Chapter 24. The Light, an-Nur

24.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

24:1 We sent this chapter down

with obligatory Laws

wherein We provide clear instructions

that you might take heed.

24:2 For the adulteress and the adulterer

lash each of them with a hundred strokes.

And do not let pity for them take you concerning the Doctrine Of God

if you believe in God and the Last Day. Because adultery is the way of infiltration of Adamic progeny by degenerate snaking imposters.

And let a good number of the believers witness their suffering. So they will recount the harshness of the penalty to others.

24:3 Furthermore the adulterer shall not marry

but an adulteress

or an idolatress.

And the adulteress shall not marry

but an adulterer

or an idolater.

All that which is forbidden to believers.

24:4 And those who accuse chaste women of infidelity

coming forth with less than four accusers

whip them with eighty lashes for spreading slander

and do not accept their testimony as witnesses ever

for these are the wantonly disobedient.

24:5 But those who repent and do Right after that

then is God Forgiving, Merciful.

24:6 And those who accuse their wives without having other witnesses

let him call to God as his Witness four times that he speaks the Truth.

24:7 And a fifth call that the Curse Of God be upon him if he be a liar.

24:8 And let it repel his accusation from her

that she bears witness By God four times that he is a liar.

24:9 And a fifth that the Wrath Of God be upon her two fold

for if he speaks the Truth God Knows.

24:10 Woe were it not for the Grace Of God and His Mercy on you!

God Is The Accepter of repentance, The Wise.

24:11 Truly there are many who seek to slander among you

but do not think it is a bad thing for you.

Nay it is Good for you. They are to be made examples for all.

And for every one among them is what they earn of lies

and for the instigator a greater share thereof.

Yea for them is a Horrifying Punishment.

24:12 Oh that when any believing men and believing women hear such things they had only Good thoughts of their brethren and said:

This is likely clear slander!

24:13 Yea for if not they must bring four witnesses!

But since they do not bring witnesses

you know they are liars in the Sight Of God.

24:14 And were it not for the Bounty Of God and His Mercy to you in this world and the Hereafter

you would have been afflicted with a Degrading Punishment for what you bought of lies.

24:15 When you received rumors with your ears

and said with your mouths that whereof you had no knowledge

thinking it insignificant

when it was in the Sight Of God grave sin. Because speaking of it popularizes sexual immorality and seeds distrust among believers.

24:16 Oh that when you heard it you had only said:

It is not for Good folk to speak or hear of this.

Yea then glory would have been unto thee!

For this is a detestable slander devoid of proof!

24:17 Hence God Exhorts you that you do not repeat the like thereof ever if you be believers.

24:18 Hence God Makes His Instructions Clear to you

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

24:19 Those who love spreading ideas of sexual immorality among those who believe satanic hollywood, the porn industries and sex education programs are 100% jewish theirs is a curse in this world and infinitely worse in the Hereafter.

Yea God Knows and you know not.

24:20 Imagine were it not for the Bounty Of God and His Mercy to you

for God Is Kind, Merciful.

24:21 O you who believe do not follow the footsteps of the degenerate snaking imposter

for whoever does

becomes immoral and evil.

Were it not for the Bounty Of God and His Mercy to you

not one of you would ever become pure in heart.

But God Increases in purity whom He Wills

and God Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

24:22 And let those among you possessed of bounty and abundance be kind and giving to relatives

and the poor

and the emigrants for the Cause Of God.

Yea and let them pardon and overlook

for do you not love that God Might Forgive you?

Indeed God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

24:23 Yea those who falsely accuse chaste believing women

cursed are they in this world and the Hereafter.

For certain they have earned a Horrifying Punishment!

24:24 The Day their tongues and their hands and their feet bear witness against them as to what they did.

24:25 That Day God Will Pay them in full for what they earn

then they will know That God, He Is The Clear Truth.

24:26 Hence bad women are for bad men

and bad men for bad women

and Good women are for Good men

and Good men for Good women.

The Good are acquitted of what others said

for them is Gods’ Pardon and His Noble Provision.

24:27 O you who believe

enter not dwellings other than your own until you have been invited

and greet all people thereof with a saying of: Peace.

That is best for you

that you might take heed.

24:28 And when you find no one at home

do not enter without permission.

And if ever it be said to you: Leave.

Then leave.

It is honorable for you

and God Knows Everything you do.

24:29 But you do no wrong to enter uninhabited dwellings in which there is Good for you

so long as you know God Knows what you proclaim and what you conceal.

24:30 Say to the believing men that they restrain their views

and guard their modesty

for that is honorable for them

and know God Is Aware of Everything they do.

24:31 And say to the believing women that they restrain their views

and guard their modesty

and that they do not advertise their adornments

and let them draw head coverings over their bosoms.

Yea do not reveal their adornments except to their husbands

or their fathers

or the fathers of their husbands

or their sons

or the sons of their husbands

or their brothers

or the sons of their brothers

or the sons of their sisters

or their women

or what they possess rightfully

or the attendants who have not the urge of men

or the children not yet aware of female private parts.

And let them not jiggle about so as to advertise what is to be hidden of their adornment.

And turn to God For Forgiveness altogether O believers

that you might be successful.

24:32 And give in marriage the eligible and Righteous among your manservants and maidservants.

If they be poor God Will Enrich them out of His Bounty

for God Encompasses, He Knows.

24:33 And let those who find no marriage abstain until God Enriches them out of His Bounty.

And for those slaves who seek freedom among whom you possess rightfully

contract with them if you know Good in them

and give to them out of the Wealth God Has Given you.

And do not force women into prostitution

when they desire chastity

because you seek enjoyment of the life of this world.

But to those who are forced

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

24:34 We have sent down to you clear verses

and made examples of those who came and went before you

all as Warnings to those of Wise Fear.

24:35 God Is The Light of the Heavens and the Earth

and a Parable of His Light is as a niche in a wall wherein is a lamp

the lamp in a glass

the glass as if a shining star lit with oil from a blessed olive tree

neither known by the east nor the west

its oil illuminating though fire does not touch it.

Light upon Light!

From afar God Guides to His Light whom He Wills

and God Presents these parables to mankind

for God Knows Everything. We are like wicks that absorb Gods’ Word like oil from afar to become enlightened hence Light upon Light!

24:36 The Light is lit in houses wherein God Gives Permission that His Name be Exalted and Remembered

and to Him is given the glory in the mornings and the evenings.

24:37 Blessed are those whom neither trade nor commerce divert from Remembrance of God

and upholding the Prayer

and being conscious of Gods’ Presence.

Yea they fear a Day wherein panicked hearts will pound and wide white eyes will stare.

24:38 While God Might Reward some for the best of what they did

and Increase them out of His Grace

for God Provides to whom He Wills without reckoning.

24:39 But the deeds of those who disbelieve are like mirages in a desert.

The dehydrated one thinks it to be water

but upon coming to it finds nothing.

Instead they find God Was With them

He Who Pays their accounts in full.

Yea and God Is Swift In Reckoning.

24:40 Or like darkness in a fathomless sea

a wave covers them

above that another wave

above that a cloud

and darkness one above another.

When they hold out a hand it is barely seen

for those whom God has not made a Light

there is not any Light for them.

24:41 Has thou considered that everyone in the Heavens and the Earth gives Glory to God?

Even the birds flying in formation.

Each Knows its Prayer and its glorification

and God Knows Everything they all do.

24:42 Yea To God Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

and to God is the Journeys’ End.

24:43 Has thou not considered how God Drives the vapors

then Brings them together

and Makes a cloud?

And thou sees the rain come forth from the midst of it

He Sends it Down from the sky

from mountains of clouds therein of hail

and He Strikes Therewith whom He Wills

and He Diverts it from whom He Wills.

Yea and the Brightness of His Lightning almost takes away the sight.

24:44 God Turns About the night and the day

and in that is a lesson for those with eyes that see.

24:45 God Created every creature from water

and among them is what goes upon its belly

and among them is what goes upon two legs

and among them is what goes upon four.

Hence God Creates What and How He Wills

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

24:46 We have sent down clear verses

and God Guides whom He Wills to the Straight Path.

24:47 And they say: We believe in God and His Messenger and we obey.

Then after that some of them turn away

for these are not True Believers.

24:48 When they are invited to God and His Messenger that he judge between them

then some among them are disinclined.

24:49 But if the Truth will be to their advantage

they come to him in prompt obedience.

24:50 Is there disease in their hearts?

If they doubt or fear that God and His Messenger would deal unjustly with them

then the Truth is these are wrongdoers.

24:51 The reaction of True Believers invited to God and His Messenger to judge between them is that they say:

We hear and we obey.

These are the Successful!

24:52 Yea whoever obeys God and His Messenger

and are in Wise Fear of God

these are the Triumphant.

24:53 And they swear by their strongest oaths to God that if thou order them they will go forth to fight

but say: Swear not for obedience is known when seen!

God Sees Everything you do.

24:54 Say: Obey God and obey the messenger.

Those who turn away

upon them is what they have been given to bear

and upon you is what you have been given to bear.

And if you obey it you will be Rightly Guided.

So upon the messenger is only the clear communication.

24:55 And God Has Promised those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

that He Will Make them successors in the Earth even as He Made those successors who were before them.

And He Will Establish their doctrine for them which He Approved for them

and Will Give them in exchange Safety after their fear.

They serve Me

and they ascribe no partnership with Me to anything

and whoever denies after that

these are the wantonly disobedient.

24:56 So uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

and obey the messenger

that you might obtain mercy.

24:57 Think not that those who disobey can escape the great Earth

for their habitation is the Fire

and miserable is that as their Journeys’ End.

24:58 O you men who believe

let women and those who have not reached puberty among you in your household ask permission to enter your private chambers

at three times when you lay your garments aside:

Before the Prayer of the dawn.

In the midday Prayer.

And after the Prayer of the night.

These are three times of privacy for you

and you nor they do no wrong outside of them

while some of you move about among others of you.

Thus God Makes the Ways Clear to you

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

24:59 And when the children among you reach puberty

let them ask permission at all times.

Thus God Makes Clear to you His Ways

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

24:60 And those past child bearing among the women who have no expectation of marriage

they do no wrong that they lay aside their garments

meaning not to flaunt their adornments.

Yet in this that they refrain is best for them

and God Is The All hearing, All knowing.

24:61 No blame is there upon the blind

nor upon the lame

nor upon the sick

nor upon yourselves

that you eat among your dwellings

or your fathers

or your mothers

or your brothers

or your sisters

or your paternal uncles

or your paternal aunts

or your maternal uncles

or your maternal aunts

or that whereof you hold the keys

or of your friend.

You do no wrong to eat together or separately

but when you enter dwellings

greet one another with a Godly Greeting Blessed and Good.

Thus God Makes the Ways Clear to you

that you might use reason.

24:62 The believers believe in God and His Messenger

and when they are conversing do not leave without asking permission of him.

Hence those who ask permission of thee are they who believe in God and His Messenger.

Then when they ask permission to leave to deal with their affairs

give permission to whom thou wills among them

and ask for Forgiveness Of God for them going forth.

For God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

24:63 Make not your call to the messenger like a call to one another

and be aware God Knows those who slip away secretly during difficult matters.

And let those who oppose his orders beware lest a trial or a Painful Punishment befall them.

24:64 In Truth Everything in the Heavens and the Earth Belongs To God.

He Knows what you stand upon

and the Day all are returned to Him

He Will Inform everyone of what they did

for God Knows All Things.