Chapter 53. The Star, an-Najm

53.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

53:1 By the star when it sets.

53:2 Your Messengers have not strayed nor erred

53:3 and they do not speak from vain desire.

53:4 It is only an instruction given

53:5 from one mighty in power

53:6 and possessed of strength. Gabriel.

Yea he took his place

53:7 when he was in the highest horizon

53:8 then he drew nearer and descended.

53:9 He was at two bows’ length or nearer about 600 feet

53:10 then he instructed his servant what he instructed

53:11 and Mohamets mind did not lie about what it saw.

53:12 So will you then dispute with him about what he saw?

53:13 And he saw him in another descent

53:14 by the lote tree of the utmost boundary Speaking of the Pleiades viewed from where the firmament meets the Earth at the artic circle or Antarctica. Note the artic circle is the biblical “Earth circle”.


53:15 near it is the Garden of Abode. Gods’ Kingdom begins on the other side of the firmament surrounding us. We’re in the Earth Circle atop a very large globe which is Gods’ Actual Kingdom or “Heaven”. The sun and moon are equal size and distance above our “test trap”. To eliminate doubts about this and other related lies, watch NASHA.


For the Translator;
Heavenly Kingdom of YWHW!

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53:16 And when there covered the lote tree that which covered. Nightfall seen as the darkness behind the Pleiades.

53:17 The vision did not deviate nor transgress.

53:18 He has seen among the Proofs Of his Lord the Greatest. Mohamet saw Gabriel in his real form, likely a stunning ET similar to God!

53:19 Have you considered idol jinn goddesses Al-Lat and Al-Uzza

53:20 and Manat the third the other?

53:21 So have you the males and He the females?

53:22 That then is an unfair division. for battles

53:23 Yea they are but names you and your fathers named for which God Sent Down no authority.

They followed only assumption and what their souls desired

but now there has come to them the Guidance From their Lord.

53:24 If one is to imagine owning what they desire

53:25 Everything Still Belongs To God.

53:26 And how many an angel are in the Heavens! Quadrillioins!?

Yet their intercession avails nothing unless

God Gives Permission to whom He Wills and Is Pleased.

53:27 Yea those who do not believe in the Hereafter name the angels with female names

53:28 but how could they have knowledge thereof?

They follow only assumption

and assumption does not suffice against Truth at all.

53:29 So turn away from those who turn away from Our Remembrance and desire only the life of this world.

53:30 That is their extent of knowledge

and thy Lord Knows Best who strays from His Way

and He Knows Best the Rightly Guided.

53:31 God Created Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

that He Might Reward those who do evil with evil

and Reward those who do Good with Good.

53:32 And those who avoid the major sins and immoralities being guilty only of the lessor offenses

for them thy Lord Is Of Abounding Mercy.

He Knew Best when He Brought you Into Being from the Earth

and when you were hidden in the bellies of your mothers.

So think not yourselves to be pure

for He Knows who is best and it is those of Wise Fear.

53:33 Has thou then considered those who turned away

53:34 and gave only a little and even that begrudgingly?

53:35 Have they knowledge of the unseen or do they see it?

53:36 Are they informed of the writings of Moses

53:37 or the story of Abraham who paid his account in full?

53:38 There bears not any bearer the burden of another

53:39 and no one receives other than that which they strive

53:40 and their striving is seen.

53:41 Then they are Rewarded by the Fullest Reward

53:42 for to thy Lord that is the Finality.

53:43 He Makes them sigh and He Makes them weep.

53:44 He Gives Life and He Gives Death.

53:45 He Who Created the mates the male and the female

53:46 from a drop of slimy fluid emitted.

53:47 And upon Him is the Second Creation

53:48 when He Makes free from need and Enriches.

53:49 He Is The Lord Of Sirius an angel/star

53:50 Who Destroyed Ad

53:51 and of Thamud He Left none alive no not one.

53:52 And the people of Noah before

who were greater in wrongdoing and defiance.

53:53 So He Destroyed their cities

53:54 and Covered them with what He Covered. Brimstone, rocks, magma, raging winds, lightening bolts, blasts, ionizing radiation, floods etc.

53:55 Then which of the Acts Of thy Lord does thou dispute?

53:56 Yea this is from a Warner upon previous Warnings.

53:57 The Drawing Near is at hand

53:58 and there is none to bring it besides God.

53:59 So do you then marvel at it as if perplexed and

53:60 and then jest instead of seriously repenting

53:61 while you amuse yourselves?

53:62 Nay. Submit to God and worship Him Alone.