Chapter 14. Abraham, Ibrahim

14.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

14:1 alif lām rā

This Decree We sent down to thee

that thou bring mankind forth from darkness into Light

by the Permission Of their Lord

to the Path Of The Almighty, The Praise Worthy.

14:2 God It Is To Whom Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs

so woe to the fools for whom is a Severe Punishment.

14:3 Those who love the life of this world over the Hereafter

and abandon the Path Of God

and seek to make it crooked

yea these are in profound error who wandered astray.

14:4 And We sent messengers in the tongues of their people

that they might make things clear to them

but God Sends Astray whom He Wills

and God Guides whom He Wills

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

14:5 And We sent Moses with Our Signs saying:

Bring thou thy people forth from darkness into Light

and remind them of the Days Of God each equaling 1,000 yrs

for in that is Evidence for the steadfast and grateful.

14:6 And when Moses said to his people:

Remember the Grace Of God towards you when He Delivered you from the house of pharaoh!

They were afflicting you with an evil oppression

even killing your sons and taking your women!

Yea that was a Monumental Trial From your Lord.

14:7 And when your Lord Proclaimed: If you are grateful to Me I Will Give Increase to you

but if you deny Me My Punishment Will Be Severe!

14:8 And Moses said: Even if you all deny

you and those jinn who are in the Earth one and all

then God Is Still Quite Sufficient, Praiseworthy for me.

14:9 Have the stories of those before you not reached you?

The people of Noah

and Ad

and Thamud

and those after them?

And none knows the rest except God.

He Who Sent messengers to them with Clear Evidence

but they shoved their hands into their mouths saying:

We deny that wherewith you have been sent

and we are in doubt about that to which you invite us.

14:10 Yea all their messengers said:

Can there really be any doubt about God

He Being The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth?

He Calls you that He Might Forgive you some of your transgressions and Delay death until a known term.

They said: You are only mortals like us who would divert us from what our fathers served

so bring us a clear warrant.

14:11 Yea their messengers said to them:

We are only mortals like you

but God Gives Grace to whom He Wills of His Servants

and it is for us to bring you a warrant only by Gods’ Permission.

So let the believers place all their trust in God.

14:12 And how could we not place all our trust in God when He Alone Has Guided us in our ways?

Yea and we will endure patiently with that which you would hinder us.

Yea let those who trust place all their trust in God.

14:13 And those deceived said to their messengers:

We will drive you out of our land unless you return to our creed.

So it was their Lord Who Made the Decree:

We will destroy the wrongdoers!

14:14 And We will let others dwell in the land after them

that is for those who fear My Station and My Warnings.

14:15 And they sought victory over the believers

but every obstinate tyrant failed in frustration.

14:16 So ahead of them comes Hell

and they are given only a pus filled water to drink.

14:17 Yea he who thirsts to gulp it can barely swallow it

and continual death comes at them from every place

but they are not to truly die

for ahead of them is a Stern Punishment Ongoing.

14:18 A parable of those who deny their Lord is:

Their works are as ashes in a violent wind on a day of tempest

and they possess nothing of what they bought here.

Yea that is the Extreme Error.

14:19 Has thou not considered that God Created the Heavens and the Earth with Truth? numerations

If He Wills He Will Remove you and Bring a new Creation.

14:20 That is not difficult for God!

14:21 And they will come before their Lord one and all

when those who were despised will say to those who were proud:

We were your followers

can you now avail us against the Punishment Of God?

They will say: Had God Guided us we would have guided you

but now it is the same to us if enraged or regretful.

Yea now it is woe to us all for we have no asylum.

14:22 And when the matter has been concluded the degenerate inhuman imposter will say:

God Promised you the Promise of Truth

and I promised you

but I deceived you.

And I only had the right to call you to evils

but you foolishly responded to me.

So blame not me

but blame yourselves

for I will not answer your cry

nor will you answer mine

and I now reject your reliance upon me as a protector

yea for the wrongdoers comes a Painful Punishment.

14:23 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness are made to Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they abiding Eternally therein by the Permission Of their Lord.

Their greeting therein is: Peace!

14:24 Has thou not considered How God Has Propounded a Parable?

A Good belief is like a Good tree

its roots firm

and its branches stretching into the sky.

14:25 It brings its fruit every season by Permission Of its Lord.

Glory Be To God Who Presents examples to mankind

that they might take heed.

14:26 The example of being deceived is like a bad tree

easily uprooted from the Earth

for it has no stability.

14:27 Hence God Strengthens those who believe with these Firm Words

concerning the life of this world

and the Life of the Hereafter.

And God Sends the wrongdoers astray

for God Only Does What He Wills with Good Reason.

14:28 Has thou not considered those who replace the Grace Of God with denial

leading their people down to the Abode of Desolation?

14:29 Indeed that is Hell

wherein they burn

and that great misery is their Final Lodging.

14:30 Those who abandon His Way imagine equals to God.

So say: Enjoy yourselves

for your Journeys’ End is the Fire.

14:31 But say to My Servants who believe:

Uphold the Prayer

and spend for God secretly and openly of what We have provided

before there comes a Day wherein there is neither trading nor befriending.

14:32 God Is He Who Created the Heavens and the Earth

and Sent Down pure water from the sky

and He Brought Forth fruits as a provision for you.

And He Made Subservient to you the ships to run upon the sea By His Command

and He Made Subservient to you the rivers.

14:33 And He Made Subservient to you the sun and the moon both ceaseless ever coming

yea He Made Subservient to you the night and the day.

14:34 And He Gives you of all that you ask Of Him.

Yea if you try to count the Graces Of God you cannot every heartbeat, breath, smell , taste, sight, sensation, joy, wonder, etc.

then how are so many wrongdoers and ingrates?

14:35 Abraham said: My Lord Make this a secure land

and keep my sons and I free from idolatry.

14:36 My Lord they have led many among mankind astray

but whoever follows me

then they are of me

and whoever turned away from me then repented

Thou Are The Forgiving, The Merciful.

14:37 My Lord I have settled some of my progeny in an uncultivable valley by Thy Holy House the Kaaba

so that they may uphold the Prayer.

My Lord make peoples hearts incline towards them

and provide for them some fruits

so that perhaps they give thanks.

14:38 My Lord Thou Know what we hide and make known

for nothing is hidden from God in the Earth or in the Heavens.

14:39 Praise Belongs To God Who Has Given me Ishmael and Isaac in old age

yea my Lord Is The Hearer of Prayers.

14:40 My Lord Make me and my progeny ones who uphold the Prayers

yea our Lord please Accept these Prayers.

14:41 Our Lord please Forgive me and my parents and the believers the Day the Reckoning takes place.

14:42 Yea do not think that God is unmindful of what the wrongdoers do.

He Only Grants them respite till a Day wherein their eyes will stare fixed in horror.

14:43 Running forward seeking an end of the huge craft/s above them

their heads looking up at it/them

unable to look away because of the incredible sight they’re seeing

and their minds void. in astonishment and inability to comprehend

14:44 Yea warn thou mankind of the Day the Punishment will come upon them

when those who do wrong will say:

Our Lord Delay us a little while

and we will respond to Thy Call and follow Thy Messengers.

Yet did they not swear that there would be no such Day for them?

14:45 And many even dwelt in the desolate dwellings of those who wronged their souls before!

Yea it was made clear how We dealt with them

thus have We made such examples for you.

14:46 They schemed their schemes

but their schemes are nothing to God

even if their schemes are big to move mountains.

14:47 And do not think that God will fail in His Promises to His Messengers

yea God Is Mighty, Able To Repay.

14:48 The Day the Earth program is changed into another Earth

along with the Heavens

they will come before God, The One, The Omnipotent.

14:49 The Day thou sees evildoers bound in shackles.

14:50 Then as if covered with tar

with the Fire consuming their faces.

14:51 This that God Rewards each soul for what it earned

yea and God Is Swift In Reckoning on this Day!

14:52 This is the Clear Communication to mankind

that they be warned hereby

and that they might know He Is The One God

so that those possessed of insight take heed.