Chapter 52. The Mountain, at-Tur

52.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

52:1 By the mount!

52:2 By Books inscribed

52:3 on parchments unrolled

52:4 in the house frequented.

52:5 And by the exalted roof

52:6 and that which is poured over the seas

52:7 the Punishment Of thy Lord will befall

52:8 for none can avert it.

52:9 On a Day the sky will spin a spinning

52:10 and the mountains will journey a journey

52:11 woe that Day to those who deny

52:12 and those who play in jest.

52:13 The Day they are thrown into the Fire of Hell!

52:14 This is the Fire which you denied.

52:15 Be it fantasy? Think you will not believe it then?

52:16 Yea thou will burn therein

and be patient or not patient

it is the same for you

you are only being Rewarded for Everything you did.

52:17 While those of Wise Fear are in Gardens of Bliss

52:18 glad with what their Lord Has Given them

for their Lord Protected them from the Punishment of Hell.

52:19 It is said: Eat and drink with calm for the Good you did

52:20 reclining upon couches arrayed.

And We honor them with pure lovely eyed ones. Who we would call ETs as servants and friends.

52:21 And those who believe and whose progeny follow them in faith We place them together.

And We diminish not anything of their deeds

everyone is responsible for what they earn.

52:22 And We provide them with whatever fruit and delicacies they desire.

52:23 They only contend with one another for a cup around which is neither idle talk nor sinfulness.

52:24 And the Eternally youthful ET servants move about serving them as if we are well guarded pearls.

52:25 And some of them will draw near to others saying:

52:26 We were ones apprehensive before

52:27 but God Was Gracious to us and Protected us from the scorching wind and the Eternal Punishment.

52:28 Truly we did call to Him before

and indeed He Is The Virtuous, The Merciful.

52:29 So remind! For By the Grace Of thy Lord thou Mohamet are not a soothsayer nor possessed.

52:30 And if they say: A poet! We will wait to see him fail like all poets. DSIs and their jews belittle Gods’ Servants as such, we’ll see!

52:31 Say: Yea wait

for I am with you among those waiting.

52:32 Ask thyself: Is it solely their own minds at work?

Or are they a people mentally condemned By God for transgressing the bounds?

52:33 And if they say: He has invented it.

The simple Truth is they do not believe.

52:34 Let them produce a chapter the like hereof if they be Truthful.

52:35 For were they Created from nothing out of nothing

or are they the Creators?

52:36 Did they Create the Heavens and the Earth?

Nay. Yet still they are not certain about God?

52:37 Do they possess the Treasuries Of thy Lord?

Are they the overseers?

52:38 Or do they have a stairway on which they can listen in?

Then let their listeners come with their clear authority.

52:39 And Has He only daughters when they have sons?

52:40 Or has thou asked a reward of them

so that they be indebted if they were to listen to thee?

52:41 Or know they of the unseen and can describe it in clear words like these?

52:42 And if they scheme a scheme a plan of cunning

then surely have those who disbelieve been outwitted.

52:43 Yea have they a god other than God?

Glory Be Unto God High Above that they serve!

52:44 And when they see Those of Heaven descending they will say: Clouds heaped up.

52:45 So leave them until that Day in which they will be left swooning and awestruck.

52:46 A Day in which all their scheming will avail them nothing and they will not be helped.

52:47 Also for those wrongdoers is the Punishment after that

but most do not know.

52:48 So be patient for the Judgement Of thy Lord

for thou and all reside before Our eyes.

And give glory with the praise of thy Lord when rising in the morn.

52:49 And some of the night glorify Him

and at the retreat of the stars.