Chapter 25. The Division, al-Furqan

25.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

25:1 Blessed Is He Who Sent Down the Division of Criterion between Right and wrong upon His Servants

that they might be Warners to mankind.

25:2 He To Whom the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth Belongs

and has not taken a son

nor had a partner in dominion.

He Created Everything By His Designs Alone

yea He Ordained It Entirely.

25:3 And they have taken gods besides Him who do not create anything

but are themselves Created By God.

They possess neither harm nor benefit for themselves

nor power to stave off death

nor to create life

nor to resurrect the dead.

25:4 Yet those who disbelieve say:

This is only a lie he invented and other people assisted him in it.

Lo. They have brought grave injustice and falsehood.

25:5 And they say: Fables of former peoples!

He surely has written while dictated to him in private from others morning and evening.

25:6 Say: He Who Sent It Down Knows All Secrets in the Heavens and the Earth

and He Is Forgiving, Merciful.

25:7 And they say: What messenger is this that eats food and walks in the markets?

Oh if only an angel were sent down as a Warner with him!

25:8 Or a treasure were sent to him!

Or there were for him a fine garden of his own estate from which he ate!

And the wrongdoers say: You only follow a man taken by fantasy.

25:9 See thou how they postulate parables to thee

while gone astray

and cannot find a way.

25:10 Blessed Is He Who if He Wills Will Make Better than all that for thee.

Yea Gardens beneath which rivers flow

and He Will Make for thee Palaces to thrive in.

25:11 The Truth is they have rejected the Hour

and for those who reject the Hour We have prepared an Inferno.

25:12 When seen from a place far away they hear the furious raging and moans from those therein.

25:13 And when they are cast in constricted and bound together they call out wishing for death.

25:14 Yea but they do not call for one death this Day

they call for infinite deaths in Eternal Destruction!

25:15 Say: Is that better

or is the Garden of Eternity Promised to those of Wise Fear?

It will be a Reward and Fine Journeys’ End for them.

25:16 They have all that they desire therein

abiding Eternally

for it is upon thy Lord His Promise to be fulfilled.

25:17 And the Day He Gathers them and what they served besides God He Will Ask:

Was it you who led my servants astray

or did they stray from the Way themselves?

25:18 They will say: Glory be unto Thee!

It did not behoove us to take any protectors besides Thee!

But Thou Did Give them and their fathers Enjoyment

until they forgot the Remembrance

and became a people ruined.

25:19 Then your false gods will reject you for what you say

and you will not be able to either avert nor run.

Yea We will make all who worship falsely among you taste the Great Punishment.

25:20 And We sent before thee only messengers that ate food and walked in the markets

and We made some of you a test for others.

So will you be patient?

Thy Lord Sees All!

25:21 And those who do not look to a Meeting with Us say:

Oh if only the angels were sent down upon us

or we were Personally Visited By our Lord.

These have been proud concerning themselves!

Yea scornful with great pride.

25:22 For the Day they see the angels

that Day there will be no glad tidings for the evildoers

and they will say: Here comes a banning without end!

25:23 And We will proceed to determine what they did of deeds and then make them scattered dust.

25:24 But the companions of the Garden that Day are best in habitation within the Fairest Resting Place on high.

25:25 The Day the sky and the clouds are rent asunder and the angels are sent down in succession.

25:26 The True Dominion that Day Belongs To The Almighty

and it is a Difficult Day for fools indeed.

25:27 The Day the wrongdoer will gnaw at their hands


If only I had taken the Way with the messenger!

25:28 Woe is me!

If only I had not taken fools for friends!

25:29 Yea they led me astray from the Remembrance after it reached me.

Degenerate snaking imposters are traitors to Adamites!

25:30 And the messenger will say: O my Lord my people took this Quran in jest as a thing disregarded.

25:31 Thus We appointed an enemy to every prophet from among the evildoers

but God Suffices As Guide and Protector.

25:32 And those who disbelieved said:

Oh that the Quran were only sent down upon him all at once!

Nay. Rather that We might strengthen thy heart thereby We conveyed it in slow and distinct stages.

25:33 And they bring thee no real parable but We bring thee the Truth and solid explanations.

25:34 Those who will be gathered facing Hell

are worst in position and far astray from the Way.

25:35 Yet certainly We gave Moses the Torah and appointed his brother Aaron with him to assist.

25:36 We said: Go warn the people who deny Our Proofs

then We utterly annihilated them.

25:37 And the people of Noah

when they rejected the messengers We drowned them

and made them a Proof for mankind.

Yea and We have prepared a Painful Punishment for the wrongdoers of today.

25:38 And the people of Ad

and the people of Thamud

and the companions of Rass

and all generations in between.

25:39 We presented Clear Proofs To each

then We utterly destroyed them.

25:40 And they pass by those cities whereon rained a reprehensible rain of fire

so can it be that they do not see it?

Nay. The Truth is they do not want any resurrection!

25:41 And when they see thee they only make mockery saying:

Is this common man a Messenger Sent By God?

25:42 He would have led us astray from our gods

were we not steadfast towards them.

But when they behold the Punishment they will know who was astray from the Way!

25:43 Has thou considered those who took their vain desires as their god?

Knowing this then thou tries to look out for them?

25:44 If thou think that most of them hear or reason

in Truth they are only as smart as livestock.

Nay. They are more ignorant far astray from the Way!

25:45 Has thou not considered how thy Lord Brings the night?

And had He Willed He Would Have Made it remain

but instead We make the sun its successor.

25:46 Then We take it back to Us in a gradual taking.

25:47 Yea He It Is Who Makes the night a covering for you

to sleep and rest

and the day for rising.

25:48 And He It Is Who Sends the winds as Glad Tidings at the time of His Mercy

and We send down pure water from the sky.

25:49 That We might give Life thereby to a dead land

and give drink to what We have Created of animals and mankind.

25:50 And We have expounded it among them that they might take heed

but most refuse in disbelief.

25:51 And had We willed We would have raised up a Warner in every town.

25:52 So thou do not obey fools

strive against them with a great striving.

25:53 For He It Is Who Loosed the two seas

one sweet and palatable

the other salty and bitter

and Made between them a barrier elevation

banning one saltwater from the other. fresh

25:54 He It Is Who Created mankind from water

and Made for them blood relations and marriage relations

for thy Lord Is Omnipotent, Powerful.

25:55 Yet they serve besides God what can neither benefit nor harm them

hence fools turn against their own Lord, their Creator.

25:56 So We sent thee only as a Warner to them and a bearer of Glad Tidings to those of Wise Fear.

25:57 Say: I ask no reward of you for this it is only that whoever wills can take a way to their Lord.

25:58 Yea place thy trust in The Living

Who never dies

and give thou praise in glory to Him.

And know He Suffices As The One Aware of the impieties of His Servants.

25:59 He Who Created the Heavens and the Earth and all that lives in them in six days

then Took His Place upon the Throne.

That Is The Almighty

just ask those aware of Him.

25:60 Yet when it is said to some: Submit to The Almighty

they say: And what is The Almighty?

Are we to submit to whatever thou commands us?

This increases them in aversion.

25:61 Yet Blessed Is He Who Made constellations in the sky

and placed a torch therein

and an illuminating moon.

25:62 He It Is Who Made the night and day a succession for those who desire to take heed and give gratitude.

25:63 The servants of The Almighty are they who walk upon the Earth modestly

and when the ignorant come to them they speak of God with peace.

25:64 Those who spend the night and the day in submission to their Lord.

25:65 And who say: Our Lord Avert from us the Punishment of Hell

for the Punishment thereof is Unrelenting.

25:66 Yea miserable is that Abode devoid of rest!

25:67 But those who when they spend are neither extravagant nor miserly

a place in between.

25:68 And who do not call to another god with God

nor kill any soul which God Has Made unlawful except rightfully

nor commit indecencies

for who so does that will meet requital.

25:69 The Punishment will be doubled for them on the Day of Resurrection

then they abide Eternally therein forever humiliated.

25:70 But those who repent and believe and work Righteousness

for such God Will Exchange their evil for Good deeds

yea God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

25:71 And whoever does truly repent and work Righteousness

it is these who submit to God completely.

25:72 Those who do not bear witness to falsehood

and when they hear idle talk pass by nobly.

25:73 Those when they are reminded by the Word Of their Lord do not fall back unwilling to hear and see.

25:74 They say: Our Lord please Give To us from our spouses and our progeny a delight to the eye

and Make us models for those of Wise Fear.

25:75 Such will be Rewarded with the High Places because they were patient

and they will be met therein with greetings of peace.

25:76 Then they will live therein Eternally

and excellent is that Abode the Place of Rest.

25:77 Say: My Lord will not Concern Himself with you at all

if your Prayers were not to Him

for then have you rejected Him

and so the Inevitable will come to you.