Chapter 27. The Ant, an-Naml

27.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

27:1 ṭā sīn

These are the verses of a Clear Decree.

27:2 A Guidance

and Glad Tidings for believers.

27:3 Those who uphold the Prayer

and are conscious of Gods’ Presence

and are certain of the Hereafter.

27:4 Yea but those who do not believe in the Hereafter

We have made their works seem fair to them so they wander in blindness.

27:5 These are they for whom is Miserable Punishment in the Hereafter. 

Yea they are most in loss.

27:6 And thou receives the Quran from the presence of one wise and knowing. Gabriel

27:7 When Moses said to his folk: I see an illuminating fire

and I think I will gain knowledge from it

or at minimum bring you a burning firebrand that you might warm yourselves with a fire.

27:8 Then when he came to it he was called:

Blessed Is He Who Is the Fire God

and he who is round about it. Moses

Now glory be unto you as Witness To God

The Lord of the Worlds!

27:9 O Moses It Is I God The Almighty, The Wise.

27:10 Cast thy staff and see!

Then when he saw it stirring as if a great serpent he turned away in fear not to return again.

But God Said: O Moses stay yourself

for My Messengers need not fear in My Ever Presence.

27:11 And to whoever did wrong

then reverted to Good after evil

I Am The Forgiving, The Merciful.

27:12 Now place thy hand into thy bosom

then see it come forth glowing bright with white light!

These are among nine Proofs to pharaoh and his folk.

A wantonly disobedient people.

27:13 When Our Proofs came to them they said:

This is obvious sorcery.

27:14 They rejected them even though convinced of them hence they were unjust yea arrogant and deceived.

So see thou how was the final outcome of the workers of corruption?

27:15 And We gave Knowledge to David and Solomon

who said: Praise Belongs To God Who Has Advantaged us above the rest of His Believing Servants.

27:16 And Solomon inherited from David

who said: O mankind we have been taught the speech of birds and have been given every sort of thing

and this is the Clear Favor Of God.

27:17 And there gathered unto Solomon his forces of jinn and humans and birds soldiering in ranks.

27:18 When they had reached the valley of the ants

the queen said: O ants enter your safe dwellings

so that Solomon and his forces do not crush you

while unprepared.

27:19 And he smiled

understanding of her speech and he said:

My Lord please Direct Thou me to be grateful for Thy Grace wherewith Thou Has Favored me and my parents

to work Righteousness Pleasing To Thee.

And please Make me enter by Thy Mercy among Thy Righteous Servants.

27:20 And he inspected the birds and said:

How is it I do not see the hoopoe why is he absent?


27:21 I will penalize him with a severe penalization

or I will kill him if he brings me no good excuse.

27:22 But he did not tarry long

then he reported: I comprehend what thou comprehends not

and I come to thee from Sheba with certain tidings.

27:23 I found a woman ruling over them

and she has been given every sort of thing

and her throne is decorated with every sort of gem.

27:24 I found her and her people worshipping the sun amen-rah rather than God.

Yea a degenerate snaking imposter infiltrated them and made their works seem fair

diverting them from the Way.

Hence they are not Rightly Guided.

27:25 They do not submit to God Who Brings

Forth the hidden in the Heavens and the Earth

and Knows what we hide and what we make known.

27:26 God

there is no god but He

The Lord of the Mightiest Throne.

27:27 He said: We will see if thou speaks Truth or if thou lies.

27:28 Go with my decree

and deliver it unto them

then turn away from them and see what comes of it.

27:29 She said: O eminent ones there has been delivered unto me a noble decree.

27:30 It is from Solomon

In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

27:31 Saying: Exalt not yourselves before Me

come to Me submitted!

27:32 She said: O eminent ones

counsel me in my affair

I will not decide until you bear me witness.

27:33 They said: We possess power and strong might

but the command is unto thee

so let us see what thou will command.

27:34 She said: When some kings enter a city they spoil it

and bring its most honored people low

yea thus they do.

27:35 I will send a gift to him and see what results from it.

27:36 So when it came to Solomon he said:

She thinks to aid me with wealth?

What God Gives me is better than what He Gives her

it is she who has been offered a gift of meeting me!

27:37 Return thou to them with this:

We will come with forces they have no power to resist

and We will drive them therefrom in humility

yea they will be brought low.

27:38 He said: O eminent ones which of you will bring me her throne before they come unto me submitted?

27:39 A dutiful one among the jinn said: I will bring it to thee before thou can rise from thy station

for I am strong and trustworthy.

27:40 Then one with knowledge of the Way said: Nay. I will bring it to thee before thy glance returns to thee!

And when he saw it set before him he said:

This Miracle is of the Bounty Of my Lord that He Might Try me whether I be grateful or ungrateful.

And whoever is grateful

is only grateful for their own soul.

And whoever is ungrateful

my Lord Is Free From need of their thanks.

27:41 He said: Disguise her throne for her

then we will see if she is Rightly Guided

or if she is of those misguided.

27:42 When she came they asked: Is thy throne like this one?

She said: As if the same!

They said: She sees but we were given Knowledge before her and we are submitted.

27:43 And what she serves besides God diverts her

for she is with a group of fools.

27:44 So it was said to her: Enter the palace.

And when she saw the floor she thought it was a body of water so uncovered her legs as to wade.

He said: It has been paved with glass. by high tech of his jinn

Being impressed she said: My Lord I have been wronging my soul

and I submit with Solomon to the One True God

The Lord of the Worlds. The jinn (i.e. lucifer) gave their hybrid DSIs all high technology we have beginning with ram pumps and clocks/watches.

27:45 And We sent to Thamud their brother Salih that they might serve God

but they were among two factions quarrelling.

27:46 He said: O my people why will you hasten to the evil before the Good?

Why do you not simply ask Pardon Of God

that you might obtain His Mercy?

27:47 They said: We see a bad omen in thee.

He said: Your bad omen is With God.

Truly you are a people being Tested By Him.

27:48 And in the town there were nine bands which worked corruption in the land doing nothing Right.

27:49 They said: Swear one to another by God that we will attack him and his household by night.

Then we will say to his allies:

We did not witness the destruction of his household

surely we speak the Truth.

27:50 Yea they schemed a scheme

so We schemed a scheme.

But they did not perceive Us!

27:51 So see how the final outcome of their scheme was

for We destroyed them and their people altogether!

27:52 Yea those whose dwellings are desolate because they did wrong

in that is Evidence for a folk who know.

27:53 But We rescued those who heeded Our Warning

those of Wise Fear.

27:54 And Lot when he said to his people:

You commit sin while knowing it is wrong?

27:55 You approach men rather than women?

You are a disgusting people who are grossly unaware!

27:56 The response of his people was only that they said:

Drive the house of Lot from our city

for they think themselves to be purer!

27:57 So We rescued him and his household except his wife

for We decreed her to be of those who stay behind.

27:58 And We rained upon them a rain of molten stone and harsh is the rain for those who have been warned.

There are countless cities destroyed and buried by God! Palmyra, Syria;

C:\Users\YasuMasih\Desktop\oldcities\Palmyra, Syria.jpg

27:59 Say: Praise Belongs To God

and peace be unto His Servants whom He Has Chosen!

Yea is God Better or is that which fools believe in?

27:60 Who Created the Heavens and the Earth

and Sent Down water from the sky wherewith We cause to grow gardens of delights?

Was it any other than God Who Made trees that grow?

Yea need there be any god with God?

Nay! Hence idolaters are only fools.

27:61 Who Made the Earth a fixed lodging

and Put rivers in its midst

and Built firm mountains therein

and Made a barrier between the two seas? Speaking of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic over the Gibraltar sill. We now know they don’t mix. Need there be any god with God?

The Truth is most are ignorant and grossly unaware.

27:62 Who Responds to one distressed upon calling to Him?

Who Removes the evil

and Makes His People inherit the Earth?

Need there be any god with God?

Little do most take heed.

27:63 Who Guides you with stars and the moon in the darkness of the land and the sea

and Who Sends the winds as Glad Tidings at the time of His Mercy?

Need there be any god with God?

Exalted Is He Far Above anything they serve!

27:64 Who Begins Creation Then Repeats It?

And Who Provides for you from the sky and the Earth?

Need there be any god with God?

Say: Bring your evidence if you be Truthful!

27:65 Say: None in the Heavens nor the Earth knows the unseen except God

and none know when they will be raised up.

27:66 Disbelievers are totally devoid of Real Knowledge.

Hence they are in doubt concerning most everything.

Yea those who do not believe are only living blindly.

27:67 And those who do not believe say mockingly in doubt:

We and our fathers will be brought forth from dust?

27:68 Yea we and our fathers before have been Promised this

but it is only fables of former peoples.

27:69 Say: Travel in the land and see the ultimate ends of those who disbelieved before!

Hewn dwellings of Aad, note the discoloration and flaking from an extreme heat event!

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\\oldcities\Ellora (Maharashtra, India).jpg

27:70 So grieve thou not for the disbelievers

nor be distressed over anything they do.

27:71 They say: When is this Promise if you be Truthful?

27:72 Say: It may be that some of what you would hasten is welling up close around you.

27:73 Yet truly thy Lord Is Bountiful Towards mankind

but most give no thanks.

27:74 And thy Lord Knows what their hearts hide and what they make known.

27:75 And there is nothing hidden in the sky or the Earth that is not from a Clear Decree.

27:76 And this Quran narrates to the children of Israel Adamites most of that concerning which they differ.

27:77 It is a Guidance and mercy for all believers.

27:78 Whereby thy Lord Will Decree among them in His Judgement

for He Is The Almighty, The Knowing.

27:79 So place all thy trust in God

for thou are now upon the Clear Truth.

27:80 But as thou cannot make the dead hear

thou cannot make the unwilling listen to the Call

they will only revert.

27:81 Yea thou cannot guide the blind out of their error.

Thou can only fasten Our Proofs to those who believe

and are submitted.

27:82 And when the Word finally befalls them

We will bring forth a creature from the Earth

telling them that mankind was foolish for not being certain of Our Proofs.

At the right time, (now) God Will Produce a Creature that will be instrumental in unveiling more of Gods’ Signs. This was fulfilled. The creature was the computer made of silicon “from the Earth” which was instrumental in unveiling the Qurans’ numerical code (i.e. “the miracle of 19” as well as many other amazing scientific and mathematical Proofs) and proclaiming the Reality of God and that the world has neglected Gods’ Message. The sum of the digits that make up chapter/verse 27:82 (2 +7 +8 + 2) = 19 the key prime number encoded in the Quran. An important observation in the words in 27:82 is connected with the wording of the word “creature” (Dabbah) in comparison with other verses in the Quran where the same word is used. We notice that all the other verses connecting the two words “creature” and “Earth” always speak of “creature in the Earth”, for example: 11:6 “There is not a single creature in the Earth whose provision is not due from God.” Scientifically speaking, we all live in the Earth and not on the Earth. This is because we live inside the Earth’s atmosphere under the firmament which separates Heavens and Earth. However, when we look at 27:82 we find the wording is deliberately changed to “a creature from the Earth” this one time only. The deliberate use of the word “from” in this phrase denotes that this creature is made from Earthly materials i.e. silicon. As it happened, the computer was the tool to be used in counting all the thousands of figures and multiples of the miracle in the Quran. Let us look at 27:82 and particularly at its mirror image of the Sura and verse numbers, the 27 becomes 72, and the 82 becomes 28. Verse 72:28 proclaims: He (God the Alpha and the Omega) has counted the number of all things. And 72 + 28 = 100 which is an omega “God Number” like all that begin with 1 which can either start a sequence going forward or end one leading up to it. ie; .97 .98 .99 1 or 8 9 10 or 98 99 100. And binary consists only of zeros and ones, alpha-omegas! Yea, in this are Proofs for the wise!

27:83 And the Day We gather from every community a unit of those who deny Our Proofs

then they will be marshaled to march in rank to Us.

27:84 When they have come He Will Say:

Did you refuse My Proofs without event attempting to grasp them?

Or what was it that you did?

27:85 Since they did wrong the Word will fall hard on them

and they will speak nothing in defense.

27:86 Had they not considered that We made the night so they might rest therein

and the day for giving sight?

In that is Evidence for folk who believe.

27:87 And the Day the trumpet will be blown

everyone in the Heavens and the Earth will be in terror

except whom God Wills.

All will come to Him abased and humbled in lowliness.

27:88 And when thou sees the mountains

which ye thought were solid

they will pass like the passing of the clouds.

Hence the Work Of God Who Perfected All His Things!

And He It Is Who Is Aware Of Everything you do.

27:89 Whoever brings a Good deed

for them will be better than it

and they will be secure that Day from the terror.

27:90 And whoever brings evil will be thrown down on their faces in the Fire.

For are you not Rewarded for that which you did?

27:91 I have only been Commanded to serve The Lord of this land Who Made It Sacred

and To Him Belongs All Things.

And I am Commanded to be of the submitted

27:92 and to recite the Quran.

And whoever is Rightly Guided

they are only Rightly Guided for themselves.

And whoever strays

truly I am among the ones who warn them.

27:93 And say: All Praise Belongs To God

for He Will Show His Proofs to you

and you will recognize them. Gods’ Signature is distinct once you’ve seen a few examples, is it not?!

And thy Lord is not unmindful of anything you do.