Chapter 19. Mary, Maryam

19.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

19:1 kāf hā yā ʿain ṣād

19:2 A Remembrance of the Mercy Of thy Lord

towards His Servant Zechariah.

19:3 When he cried out to his Lord in secret.

19:4 He said: My Lord if my bones become feeble

and my head fills with white hair

I will not be unhappy in my Prayers to Thee my Lord.

19:5 But I fear for my heirs after me

for my wife is barren

so Bestow Upon me From Thyself a protecting son.

19:6 One who inherits from me and from the house of Jacob

and Make him pleasing my Lord.

19:7 O Zechariah We bring thee Glad Tidings of a lad whose name is John.

We have not made one named like him before!

19:8 He said: My Lord how can I have a lad when my wife is barren

and I have reached such old age?

19:9 Thus Said God: It is Easy For Me

for I Created thee before when thou were nothing.

19:10 He said: My Lord Make a Proof for me.

He Replied: Thy Proof is that thou shall not speak to others three nights although you be sound to speak.

19:11 And he went out to his people from the sanctuary

and showed them how to give glory morning and night.

19:12 O John hold thou fast to the Truth!

Yea We gave him critical judgement as a child.

19:13 And tenderness from Ourselves

and God Consciousness

yea he had Wise Fear.

19:14 And dutiful towards his parents

for he was not a tyrant nor defiant.

19:15 So peace be unto him from the day he was born

to the day he dies

and the Day he is raised up to live Forever!

19:16 And remember Mary in the Gospel

when she withdrew from her people to a place in the east

19:17 and separated herself from them.

And We sent one of Our angels down

appearing to her as a gentleman.

19:18 She said: I seek refuge in The Almighty from thee

so stay away if thou be devout.

19:19 He said: I am only a Messenger of thy Lord sent that I might bestow upon thee a pure lad.

19:20 She said: How can there be a lad for me when no man has touched me?

I have not been unchaste.

19:21 He said: Thus Said thy Lord: It Is Easy For Me.

And We will make him a Proof for mankind

as a mercy from Us

and such was the matter ordained.

19:22 And immaculately she conceived

then fearing disbelief from others went to a distant place.

19:23 Then the contractions drove her to take hold the trunk of a date palm tree

alone and in fear she said: I wish I had died before this and were forgotten in oblivion!

19:24 Then Yeshua cried to her from below: Grieve thou not

thy Lord Has Placed a stream beneath thee.

19:25 And if thou shake the trunk of the date palm

it will drop upon thee fresh ripe dates!

19:26 So eat and drink and let thy eyes be gladdened

and if thou sees any mortal say:

I have vowed to The Almighty silence

and shall not speak to anyone this day.

19:27 Then she approached her people carrying him

and they said: O Mary thou has done something unprecedented!

19:28 O sister of Aaron! Thy father was not a lewd man nor was thy mother unchaste.

19:29 Then when she pointed to him

they said: You wish we speak to a child in cradle?

19:30 Then he spoke: I am a prophet of the Great God!

He Has Given me the Truth and Made me a prophet

19:31 and Blessed me wherever I be Forever

and Enjoined Upon me the Prayer Chapter 1 and God Consciousness as long as I live.

19:32 And He Made me dutiful to my mother

and has not made me a miserable tyrant.

19:33 And peace be unto me the day I was born

and the day I die

and the day I am raised alive!

19:34 That is Yeshua son of Mary

a statement of Truth concerning what they wondered.

19:35 Is it not thinkable that God need not procreate?

Glory Be Unto Him!

When He Decrees a thing He Only Says:

Be thou!

And it is.

19:36 And God Is my Lord and your Lord

so serve Him

for this is the Straight Path.

19:37 But among the parties were those in disbelief

so woe to those who were ungrateful

for comes the scene of an Onerous Day!

19:38 They will hear and they will see on the Day they come to Us! We’ll see Heaven, Hell, God and His Angels.

But the wrongdoers are in obvious error on this Day.

19:39 So warn thou them of this Day of Regret

when the matter will be concluded

while they are in heedlessness today

and still do not believe.

19:40 We will inherit the Earth and all therein

for to Us are they all returned.

19:41 And remember what is written of Abraham

he was a man of Truth and a prophet.

19:42 He said to his father:

O my father why serve thou what hears not nor sees

nor can avail thee in anything?

19:43 O my father knowledge has come to me that has not come to thee

so follow me

I will lead thee to an even path.

19:44 And O my father do not serve the degenerate snaking imposter for they are defiant to The Almighty.

19:45 O my father I fear Punishment will afflict thee from The Almighty

He Will Enjoin a degenerate snaking imposter to you!

19:46 Said he: Forsake my gods O Abraham?

If thou does not cease I will stone thee

so depart from me a good while.

19:47 He said: Peace be unto thee!

I will ask Forgiveness for thee Of my Lord

for He Is Gracious Towards me.

19:48 And I will withdraw from you and that to which you call besides God

and will call to my Lord

and perhaps I will not be disappointed in my choices.

19:49 So when he had withdrawn from them and what they were serving besides God

We gave him Isaac and Jacob

and We made each a prophet.

19:50 And We gave to them from Our mercy

and We made the tongue of exalted Truthfulness for them.

19:51 And remember what is written of Moses

He was a pure hearted messenger and a prophet.

19:52 And We called to him from the right side of the mount

and brought him close in private conference.

19:53 And from Our mercy We gave him his brother Aaron another messenger and a prophet.

19:54 And remember thou what is written of Ishmael

he was True to the promise

and he was a messenger and a prophet.

19:55 He enjoined upon his people the Prayer and spread God Consciousness

and was acceptable in the Sight Of his Lord.

19:56 And remember what is written of Enoch

truly he had been a just messenger and a prophet.

19:57 We raised him to a high station.

19:58 These are whom God Showed Favor among the prophets

among the progeny of Adam

those We carried with Noah

and the progeny of Abraham and Israel Jacob

and others We guided and chose.

When the Proofs Of The Almighty were recited to them they fell down in submission often weeping in awe.

19:59 But there came after them successors who neglected the Prayer and followed lusts

so they will meet the Misery!

19:60 But one who repents and believes and works Righteousness

these will enter the Garden

and they will not be wronged in anything.

19:61 Their Gardens are a Perpetual Abode which The Almighty Has Promised His Servants in the unseen

and His Promise will come to pass.

19:62 They will hear no idle talk therein

only peace

and they will have provision therein morning and night.

19:63 That is Paradise which We give as inheritance among Our servants who are in Wise Fear

yea prudently conscious of Gods’ Constant Presence.

19:64 And We come down only by Command Of thy Lord

for To Him Belongs What is in front of Us

and What follows Us

and What is in between

and thy Lord is not forgetful!

19:65 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and What is between them.

Serve Him

and be patient in His Service.

For does thou know another with names like His?

19:66 Still they ask: When I am dead I will be brought forth alive?

19:67 Does mankind not remember that We Created them before they were anything?

19:68 Then by thy Lord We will gather them and the degenerate snaking imposters.

We parade them crawling on knees round about Hell.

19:69 Then We will extract from every sect those of them most severe in disdain towards The Almighty.

19:70 Then We will know best those most worthy to be burned as the lowest therein.

19:71 And there is not one of you who will not view Hell

that is a Determination Decreed upon thy Lord.

19:72 Then We will deliver those of Wise Fear while leaving

the wrongdoers therein in tears on bended knees.

19:73 And when Our Clear verses are recited to them those who disbelieve say to those who believe:

Which of us are better in station and alliances?

19:74 But how many generations We culled before them who were better in possessions and appearance!

19:75 Say: Whoever is in error

The Almighty Extends for them an extent

when they have seen what they are Promised

whether it be either the scourge of death or the Hour Itself.

Then they will know who is worse in position

and weakest in force!

19:76 And God Increases in Guidance those who embrace Right Guidance

and endure in Righteous deeds which are better in the Sight Of thy Lord to be Rewarded

and better for turning them back. towards God

19:77 Has thou considered ones who reject Our Proofs

saying: I am great with wealth and children!

19:78 Have they penetrated the unseen

or taken a compact with The Almighty?

19:79 No indeed!

And We will record what they say then increase the Punishment for them and extend it repeatedly.

19:80 And We will inherit from them what they say is theirs

and then they will approach Us alone without helpers.

19:81 And they take gods jinn besides God

that they might have greatness by them.

19:82 No indeed!

They will deny their service

and become stern opponents against them.

19:83 Has thou not considered We send degenerate snaking imposters to fools to confound them with confusion?

19:84 So bother thou not in distress against them

for they are but a number with the numbered.

19:85 The Day We gather those of Wise Fear to The Almighty as honored guests

19:86 and drive the evildoers into Hell as a place of arrival

19:87 none will have power of intercession

except one who has taken a pledge with The Almighty.

19:88 And they say: The Almighty has taken a son.

19:89 You have brought forth a loathsome accusation!

19:90 The Heavens are near rent asunder therefrom

the Earth split altogether

and the mountains fallen in collapse

19:91 that you attribute to The Almighty a human son.

19:92 For He is not in the least need of such lowly son!

19:93 Do you not know that every great one in the Heavens and the Earth comes to The Almighty as His Servants?

19:94 He Has Counted them and Numbered them by number.

19:95 And each of them will come alone to Him on the Day of Resurrection.

19:96 And those who believe

while doing deeds of Righteousness

The Almighty Will Appoint His Loving Care for them.

19:97 And truly We made this easy to remember in thy tongue. Arabic

That thou bear Glad Tidings herewith to those of Wise Fear

and thou warn herewith a quarrelsome people.

19:98 And how many generations We culled before them?

Sees thou any one of them now?

Or hear from them so much as a whisper?