Chapter 2. The Heifer, al-Baqarah (the longest chapter)

2.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

2:1 alif lām mīm

2:2 That is the covenant about which there is no doubt

it is a Guidance for those of Wise Fear.

2:3 Those who believe in the unseen

and uphold the Prayer chapter 1s 7 short, memorable verses above

and do Good with what We provide them.

The unseen is God and HIs Angels Who are only visible to whom they choose including jinn. And FYI; Dogs and other animals can see things we do not. i.e. Balaams’ donkey in Numbers 22:23 “And the ass saw the angel of YHWH standing in the road, with a drawn sword in his hand; and the ass turned aside out of the road, and ran into the field”

2:4Those who believe in this sent down to thee Mohamet and the Torah The first 5 Books of the Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and the Gospel not the NT version, possibly including the Gospel of the Holy Twelve sent down before thee these are certain of the Hereafter.

2:5 Yea these are upon Guidance From their Lord

and they are the Successful.

2:6 But the deceived who’ve allowed their demons to take over

it is the same to them whether thou warns them

or thou has not warned them.

They do not believe.

2:7 These are whose hearts God Has Sealed

and Muffled their hearing

over whose sight He Has Placed a covering.

They have a Horrifying Punishment.

All believers witness this incredibly telling phenomenon when attempting to share the Truth with others. There is a distinct difference between the ones who comprehend and those who can’t, the latter of which are just plain unreachable. And even some who try to will have a hard time overcoming their “whisperings” which if left to grow into habits, results in failure and condemnation by God. This is the win/lose all game we’re all in, most have already lost.

2:8 And among people are many who say:

We believe in God and the Last Day

but they have not submitted.

2:9 Yea they would deceive God and those who believe.

But they only deceive themselves

while they do not perceive.

2:10 In their hearts is their freely chosen disease

so God Increased them in their freely chosen disease.

And they have a Painful Punishment for that

which they chose.

2:11 So when it is said to them:

Do not work corruption in the Earth.

They say: We are those who do Right!

2:12 In Truth it is they who are the workers of corruption

but they perceive not.

2:13 And when it is said to them: Believe as monotheists believe in YHWH alone, all His Angels and authentic Messengers

they say: Shall we believe as fools believe? Nay!

In Truth it is they who are the foolish

but they perceive not.

2:14 When they meet monotheists who submit they say:

We believe.

But when they are alone with their degenerate snaking imposter friends they say:

We are with you.

We were only mocking!

2:15 So God Mocks them

and Assists them in wandering blindly in their delusion.

2:16 These are they who sell Guidance for error

so their transactions profit not

yea they are not Rightly Guided.

2:17 Their example is like that of one who kindles a fire for them. Tries to help a disbeliever believe.

When it has illuminated round about them

God Takes Away the Light and Leaves them in darkness.

Lo they do not see.

2:18 God Renders them unwilling to hear

unwilling to speak

and unwilling to see.

They will not return to the Way.

2:19 Like a thundercloud from the sky wherein is darkness and thunder and lightning

when they thrust their fingers in their ears against the thunderbolts for fear of death.

Thus God Deafens disbelievers.

2:20 The lightning only snatches away their sight.

Whenever it gives them light they walk therein

but then it darkens against them and they stand.

And had God Willed He Would Have Disabled their ears and their eyes completely.

For God Is Powerful Over All Things.

2:21 O mankind serve your Lord Who Created you

and those before you

that you might be in Wise Fear.

2:22 He Who Made the Earth a carpet for you

and the Heavens great structures

and Sent Down Pure Water from the sky

then Brought Forth Some Fruits as provision for you.

So serve none other than God.

You know.

2:23 And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant this Quran from Mohamet

then design a chapter similar to any hereof

and call your witnesses other than God if you be Truthful. This is a challenge repeated several times herein for us to write a chapter with all the mathematical, scientific and literary perfection seen in the Arabic Quran. Many have tried, none have succeeded, none ever will.

2:24 But if you do not

and you will not

then be in Wise Fear of the Fire

whose fuel is mankind jinn and humans and stones

prepared specifically for erring fools.

2:25 And bear thou Glad Tidings to those who believe

and do deeds of Righteousness.

They have Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and when provided with the fruit thereof they say:

This is what was given to us as provision before

for they are given thereby a likeness fruits/veggies/grains

and they have there purified friends and servants

abiding therein Eternally.

2:26 God Is Inclined To Present all examples be it of a gnat or what is above it.

So as for those who believe

they know what is the Truth From their Lord

and as for the deceived

they say: What Means God by this example?

He Leads Astray many thereby

and He Guides many thereby

and He Leads Astray thereby only the wantonly disbelieving. Choices made with freewill become wanton habits.

2:27 Those who declare the Pledge Of God null after their agreement to live in accordance with God Given Instincts in our DNA

and sever Laws God Commanded thereby to be joined

and create corruption in the Earth

these are the losers.

2:28 How will you deny God?

When you were nothing

He Gave you Life

then He Will Give you Death

then He Will Give you Life

and to Him you will be returned.

2:29 It Is He Who Created What is in the Earth for you altogether

then He Turned to the sky

and Fashioned seven Heavens.

He Who Knows Literally Everything.

2:30 And when thy Lord Said to the angels:

I Am Placing a successor in the Earth

they said: Will Thou Place one therein who will do harm and shed blood like many jinn did before us

when We glorify thee in praise and are holy unto Thee?

He Said: I Know What you know not.

2:31 And He Taught Adam all the names of the animals

then He Presented them to the angels and Said:

Tell Me the names of these

if you be Truthful.

2:32 They said: Glory Be Unto Thee

we know nothing except what Thou Has Taught us!

Thou Are The Knowing, The Wise.

2:33 He Said: O Adam tell them their names

and when he had told them their names God Said:

Proclaimed I not to you that I Know the unseen of the Heavens and the Earth?

And I Know what you reveal and what you conceal.

2:34 And when We said to the angels: Submit to Adam

they submitted except lucifer a jinn who has freewill like us

he refused and was proud

yea he was of the fools.

2:35 And We said: O Adam

dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden

and eat thereof freely whatever you will.

But do not approach this tree the tree of life animals

for then you will be among the wrongdoers.

2:36 But a degenerate snaking imposter made them fall

so He Expelled them from what they were in

and We said: Get you down

an enemy to one another. Hence the war of all our lives began!

And for you on the Earth is sustenance for but a limited time.

The simple form of the word “Day” in the Quran occurs 365 times, symbolizing a non-leap year for our solar years of 365.24 days.

The simple form of the word “Days” (plural) in the Quran occurs 30 times, symbolizing an avg. rounded lunar month of 29.5 days.

The simple form of the word “Months” in the Quran occurs 12 times, symbolizing a lunar year of 354/355 days. Note the deduction of 11 or 10 days per year and the complicated long term changing of seasons that occurs for those who stuck with the lunar calendar type. That said, as we see evidenced here, both are ordained by God.

2:37 Then Adam learned Truths from his Lord

because He Turned Towards him in Forgiveness

He Being The Receptive, The Merciful.

2:38 Yea We said: Get you down from it one and all.

And if Guidance From Me comes to you

then whoever follows My Guidance

they need not fear

nor will they regret.

2:39 But for the deceived who deny Our Proofs

these are the companions of the Fire

wherein they abide Eternally.

2:40 O children of Israel remember My Gift

wherewith I Favored you

and fulfill the pledge to Me to be instinctively Godly and Good

I Will Fulfill the pledge to you. to give us Eternal Bliss

And Me, fear Me. The Judge of how each will spend Eternity!

2:41 And believe in what I Have Sent Down this Quran confirming what is with you previous scriptures

and do not

be first to deny it

and do not sell My Revelations for a cheap price. Profiting or benefitting from Gods’ Miracles/Truths is illegal, all scripture is to be given freely. Micah 3:11 “Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell fortunes for money.”

And Me, be in Wise Fear of Me.

2:42 And do not confuse Truth with falsehood

nor conceal the Truth

when you know it. Share it, educate and warn others for God!

2:43 And uphold the Prayer Recitation of Abrahams’ contact Prayer, the 7 verses of chapter 1 followed by bowing in submission as did Yeshua and all the other prophets. Mat 26:39 “And he (Yeshua) went a little farther, and fell on his face, and Prayed”. Like all Monotheists aka Muslims do!

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

yea bow down with those who bow down.

2:44 You order virtuous conduct then forget it yourselves while you recite the Torah?

Will you not use reason!

2:45 Ask God for patience and Help with Prayers

for it is hard except for the humble

2:46 those who bear in mind they will meet their Lord

and that to Him they are returning.

2:47 O children of Israel remember My Blessing wherewith I Favored you

and that I Advantaged you above all mankind.

2:48 And be in Wise Fear of the Day no soul will avail a soul anything

nor will intercession be accepted from it

nor will compensation be taken from it

nor will they be helped. We are each 100% solely accountable for our choices in life, no one can help another in any way on “the Day”!

2:49 And when We delivered you from the house of pharaoh

they were afflicting you with merciless oppression

killing your sons and taking your women

and in that was a Monumental Trial From your Lord.

2:50 And when We divided the sea for you

then We rescued you

and drowned the house of pharaoh

while you were looking on.

Not including use of the word “sea” in verse *20:77 which is referring to a dry area of the red sea crossed by Moses and co, we have exactly 32 uses of “sea” with its’ normal definition or meaning of “an area covered by water”. (those are; 2:50; 2:164; 5:96; 6:59; 6:63; 6:97; 7:138; 7:163; 10:22; 10:90; 14:32; 16:14; 17:66; 17:67; 17:70; 18:61; 18:63; 18:79; 18:109 and 18:109 use #2; *20:77; [“dry area of sea” removed as said] 22:65; 24:40; 26:63; 27:63; 30:41; 31:27; 31:31; 42:32; 44:24; 45:12; 52:6 and 55:24) We then search for the number of uses of the word “land” to find there are exactly 13. (those are; 5:96; 6:59; 6:63; 6:97; 10:22; 17:67; 17:68; 17:70; 20:77; 27:63; 29:65; 30:41 and 31:32.) So, that’s 32 uses of “sea” and 13 uses of “land” for a total of 45 uses. Well, the ratio of 13/45 = 28.8 and 32/45 = 71.1 and . . . Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1911 says Geographs had then estimated Earths’ Land/Sea ratio as 29% (28.8 rounded) and 71% (71.1 rounded!) figures which stand True for the ratio of land to sea on Earth to this day!!! And know this is a “kiddie proof” for God!

2:51 And when We appointed for Moses forty nights

they took to worshipping the calf when he had gone

then you were wrongdoers.

2:52 But We pardoned you

that you might be grateful.

2:53 And when We gave Moses the Torah and made clear what is Right and wrong in the 10 Commandments and other Laws

that you might be Rightly Guided.

2:54 And when Moses said to his people:

O my people you have wronged your souls by your worshipping the calf!

So turn to your Maker and kill yourselves

that is best for you in the Sight Of God.

Yet then again He Turned Towards you in Forgiveness

He Being The Receptive, The Merciful.

2:55 And when you demanded: O Moses we will not believe thee until we see God plainly. Fools making ultimatums!

So the thunderbolt took you

while you were looking on. God Just Killed them all!

2:56 Then We raised you up after your death

so that again you might be grateful.

Now He Has Shown the Israelites His Ultimate Power over life and death by “raising them up” which is what He Promises is going to happen on the Day of Resurrection. When one stops to think about this life and Gods’ Total Control over Absolutely Everything there are a lot of possibilities likened to a simulation such as the Matrix or Avatar. Something is up! Error towards caution with Wise Fear!

2:57 And We caused the cloud to overshadow you and sent down upon you manna and quail saying:

Eat of the Good things that We have provided you.

And they wronged us not

but they wronged their souls.

Manna is thought to be a sort of nectar secreted by the tamarisk tree or any number of bush like plants and of course quails are birds, living things. They ate the quail, which required killing of animals with souls which is illegal when not necessary because other food existed.

2:58 And when We said: Enter this city and eat freely of it what you will

and enter the gate in submission

and say: Unburden us of our past sin!

We will forgive you your errors

and will give increase to the doers of Good.

2:59 Then those who did wrong changed the saying

to other than what was said to them. They changed the context of “thou shall not kill” into not killing people only.

And We sent down a scourge from the sky upon those who did wrong because they were wantonly criminal.

2:60 And when Moses asked for water for his people

We said: Strike the rock with thy staff.

Then twelve springs gushed therefrom

each tribe knew its drinking place

so eat and drink of the Provision Of God and

do not commit evil in the Earth working corruption!

2:61 And when you said: O Moses we are tired of having only one food

so call to thy Lord for us that He Bring Forth for us of what the Earth brings out of its herbs

and its cucumbers

and its corn

and its lentils

and its onions.

He said: Would you exchange what is lessor for what is Higher? The Manna provided directly From God via miracle/s is Higher.

First get you down to a home and settle in it

then you will have what you ask.

Then humiliation and poverty were pitched upon them.

They incurred the Wrath Of God because they were ungrateful for His Gifts.

And they would seek to kill the prophets without cause because they opposed God and exceeded all bounds.

2:62 Those who believe and hold to monotheism

and the christians

and the sabaeans biblical peoples of Sheba in southern Bedouinia

and whoso believes in God and the Last Day and works Righteousness

they have their Reward with their Lord

and they need not fear nor will they regret.

2:63 And when We took your agreement and raised the mountain above you saying:

Hold fast to what We give you Scriptures and Miracles/Proofs

and remember what is therein

that you might be in Wise Fear. This confirms an Abrahamic Hindi story from about 200 years prior to Moses when God Let Krishna lift a mountain over the people as a sign and to force a covenant upon them.

2:64 Then you turned away after that

and were it not for the Bounty Of God upon you and His Mercy

you would have been among the losers.

2:65 And you knew those among you who transgressed the Sabbath rebellious jews circumvent the Sabbath in every way they can

so We said to them: Be like despised apes!

2:66 And We made it an exemplary lesson to those at its time

and times following it

a Warning to those of Wise Fear.

2:67 And when Moses said to his people: who idolized cows

God Commands you to sacrifice a heifer.

They said: Does thou make mockery of us?

He said: I seek Refuge In God lest I be of the ignorant.

2:68 They said: Call thou to thy Lord for us that He Make Clear to us what she need be. they’re stalling

He says: She is a heifer neither young nor old

a middling in between

now do what you are Commanded.

2:69 They said: Call to thy Lord for us that He Make Clear to us what her hue is.

He said: She is a yellow heifer

bright is her hue

making glad the beholders.

2:70 They said: Call to thy Lord for us that He Make Clear to us exactly what she is

as heifers seem alike to us

and if God Should Will we will be Rightly Guided.

2:71 He said: She is a heifer neither broken to plough the Earth

nor to water the crops


no blemish on her.

They said: Now thou has brought the Truth

then they sacrificed her

though they had almost not been able.

2:72 And when you killed that soul reread, animals have souls

you disputed about it

but God Was To Bring Forth what you concealed.

2:73 And they were told to strike the heifers body

then God Gave Life To it which was dead and

hence demonstrates His Proofs to you

that you might use reason. God Brought it Back to life!

2:74 But your hearts became hard again after that

like stones or harder.

And among stones is that from which gush forth rivers

and among stones are those cracked leaking water

and among stones are those that fall crashing down from Fear of God.

God is not unmindful of what mankind does.

2:75 Do you hope that they should believe you when some of them the pharisees listened to the Word Of God

then twisted it after understanding it?

And they know.

2:76 And when they meet those who believe they say:

We believe. But when they are alone with one another they say: Do you advise them what God Has Really Revealed that they are ET/jinn human hybrids (DSIs) from Gen 6:4

so that they might use it against us before The Lord?

Let none of us do that!

2:77 Or do they not know that God Knows what they keep secret and what they make known?

2:78 And among them are those unlettered cannot read/write

they do not know the Torah only fantasies

yea they only guess.

2:79 So woe to those who miswrite the Torah with their hands then say:

This is From God

that they might sell it for a cheap price. Speaking of jew-ish pharisees who re-wrote Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, etc scriptures to deceive and oppress We the Adamite People. But not this Arabic Quran!!!

So woe to them for what their hands write

and woe to them for what they earn.

2:80 And they say: The Fire will not touch us except for days numbered. Speaking of the false idea Hell isn’t Eternal.

Say: Have you taken a pledge With God

for God does not fail in His Pledge!

Or do you think it is safe to assume of God that which you do not know?

2:81 Verily whoever earns evil

their errors will encompass them.

Those are the companions of the Fire

wherein they do abide Eternally.

2:82 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they are the companions of the Garden

wherein they too abide Eternally.

2:83 And when We took an agreement from the children of Israel saying:

Serve not other than God

and towards parents Good conduct

and towards kin

and the fatherless

and the poor

and speak kindly to people

and uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence.

All except a few turned away

yea most turned aside.

2:84 And when We took your agreement

to not shed blood of your people

and not expel your own from your homes

you confirmed and bore witness.

2:85 Then you are those who kill your own

and expel some of you from their homes

going against them in falsehood and deep seated dislike?

And if captives come to you you ransom them

but unlawful for you was their expulsion. explained later

So do you believe in part of the Torah and deny part?

The reward of those who do this is only degradation in the life of this world

and on the Day of Resurrection they are sent to the Harshest Punishment

for God is not unmindful of anything you do.

2:86 These purchase the life of this world at the price of the Hereafter

so the Punishment will not be lightened for them

and they will not be helped.

2:87 And We gave Moses the Torah and sent the messengers after him.

Yea We gave Yeshua son of Mary Clear Signs

and strengthened him with the Spirit of Holiness. Gabriel

Is it not that whenever a messenger came to you with what your souls did not desire

you were proud and rejected them

and even sought to kill them?

2:88 And they realize: Our hearts are covered! Imagine that!

Yea they realize the Truth is God Has Cursed them for their denial and hence sparsely can they believe.

2:89 And now comes to them this Book From God confirming Books already with them the Vedas and Bible

wherein they sought victory over disbelief before.

But when what they recognized as Gods’ Word comes to them again they now deny it?

That is clearly the Curse Of God upon fools.

2:90 Evil is that for which they sold themselves by denying what God Sent Down.

So God Sends Down of His Bounty upon whom He Wills of His Servants

but some incurred wrath upon wrath

and in the end for those fools

is a Humiliating Punishment.

2:91 So when it is said to them: Believe in What God Has Sent Down

they say: We believe in what was sent down before then they deny what is sent after that

when it too is the Truth confirming what is with them.

Say: Why did you want to kill the Prophets Of God if you be believers?

2:92 Like Moses who came with Clear Proofs Signs and Miracles

then while he was away you worshipped the calf

yea you were wrongdoers.

2:93 And when We took your agreement and

raised the mountain above you saying:

Hold fast to what We give you and listen

they said: We hear but we oppose.

For they were steeped with love for the calf in their hearts because of their ingratitude.

Say: Evil is what your false religion enjoins upon you

if only you had been correct believers.

2:94 Say: If the Abode of the Hereafter With God is for you but not for the rest of mankind

then wish for death now if you are Truthful.

2:95 They will never wish for it because of what their hands have sent before them

and God Knows these wrongdoers.

2:96 And thou will find the greediest for life are

among polytheists who serve other than God.

One of them would love to be given the span of a thousand years

but it would not remove them from the

Punishment were they to be given the span.

God Sees what they do.

2:97 Say: Whoever was an enemy to Gabriel

knows he is who brings it the Quran down upon thy heart by Gods’ Permission confirming what is within its scope similar teachings given to us in Gods’ Prior Scriptures

as Guidance and Glad Tidings for the monotheists.

2:98 Verily whoever is an enemy to God

and His Angels

and His Messengers

and His Archangels Gabriel and Michael

then God Becomes The Enemy to such fools.

2:99 We have sent Clear Proofs down to thee

and only the wantonly disobedient fools deny them.

2:100 When they make promises do most not break them?

Truly is it is because they do not believe. In God or His Laws

2:101 So when a Messenger From God comes to them confirming what is with them previous scriptures

the talmudists cast the Commandments Of God behind their backs

as if they were not From God.

2:102 Yea they follow what the degenerate snaking imposters had read out loud in the casting of spells

during the reign of Solomon.

But Solomon denied not

while the degenerate snaking imposters

taught humanity sorcery thereby

what was sent down to Babylon with the two angels

Harut and Marut.

And these two taught no one before saying:

We are but a test so do not disbelieve!

Then they learned spells from them by which

they cause division between man and wife

but in Truth they do not harm others with them except by Gods’ Permission. to test mankind

What they learn profits them not it only harms them

and they knew that whoever bought it then has no share in the Hereafter.

So evil is that which they sell their souls for

had they only known.

2:103 Had they believed

and been in Wise Fear

Recompense From God would have been better.

Yea had they only known.

2:104 O you who believe

say not: Comply with us

but rather: Examine us

and listen

because for fools

is a Painful Punishment.

2:105 Do not be like the deceived

among the talmudic jews

and the polytheists

who do not want anything Good to be sent down upon you From your Lord. This speaks of an intense jealousy held by jews, DSIs and disbelievers towards believers. In the back of their minds, they know they’re wrong/condemned.

Yea God Chooses His Mercy for whom He Wills

and God Is The One Possessing Unending Bounty.

2:106 And whenever We nullify something

We bring better than it or the like thereof.

Know thou not that God Is Powerful Over All Things?

2:107 Yea does thou not know that To God

To Him Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth?

And you have neither ally nor protector besides God.

2:108 If you desire to challenge your messenger as Moses was asked before they asked him to tell God to Show Himself know that whoever chooses disbelief instead of faith has strayed far from the Straight Path.

2:109 Many among the talmudic jews long to turn you back as nontheists after your faith

out of envy from their souls

after the Truth has become clear to them.

But pardon and forbear until God Brings His Command

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

2:110 And uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

for what Good you send ahead for your souls

you will find it With God. This oft repeated message means whatever you invest in time, effort or other for God will be returned to you. Everyone can think of this as “guaranteed karma”!

Know that God Sees Everything you do.

2:111 And they say: None enter the Garden except

talmudic jews or christians.

Those are their vain desires!

So say: Bring your evidence if you be Truthful. Only true believers in YHWH and His Proofs are successful!

2:112 Verily whoever submits to God and is a doer of Good

their Reward is With their Lord

and they need not fear

nor will they regret. It’s simple, is it not?

2:113 Yet still the talmudic jews say:

The christians have nothing to stand upon when they read the gospel

and the christians say:

The talmudic jews have nothing to stand upon when they read the talmud.

Thus say all those who do not know

and God Will Be Judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.

2:114 And who is denser than one who hinders those to places of worship of God

or prevents His Name Of YHWH being remembered

seeking to undermine believers? Talmudic jews have forever tried to stop We The People from worshipping YHWH by His Name.

For is it not for believers to congregate and worship without fear?

Hence those who hinder get degradation in this world.

Yea and in the Hereafter they have a Horrifying Punishment.

2:115 And the East and the West Belong To God

wherever you turn

there is The Face Of God.

Indeed God Encompasses and He Is The All Knowing.

2:116 And they say: God has taken a son.

Utterly remote is the thought that He would have a human son!

The Truth is Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To Him

and To Him Everything and Everyone are morally obligated.

2:117 The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth!

And when He Decrees a thing He Only Says to it:

Be thou!

And it is.

2:118 And those who do not know say: O that God would only speak to us

or that a Proof would come to us!

And those before them said likewise

because their hearts are similar.

But We have made the Proofs clear for people who seek them.

2:119 We sent thee Mohamet with the Truth as a bearer of Glad Tidings and a Warner

but thou are not responsible for companions of Hell.

2:120 And the degenerate snaking imposters will not be pleased with thee

nor the christians

unless thou follows their false creeds.

Say: The Guidance Of God that is the Guidance!

But if thou follows their vain desires after the Knowledge has come to thee

thou will have neither ally nor protector from God.

2:121 Those We gave the Torah who read it with the reading due it

these believe in it.

And whoever denies it

those are the losers.

2:122 O children of Israel remember My Care wherewith I Favored you

and how I Advantaged you over all mankind.

2:123 And be in Wise Fear of the Day no soul will avail another soul anything

nor will compensation be accepted from it

nor will intercession benefit it

nor will they be helped by anyone. Each person stands alone!

2:124 And when his Lord Tried Abraham with words

he fulfilled them. He told him to sacrifice his son Ishmael.

So God Said: I Will Make thee a leader for mankind

and he said: And of my progeny?

God Said: My Pledge does not extend to wrongdoers of any bloodline. There is no guarantee, it’s every souls’ choice!

2:125 And when We made the Kaaba a meeting place for mankind and a place of security.

And the house of Abraham is a place of Prayer

for We commissioned Abraham and Ishmael saying:

Purify this house

for those traveling

for those local

for those who bow down yea all the submitters.

That verse #2:125 (++++=10) is the First mention of Gods’ First Temple in Earths’ First city of Mecca, Arabic “Bakkah”. It’s called the “mother of the cities” herein. [6:92, 42:7] According to Google Earth, Mecca is at 21 degrees, 25 minutes longitude! That is not a coincidence! Also, of even more amazingness is once again we find one of the most important numbers in Creation, “the golden ratio” of 1.618 or roughly .61 is deeply encoded herein; The Kaaba is 21.2 x 21.2 meters and 21.2/13.1= 1.618! The Kaabas’ coordinates are east +39.82 and north +21.42 which is indeed at the Earth’s golden ratio point! We can see this by calculating the distance of the Kaaba to the poles AND to the equinox line in BOTH WAYS. As covered earlier, Mecca’s distance to the North Pole is 763,168 km and to the South pole is 1,234,832 km. 1234832/763168 = 1.618 or in simpler, ancient terms 61 Phi! 90° + 21.42 = 111.42. And 111,42 divided by 180° = 61! And 180° + 39.82 = 219.82. Divide 219.82 by 360° = 61.! And Mecca’s distance (west) to the equinox line divided by Earth’s perimeter = 61. Mecca’s distance (west) to the equinox line divided by Mecca’s distance (east) to the equinox line = 61. The inner ratios of the lines that pass through Mecca and combining the poles and the equinoxes = 61. In another verse about Mecca and Kaaba [3:96] the number of Arabic letters until the word Mecca is 29. If we divide 29 with the number of the verses’ total of 47 letters = 61. Note; Those numeric values derived from the longitudes and latitudes above can only be performed in this one single point in the world and Great God Chose this as Mecca! Then He Designed this Holy Quran to be deeply encoded with the Golden Ratio which He Used throughout His Creation! We also see this throughout the Bible, for instance in the measurements of the Ark of the Covenant and even Noahs’ Ark! All glory to YHWH!!!

2:126 And when Abraham Prayed: My Lord make this a secure land

provide its people some fruits

for those who believe in You and the Last Day.

He Replied: Yes and also for whoever denies

I Will Let them enjoy a little too

then I Will Drive them to the Punishment of the Fire

that Loathsome Eternal Misery is their Journeys’ End.

2:127 And when Abraham and Ishmael built the foundation of the Kaaba they Prayed:

Our Lord please Accept this work of ours

for Thou Are The All Hearing, All Knowing.

2:128 Our Lord Make us submitted to Thee

and of our progeny peoples submitted to Thee

and Show us our rites and Turn in Forgiveness to us

for Thou Are The Relenting, The Merciful.

2:129 Our Lord Raise Up messengers among them

reading to them Thy Signs from previous messengers

and teaching them the Commandments and Wisdom

and increasing them in God Consciousness

for Thou Are The Almighty, The Wise.

2:130 And who is averse to the creed of Abraham but those who deceive themselves?

Yea We chose him in this world

and in the Hereafter he is among the Righteous.

2:131 When his Lord Said to him: Submit thou

he said: I submit to The Lord of the Worlds!

2:132 The same did Abraham enjoin upon his sons

as did Jacob when he said:

O my sons God Has Chosen the Doctrine for you

so do not die until you are submitted!

2:133 If you were witnesses

when death was present with Jacob

when he said to his sons:

What will you serve after me?

They said: We will serve thy God!

God of thy fathers Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac.

Yea The One God

to Him we are submitted.

2:134 That is a community which has come and gone

it has what it earned

and you will have what you earn

and you will not be questioned about what they did.

2:135 And they ask: Those who hold to talmudism or are christians are these Rightly Guided?

Say: Nay. Only the creed of Abraham

monotheism inclines one to Truth

and he was not of the polytheists.

2:136 Say: We believe in God and what is sent down to us

and what was sent down to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the grandsons.

And What Was Given to Moses and Yeshua and the other prophets From their Lord.

We make no hierarchy between any of them

and to their God to Him we are submitted.

2:137 Then if they believe in the like of that in which you believe

they have been Rightly Guided.

But if they turn away

they are only in breach

and God Will Suffice for thee against them

for He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

2:138 The Colors of Life are From God

and who is better To Color than God?

Yea Him Alone do we serve.

2:139 Say: Dispute you with us concerning God when He Is our Lord and your Lord, The One?

If so to us be our works and to you be your works

but to Him Alone we ourselves are sincere.

2:140 If you say that Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the grandsons were those holding to talmudism or christianity

do you know best or Does God? The talmud was around but they didn’t follow it and christianity obviously didn’t even exist then.

And who is denser than one who confuses Clear Truth From God?

God is not unmindful of anything you do.

2:141 That is a community which has come and gone

it has what it earned

as you have what you earn

and you will not be questioned about what they did.

2:142 And the foolish among some will ask:

What has turned them from their directions of Prayer which they had before? i.e the sun, moon, planets, idols etc.

Say: To God Belongs the East and the West

He Guides whom He Wills to the Straight Path.

2:143 And thus We made you an intermediary community

that you might be witnesses to mankind

and that the messenger might be a witness to you.

And We only made the course which you were on that We might know those who follow the messenger

from those who turn on their heels.

And it is a hard matter except for those whom God Guides

for God would not let your faith be in vain

indeed God Is Merciful towards mankind.

2:144 Yea We saw thee turning thy face towards the sky

but We will turn thee towards that which will satisfy thee.

So direct thou thy face towards the Kaaba

wherever you be

direct your faces towards it. Northerly from the Americas.

Some of those in possession of the Torah know

that this is the Truth From their Lord

and God is not unmindful of what they do.

2:145 But if thou bring those in possession of the talmud every Proof

they will not follow thy course

and thou will not follow their course

and they will not follow each others course.

And if thou follow their vain desires after what has come to thee of Knowledge

then thou will be of the wrongdoers.

2:146 Those whom We gave the Torah recognize

it just as they recognize their children

but some among them conceal the Truth

and these know.

2:147 The Truth is From thy Lord

so be not of those who doubt.

2:148 And for all is the direction to turn in Prayer.

But those who vie with one another in Good deeds

then wherever you be

God Will Bring you one and all. This is a prophecy of how God Will Gather the best of believers with the al-Mahdi for victory in end times.

God Is Powerful Over All Things.

2:149 Yea in whatever manner thou goes out

direct thy face towards the Kaaba.

It is the Truth From thy Lord

and God is not unmindful of anything you do.

2:150 Yea in whatever manner thou goes out

direct thou thy face towards the Kaaba

wherever you be

direct your faces towards it.

So that others might have no argument against you except those who do wrong among them.

And fear them not but fear Me

that I Might Show My Care for you

and that you might be Rightly Guided.

2:151 Like How I Have Sent you a messenger from among you

reading to you Our Previous Signs

and increasing you in God Consciousness

and teaching you the Commandments and Wisdom

yea showing you What you did not know.

2:152 So remember Me

I Will Remember you.

And be grateful to Me

and deny Me not.

2:153 O you who believe seek Help From God in patience and Prayer

for God Is With the patient.

2:154 And do not say of those killed for the Cause Of God:

They are dead.

The Truth is they are living but you do not know.

Those who die fighting for God are guaranteed success according to Revelation 14:9 and now here. This is why True believers are eager to fight for God, it’s the only sure way to Heaven regardless of your previous sins. Hence only sincere believers are allowed to fight for God. Also worthy of mention is that if you survive, fighting alone is succeeding as well!

2:155 And We will try you all with something of fear and

hunger and loss of wealth and lives and fruits of labor.

So give Glad Tidings to the ones who remain steadfast.

2:156 Those who when misfortune befalls say with thanks:

We Belong To God and To Him we are returning. Hardships are tests that offer knowledge and success, be thankful for them! Welcome Gods’ Tests, they are the only way to greater faith, strength and wisdom!

2:157 Upon these are duties that end with Mercy From their Lord.

Yea these are the Rightly Guided.

2:158 Al ṣafa and al marwa the 2 hills near the Kaaba are among the Tokens Of God

whoever made pilgrimage to the house or visited

they did no wrong to move about between them.

And to who does Good voluntarily

God Is Grateful, Knowing.

2:159 But those who conceal what We sent down of Clear Evidence

and Guidance after We made it clear in the Torah

these are Cursed By God

and cursed by those who curse.

2:160 Yet those who repent and do Right and make clear

these are those towards whom I Turn In Forgiveness.

For I Am The Receptive, The Merciful.

2:161 But those who are deceived and die in such a state

upon those is the Curse Of God

and of angels

and of mankind one and all. If mentally competent, ones’ state of faith/repentance at the time of death is the overriding factor in Judgement.

2:162 They will dwell Eternally in Hell

and the Punishment will not be lightened for them nor will they be granted respite.

2:163 Know your God Is One God

there is no god but YHWH, The Merciful.

2:164 His is the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

and the Alternation of night and day

and the ships which plough through the sea with what benefits mankind.

And what God Sent Down of water from the sky then Gave Life thereby to the Earth after its death

and Spread Therein every sort of creature.

And in the circulation of the winds

and the clouds made serviceable between the Heavens and the Earth.

These are all Proofs for people who reason.

2:165 And among humans are who serve other than God jinn

loving their whispers with a love like the love for God

but those who believe are firmer in love for God.

Had only those who do wrong seen

what they will see in the Punishment

and that All Power Belongs To God

and that God Is Severe in Punishment.

2:166 When those who were served will disown those who served them. Polytheists who foolishly thought they were invoking God in their rituals were actually just invoking jinn and being possessed by them telepathically. Study Truth #1 at

And they will face the Punishment alone

the connections between them cut off.

2:167 And those who served were possessed by the jinn will say:

Were we to return we would disown them just as they have disowned us!

Thus Will God Show them their deeds as regrets for them

but they will never come out of the Fire.

2:168 O mankind eat of what is Lawful and Good in the Earth

and do not follow the footsteps of the murderous degenerate snaking imposters. Killers of innocent animals.

Yea they are open enemies to you.

2:169 They only enjoin evil and indecencies upon you

and make you serve their fathers the jinn as gods who you do not see or know.

2:170 And when it is said to them: Follow What God Has Sent Down

they say: Nay we follow what we found our fathers following.

Even though their fathers did not reason and were not Rightly Guided.

2:171 The example of these deceived is like that of one who yells to another who does not listen.

It is only a call and a shout

from those who themselves were unwilling to hear

and unwilling to speak

and unwilling to see

they do not use reason.

2:172 And O you who believe eat of the Good Things We provided you foods that don’t require harm to innocent animals

and be grateful to YHWH if it is Him you serve.

2:173 He Has Only Made Unlawful to you murdered animals

and blood

and the flesh of swine even if starving because of trichinosis

and that dedicated to other than God. blood sacrificed

But whoever is forced due to necessity while facing starvation

neither desiring nor transgressing

no crime is against them.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

2:174 Those who conceal What God Revealed in the Torah i.e. the truth about “do not kill” by changing it in trade for favor/money from rulers

these eat into their bellies only of the Fire.

And God will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection

nor will He increase them in God Consciousness now

indeed they have a Painful Punishment.

2:175 These are they who purchase error at the price of Guidance and suffering at the price of Forgiveness

how they do seem to strive for the Fire!

2:176 Because God Sent Down the Torah intact

and those who differ concerning it are in extreme breach. The original Hebrew in the Torah is clear about dietary laws.

2:177 And it is not virtuous that you solely turn your faces towards the east and the west. During Prayer

Virtuous is

whoever believes in God

and the Last Day

and the angels

and the scriptures

and the prophets. FYI; That’s the 5 core requirements of faith.

And gives wealth in spite of love for it to relatives

and the fatherless

and the needy

and the wayfarer

and those who ask

and to freed slaves

and whomever upholds the Prayer

and is conscious of Gods’ Presence

and those who keep their pledge when they pledge

and the patient in affliction or adversity and in battle.

These are they who are sincere

and these are those of Wise Fear.

2:178 O you who believe

just requital is ordained for you concerning one killed.

The freeman for the freeman

the slave for the slave

and the female for the female.

But whoever is pardoned anything by his brethren

let the pursuance be according to what is fitting

and the payment to them with Good conduct.

That is an Alleviation and Mercy From your Lord

and whoever transgresses after that

they have a Painful Punishment.

2:179 And there is Life for you in just retaliation

O you possessed of insight

that you might be Righteous.

2:180 Ordained for you when death comes to one of you

if they leave property

bequeath it to parents

and close relatives

according to what is fitting

as binding upon those of Wise Fear.

2:181 And whoever changes the Law after knowing it

the falsehood thereof is only upon those who change it

and God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

2:182 But whoever suspects partiality or sin of a testator and then makes Right the situation

no sin can be upon them

for God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

2:183 O you who believe

fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you because it’s great for our health and constitution

so perhaps you will be in Wise Fear and have health.

2:184 Fasting is prescribed for numbered days. during Ramadan

Then whoever is sick among you or on a journey

a number of days afterwards.

And for those who cannot fast due to lack of body fat or other

is redemption

for feeding the needy.

Whoever does Good voluntarily

it is better for them

and that you fast is better for you

if you only knew.

2:185 The month of Ramadan was that in which the

Quran was sent down

as mercy for mankind

and as Clear Evidence of the Guidance and the difference between Right and wrong.

Then whoso among you witnesses the moon

let them fast in it.

And whoever of you is sick or on a journey

a number of other days afterwards

because God Desires ease not hardship for you.

So complete the number of days

and magnify God for Guiding you

this that you might find success and be grateful.

2:186 And when My Servants question thee concerning Me

say: I Am Near

and I Answer the call of the caller when they call to Me.

So let them respond to Me and let them believe in Me

that they might be Rightly Guided.

2:187 It is Lawful for husbands to go in unto wives on the night of the fast

for they are a covering for you and you are a covering for them.

God Knew that you deceived yourselves and He Turned In Mercy Towards you and Pardoned you

henceforth lay with them and seek What God Has Ordained for you.

And eat and drink until the white thread of dawn can be seen under the black veil of night

then continue the fast until night again

but have no romance when in the places of worship.

Those are the Limits Of God

so approach them not.

Thus Does God Make Clear His Proofs to mankind

that they might be in Wise Fear.

2:188 And consume not your wealth among yourselves in vanity or squander

nor bribe authorities that you might consume some of the property of the community through falsehood.

You know.

2:189 They ask thee about the new moons

so say: They are measurements of time for the people and the pilgrimage to the house at Mecca

and remind it is not virtue that you approach houses by the backs thereof

but virtue is

whoever is in Wise Fear of God.

So approach houses by the gates thereof

and be in Wise Fear of God

that you might be successful.

2:190 And fight for the Cause Of God against those who fight you

but do not transgress the limits

for God loves not the transgressors.

2:191 So kill them wherever you gain the ascendency over oppressors and persecutors No eye for an eye here, kill them!

and expel them in what manner they expelled you.

And know persecution is worse than killing. by far!

But do not fight them in the Kaaba

unless they fight you therein

and if they do fight you therein

kill them.

Thus is the penalty for fools.

2:192 But if they desist

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

2:193 So fight them until there are no more means of oppression and the Doctrine for all is Gods’.

And when those desist

have no more hostility except for the wrongdoers.

2:194 Yea the sacred moon is for the sacred month

and for inviolable deeds is just reciprocation

so whoever transgresses against you

transgress against them just as they transgressed against you.

But be in Wise Fear of God

and know that God Is Always With those of Wise Fear.

2:195 And spend for the Cause Of God

and do not cast your hands towards ruin by fighting unnecessarily.

Yea and do Good

for God Loves the doers of Good.

2:196 And complete the pilgrimage and the attendance for God

but if you are prevented

then what is feasible of the sacrificial gifts. Good deeds

And do not shave your heads until the deeds are done.

But whoever among you is sick or has mental problems

their redemption is a fast or charity or penance.

And when you are secure

then whoever prefers the attendance to the pilgrimage

then what is easy of the requirement.

And whoever has not the wherewithal

a fast of three days during the pilgrimage and seven when you have returned

that is ten in all.

That is for one whose people are not present at the Kaaba.

And be in Wise Fear of God

knowing that God Is Severe In Retribution.

2:197 The pilgrimage is on months appointed

and whoever undertakes the pilgrimage therein

let there be no sexual approach

and no wanton disobedience

or quarrelling

during the pilgrimage.

And whatever Good you do

God Knows it.

And take provisions

knowing the best provision is Wise Fear.

So be in Wise Fear of Me

O you possessed of insight.

2:198 You do no wrong to seek Favor From your Lord.

And when you expound on subjects known

then remember God with the inviolable sense.

Remember Him and how He Guided you

when you were among those astray before.

2:199 Again press on in what manner others have pressed on

and seek the Forgiveness Of God

for God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

2:200 And when you have concluded your rites

then remember God like you remember your fathers

or stronger.

Among losers are those who say:

Our Lord Give us gifts in this world.

These have no portion in the Hereafter.

2:201 But among them are also those who say:

Our Lord Give us Goodness in this world

and in the Hereafter

yea Protect us from the Punishment of the Fire.

2:202 These may have a portion from what they earn

and God Will Be Swift In the Reckoning of it all.

2:203 And remember God during days numbered of pilgrimage

and whoever makes haste in two days

no sin is against them

and whoever stayed behind

no sin is against them

for these are who consciously revere God.

Lo be in Wise Fear of God

and know that you will be gathered to Him.

2:204 And among you are those whose speech concerning the life of this world impresses thee

and they call God To Witness Over what is in the heart

yet they are the most quarrelsome of people.

2:205 And when they turn away they hasten through the land to do evils therein while destroying crops and corrupting progeny. of Gods’ Original Creation (i.e. Adamites)

God loves not corruption!

2:206 And when it is said: Be thou in Wise Fear of God

pride takes them with sin.

Yea so Hell is their Reckoning

and it is a miserable Eternal Prison.

2:207 And among mankind are those who sell their possessions seeking the Pleasure Of God.

God Is Kind to these servants.

2:208 O you who believe enter into submission completely

and do not follow the footsteps of any degenerate snaking imposter

they are open enemies to you.

2:209 And if you slip after Clear Evidence has come to you

then know that God Is Mighty, Wise.

2:210 Do some only wait for God and the angels to come at them from the shadows of the clouds when the matter of their deeds will be decided?

Unto God are all matters referred.

2:211 Ask the children of Israel how many a Clear Proof We gave them.

And to whomever gives false witness of Gods’ Proofs

God Will Be Severe In Retribution.

2:212 Life of this world is made to seem fair to the deceived

and those who deride believers.

But those who are in Wise Fear will be above the rest on the Day of Resurrection

and God Gives to whom He Wills without measure.

2:213 Humanity was one community

then God Raised Up prophets as bearers of Glad Tidings and Warners

and Sent Down the Books intact with them to judge between mankind concerning that wherein they differed.

And there differed therein only those who were given it after Clear Evidence had come to them

through jealousy between them. of which prophets were best

But God Guided those who heeded warning to the Truth wherein they differed by His Permission

and God Guides whom He Wills to the Straight Path.

2:214 Do you think you will enter the Garden without facing similar tests as those who came and went before you?

Tribulations and adversity touched them

and they were shaken until the messenger and those who heeded warning with him Prayed:

When is the Help Of God?

In Truth the Help Of God is always near.

2:215 They ask thee how they should spend for God

so say: Whatever you spend of Good

for parents

and close relatives

and the fatherless

and the needy

and the wayfarer

and whatever you do of Good

God Knows it.

2:216 And fighting is ordained for you

though it be disliked by you.

Yea it may be that you are averse to a thing and it is beneficial for you.

And it may be that you love a thing and it is detrimental for you.

God Knows

and you do not.

2:217 They ask thee about the sacred month

whether there is fighting during it.

Say: Fighting during it is grave

but forsaking the Path Of God

or disbelieving in Him

or expelling people from the Kaaba

is graver With God.

Yea persecution is worse than killing.

And they will not cease fighting you until they turn you from your belief if they are able.

And whoever among you turns from their belief

and dies as a fool

their works in this world are in vain for the Hereafter.

Those are the companions of the Fire

wherein they will abide Eternally.

2:218 But those who believe

and emigrate

and strive for the Cause Of God

these have hope for the Mercy Of God

and God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

2:219 They ask thee about intoxicants and games of chance

so say: In each are both great sin and benefits

but their sin is greater than their benefits.

And they ask thee what they should spend for God

so say: The surplus.

Thus Does God Make His Advice Clear to you

that you might reflect

2:220 on this present world and the World To Come.

And they ask thee about the fatherless

so say: Helping them is best

and if you live with them

then they are your brethren.

And God Knows the worker of corruption from the doer of Right.

And had God Willed He Would Have Overburdened you

God Is Mighty, Wise.

2:221 The following is good advice for believers because our faiths become weakened/diluted from associating, especially living with, erring fools. And do not marry female polytheists until they believe.

A believing slave girl is better than a female polytheist even though she may impress you.

And do not give in marriage to the male polytheist until they believe.

A believing male slave is better than a polytheist though he may impress you.

These invite to the Fire

and God Invites to the Garden

with Forgiveness By His Permission.

And He Makes Clear His Proofs to humanity

that they might take heed.

2:222 And they ask thee about menstruation

so say: It is a hindrance

keep away from women during menstruation

do not approach them until they are clean

and have purified themselves.

Then approach them in the manner God Has Commanded you.

God Loves the contrite

and He Loves those who purify themselves.

2:223 Your women are your cultivation

so approach your cultivation as you will

and put forward progeny for yourselves.

And be in Wise Fear of God

and know that you will meet Him.

And bear Glad Tidings to the believers.

2:224 And let not your oaths to God keep you from virtue. Don’t use them as excuses for not doing what’s Right.

And be in Wise Fear

and make things Right between others

for God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

2:225 God takes you not to task for mistakes in your oaths

He Takes you To Task for what your hearts intend

but God Is Forgiving, Forbearing.

2:226 For those considering divorce is a mutual oath of four months abstinence

then if they resolve

behold God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

2:227 But if they divorce

God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

2:228 And those divorced women shall wait by themselves three menstrual courses

for it is not Lawful for them to conceal what God Has Created in their wombs

if they believe in God and the Last Day.

And their husbands have more right to take them back during that time if they desire to make things Right.

And due to women is the like of what is due from them according to what is fitting

but men have a degree over women. Because the mans’ bloodline/surname is at stake and his children, especially males, are often valued assets for the success and safety of his family, progeny and clan.

And God Is Mighty, Wise.

2:229 Divorce is revocable twice

then retaining according to what is fitting or releasing with kindness and honor.

And it is not Lawful for you to take anything from what you have given women

unless both fear that they might not uphold the Limits Of God.

Then if they both fear that they will not uphold the Limits Of God

they do no wrong if she frees herself choosing to give up what is hers thereby.

Those are the Limits Of God

transgress them not.

For whoever transgresses the Limits Of God

these are the wrongdoers.

2:230 And if he divorces her she is not Lawful to him thereafter and she may marry a spouse other than him.

Then if he divorces her they do no wrong to return to each other

if they consider that they will uphold the Limits Of God

and those are the Limits Of God.

He Makes Them Clear for people who know.

2:231 And when men divorce women and their term be reached

allow them to stay according to what is fitting

or help them leave according to what is fitting

but do neither to hurt them

for who does that has wronged his soul.

And make not mockery of the Proofs Of God

and remember the Grace Of God towards you and what He Has Sent Down to you of the Book

and the Wisdom whereby He Exhorts you.

And be in Wise Fear of God

knowing that God Knows All Things.

2:232 And when you divorce women and their term be reached

hinder not their marrying new spouses

when they come to terms according to what is fitting.

That is exhorted to who among you believes in God and the Last Day.

That is purer and cleaner for you

and know God Knows

while you do not.

2:233 And mothers shall suckle their children two whole years

for such as wish to complete the suckling.

And upon the father is their provision and their clothing according to what is fitting

but no soul is burdened beyond its capacity.

A mother shall not be hurt by her child

nor he to whom the child is born by his child.

And upon the heir is the like of that

and if they desire weaning by mutual consent and consultation between them

then they do no wrong.

And if you desire to seek one to suckle your children

then you do no wrong

when you ensure the safety of what you have brought according to what is fitting.

And be in Wise Fear of God

knowing that God Sees Everything you do.

2:234 And those of you who die and leave behind wives

they shall wait by themselves four months and ten

when their term be reached.

Then you do no wrong in what they do concerning themselves according to what is fitting

and God Is Aware of Everything you do.

2:235 And you do no wrong in what you intimate to women of engagement or hide within yourselves

God Knows that you will remember them.

But make not nor take an oath with them secretly except that you speak a fitting word.

And do not bind a marriage until the prescribed term.

And know that God Knows what is within your souls

so fear Him

while knowing that God Is Forgiving, Forbearing.

2:236 You do no wrong if you divorce women when you have neither touched them nor appointed for them an obligation

but make them a gift.

The wealthy according to his means

and the poor according to his means

a gift according to what is fitting

is binding upon the doers of Good.

2:237 And if you divorce them before you have touched them but have appointed for them an obligation

then half of what you appointed

unless they forgo it

or he in whose hand is the marriage contract forgoes it.

And to forgo is nearer to Wise Fear

yea forget not kindness among you

God Sees Everything you do.

2:238 Keep to the silent Prayers by yourself

and to the community Prayer of midday if applicable

and stand up for God

devoutly dutiful.

2:239 And if you fear stopping to bow in Prayer

Pray while walking or riding

then bow when you are later secure

and remember God as He Taught you what you knew not.

2:240 And those among you who die and leave behind them wives

the bequest to them is provision for a year without expulsion

then if they leave

you do no wrong in what they do concerning themselves according to what is fitting.

2:241 And for divorced women provision according to what is fitting is binding upon those of Wise Fear.

2:242 Thus Does God Make Clear to you His Ways

that you might use reason.

2:243 Has thou not considered those who left their houses in thousands to fight while fearing death?

Then God Said: Die!

And they did so then He Gave them Life

for God Is Bountiful Towards humanity

but most are not grateful.

2:244 Yea fight for the Cause Of God

and know that God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

2:245 Who is it who will lend a goodly loan to God that He Might Multiply it by many multiples to them?

God Constricts and Expands His Provisions

and to Him you will be returned.

2:246 Has thou not considered the eminent ones of the children of Israel after Moses

when they said to a prophet unto them:

Raise thou up for us a king

and we will fight for the Cause Of God.

He said:

Would you possibly not fight if fighting be ordained for you?

They said: And why should we not fight for the Cause Of God when we and our children have been expelled from our homes?

Then when fighting was commanded for them they turned away except a few of them.

And God Knows these wrongdoers.

2:247 Then their prophet Samuel said to them: God Has Raised Up Saul for you as King.

They said: How can he get dominion over us when we have more right than he who is not as wealthy as us?

He said: God Has Chosen him over you and Increased him in extent of knowledge and stature

for God Bestows His Dominion upon whom He Wills

and God Encompasses us all, He Knows.

2:248 And their prophet said to them:

A Proof of his Kingship is that there will come to you the ark of the covenant to provide Tranquility in your hearts From your Lord.

In it is a remnant of what the houses of Moses and Aaron left behind that is carried by angels

and in that is a Proof for you if you be believers.

2:249 Then when Saul set out with his army he said:

God Will Try you with a river.

Whoever drinks thereof is not with me

yea whoever tastes it is not with me

except one who scoops up a handful with their hand.

And they drank thereof except a few of them

then when he and those who believed with him had crossed it the others who stayed behind said:

We have no power against goliath and his forces this day.

Then those who knew they would meet God replied:

How many a small company has overcome a mighty company by Gods’ Permission!

God Is With the patient yea those of faith.

2:250 Then when they emerged against goliath and his forces they said:

Our Lord pour out confidence upon us and make our feet firm

and help us against the people who deny.

2:251 Then they defeated them by Gods’ Permission

and David killed goliath.

God Gave him of His Dominion and Wisdom and Taught him of what He Willed.

And if God were not to Repel some people by means of others the Earth would become totally corrupt

but God Is Bountiful Towards mankind.

2:252 Those are the Proofs Of God

We recite them to thee in Truth

and thou are among the messengers.

2:253 We gave certain preferences to some messengers over others

and among them are those with whom God Spoke Directly

yea He Raised some among them in differing degrees.

We gave Yeshua son of Mary Miracles for Clear

Evidence and strengthened him with the Spirit of Holiness. Gabriel

And had God not Wanted fighting between believers and non they would not have fought.

But they differed

some of them Righteous and others not

still had God Willed they would not have fought one another.

Yea and God Does What He Wills With Good Reason.

2:254 O you who believe spend wisely of what We have provided you before there comes a Day wherein is neither commerce

nor friendship

nor intercession

for the fools

who are the wrongdoers.

2:255 God.

There is no god but He

The Living, The Eternal.

Neither slumber nor sleep overtake Him

and Unto Him Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth.

Who can intervene with Him except by His Permission?

He Knows what is in front of them and behind them

and they grasp nothing of His Knowledge beyond what He Wills.

His Throne overspreads the Heavens and the Earth

and the sustaining of all thereof wearies Him not.

Yea He Is The Exalted, The Tremendous, The Incomprehensible. 2:255 is known as the “Pedestal Verse”, re-read!

2:256 There is no compulsion forcing in the way of religious life

but there is distinction between Right and wrong.

And whoever abandons their idols believing in God

has grasped a Firm Hand That will not fail them

for God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

2:257 Yea God Is The Ally of those who believe!

He Brings them out of darkness into the Light.

But for the deceived their protectors are jinn

they bring them out of the Light into darkness.

These are the companions of the Fire

wherein they abide Eternally.

2:258 Has thou not considered the one who disputed with Abraham concerning his Lord after God Had Given him of His Dominion?

When Abraham said: My Lord Is He Who Gives Life and Gives Death.

He replied: I can grant life and cause death.

Abraham countered: God Brings the sun from the east

so thou bring it from the west if you be equal.

Then the denier was lost for words

for God guides not the wrong doing people.

2:259 Or like one passing by a city

that was desolate

he said: Can God Give Life to this after its death?

So God Caused him to die for a hundred years

then Raised him Up

and God Said: How long has thou lingered?

Said he: I feel to have tarried a day or part of a day.

God Said: The Truth is thou tarried a hundred years!

Yet look at thy food and drink

and see they have not decayed

and look at thy donkey as it was 100 years ago.

Yea We will use this as a Proof for mankind.

And look at thy bones how We revive them then clothe them with flesh

then when it had become clear to him he said:

Lo. God Is Powerful Over All Things!

2:260 And when Abraham said: My Lord Show me how Thou Gives Life to the dead

God Said: Does thou not believe?

Said he: Verily but that my heart should be at ease.

God Said: Take to thyself four dead birds

then put them upon different hills

and call to them

and watch how they will come to thee in haste

so know God Is Mighty, Wise. Thus how God Calls us to Him.

2:261 The parable of those who spend their wealth for the Cause Of God is like the example of a single grain which sprouts seven ears

in each a hundred grains.

God Returns manifold increases to whom He Wills

for God Is All Encompassing, All Knowing.

2:262 Yea those who spend their wealth for the Cause Of God

then go forward without remorse

nor doubt about having done so

they have their Reward With their Lord

and they need not fear

nor will they regret it.

2:263 Likewise a kind word and forgiveness are better than charity followed by complaints or regrets

and know God Is Free From need, Forbearing.

2:264 O you who believe do not make your

charity vain with hurtful reminders or be

like the one who spends their wealth to be seen by others and believes not

in God and the Last Day.

Their parable is like that of bedrock whereon is rich soil

then a heavy rain rinses it bare.

So the vain possess nothing of what they had

and God guides not the fools.

2:265 And the parable of those who spend their wealth

seeking the Pleasure Of God

as a certainty for the future of their souls

is like the example of a garden at high elevations.

The rain fell upon it and it yielded double fruit

and if rain fell not upon it then dew and it still grew.

Yea and God Sees Everything you do.

2:266 Does one among you cherish gardens of date palms and grapes beneath which rivers flow

they having every sort of fruit therein?

Then old age befell

without strength nor help like a nonbeliever

and a cyclone of fire fell upon it and it was burned up.

Thus does God Make Clear to you the examples

so that you might ponder.

2:267 O you who believe spend wisely of the Good things you earn and of what We bring forth for you from the Earth.

And do not give charity in manners you would not take it for yourselves without shame.

And know that God Is Free From need, Praiseworthy.

2:268 The degenerate snaking imposters promise you oppression and enjoin sexual immoralities upon you

but God Promises you Forgiveness and His Bounty.

God Who Is All Encompassing, All Knowing.

2:269 He Gives Wisdom to whom He Wills

and to whom His Wisdom is Given

they have been Given Much Good

but only those possessed of insight take heed.

2:270 And whatever you spend on others or vow to spend

God Knows it.

And for the wrongdoers there are no protectors.

2:271 If you are public with your charity

it is still Good charity

but if you secretly give to those in need

it is excellent!

And He Will Excuse some of your mistakes

for God Is Always Aware of Everything you do.

2:272 Not upon thee O messenger is the Guidance

God Guides whom He Wills.

And what you spend in Goodness

it is spent upon yourself

so spend only seeking the Face Of God

then what you spend of Good will be repaid in full to you and you will not be wronged.

2:273 For those who are wrapped up and consumed

doing works in the Ways Of God

or are disabled or unable to work the Earth

the ignorant considers them free from need due to their not begging for help.

Thou will know them in this way.

They do not ask for they wish not to trouble others.

And what you spend of Good

God Knows it.

2:274 Those who spend their wealth for God by night and day

secretly and openly

these have their Reward With their Lord

and they need not fear

nor will they regret.

2:275 Those who charge interest will not stand yea those who degenerate snaking imposters touched saying:

Commerce is the same as usury.

But God Has Made commerce Lawful and Prohibited usury.

And to whom the Warning From their Lord came and then they desisted

they have Good in their past and their case is With God.

But whoever goes back

these are the companions of the Fire

wherein they abide Eternally.

2:276 Yea God Eliminates usury and Increases charity

and God loves not every false ingrate.

2:277 Those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

and uphold the Prayer

and show consciousness of Gods’ Presence.

These have their Reward With their Lord

and they need not fear

nor will they regret.

2:278 O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God and give up what remains of usury if you are believers.

2:279 And if you do not give it up

be informed of War From God and His Messenger.

But if you repent

to you are your principal sums

so wrong not and you will not be wronged.

2:280 And if there is a debtor in hardship

then deferment of payments until ease.

But that you forgive by way of charity is better for you

if you would know. Give of what God Gave you!!!

2:281 And be in Wise Fear of a Day in which you will be returned to God

when every soul will be paid in full what it has earned

and they will not be wronged.

2:282 O you who believe when you contract with one another any debt for a fixed term

write it down

and let the one who writes be sound and just.

And let not the one who writes refuse to write it as God Has Taught us.

So let them write

and let whoever takes on the obligation read it aloud

and let them be in Wise Fear of God their Lord not omitting anything thereof.

But if whoever takes on the obligation is incompetent

or weak

or unable to read it aloud

their ally shall read it aloud with justness.

And call two witnesses from among your men

but if there be not two men

a man and two women among those you approve as witnesses because women often leave clans upon divorce or widowing

for if one of them should err

they might remind the other.

And let not witnesses refuse when they are called

and be not weary of writing it whether small or great in amount or term.

That is more just in the Sight Of God

and more upright for witnessing

and nearer to there being no misgivings between you.

But if there be established trust when you transact with some among you

then you do no wrong that you write it not.

And take witnesses when you enter into other contracts together

and let not one who writes or a witness be coerced.

And if you do

then is it wanton disobedience among you.

So be in Wise Fear of God

as God Is Teaching you

and God Knows All Things.

2:283 And should you be on a journey not finding one who writes

a pledge of trust in hand.

And if you trust one another

let one who is trusted discharge their trust

and let them be in Wise Fear of God their Lord.

And do not conceal payments

for they who conceal them

their hearts are false.

And God Knows what you all do.

2:284 To God Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

and whether you reveal what is within yourselves or hide it God Will Call you to account for it.

He Forgives whom He Wills and Punishes whom He Wills.

God Is Powerful Over All Things.

2:285 The messenger believes in What is sent down to him From his Lord as do all monotheists.

Each believes in God and His Angels and His Laws and His Messengers.

We make no distinction between any of His Messengers

for they all say: We hear and we obey

seeking Thy Forgiveness our Lord

and to Thee is our Journeys’ End.

2:286 God does not impose upon a soul beyond its capacity

and it has what it earns

and it answers for what it acquires.

So Pray: Our Lord take us not to task if we forget or err.

And: Our Lord lay Thou not upon us a burden as Thou did upon those before us!

Yea our Lord impose Thou not upon us beyond what we are able

and Excuse us

and Forgive us

and Have Thou Mercy upon us.

For Thou Alone Are our Benefactor

so Help us against the deniers and the fools.