Chapter 16. The Bee, an-Nahl

16.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

16:1 The Command Of God will come

so seek not to hasten it.

Glory Be Unto Him!

Exalted Is He High Above that which they serve!

16:2 He Sends Down the angels and whom He Wills of His Servants with the Spirit of His Command.

So warn that there is no god but I

yea and be in Wise Fear of Me!

16:3 He Who Created the Heavens and the Earth Precisely

and To Be Exalted Is He High Above that they serve!

16:4 He Creates mankind from a slimy drop of fluid

and then they are open disputants?

16:5 And He Created the livestock

for you therein are warmth and other great benefits

and milk then meat when they grow old.

16:6 And for you therein is purpose in stewardship when you bring them home to rest

and when you take them out to pasture.

16:7 And they bear your labor in farming the land which you could not have done without great hardship.

Your Lord Is Kind, Merciful.

16:8 And the horses and mules and asses

that you might ride them

and for adornment

and He Also Created what you know not. jinn, angels, hell

16:9 And With God are Designs of the Way

and some of them fail by deviating

but had He Willed He would have guided you one and all.

16:10 He It Is Who Sends Down pure water from the sky.

You have from it a cool drink

and from it come plants upon which you pasture your herds.

16:11 He Causes crops to grow for you thereby

and the olive

and the date palms

and grapes

yea every sort of fruit.

In that is Clear Evidence for people who reflect.

16:12 And He Made the night subservient to you

and the day

and the sun

and the moon

and the stars

all are made subservient by His Command. And again as proven HERE all were set in motion by God according to deep digits of PI!

In that is Evidence for people who reason!

16:13 And what He Sowed for you in the Earth of different colors in that too is beautiful Proof for those who take heed. In the Arabic of this Quran the word “colors” is used 7 times and is the 7th word both from the beginning and the end of this verse. The world seen by us has 7 colors! Do not miss a much deeper and excellent (very!) video about this Quranic Proof HERE


16:14 And He It Is Who Made the seas subservient

that you might eat succulent fish therefrom

and extract ornaments which you wear

and thou sees the ships plowing therein.

O that you might seek of His Bounty

and that you might be grateful while doing so!

16:15 And He Cast Into the Earth firm mountains lest it sway with you

and rivers and ways that you might traverse it widely.

16:16 And landmarks

yea and by the stars they find their ways.

16:17 Is then He Who Creates like one who does not create?

Will you then not take heed!

16:18 And if you try to count All the Graces Of God you will not be able to. This verse #16:18 when written like so; 1.618 is of course Phi which due to computers we now understand has the remarkable trait that it is infinite and cannot be counted! 16.18 And if you try to count all the Graces Of God you will not be able to.

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

16:19 And God Knows what you keep secret

and what you make known.

16:20 And those to whom they call besides God do not create anything

but they are Created. the jinn

16:21 Like the dead

who are not living

and not perceiving when they will be raised.

16:22 Your God Is The One God

and those who do not believe in the Hereafter

their hearts do not recognize all the Evidence

and they grow arrogant.

16:23 Beyond doubt God Knows what they keep secret

and what they make known

and He loves not the arrogant.

16:24 And when it is said to them: What is that your Lord Has Sent Down?

They conclude: It is but legends of former peoples.

16:25 They will bear their own burdens in full on the Day of Resurrection

plus Punishment for those they led astray with falsities due to their own ignorance. Watch out, don’t spread misinformation!!!

Yea how miserable is what they will bear.

16:26 And those before them schemed

then God Came At their buildings from the foundations

and their roofs fell down upon them from above.

Yea the scourge of death came upon them from where they guessed not.

16:27 Then on the Day of Resurrection He Will Disgrace them saying:

Where are My partners for whom you made breaches?

Those possessing knowledge will say:

Disgrace and misery are upon the fools this Day!

16:28 Those the angels take for having wronged their souls

they will propose in surrender claiming:

We were not doing evil.

But verily God Knows Everything everyone does.

16:29 So enter the Gates of Hell

abiding Eternally therein

yea miserable is the dwelling of the arrogant.

16:30 And it will be said to those who were in Wise Fear:

What did your Lord Send Down?

They will say: Good.

Yea and for those who do Good in this world there is Good in the Home of the Hereafter which is far better!

Excellent is the Home for those of Wise Fear.

16:31 They will enter Gardens of Perpetual Abode

beneath which rivers flow

and for them therein is whatever they will

thus Does God Reward those of Wise Fear.

16:32 Those whom the angels take in states of Goodness

they will say: Peace be unto you!

Enter the Garden because of Everything you did.

16:33 Yet some wait for the angels to come to them under a Command Of thy Lord as Proof just for them?

Thus did those before them wait

and God wronged them not

but they wronged their own souls.

16:34 And there befalls misery on them for what they did

while surrounded by that which they mocked! angels/God

16:35 And those who ascribed a partnership said:

Had God Willed we would not have served anything besides Him we and our fathers

nor would we have forbidden anything sacred to Him.

And thus did those before them

so is any obligation upon the messengers other than the clear communication?

16:36 And We have raised up a messenger in every community to say:

Serve God and shun idols.

And among them were those whom God Then Guided

and among them were those upon whom misguidance became binding. Each time God Sends messengers everyone has a chance to follow them, those who veer away are condemned for it.

So now you can travel in the land

and see the final outcomes for the ones who denied.

16:37 And even though thou desires for them to be guided

God will not guide those whom He Lets stray

and they have no protectors. Because they chose wrong!

16:38 And some swear as if by God their strongest oaths

that those who die will not be raised up by God

but verily it is a Promise binding upon Him

yet most do not know.

16:39 All this that He Might Make Clear to them that in which they differed

and so those who disbelieve might know that they were liars.

16:40 Our words We say for God to Create anything are only:

Be thou!

And it is.

16:41 And those who emigrate for the Cause Of God after they are wronged

We will settle them nicely in this world and then the

Reward of the Hereafter is greater if all only knew.

16:42 Yea that is for those who are steadfast and place all their trust in their Lord.

16:43 And We sent before thee O Mohamet others instructed

ask people of the Remembrance if you do not know.

16:44 Yea like the Miracles detailed in the ancient scrolls

We sent down this Remembrance so that thou can make clear to mankind it has been given to them By God

so that they might reflect.

16:45 Do those who plotted evil feel safe that God will not cause the Earth to swallow them

or send an attack upon them from the unseen?

16:46 Or that He Might Take them in their going to and fro? And that there is no escape for them?

16:47 Or that He May Be Destroying them little by little?

But truly thy Lord Is Full of Kindness and Mercy to believers.

16:48 Do they not consider all things Created By God

cast their shadow right and left in submission to God?

Or that they are in a state of lowliness?

16:49 Yea to God submits Everything in the Heavens and the Earth among creatures

and especially the angels

for they are not proud.

16:50 They fear their Lord Above them and do what they are Commanded. Angels are high Creations who do not disobey nor falter.

16:51 And God Said: Do not take two gods

for He Is The One God.

Yea Me

fear Me for that is Wise!

16:52 To Him Alone Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth.

His is the Permanent and Eternal Way of Life

so will you then be in fear of other than God?

16:53 And whatever you have of Grace

it is all From God

then when affliction touches you

to Him do you Pray as if in earnest.

16:54 Then when He Removes the affliction

some among you serve other than their Lord.

16:55 Those they deny what We have given them

so let them enjoy frivolous things

for they will come to know.

16:56 And they offer up portions of what We have provided to gods they invented?

By God! You will be asked about what you invented.

16:57 And they say: God has daughters!

Utterly remote the thought that He would procreate and if He did His offspring would all be daughters!

But they have the imaginings they desire.

16:58 Then when one of them receives Glad Tidings of a female child his face turns black

as he suppresses grief.

16:59 He hides his shame of it from the people

because to him it is bad news

thinking whether to keep the baby in humiliation

or to bury it in the dust.

Indeed evil is what these consider and do!

16:60 Thus for those who do not believe in the Hereafter are such evil accountings

while for God are the Most High.

He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

16:61 And were God to Take mankind to task for its injustice He would not leave any upon Earth no not one.

But He Delays them to a known term

and when it comes they cannot postpone it an hour

nor can they advance it.

16:62 Yea so they assign to God daughters which they dislike

and their tongues allege the lie that for them are the fairer things.

Beyond doubt they will be rushed into the Fire.

16:63 By God We sent messengers to nations before thee

but the degenerate inhuman imposters made their deeds seem fair to most

and they are their only allies this Day

when theirs will be a Painful Punishment one and all.

16:64 And We sent down the Book upon thee only that thou make clear to them that wherein they differ

and as Guidance and mercy for people who believe.

16:65 And God Sent Down water from the sky and Gave Life to the Earth after its death

yea in that is Evidence for people who hear.

16:66 And you have a lesson in some livestock.

We give you to drink of what is in their bellies

between excreta and blood

pure milk nourishing to the drinkers.

16:67 And of the fruits of date palms and grapes

you make both strong drink thereof

and goodly provision

in that is more Evidence for people who reason.

16:68 And thy Lord Instructed the bee:

Take to thyself houses from the mountains

and in the trees

and in what mankind constructs.

16:69 Then eat from every sort of flower

and follow the Gentle Ways Of thy Lord.

Then honey comes out of their bellies differing in its hues wherein is healing for mankind. antibacterial/probiotic

In that is Evidence for people who reflect.

16:70 God Created you

then He Takes you

and among you some elderly return to a feeble state knowing not from alzheimers after having knowledge.

But God Is Forever Knowing, Powerful.

16:71 And God Granted some above others in abundance

yet those of abundance do not give over their provision to others in the spirit of compassion and equality.

Is it then the Grace Of God they deny?

16:72 Yea God Has Made for you spouses

and Given you children

and grandchildren

and Provided Good Things for all of you.

Is it then only in their vanity that they believe and the Grace Of God they deny?

16:73 They serve other than God what has no power to provide from the Heavens or the Earth at all

nor would they if they did.

16:74 So present not parables to God

for truly it is as if you know nothing and God Knows All.

16:75 Instead God Presents a Parable

of a slave owned having power over nothing

and someone whom We provided with goodly provision from Us that spends sincerely thereof for God secretly and openly.

Can they be equal? No. Because the rich one who gives seeking Gods’ Favor had to overcome the world to do so. (i.e. materialism, greed)

Praise Belongs To God!

But most of them do not know.

16:76 God Presents Another Parable:

Two men one unwilling to speak not having power over anything being a burden on his companion

for wherever he directs him he brings no good.

Is he equal with one who enjoins justice and is on the Straight Path? Again no, for the same reason. One is Godly one is not.

16:77 The unseen in the Heavens and the Earth also Belong To God

and the matter of the Hour is only as the twinkling of an eye away or nearer. to Eternals living in the unseen

Yea God Is Powerful Over All Things.

16:78 God Brought you Forth from the wombs of your mothers not knowing anything

and Designed hearing and sight and intellect for you

that you might become grateful.

16:79 Have they not considered the birds made subservient under the firmament?

Nothing holds them up except the Designs Of God

and in that is Evidence for a folk who believe.

16:80 And God Made dwellings as resting places

and tents for you from the hides of livestock which you find lightweight the day of your travel

and the day of your sojourn.

And of their wool and their hides and their hair furnishings and goods for a time.

16:81 And God Designed shade under His Creations to rest in

and mountains as places of refuge when being sought

and garments to protect you from heat

and from harm.

Thus Does He Perfect His Grace towards you

that you might submit.

16:82 And if they turn away

all that is upon thee is the clear communication.

16:83 They recognize the Grace Of God

then they deny it

for most of them are fools.

16:84 And the Day We raise up a witness from every community

no care will be given to disbelievers

nor will they be allowed to make amends.

16:85 And when those fools behold the Punishment

it will not be lightened for them

nor will they be granted respite.

16:86 And when the polytheists see what they served they will say:

Our Lord these jinn are our partners to whom we called rather than Thee?

And the jinn will say to them: Yea you are fools!

16:87 And they will propose submission to God that Day

for strayed from them will be those gods they invented.

16:88 Those who disbelieve and barred from the Path Of God

We will increase them in Punishment with more Punishment for what they wrought of corruption.

16:89 One Day We will raise a witness from every community against them

and We will bring thee as a witness against these.

Hence We sent this Book down upon thee as a clarification of all things

and a Guidance and mercy

with Glad Tidings for the submitted.

16:90 God Commands Justice

and doing of Good

and sharing with brethren

and Forbids immorality

and corruption and oppression.

All this He Urges you

that you might take heed.

16:91 And fulfill the Pledge of God when you pledge

and do not break your oaths after their confirmation when you have made God Guarantor Over you.

God Knows Everything you do.

16:92 And be not like her who has spun a strong yarn only to untwist it into fibers

using oaths to deceive one and other when one group is richer or stronger in might.

God Only Tests you thereby

and He Will Make Clear that wherein you differed on the Day of Resurrection.

16:93 Had God Willed He Would Have Made you one community

but He Sends whom He Wills Astray and Guides whom He Wills

and you will be asked about Everything you did.

16:94 And do not take oaths in deceit between you

lest your foot will slip after having been firm

and you will taste misery for forsaking the Path Of God

yea for that you will have a Serious Punishment.

16:95 And do not sell your covenant with God for any sum.

Indeed What is With God is far better for you

if you would only know.

16:96 What is with you has an end

but What is With God continues Eternally.

Thus We will pay those who are faithful their Reward according to the best of what they did.

16:97 Yea whoever works Righteousness whether male or female and is a believer

We will make live Good lives

and We will Reward them according to the best of what they did.

16:98 And when thou recites the Quran

seek refuge In God from the accursed degenerate inhuman imposter.

16:99 They have no authority against those who believe and place all their trust in their Lord.

16:100 Their authority is against those who take them as allies

and those who are polytheists.

16:101 And when We change a Revelation in place of another Revelation

God Knows Best What He Reveals.

Yet they say: Thou are but inventing

but the Truth is most of them do not know anything.

16:102 Say: The spirit of holiness brought it down From thy Lord in Truth

that it might strengthen those who believe

and as Guidance

with Glad Tidings for the ones who submit.

16:103 And We know they say: A man teaches him.

But the man which they hint to is foreign

and this is in a clear Arabic tongue.

16:104 Yea those who do not believe in the Word Of God

God does not guide them

and they have a Painful Punishment.

16:105 Yea those who do not believe invent this falsehood

so they are the liars.

16:106 They and whoever denies God after once having faith

except one who is compelled to against their will while faith is still in their heart.

So whoever opens their heart to disbelief

upon them is Wrath From God

and they have a Horrifying Punishment ahead.

16:107 Because they chose the life of this world over the Hereafter

and because God does not guide the fools.

16:108 These are whose hearts God Has Sealed

and their hearing

and their eyes.

These are the unknowing yea the ignorant.

16:109 So have no doubt they are the losers in the Hereafter.

16:110 But as for those who emigrate from being subjected to persecution

then strive and persist

thy Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.

16:111 The Day every soul comes pleading for itself

and every soul is repaid in full for what it did

they will not be wronged.

16:112 And God Presents a Parable:

A city secure at ease

its provision coming to it in abundance from every side

but the people denied the Favors were From God.

So God Made it taste the cloak of hunger and fear because of what they wrought.

16:113 And a messenger from among them had come

but they rejected him

so the scourge of death took them while they were wrongdoers. Allowing no chance to repent.

16:114 So eat of the Provision Of God

that which is Lawful and Good

and be grateful for the Grace Of YHWH if It Is Him you serve.

16:115 He Has Only Made unlawful to you

murdered animals

and blood

and swine

and that hallowed to other than God.

But whoever is forced neither desiring nor transgressing

God Is Forgiving, Merciful.

16:116 And do not let your lying tongues allege saying:

This is Lawful and this is unlawful

inventing lies about God

for those who invent lies about God will not succeed.

16:117 Yea a brief life with some enjoyment

then they have a Painful Punishment Forever.

16:118 And to those who hold to talmudism We made unlawful what We narrated to thee before

and We wronged them not

but they wronged their own souls.

16:119 But to those who did evil through ignorance

then repented and do Right

thy Lord Is Forgiving, Merciful.

16:120 Abraham was a leader devoutly dutiful to God

a monotheist inclining to Truth

he was not of the polytheists.

16:121 One grateful for His Favors

so He Chose him and Guided him to the Straight Path.

16:122 And We gave him Good in this world

and in the Hereafter he is among the Righteous.

16:123 Now We instruct thee:

Follow the creed of Abraham

a monotheist inclining to Truth

he was not of the polytheists.

16:124 And Sabbath restrictions were only appointed for those who differed concerning it. It’s a day for rest and Godly reflection.

Thy Lord Will Be Judge between them on the Day

of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed.

16:125 Invite to the Way Of thy Lord with wisdom and a fair warning

and give argument about what is Right.

Thy Lord He Knows Best who strays from His Way

and He Knows Best who is Rightly Guided.

16:126 And if you retaliate

retaliate with the like of that you were afflicted

but if you restrain it is better so be patient.

16:127 Yea be thou resolved

and know thy resolve is only From God

and do not let them grieve you

and do not distress over what they scheme.

16:128 Truly God Is With those of Wise Fear

and those who are doers of Good.