Chapter 17. The Night Journey, Al-Isra

17.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

17:1 Glory Be Unto Him Who Transported flew thou Mohamet on a 666 nautical mile journey in a single night

from the Kaaba at Mecca to the Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem which We made blessed round about thee

that We might show thou some of Our Miracles.

He Is The All Hearing, All Seeing.

17:2 We gave Moses the Torah

and made it a Guidance for the children of Israel

that they do not take any protector instead of Me.

17:3 O progeny of those whom We carried with Noah

truly he was a grateful servant.

17:4 And We decreed for the children of Israel in the Torah

that you will work corruption in the land twice and wax high to a great height.

17:5 The first of the two promises came when We raised up servants of ours of severe might against them

they occupied their land and dwellings

and hence was the first promise fulfilled.

17:6 Then We returned you to a turn of fortune over them

by aiding you with wealth and children and making you greater in power.

17:7 If you do Good you do Good for your souls

and if you do evil that is for them too.

Then when the second promise came it was

that enemies should disgrace your countenances

and occupy your place of worship as they did before

laying waste to all they overcome by laying waste.

17:8 It may be that your Lord Will Have Mercy On you

but if you revert We revert

and We made Hell a Permanent Prison for fools.

17:9 This Quran guides to what is most upright

and gives Glad Tidings to the believers who do deeds of Righteousness.

Yea they shall have a Great Reward.

17:10 And as for those who do not believe in the Hereafter

We have prepared a Painful Punishment for them.

17:11 Often humanity Prays in error as if asking for Good

for they are hasty. Because only God Knows what is Good for us.

17:12 And We made the night and the day two Proofs

where We erase the Proof of the night

and We make the Proof of the day visible

that you might seek Favor Of your Lord

and that you might number the years by reckoning.

Yea We set out and detailed Everything with a clear explanation.

17:13 We have attached the fates of everyone to their necks

and We will bring forth a record for them on the Day of Resurrection in which they will see Everything that unfolded.

17:14 So read thou thy record

for thy soul this Day suffices as witness against thee.

17:15 Whoever was Rightly Guided

was only Rightly Guided for their soul.

And whoever strayed

only strayed against it.

There does not bear any bearer the burden of another

and We do not punish until a messenger has come.

17:16 And when We intend to destroy a city We order the leaders to repent

but they are wantonly disobedient therein.

So the Word becomes binding upon it

and We annihilate it utterly.

17:17 How many generations did We destroy since Noah?

And God Suffices Seeing the transgressions of His Servants As The One Aware.

17:18 Whoever desires this transient life

We provide for them what We will as We please.

Then We appoint Hell for them

where they burn condemned and banished Forever.

17:19 But whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it as they should and is a believer

their striving is appreciated.

17:20 We aid all with Bestowals Of thy Lord

and Bestowals Of thy Lord are not limited.

17:21 See thou how We have preferred some of them above others

but the Hereafter is greater in degrees and greater in excellence.

17:22 So do not make other gods with God lest you will sit disgraced and abandoned.

17:23 YHWH Has Decreed that you serve none but Him

and towards parents Good conduct.

If one or both of them attain old age with thee do not say of disrespect to them

nor scold them

but speak to them a noble word.

17:24 And lower thy wing of gentleness out of mercy to them

and Pray: My Lord Have Mercy on them as they did bring me up when I was small.

17:25 Your Lord Knows Best what is in your souls

and should you be Righteous

He Is Forgiving to those who turn in repentance.

17:26 And give thou the relative their due

and the needy

and the wayfarer

but do not squander in extravagance.

17:27 Squanders are only brethren of the degenerate snaking imposters

and the degenerate snaking imposters are ingrates towards their Lord.

17:28 If thou turns away from them seeking Mercy From thy Lord as thou hopes

then speak to them in calm.

17:29 And restrict not thy hand as if chained as a miser

nor open it with full opening as a prodigal

who will sit as if reproached and deprived.

17:30 Thy Lord Expands and Restricts Provision for whom He Wills

and He Is All Aware, All Seeing of His Servants.

17:31 And do not kill your children fearing impoverishment

for We will provide for them and for you

and the killing of them is a grave and deplorable act.

17:32 And approach not adultery

for it is great indecency and way of evil.

17:33 And kill not any soul which God Has Made unlawful except when rightfully.

And if an Adamite is killed wrongfully We have given warrant to their companions to retaliate.

So long as they do not commit excess in killing

they are supported.

17:34 And do not approach the property of the fatherless

except with what is better until they reach maturity.

And fulfill your promises

indeed promises are to be accounted for.

17:35 And fulfill the measure when you measure

and weigh with the straight balance

that is Good and best in practice.

17:36 And do not follow that whereof thou has no knowledge. Conjecture without scriptural or factual foundation.

For indeed the hearing

and the sight

and the heart

each of these is to bear witness.

17:37 And do not walk in the Earth conceitedly

for thou cannot bore through it nor will thou ever grow to height of mountains.

17:38 All that is evil in the Sight Of thy Lord yea it is hateful.

17:39 That is what thy Lord Instructs thee of His Wisdom

and do not imagine another god with God lest thou be cast into Hell disgraced and banished.

17:40 Say ye: Selected your Lord for you sons and made for Himself females among the angels?

You speak a detestable word.

17:41 We have expounded in this Quran and some take heed

but it increases most only in aversion.

17:42 Say: If there were gods with Him as they say

they would have sought a way against the

Lord of the Throne.

17:43 Glory Be Unto Him!

Exalted Is He Above such sayings by Great Exaltation!

17:44 The seven Heavens and the Earth and whoever is in them glorify Him.

There is nothing that does not give glory with His Praise

but you do not understand their glorification

yet He Is Forbearing, Forgiving. Imagine being God Who Has Total and Utter Control over absolutely Everything and then Freely Chooses to be The Most Awesome, Caring and Just Being in His Universe!

17:45 And when thou recites the Quran

We place between thee and disbelievers in the Hereafter a hidden barrier.

17:46 Yea We place upon their hearts coverings lest they would understand it

and in their ears deafness.

So when thou remembers thy Lord Alone in the Quran some turn their backs in aversion.

17:47 We know best what they listen for that which is so fantastic it can be construed as impossible by them when they hear thee

and when they meet in confidential conversation

the wrongdoers say:

You only follow a man taken by fantasy.

17:48 See thou how they present examples to thee

as they go astray

and cannot find a way.

17:49 And they tauntingly question:

When we are dust and bones will we be raised up a new Creation?

17:50 Say: Yes even if you be boulders or iron!

17:51 Or anything else you think is hard to raise up!

And they will ask: Who will bring us back?

Say: He Who Made you the first time.

Then they will shake their heads at thee and ask:

When will it be?

Say: It may be that the Day is near.

17:52 The Day He Will Call you and you will respond in Amazement of Him.

And you will come to know this life was but a glimpse in time you spent in error against your Eternal Time.

17:53 And tell My Servants to only say what is best

when the degenerate snaking imposter provokes hate between them.

Yea the degenerate snaking imposter is an open enemy to humanity.

17:54 Your Lord Knows you Best

if He Wills He Will Have Mercy on you

or if He Wills He Will Punish you

and We have not sent thee as a guardian over them.

17:55 Yea thy Lord Knows Best those who are in the Heavens and the Earth

and We preferred some prophets above others

hence We gave David the Psalms.

17:56 Say: Call to those jinn whom you claim besides Him.

But they are neither in control to remove harm from you nor revise it.

17:57 Yea they too call seeking ways to approach their Lord from whoever is nearest

and hope for His Mercy while fearing His Punishment.

They know the Punishment Of thy Lord is to be feared!

17:58 And there is no city We will not destroy before the Day of Resurrection or punish it with severe suffering

as it is written.

17:59 And nothing prevented Us from sending Proofs but the people of old denied them.

We gave Thamud the she camel as a sight giving Proof

but they wronged her.

And We send Miracles only as warnings. of Gods’ Power

17:60 And when We said to thee: Thy Lord Encompasses mankind

and We made the vision which We showed thee and the accursed tree in the Quran a test for mankind.

the zaqqum tree of 37:62, 44:43, 56:52 Yea and We warned them

but it increased them not except in great defiance.

17:61 And when We said to the angels: Submit to Adam

they all submitted but not Lucifer who was a jinn looking on

for he said: Shall I submit to what Thou Created of clay?

17:62 See this whom Thou has Honored above me?

If Thou Grant me respite until the Day of Resurrection

I will infiltrate nearly all his progeny with mine. lucifers’ promise to father a human hybrid race of degenerate snaking imposters!

17:63 Said God: Depart thou

and whoever of them follows thee his temptations/suggestions

Hell is your Reward

an ample Reward.

17:64 And incite whom thou can of them with thy voice

and rally thou horse and foot soldiers against them

and share with them in their wealth and children

and make promises to them.

But ye and thy degenerate snaking imposters promise them only deception.

17:65 But as for My Servants

thou has no warrant against them

for thy Lord Suffices As Ultimate Guardian.

17:66 Your Lord Is He Who Drives the ship upon the sea

that you might seek of His Bounty

and He Is Merciful Towards you.

17:67 But when affliction touches you upon the sea

strayed have those called to other than YHWH.

Then when He Delivers you to land you forget

yea such are ingrates.

17:68 Do you feel secure that He would not Cause a portion of the land to swallow you or Send a hurricane against you?

And you would not find another guardian for you.

17:69 Or do you feel secure that He would not Return you to it a second time

and Send a storm of wind against you and Drown you for your denial?

And you will find no advocate against Us.

17:70 We have honored the children of Adam with freewill

and We have carried them on land and sea

and provided them with Good things

and preferred them greatly in preference above many of those whom We Created. The jinn hence a reason iblis/lucifer would not bow to humans whom God Was Giving what was their dominion.

17:71 The Day We call every clan with their leaders

whoever is given their Book in their right hand

these will read their Book

and they will not be harmed in the least.

17:72 And those who are blind to the Truth now will be blind in the Hereafter these are led far astray from the Way.

17:73 And they would seduce thee away from what We instructed thee

that thou invent about Us other than it

and they would take thee as a friend.

17:74 And were it not that We made thee firm thou would have inclined towards them a little.

17:75 Then We would make thee taste double in life and double in death.

And thou would find no protector against Us.

17:76 And they would scare thee out of the land to turn thee out therefrom

but then they would not stay therein except little.

17:77 These are the customs of those We have sent before thee of Our messengers

and thou will not find alteration in Our customs.

17:78 Uphold thou the Prayer until the sinking of the sun into the dark of night

and the recitation at dawn

for the recitation at dawn is witnessed.

17:79 Yea some of the night

stay thou awake therein

as an addition for thee

then it may be that thy Lord Will Raise thee to a Praised Station.

17:80 And say: My Lord Cause me to leave at a True exit

and enter at a True entrance

and Appoint for me From Thyself a Helping Warrant.

17:81 And say: Truth has come and vanity has vanished away

yea vanity is to vanish away.

17:82 And We send down the Quran as a healing mercy for the believers

but it increases the wrongdoers not except in loss.

17:83 When We give Grace to some they turn away and remain aloof on their sides

then when hardship touches they are without hope.

17:84 Say: Each does as they see fit and

your Lord Knows Best who is guided in the Way.

17:85 And they ask thee about the Spirit Gabriel

so say: The Spirit is by Command Of my Lord

and you have been given only a glint of Knowledge.

17:86 And if We will We can take away what We instructed thee

and thou will not find any to guard thou from Us.

17:87 Only by Mercy From thy Lord

His Kindness to thee is Great.

17:88 Say: If all humans and jinn set out to bring the like of this Quran

they would not bring the like even if they were banded in solemn dedication at risk of death.

17:89 Yea and We have expounded for you in this Quran every sort of parable

but still most refuse in denial.

17:90 They say: We will not believe thee until thou causes a spring to gush forth from the Earth for us.

17:91 Or there be for thee a garden of date palms and grapes and thou cause rivers to gush forth therein abundantly.

17:92 Or thou cause the sky to fall upon us in pieces as thou has claimed

or thou brings God and the angels forth as surety.

17:93 Or thou receives a house of great decoration

or thou ascends into the sky.

Nay we would not believe thy ascension unless thou brings down upon us a decree we can read.

Say to them: Glory Be Unto my Lord!

Am I anything except a mortal messenger?

17:94 And nothing prevented them from believing when the Guidance came to them except that they said:

Has God Raised Up a mortal as messenger?

17:95 Say: Had there been angels walking in peace on Earth

We would have sent one as messenger upon them from the sky. But there aren’t so God Sends ones of our own.

17:96 Say: God Suffices As Witness between you and I

for He Is All Aware, All Seeing of His Servants.

17:97 And one whom God Guides

is Rightly Guided

but one whom He Sends Astray

for them thou will find no protectors besides Him.

And when We gather them all on the Day of

Resurrection the looks on their faces will be as if they are blind

and dumb

and deaf.

For their habitation is burning Hell

and whenever it subsides We increase for them an Inferno.

17:98 That is their Reward because they denied Our Proofs and jested saying:

When we are dust and bones we get raised up new?

17:99 Have they not considered that God Who Created the Heavens and the Earth

is Able To Create the like of them With Ease

and Has Made for them a term whereof there is no doubt?

But the wrongdoers refuse in denial.

17:100 Say: If you possessed the Treasuries Of Mercy Of my Lord

you would still hold them back in fear of spending. Because we cannot comprehend the Infinite Bounty Of God.

Yea so mankind is miserly.

17:101 And We gave Moses nine Signs as Clear Proofs

so ask thou the children of Israel. The glowing hand, the staff, the parting of the sea, the flood that drowned, the locusts, the lice, the blood, the years of drought and the desolation of pharoahs’ kingdom.

When he came to them and pharaoh said to him:

I consider thee one taken by fantasy O Moses.

17:102 Said he: Verily you know none has sent these down except The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth as a means of Evidence

so I consider thee O pharaoh one doomed!

17:103 And he wished to expel them from the land

so We drowned him and those with him altogether.

17:104 And We said to the children of Israel afterwards:

Dwell in the land

then when the Promise of the Hereafter comes We will bring you out as a mass.

17:105 And We sent the Quran down in Truth

yea with Truth it has come down

and We sent thee only as a bearer of Glad Tidings

and as a Warner.

17:106 It is a recitation We divided in parts that thou recite it to others in intervals

yea We sent it down as a successive revelation. Gabriel gave the Quran to Mohamet over the course of 23 years during the month of Ramadan. He then recited what he was given to his followers who committed it to memory word for Arabic word hence it has never changed.

17:107 Say: Believe it or not.

Those who were given Our knowledge before know it

and when this is recited to them they fall down most earnestly in submission.

17:108 And they say: Glory Be Unto our Lord!

The Promise Of our Lord is fulfilled!

17:109 Yea they fall down most earnestly weeping

for it increases them in humility.

17:110 Say: Call to God aka Allah, Eloh, Theos, Vishnu, Lord, Brahma, Dio, Dei, etc.

or call to YHWH

by whichever you call

To Him Belong the Most Beautiful Names.

And be thou not loud i.e. in song nor quiet in thy Prayers

but follow a way in between.

17:111 And say: Praise Belongs To God Who has taken no son

and has no partners in His Dominion

and needs no protector from humility.

Yea so magnify Him with the magnification due.