Chapter 18. The Cave, al-Kahf

18.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

18:1 Praise Belongs To God Who Sent Down This Book Upon His Servant

and has not allowed any changes thereto. unlike prior texts

18:2 Straight!

That it might warn of Severe Punishment from His Presence

and bring Glad Tidings to the believers who do deeds of Righteousness

for they have a Goodly Reward coming!

18:3 And they will remain Therein Forever.

18:4 And warn those who say: God Has Taken a son.

18:5 They have no knowledge thereof

nor did their fathers.

Serious are the words coming out of their mouths

for they speak lies about God!

18:6 But would thou die from grief if they do not believe in the True Narrative?

18:7 We made what is on the Earth an adornment for it that We might try them

to see which of them is best in conduct.

18:8 And We will make what is thereon a barren ground.

18:9 Has thou assumed the companions of the cave

who left the inscription on the cave wall about their story

were among the greatest wonders of Our Proofs?

18:10 When the young men took shelter in the cave and said:

Our Lord Give us Mercy From Thyself and Furnish us with Right Mindedness in our affair.

18:11 Then We sealed their ears and put them to sleep in the cave a number of years.

18:12 Then We raised them up that We might know which of them would best calculate how much time they had tarried.

18:13 We narrate to thee their report in Truth

they were young jinn who believed in their Lord

so We increased them in Guidance.

18:14 And We strengthened their hearts when they stood up and said:

Our Lord Is The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth!

We do not call to others for there is no god besides He and we would have wantonly said a falsehood.

18:15 These our people have taken up gods other than Him.

O that they but brought a clear warrant concerning them!

For who is denser than one inventing lies about God?

18:16 And when you withdraw from them and what they serve other than God

then seek shelter in the cave

your Lord Will Unfurl for you from out of His Mercy

and Furnish you all that you need of your affair.

18:17 And thou sees the sun when it appears

it inclines away from their cave to the right

and when it departs it passes them on the left

while they slept in the cavity thereof. Unseen by others because the cave obviously faces NORTH so the sun isn’t illuminating them.

That is among the Proofs Of God.

Whom God Guides w/magnetic NORTH which is up on ALL maps

is Rightly Guided

but whom He Sends Astray

for these thou will find no guide.

18:18 And thou thinks they are awake when they are asleep

for We cause them to turn to the right and to the left to prevent bedsores

and their dog was stretching out its two paws on the threshold. to remain limber

Had thou inspected them closely thou would have turned away from them in flight

and been filled with terror of them. Because this is a story about cave dwelling jinn/ETs, not humans.

18:19 And thus did We raise them up

that they might question one another among themselves

as one of them said: How long have you lingered?

They said: We have lingered a day or a part of a day.

Said they: Your Lord Knows Best how long you have lingered.

Send one of you with this money of yours to the town

and let him see what food is purest there and bring you a provision therefrom

and be cautious

letting not anyone be aware of you. Jinn can use telepathy to seemingly take on any form making themselves look however they like.

18:20 Truly if you become manifest to them they will stone you

or turn you back to their creed of serving as their gods

and then you will never be successful. with God

18:21 And thus did God Acquaint us with them

that they might know the Promise Of God is True

and that there is no doubt concerning the Hour.

When humans contended with one another about jinn

they said: Build over them a structure a temple

for The Lord Knows Best concerning them.

And those who prevailed over their affair said:

Yea we will take to ourselves a place of worship over them. Jinn have thousands of underground labyrinths beneath cities, temples and other structures on Earth. i.e. the Vatican, Dome on the Rock, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Roswell, Area 51, Rome, etc.

18:22 They will say: Three the fourth of them their dog!

And they will say: Five the sixth of them their dog!

Guessing at the unseen.

And they will say: Seven and the eighth of them their dog! note that seven and their dog is the final estimation/number here

Say: My Lord Knows Best their number

yea none knows them except a few

so do not argue concerning them unless with a sound argument

and ask no opinion concerning them from anyone.

18:23 And say not of anything: I will do that on the morrow.

18:24 Only if God Should Will. Meaning add “God Willing” to all plans.

And remember thy Lord when thou forgets

and say: It may be that my Lord Will Guide me nearer than this in sound judgement. As you’re about to see . . .

18:25 And it came to pass they lingered in their cave three hundred years

and then they added nine.


The Arabic for the English word “year” is written in two different ways in the Quran as; “Sanat” (Arabic سنة, Gematrical Value of 115) and “‘Aam” (Arabic عام, Gematrical Value of 111) which respectively mean “Solar Year” and “Lunar Year”. Note that “Sanat” (solar year) occurs 7 times in verses 2:96; 5:26, 22:47, 29:14, 32:5, 46:15 and 70:4 and ‘Aam (lunar year) also occurs 7 times as seen in verses 2:259 (twice); 9:37 (twice); 9:126; 12:49 and 29:14. (Hence why YHWH emphasized “seven and their dog” in verse #18:22 above) OK, first We’ll use division on the gematria values of 115/111 = 1.0360 . Well, it turns out that the ratio between our solar years of 365 days and lunar years of 355 days is a factor of 1.03 (355 x 1.03 = 365!) This means when we take the first figure in above verse #18:25 of “three hundred years” multiplied by 1.03 we get “three hundred years and they added nine”! (300 solar years x 1.03 = 309 lunar years!)

BONUS; as covered, the singular of “sanat” occurs 7 (days in a week) times and we then find its plural occurs 12 (months in a year) times (7:130; 10:5; 12:42; 12:47; 17:12; 18:11; 18:25; 20:40; 23:112; 26:18; 26:205; 30:4) So, that’s 7 + 12 = 19. Well, the sun, the moon and the Earth realign in the same relative position every 19th year! (Precisely every 18.0769 solar years or 18 solar years and 11 days into the 19th year, which exactly equals every 235 lunar months.) This is what’s known as the “eclipse cycle” in astronomy since an eclipse recurs exactly after 235 lunar months to the day. OK, in this Holy Quran, the words “sun” and “moon” are used a total of 19 times but only once (in a symbolic “eclipse”!) out of the total of 19 occurrences (in verse 29:14) are the words “Sun”, “Moon” and “Earth” mentioned in perfect succession or perfectly “aligned” just like our Sun, Moon and Earth, all cryptically documented in YHWHs’ Quran!!! NOTE: When a span of time has completed one unit, it is then in its 2nd unit. Hence the 21st century started at the end of the 20th on 1/1/2000. So, 2020 is 2120 if day 1 was the 1st day of century 1. As covered, both words solar year and lunar year intersect in the same verse of 29:14. So, we went on to divide all Arabic gematrical values of the 7 verses where “Solar Year” occur by the 5 “Lunar year” verses and here’s what we find . . .

41136/39603 = 1.03870918869 . . . Greetings YHWH!!!

18:26 Say: Yea God Knows Best how long they tarried

and To Him Belongs the unseen of the Heavens and the Earth

how He Sees and Hears All!

They have no ally besides Him

and He has no partners in His Judgement.

18:27 And recite what thou are instructed of thy Lords’ Word

for none are to change these His Words. The original Arabic.

18:28 And be patient with all those among you who call to their Lord morning and evening seeking His Countenance.

And do not let thy eyes look beyond them desiring the adornments of the life of this world.

And do not obey one whose heart We have made neglectful of Our Remembrance

one that follows their vain desire

or whose affairs are in excess.

18:29 And say: The Truth is From your Lord.

Then whoever will

let them believe

and whoever will

let them deny.

We have prepared for the wrongdoers the Fire with impenetrable walls to encompass them.

And if they cry out for help they will be given rains of molten brass burning the faces.

Yea loathsome is the drink

and miserable is the lodging.

18:30 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

We do not suffer the loss of Rewards for any deed of one who does Good.

18:31 They have blissful Gardens of Perpetual Abode

beneath which rivers flow.

They are adorned therein with bracelets of gold

and wear green garments of finest silk and brocade

reclining therein upon raised couches.

Yea excellent is the Reward

and quite fair is the Lodging.

18:32 And present thou to them a parable:

Two men

We made for them two gardens of grapes

and surrounded both with date palms

and placed between them other crops.

18:33 Both gardens produced their fruit nothing was wrong

and We caused to flow in the midst of them a river.

18:34 Both men had fruits and produce

and one said to his companion:

I am greater than thee in wealth

and I am mightier in slaves and jinn.

18:35 And he entered his garden while he was wronging his soul

saying: I do not think this will ever fail.

18:36 And I do not think the Hour will take place

yet if I am brought back to my Lord I will surely find even better than this as a place of return.

18:37 And his companion said while conversing:

Are thou ungrateful to Him Who Created thee of a speck of dust in a drop of slimy fluid

then fashioned thee as a human being?

18:38 As for me He Is God my Lord

and I ascribe not partnerships with my Lord to anyone.

18:39 Oh that as thou entered thy garden thou had but said:

This is that which God Has Willed

there is no strength except in God!

If thou see me less than thee in wealth and children

18:40 it may be my Lord Will Give me better than thy garden

or Will Send upon your garden a calamity from the sky

so that it becomes miry ground.

18:41 Or its water sinks away

so that thou cannot find it.

18:42 Lo then blossomless was his garden

so he began to wring his hands over all that he had spent therein

but it was desolate

and he said:

If only I would not have thought slaves and jinn were of value compared to my Lord!

18:43 And he had no protectors to aid him besides God

nay he could not help himself.

18:44 All Protection Belongs To God and that is the Truth!

And He Alone Is Best in Rewards and Final Outcomes.

18:45 Present thou the parable of the life of this world

like water which We send down from the sky

mingles with the vegetation of the Earth

then becomes dry stalks to be scattered by the winds.

God Was Omnipotent Over It All.

18:46 Wealth and children are an adornment of the life of this world

but Righteous deeds which endure hold better Rewards and are greater in the Sight Of thy Lord

and better for hope. Only a clear conscious allows one to have hope.

18:47 And the Day We set in motion the mountains and thou sees the earthly emerge including the jinn

and We gather them

We will not leave out a single one of them.

18:48 And they will be set before thy Lord in ranks

all will come to Us as We Created you the first time.

Those included are who claimed We made no assignment of such Promise for you!

18:49 And the Book will be set down

and thou will see the evildoers apprehensive of what is therein

and they will say: Woe is us!

What Law is this that leaves out neither a small thing nor a great thing and has taken it all into account?

Yea they will find all of what they did in perfect clarity

hence how thy Lord wrongs no one.

18:50 And when We said to the angels: Submit to Adam

they all submitted but not lucifer

for he was of the jinn

and was wantonly disobedient against the Command of his Lord. Disgruntled over God Giving humans Dominion of Earth.

Then you take him and his progeny of degenerate inhuman imposters as protectors instead of Me?

They are open enemies to you

so miserable is that exchange for the wrongdoers!

18:51 I did not allow them witness to the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

nor to the Creation of themselves

and I do not take those who lead astray as assistants.

18:52 And the Day He Commands: Call My partners whom you claimed.

Then they will call them

but they will not respond to them

and We will make a place of desolation between them.

18:53 All the evildoers will behold the Fire

and realize that they are to fall therein

without escape therefrom no not ever.

18:54 And We have expounded for you in this Quran every sort of parable and example

but mankind is more than anything argumentative.

18:55 Nothing prevented people from believing when the Guidance came to them

or from asking Forgiveness Of their Lord.

They could have believed when Good customs of former peoples became known to them

but not when the scourge of death comes face to face!

18:56 We send messengers only as bearers of Glad Tidings and Warners.

And those who disbelieve contend in vanity to refute the Truth thereby

and make mockery of My Proofs and Warnings.

18:57 For who is denser than one who is reminded of the Word Of their Lord

and turns away therefrom forgetting what they earn

with the evils of their hands?

So We place coverings upon their hearts lest they should understand it

and deafness in their ears.

So if when thou invites them to the Guidance

they will not be Rightly Guided no not ever.

18:58 But thy Lord Is The Forgiver and Possessor of Mercy.

Were He to Take them to task for what they earned

He Would Hasten death for them.

But the Truth is they have an appointment

and they will not find any refuge besides God.

18:59 And those cities We destroyed when they did wrong

We made appointments for their destruction.

18:60 And when Moses said to his young man:

I will not cease until I reach the confluence of two seas

even if I continue for ages.

18:61 Then when they reached their confluence

they forgot their fish

and it took its way into the sea slipping away.

18:62 When they crossed he said to his young man:

Bring us our meal

we have met with fatigue on this our journey.

18:63 Said he: Did thou not see when we took shelter at the rock?

I forgot the fish

and only the degenerate inhuman imposter caused me to forget it lest I would have remembered it.

And it took its way into the sea amazingly.

18:64 He said: That is what we seek

and they turned back following hard upon themselves retracing.

18:65 And they found one from among Our servants an angel named Khidr to whom We had given mercy from Us

and taught knowledge from Our presence.

18:66 Moses said to him: May I follow thee that thou teach me something of what thou has been taught of Sound Judgement?

18:67 Said he: Thou cannot be patient with me.

18:68 For how can thou be patient over what thou does not comprehend or are not aware of?

18:69 He said: If God Should Will thou will find me patient

and I will not disobey thee in a matter.

18:70 Said he: If thou would follow me

do not ask me about anything

until I relate it to thee.

18:71 So they set out

and when they had embarked on a boat he made a hole therein.

Moses said: Has thou made a hole to drown its people?

Thou have done a grave thing.

18:72 In reply: Did I not say thou cannot be patient with me?

18:73 He said: Take thou me not to task for what I forgot

nor burden me in my affair with more difficulty.

18:74 So they set out.

When they had met a lad he killed him

and Moses said: Has thou wrongly killed a pure soul?

Thou has done a detestable thing.

18:75 Said he: Did I not say to thee that thou cannot be patient with me?

18:76 He said: If I ask thee about anything after this

then keep not company with me

thou has hereby attained from me an excuse to do so.

18:77 So they set out.

When they had come to the people of a city they asked its people for food

but they refused them hospitality.

Yet when they found there a great wall upon the point of collapse he set it upright.

Moses said: If thou had wished thou could have taken recompense for it!

18:78 Said he: This is the parting between thee and me.

I will inform thee of the interpretation of that thou has not borne with patience.

18:79 As for the boat

it belonged to poor people working on the sea

and I wished to mar it for there was a king behind them taking every sound boat by force.

18:80 And as for the lad

his parents were believers

and it was deemed he would burden them with transgression and disbelief.

18:81 And it was intended that their Lord Should Give them in exchange better than him in purity and nearer in compassion.

18:82 And as for the wall

it belongs to two fatherless lads in the town Yeshua and David II

and beneath it there is a treasure for them.

And their father was Righteous This would be contradiction speaks of the line of the covenant of Kings from Davids’ immediate son Solomon forward including both Yeshua and David II

and thy Lord Willed that they should reach maturity

and bring forth their treasure as a Mercy From thy Lord

and I did not do it by my own command.

Thus is the interpretation of what thou has not been patient in. This verse 1882 = David William Allender see

18:83 And they ask thee about Dhu’l-Qarnayn

say: I will recite to you a True story about him.

18:84 We established him in the land and gave him a route to everything.

18:85 So he went His Way.

18:86 When he had reached the place of setting of the sun

he found it departing into a murky spring

with a people nearby.

We said: O Dhu’l-Qarnayn thou shall either punish them or treat them with kindness at your will.

18:87 He said: As for one who does wrong

I will punish them

then they will be brought back to God Who Will Punish them with Immeasurable Punishment.

18:88 And as for one who believes and works Righteousness

for them Good is the reward

and I will speak lightly to them from Gods’ Command.

18:89 Again he went His Way.

18:90 When he had reached the dawning place of the sun

he found it over a people for whom We had appointed no knowledge. A simple people with simple lives which like animals needed no knowledge other than what God Had Instilled in them as instincts, they had not been corrupted by the jinn or their unholy progeny.

18:91 Thus!

We have encompassed what is with it in knowledge.

18:92 Then he went His Way.

18:93 When he had reached between the two barriers

and found besides them another people these with scarce understanding of advanced speech.

18:94 They said: O Dhu’l Qarnayn

Gog and Magog are workers of corruption in the land

so may we appoint for thee due payment on condition that thou make between us and them a barrier?

18:95 He said: What my Lord Has Established for me is better

but assist me with labor and

I will make a dam between you and them as barrier.

18:96 Yea bring me ingots of iron

and when he had made level between the two cliffs

he said: Kindle and blow

then when he had made it a fire

he said: Bring me molten brass to pour thereon.

18:97 And lo then they could not climb over it

and they could not bore through it.

18:98 He said: This is a Mercy From my Lord

but when the Promise Of my Lord comes to pass He Will Make it dust

and the Promise Of my Lord is True.

18:99 And We will leave them that Day to surge one upon another evil humans, evil jinn and all degenerate inhuman imposters

when the trumpet is blown

and We gather them one and all.

18:100 And Hell will be displayed to the fools.

18:101 Those whose eyes were under a covering from My Remembrance

and who were unable to hear.

18:102 Did those who disbelieve think they could take jinn who serve Me as protectors instead of Me?

We have prepared Hell as a welcoming gift for fools.

18:103 Say: Shall We inform you of those most in loss by way of deeds?

18:104 It is those who wander astray in the life of this world

while thinking that they do Good by their handiwork!

18:105 These are they who deny the Word Of their Lord and the Meeting with Him.

Their works are vain

so We assign no weight for balance to them on the Day of Resurrection.

18:106 Hell is their Reward because they denied

and made mockery of Our verses and Our messengers.

18:107 But those who believe

and do deeds of Righteousness

they have the Gardens of Eden as a Welcoming Gift.

18:108 And they will live Eternally therein

desiring not any relocation for truly it is Paradise.

18:109 Say: If the sea had been ink for the Words Of my Lord

it would run dry before His Words ran dry and again even if brought the like thereof in addition.

18:110 Say: I am but a mortal like you.

I am instructed that your God Is The One God

and whoever looks to the Meeting with their Lord

let them do works of Righteousness

and ascribe no partnership with their Lord to anyone.