Chapter 15. The Rocky Tract, al-Hijr

15.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

15:1 alif lām rā

Those are Proofs of the Book in a Clear Recitation.

15:2 Perchance those who disbelieve will wish they had submitted!

15:3 Leave them to eat and enjoy while false security riches, children, fame, power, ease, pleasures, etc. distracts them

for they will come to know.

15:4 And We did not destroy a city except when it had an appointed term.

15:5 And no community delays its term

nor does it quicken.

15:6 And they say: O ye who thinks the Remembrance has been sent down unto thee

thou are possessed!

15:7 Why not bring angels to us

if thou be of those who speak the Truth?

15:8 Nay! Angels are only deployed to deliver Truth and aid to the messengers

not to help disbelievers.

15:9 Yea We sent down the Remembrance

and We are its custodians.

15:10 And We sent others like thou before thee

among former sects of peoples.

15:11 No messenger came whom they didn’t mock.

15:12 Thus do We insert disbelief in the hearts of fools.

15:13 They do not believe in it

as was the practice of the former peoples who have come and gone.

15:14 Yea had We opened a gate in the sky above them

where they could ascend therein

15:15 they would say:

Our sight is only from strange intoxication

yea we are a people taken by sorcery!

15:16 Yet We have set in the firmament constellations

and made them fair for the beholders

15:17 and kept them secure from every accursed degenerate inhuman imposter.

15:18 Yea for jinn who fly up in what we call UFOs to eavesdrop

a clear flame shoots at them. aka a falling star

15:19 And We spread out the Earth

and cast therein firm mountains

and caused every sort of thing to grow perfectly balanced therein.

15:20 And We made livelihoods for you therein

and for Everything else that lives.

15:21 And with Us alone are the treasuries thereof

and We send Everything down in exact measures.

15:22 Yea We send the fertilizing winds

and pure water from the sky.

We gave it to you to drink

and it is not you who are its makers.

15:23 Yea We give life and We give death

and We are the ultimate inheritors.

15:24 And We intimately know the former among you

as We know the latter.

15:25 And thy Lord He Will Gather them

yea He Is The Wise, The Knowing.

15:26 And We have Created humans from sounding clay

of dark wet Earth. Carbon 12 and H20

15:27 And We Created the jinn before humans from a mixture of fire in scorching heat. 76:1 Was there not a long span of time before humans were even thought of? (Think Atlantis and the Pyramids. Here we see first came manufacture/creation of jinn with use of heat in manufacture of them as advanced bionic cyborgs.)

15:28 And when thy Lord Said To the angels:

I Am Creating a mortal from sounding clay

of dark wet Earth.

15:29 And when I Have Formed him and Have Breathed Into him Of My Spirit Speaking of some of Gods’ Instincts in Adams’ DNA.

fall down to him in submission.

15:30 Then all the angels submitted

15:31 but not lucifer who was/is a jinn

he refused to be with those who submit.

15:32 God Said: O lucifer what ails thee that thou are not with those who submit?

15:33 Said he: I am not one to submit to a mortal

whom Thou Has Created from sounding clay

of dark wet Earth. He refused to repent!

15:34 He Said: Go thou forth from hence

thou are now the accursed. That’s it, he’s Hellbound!

15:35 And the curse is upon thee till the Day of Judgement.

15:36 Said he: Lord Grant me respite till the Day they are raised.

15:37 He Said: Thou are of those Granted respite

15:38 till the Day of the span appointed.

15:39 Said he: My Lord because Thou Has Sent me astray

I will make life on Earth seem pleasing to them

and I will deceive them one and all!

15:40 Except Thy Pure Hearted Servants among them.

15:41 God Said: Yea theirs is a Straight Path To Me.

15:42 My Pure Servants

thou has no warrant against any of them only those who follow thee among the misguided.

15:43 And Hell is Promised to those one and all.

15:44 It has seven gates each gate having a portion assigned.

15:45 But those in Wise Fear are among Gardens with springs

15:46 where it is said: Enter in peace and security!

15:47 And We will remove all rancor from their hearts

they will be brethren upon couches facing one another.

15:48 No weariness touching them nor fears of being removed therefrom.

15:49 Yea inform thou My Servants that I Am The Forgiving, The Merciful.

15:50 And that My Punishment Is the Painful Punishment.

15:51 And inform them of the guests of Abraham.

15:52 When they entered upon him saying: Peace!

He said: We are afraid of you.

15:53 They said: Fear not for We bring thee Glad Tidings of a learned lad.

15:54 He said: You bring these Glad Tidings to me

even though old age has touched me?

Of what Glad Tidings then do you bring?

15:55 They said: We bring these Glad Tidings in Truth

so be thou not of those who doubt.

15:56 He said: Who doubts the Mercy Of their Lord except those who are astray?

15:57 He said: What else is your business O messengers?

15:58 They said: We are sent to a city of evil doing people

15:59 but the house of Lot We are to rescue.

15:60 Except his wife for We have decreed that she be left behind.

15:61 And when the messengers came to the house of Lot

15:62 he said: You are strangers.

15:63 They said: Yea and We bring with Us a devastation which your people doubted.

15:64 But We bring thee the Truth

that We speak with sincerity.

15:65 So travel with thy household this night

and watch their backs

letting not any one of you turn round

just pass on to where you are commanded.

15:66 And We decreed for him in this command that

the root of those people will be cut off in the morning.

15:67 Then the heathens of the town came rejoicing about the comeliness of his guests.

15:68 And he said: They are my guests

so do not disgrace me.

15:69 Yea be in Wise Fear of God and do not shame me.

15:70 They said: Did we not forbid thee from helping strangers? Meaning he should send them out of his home to them.

15:71 He said: These are my daughters if you seek marriage.

15:72 But by this life they were in their intoxication wandering blindly.

15:73 And the blast took them at the break of day.

15:74 Lo We leveled it and rained it with stones of brimstone.

15:75 In that is Evidence for those who examine closely.

15:76 Those who abide and stay on the Path.

15:77 Yea in that are Signs for believers.

15:78 And the companions of the woods were wrongdoers

15:79 so We took retribution from them

and the remains of both are on roads for all to see.

15:80 And the companions of the rocky tract rejected the messengers.

15:81 Yea We brought them Gods’ Proofs but they were disinclined.

15:82 And they had hewed dwellings from the mountains thinking they were secure.

A huge cave system hewed in a 7 mile long tract of other dwellings of giants in Petra

C:\Users\YasuMasih\Desktop\oldcities\Petra, Jordan.jpg

15:83 But the awful infra or ultra-sound took them in the morning

15:84 and their houses of stone availed them not.

15:85 And We Created the Heavens and the Earth and what is between them only with Truth.

Yea and the Hour is coming

so turn away from sin and disbelievers with grace.

15:86 Thy Lord

He Is The Knowing Creator.

15:87 And We gave thee the seven often repeated parts of

the Sublime Quran. The 7 verses of chapter 1, the contact Prayer.

15:88 Envy thou not with thy eyes towards what pleasures We grant to some of them

nor grieve for them.

But lower thy wing over the believers.

15:89 And say: I am a Clear Warner.

15:90 The same as We sent down to those who divide peoples

15:91 those who accept only parts of the Quran.

15:92 By thy Lord We will question them all

15:93 about what they did.

15:94 So declare what thou are commanded

and turn away from the polytheists.

15:95 We will suffice for thee against the mockers

15:96 and those who make another god with God

they will come to know.

15:97 And We know that thy heart is injured by what they say

15:98 but glorify thy Lord with praise

and be among those who submit.

15:99 And serve thy Lord until the Certainty comes to thee.