of the unseen and the seen

The Great, The Exalted.

13:10 It matters not to Him if one conceals a saying

or makes it public

or hides by night

or comes forth by day.

13:11 He Has jinn Watchers before them and after them

guarding by His Command the Command Of God.

And God does not change conditions of a people unless they go against the Good Instincts He Put in their souls.

Then when God Wills misguidance for a people there is no repelling it

for they have no ally besides Him.

13:12 He It Is Who Shows you the lightning for fear and awe

and Produces the heavy clouds full of rain.

13:13 The thunder gives glory with His Praise as do the angels for fear of Him.

And He Sends the thunderbolts and even Strikes in Precision Therewith whom He Wills.

Yet they dispute concerning God while He Is Mighty in Unfathomable Wisdom.

13:14 To Him Alone can humanity call for all Truth

while those whom they call besides God do not respond to them in anything.

As if ones stretching forth their palms towards a drink

that it might come to their mouths

yet they cannot reach it.

Yea such calls of fools

are only in error.

13:15 Everything in the Heavens and the Earth submits

to God willingly or unwillingly

as do their shadows follow them from dawn until night.

13:16 Ask them: Who Is Lord of the Heavens and the Earth?

They say: God.

Say: Then you serve besides Him those who themselves have no power to do benefit nor harm?

Say: Are the unwilling to see and the seeing equal?

Or are shadows the same as Light?

They attribute equals to God imagining them to have created the like of His Creation

while all Creation still appears as His.

Say: God Is The Creator Of All Things

yea He Is The One, The Omniscient.

13:17 He Is Designer of water from the sky so that riverbeds flow according to His Measure

then floods carry a swelling froth.

And from what they burn in the fire to make ornaments or tools there is a froth like it. slag

Thus does God Compare Truth and falsehood

and as for the froth

it is discarded as dross.

And as for what is of benefit to mankind

it remains in the Earth

thus Does God Propound Parables.

13:18 For those who respond to their Lord there is Good

but those who do not respond to Him will come to know if they had all that is of the Earth altogether and the like thereof in double

they would seek to ransom themselves with it.

But they have a Miserable Reckoning

for their habitation is Hell

and wretched will be those Eternal Beds.

13:19 Is one who knows What is Sent Down to thee Mohamet is the Truth From thy Lord

like one who is blind?

Only those possessed of insight take heed.

13:20 Those who fulfill their pledge to God

and do not break their instinctual agreement to do Good.

13:21 And who join What God Commanded be joined the Law

and fear their Lord

and dread the Dire Reckoning.

13:22 And who endure patiently seeking the Countenance Of their Lord

and uphold the Prayer

and spend for God of what We have provided them secretly and openly

and overcome evil by replacing it with Good.

These have the Ultimate Abode.

13:23 Gardens of perpetual Eden which they enter

with whoever does Right among their parents and their spouses and their progeny.

And the angels enter upon them from every Gate

13:24 saying: Peace be unto you for enduring patiently!

How excellent is the Ultimate Abode!

13:25 But those who declare their pledges to God null after agreement

and sever the Good instincts God Commanded to be joined to them In our DNA

and create corruption in the Earth

these have the curse

and the Dire Abode.

13:26 God Expands and Measures Provisions How He Wills

and they celebrate the life of this world.

But the life of this world compared with the Hereafter is only a fleeting experience.

13:27 And those who disbelieve say:

Oh if only a proof of our liking were Sent Down Upon him From his Lord!

Say: God Leads Astray whom He Wills

and Guides To Himself the humble and repentant.

13:28 Those who believe and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of God.

Yea in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest.

13:29 Those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have blessedness

and a Good Journeys’ End.

13:30 Thus We have sent thee among a people

like peoples that have come and gone before

only that thou recite to them what We instructed thee.

But if they deny The Almighty

say: He Is my Lord

there is no god but He

and in Him do I place all my trust

and to Him do I turn repentant.

13:31 And were there a recitation that set the mountains in motion

or split the Earth thereby

or caused the dead to speak

the Truth is the Commands Belong To God Alone.

Do not those who believe know that Had God Willed

He Would Have Guided mankind one and all?

Instead disasters will not cease striking the unguided for what they have wrought.

But the final disaster will not come to their abodes

until the Last Promise Of God comes.

And God will not break that Promise!

13:32 Messengers were mocked before thee

and I Granted the mockers indulgence

but then I Took them.

And how was My Retribution?

13:33 Is then He Who Watches Over every soul for what it earns like anyone else?

Yet they have foolishly imagined partners for God so say: Name them.

Be it you to inform Him of anything He does not Already Know about the Heavens or Earth?

Indeed it would only be playing with words

and the Truth is their scheme is made to impress those who disbelieve

but they are all diverted from the Way.

Yea for those whom God Sends Astray

there was never another guide.

13:34 For them is pain in the life of this world

then Punishment of the Hereafter is infinitely harder.

Yea and they have no defender from God.

13:35 A parable of the Garden which is Promised to those of Wise Fear: Beneath it rivers flow

its food is constant as is its shade.

That is the Final Outcome for those of Wise Fear but

the Final Outcome for fools is shame in a Raging Fire.

13:36 Some of those whom We gave the Torah are glad about what is sent down to thee

but among them are ones who deny.

Say: I have only been Commanded to serve God

and I ascribe no partnership to Him

so to Him Alone do I call

and to Him Alone is my return.

13:37 We bestowed upon thee these ordinances in the Arabic tongue.

Know that if thou follow their vain desires after this Knowledge has come to thee

thou will have neither ally nor protector against God.

13:38 And We sent messengers before thee

yea We made for them wives and progeny.

And it was for the messengers to bring Miracles only By Gods’ Permission

whereby for every age and nation comes Revelations.

13:39 And God Blots Out what He Wills

and He Confirms what He Wills

and With Him remains the Mother of Books.

13:40 And if We let thee see something of what We promise them God Showed Heaven and Hell to others like Abraham and Enoch.

or We take thee before that

upon thee is only the communication

and upon Us is the Reckoning.

13:41 Do they not consider how We approach the Earth Circle from its outlying parts?

Or how when God Judges there is no critic of His Judgement?

Yea and He Is Swift In Reckoning!

13:42 And there have planned those who planned before

but all Plans Belong To God

and He Knows what each soul earns.

Hence all fools will come to know who the Ultimate Abode is for.

13:43 And those who disbelieve say:

Thou are not an emissary.

Say: God Is Sufficient As Witness between you and I

and whoever else having knowledge of Gods’ Word.