Chapter 57. The Iron, al-Hadid

57.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

57:1 All in the Heavens and the Earth give glory to God

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

57:2 To Him Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth.

He Gives Life

and He Gives Death

and He Is Powerful Over All His Creation.

57:3 He Is The First

and The Last

Knowing the outward

and the inward

He Knows Literally Everything.

57:4 He It Is Who Created the Heavens and the Earth in six days

then He Took His Place upon the Throne.

He Knows what penetrates the Earth and what comes forth therefrom

and what comes down from the sky and what ascends into it.

He Is With you wherever you may be

yea God Sees Everything you do second by second.

57:5 And To Him Truly Belongs the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

and unto God are all matters referred.

57:6 He Makes the night turn to day

and the day turn to night

and He Knows what is in the hearts.

57:7 Believe in God and His Messenger and spend for God of that which He Has Made you heirs

for those who believe and spend have a Great Reward.

57:8 And why should you not believe in God

when the messenger calls you to believe in your Lord

and He Has Taken your oath

if you be believers? The oath taken from us upon conception when asked: 7:172 . . . “Am I not your Lord”? They said: “Verily we bear witness.” Lest they say on the Day of Resurrection: “Of this we were unaware”.

57:9 He It Is Who Sends Down Clear Words to His Servants that He Might Bring you forth from darkness into Light.

Yea God Is Kind To you, Merciful.

57:10 And why should you not spend in the Path Of God

when To God Belongs the Inheritance of the Heavens and the Earth?

Not equal among you are those who spent and fought before the victory.

These are greater in degree than those who spent and fought afterwards.

But unto each God Has Promised Good

and God Is Aware of Everything you do.

57:11 So who will lend to God a Goodly loan

when He Pays It Back In Multiples

as a Noble Reward?

57:12 The Day thou will see the believing men and the believing women with their Light recorded by their will on their right hand

there is Glad News for these on this Day!

Gardens beneath which rivers flow!

They will live Eternally therein

and that is the Crowning Achievement.

57:13 The Day the talmudic men and women

will say to those who believe:

Look upon us that we might borrow of your Light.

It will be said: Go back and seek Light if you can.

Then there will be set up between them a wall having a Gate.

On the inside thereof

His Mercy

on the outside thereof

His Punishment.

57:14 They will cry to them: Were we not with you?

They will say: Verily but you subjected your souls to prosecution


and doubting

with vain desires which deceived you until the Command Of God came to pass and you were caught!

Yea for the deceivers deceived you about God!

57:15 So this Day no ransom will be taken from you or other disbelievers

your shelter will be the Fire.

That is your Reward.

and miserable is that Journeys’ End.

57:16 So is it not time for the hearts of believers to grow humble at the Remembrance of God?

And to take heed of this Quran more seriously

than those in possession of the Word before? Those are weighty questions that reveal the significance of this Quran from the last prophet before end times! Hence the MANY references to Judgement Day. (Click that link far a .pdf of a decisive compilation of verses on the subject!)

The time between messengers was long to them It’s been 1,400 years since this was delivered! so their hearts hardened.

But many were wantonly disobedient before.

57:17 Know that God Gives Life to the Earth after its death.

We have made the Clues clear to you in the cycle of life then death then life that you might relate wisely.

57:18 And the men who give in charity

and the women who give in charity

and lend to God a Goodly loan

it is multiplied for them and they have a Noble Reward.

57:19 And those who believe in God and His Messengers

these are the Truthful.

They are witnesses before their Lord

having their Reward and their Light.

But the ingrates and deniers of Our Word

they are the companions of Hell.

57:20 Know that the life of this world is but play

and diversion

and adornment

and mutual boasting among you

and competition for increase in wealth and children.

Like the example of a rain it pleases tenders of gardens with its growth

then it withers turning to yellow

becoming debris.

In the Hereafter is both Severe Punishment and Forgiveness with Good Pleasure From God.

But life of this world is only sporadic delusion of joy.

57:21 So compete for Forgiveness From your Lord

for a Garden the breadth whereof is as the breadth of the sky and the Earth

is prepared for believers in God and His Messengers.

That is the Bounty Of God which He Gives to whom He Wills.

And God Is The One Possessing Endless Bounty.

57:22 And no misfortune befalls on Earth or on yourselves

except that decreed in a very elaborate, all encompassing, program before We bring it into being.

That is Easy For God.

57:23 So grieve not over what escapes you

nor crow about what comes to you.

For God loves not every proud boaster.

57:24 Those stingy enjoining miserliness upon mankind.

And as to whoever turns away

God, He Is The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

57:25 And We sent Our messengers with Clear Evidence

and Truth and the Balance

that you uphold equity.

And He Sent Down iron wherein is mighty power and benefits for mankind.

Remember God Knows who stands up for Him and His Messengers As He Watches On from the unseen.

Truly God Is Strong, Mighty.

57:26 And We sent Noah and Abraham and placed among their progeny prophethood and many scriptures.

Then among them are the Rightly Guided

but many are wantonly disobedient.

57:27 Then We sent Our Messengers following hard upon those peoples.

Yea We sent Yeshua son of Mary

and We gave him the Gospel and placed love and mercy in the hearts of those who follow his teachings.

But monasticism monasteries monks and nuns they invented it.

We ordained for them only to seek the Pleasure Of God

and they did not attend to it exactly as We prescribed.

But still We give those who heeded Warning among them the Goodly Reward.

While others were wantonly disobedient.

57:28 O you who believe be in Wise Fear of God and believe in His Messenger.

He Will Give you a double share of His Mercy and Appoint for you a Light wherever you go.

And He Will Forgive you

for God Is The Forgiving, The Merciful.

57:29 The talmudic jews should know they possess nothing of the Bounty Of God

that it is in the Hand Of God Alone.

And He Gives It to whom He Wills

for God Alone Is Who Possesses the Endless Bounty.