Chapter 20. Ta-Ha

20.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

20:1 ṭā hā

20:2 We did not send down the Quran upon thee as a distress

20:3 but rather as a Reminder to those of Wise Fear.

20:4 A Successive Revelation from He Who Created the High Heavens and the Earth.

20:5 Then The Almighty Took His Place upon the Throne.

20:6 Forever To Him Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

and What is between

and What is beneath.

20:7 And even when thou are public in speech

He Knows your secrets you think are deeply hidden.

20:8 God

there is no god but He

To Him Belong the Most Beautiful Names.

20:9 Has there come to thee the story of Moses?

20:10 When he saw a fire

and said to his people:

Stay here I see a fire

perhaps I can bring you a firebrand therefrom

or find some other sort of benefit from it.

20:11 And when he came to it he was addressed:

O Moses.

20:12 I Am thy Lord

remove thy shoes

for thou are in the twice hallowed valley.

20:13 I Have Chosen thee

so hearken to My Instruction.

20:14 I Am God

there is no god but I

so serve Me

and uphold the Prayer for My Remembrance.

20:15 The Hour is coming and I Nearly Hide It so that every soul is Rewarded with what it strove for. “Nearly Hide it” is used because God Will Only Show us the end is near, near the end, i.e. now. Hence the reason we’re seeing all the end times prophecies taking place.

20:16 And do not let disbelievers divert thee from it

those following vain desires

lest thou anguish with them.

20:17 And what is that in thy right hand O Moses?

20:18 Said he: It is my staff

I lean on it

and beat down leaves for my sheep

and I have other useful purposes.

20:19 He Said: Cast it down O Moses.

20:20 So he cast it down

and it became a large serpent slithering.

20:21 He Said: Now pick it up and fear not

for We will return it to its former conduct.

20:22 And now draw thy hand under thy shirt

it will come forth purified light as another Proof

20:23 that We might show thee among Our Greater Proofs.

20:24 Now go thou to pharaoh

for he has transgressed.

20:25 Said he: My Lord Ease my heart

20:26 and Lighten this affair for me

20:27 and Loosen the tie from my tongue

20:28 that they might understand my speech.

20:29 And Appoint Thou for me an assistant from my people

20:30 Aaron my brother.

20:31 And Strengthen my strength by him

20:32 and Make him a partner in my task

20:33 that we might glorify Thee much

20:34 and remember Thee much.

20:35 For Thou Alone Does See us.

20:36 He Said: Thy request is granted O Moses.

20:37 And know We bestowed favor upon thee another time

20:38 when We instructed thy mother with the instruction:

20:39 Put him into the chest

and set it on the water

so it will cast him upon a shore.

An enemy to Me and an enemy to him will take him

and I Cast Upon thee Love From Me

that thou be trained under My Eye.

20:40 When thy sister approached them she coerced:

Shall I direct thee to one who will take care of him?

Then We returned thee to thy mother

that her eye might be gladdened not grieving.

And thou did kill a soul of a degenerate snaking imposter

so We delivered thee from distress

but subjected thee to persecution as a test.

Thus did thou tarry years among the people of Midian

then came as ordained O Moses.

20:41 And I Prepared thee for Service To Myself.

20:42 Go thou and thy brother with My Proofs

and fail not in My Remembrance.

20:43 Go to pharaoh

for he has transgressed.

20:44 And speak to him a convincing word

that he might take heed.

20:45 They said: Our Lord we fear he will act against us or be defiant.

20:46 He Said: Fear not I Am With you Hearing and Seeing All.

20:47 Go to him and say: We are Messengers Of thy Lord

send thou the children of Israel with us and do not punish them.

For we have come to thee with Proof From thy Lord

and peace be unto all who follow the Guidance!

20:48 But we have been instructed that Punishment comes upon those who reject or turn away.

20:49 Said he: And who is your Lord O Moses?

20:50 He said: Our Lord Is YHWH, He Who Created Everything and Oversees It All.

20:51 Said he: Then in what state are His former followers now?

20:52 He said: The Knowledge Thereof Is With my Lord in a Decree to give them Eternal Life in Heaven

and My Lord neither errs nor forgets anything.

20:53 He Who Made the Earth for you as a bed

and Inserted roads for you therein

and Sent Down water from the sky.

And We brought forth diverse pairs of plants.

20:54 So eat and attend to your livestock

in that is Evidence for possessors of intelligence.

20:55 Therefrom did We Create you and thereto do We return you

and therefrom will We bring you forth once again.

20:56 And We showed him Our Proofs

but he rejected and denied.

20:57 Said he: Has thou come to turn us out of our land by thy sorcery O Moses?

20:58 Then we will bring thee sorcery the like thereof

so make an appointment between us and thee

which neither shall fail to keep

in a mutually agreeable place.

20:59 He said: Your appointment is the day of the festival

where the people gather at midday.

20:60 And pharaoh turned away

and planned his plan

then he arrived.

20:61 Moses said to them: Woe to you!

Do not invent a lie against God lest He Eradicate you

for thus has failed whoever invented.

20:62 And they disputed about their affair among themselves

and kept their plans secret.

20:63 They said: These two conjurers wish to turn you out of your land by their sorcery

and take away your traditions.

20:64 So make your plan

then come together with one accord

for whoever prevails this day has succeeded.

20:65 They said: O Moses either thou shall cast first

or we shall cast first.

20:66 He said: You cast.

Then their staffs appeared to be moving like snakes by their sorcery

20:67 and Moses felt fear within himself.

20:68 We whispered: Fear not

for thou are Of The Higher.

20:69 Yea cast thou what is in thy right hand

and see it swallow up what they wrought.

For they wrought only the plan of his sorcerers

and no sorcerer will be successful whatever he does.

20:70 And the sorcerers were brought down in submission

saying: We believe in The Lord of Aaron and Moses.

20:71 Pharaoh said: You believe in Him without permission?

Moses is but a chieftain who taught you sorcery

so I will cut off your hands

and your feet on opposite sides

and put you to death by stake on trunks of date palms.

Then you will know which of us is more severe and everlasting in penalties.

20:72 They said: We prefer thee not above what has come to us of Clear Evidence and He Who Made us

so decide what thou will decide

for thou can only decide over passing life of this world.

20:73 Yea we believe in our Lord that He Might Forgive us our errors

and that which thou compelled us of sorcery

for indeed God Is Better and Everlasting.

20:74 And whoever comes to their Lord as an evildoer

for them is Hell

they will neither live nor die therein but suffer greatly.

20:75 But whoever comes to Him as a believer

having done deeds of Righteousness

they have the High Degrees.

20:76 Gardens of Perpetual Abode beneath which rivers flow

where they will live Eternally therein

that is the Reward for those who purify themselves.

20:77 And We instructed Moses: Travel by night with My Servants

and strike a dry path in the sea for them

fearing neither being overtaken

nor dreading the experience.

20:78 And pharaoh followed them with his forces

but the sea overcame them in a dreaded drowning.

20:79 Hence pharaoh led his people astray he did not guide.

20:80 O children of Israel We delivered you from your enemy

and We made an appointment with you on the right side of the mount

and sent down manna and quail upon you.

20:81 Saying: Eat of the Good things We have provided you

and do not transgress therein lest My Wrath Descend Upon you

for those whom My Wrath Descends Upon have fallen.

20:82 Yet I Am Forgiving Towards those who repent

and believe

and work Righteousness

yea then they become Rightly Guided.

20:83 And what made thee hasten from thy people O Moses?

20:84 Said he: They were close following hard upon me

so I hastened to Thee my Lord that Thou Be Pleased.

20:85 God Said: I Have Subjected thy people to a Test in thy absence and the samaritan degenerate snaking imposter led them astray.

20:86 And Moses returned to his people wrathful and grieved

saying: O my people did your Lord not Promise you a Fair Promise?

Did His Pledge seem long in coming to you

or did you wish that Wrath From your Lord Should Descend Upon you

while you also failed to keep your promise to me?

20:87 They said: We did not fail to keep our promise to thee of our own accord

but we were made to carry burdens of the adornment of the people their gold, silver and etc. metal jewelry and wares

so we cast them into a mold

and thus the samaritan degenerate cast.

20:88 He brought forth a golden calf as a body that lowed

when put to fire and said: This is your god

and the god of Moses

whom he surely forgot.

20:89 Did they then not see that it returned no word to them

nor possessed harm or benefit for them?

20:90 And Aaron had said to them before:

O my people you are only subjected to temptation

your Lord Is The Almighty

so follow me and obey my commands.

20:91 They said: We will not cease to be devoted to it until Moses returns to us.

20:92 He said: O Aaron what prevented thee from obeying me when thou saw them going astray?

20:93 Has thou intentionally disobeyed my command?

20:94 Said he: O son of my mother seize me not by my beard nor by my head!

I feared thou might say:

Thou has caused division among the children of Israel

and have not regarded my word.

20:95 Then he said: And what is thy case O samaritan?

20:96 Said he: I being a degenerate snaking imposter could see what they could not see Gabriel

and I seized a handful of dust from the wake of His steed

and did throw it in sorcery

and thus my soul enticed me.

20:97 He Said: Then go thou

in this life it is for thee to be outcast!

And there is for thee an Appointment thou cannot break!

And look thou upon thy god to which thou remained devoted

for we will destroy it

then will we scatter its pieces in the sea.

20:98 For God Is God

there is no god but He

and He Encompasses All Things In His Knowledge.

20:99 Thus do We narrate to thee some reports of what has gone before

and have given thee Remembrance from Our presence.

20:100 Whoever turns from it

they will bear a burden on the Day of Resurrection.

20:101 And they will live Eternally therein.

So how miserable is the load for them on the Day of Resurrection!

20:102 The Day the trumpet is blown

that Day We will gather the evildoers

white eyed with fear

20:103 and whispering among themselves: Woe this be Eternal as if we tarried only ten days on Earth!

20:104 Yea We know best what they will say when their former peoples who are already in Hell will say:

Nay you tarried liken to barely a day.

20:105 And when they ask thee about the mountains

say: My Lord Will Scatter them utterly

20:106 leaving them a level plain

20:107 wherein thou will see neither hills nor valleys.

20:108 That Day they will be forced to follow those summoning without deviation the angels

and their voices will be humbled for The Almighty

thou hearing nothing except whispers.

20:109 That Day no intercession will avail except whom The Almighty Gives His Permission

and with whose deeds He Is Pleased.

20:110 He Knows what is at their time and what follows them

and of this they have no knowledge.

20:111 Faces will be humble before The Living, The Eternal

and all who commit injustice will have failed.

20:112 But whoever does deeds of Righteousness and is a believer

they will fear neither injustice nor limits of provision.

20:113 And thus We sent it down in an Arabic Recitation

and expounded herein some of Our Warnings

that they might be in Wise Fear

evoking them to Our remembrance.

20:114 And Exalted Be God The One True King!

And hasten thou not with the Recitation before its instruction is completed to thee Mohamet was anxious to recite what he was given of the Quran during each delivery by Gabriel

and Pray: My Lord Increase me in knowledge.

20:115 And We made a compact with Adam before

but he forgot

and We did not find determination in him.

20:116 And when We said to the angels: Submit to Adam

they submitted except lucifer aka iblis who is a jinn

yea he refused.

20:117 We said: O Adam this is an enemy to thee and to thy wife

do not let him turn you out of the Garden in distress.

20:118 It is for thee to be neither hungry nor naked therein.

20:119 And that thou neither thirst therein nor suffer the heat of the sun. Then Adam and Eve procreated and jinn assumed human forms to rape Eve and/or their daughters which bore nephilim who in turn bore the hybrid degenerate snaking imposters before Adam died at 930 yrs.

20:120 A degenerate snaking imposter whispered to him with sorcery saying: O Adam shall I show thee the tree of immortality

and a thing that decays not?

20:121 And they ate thereof

and their shame was made manifest to them

so they began to draw over them some of the leafs of the Garden. to look as if they had been eating permissible veggies

In so doing Adam had opposed his Lord

so he erred.

20:122 Then his Lord Chose him

and Turned Towards him with Forgiveness

and Guidance.

20:123 He Said: Get you down from it altogether

enemies to one another Human vs. degenerate snaking Imposter

then if there comes to you Guidance from Me Note “if”

whoever of Gods’ Adamic Bloodline follows My Guidance

they will neither go astray

nor will they be in despair.

20:124 But whoever turns away and forgets My Favors

for them is a restricted life

and We will gather them as if deaf dumb and blind on the Day of Resurrection.

20:125 They will say: My Lord why has Thou Gathered us among the blind when we once saw?

20:126 We will say: Thus Our Proofs came to thee and thou denied them

so thus are thou denied this Day.

20:127 And thus do We Reward committers of excess

and disbelievers of the Proofs Of their Lord.

And the Punishment of the Hereafter is infinitely more severe and Everlasting.

20:128 Does it not then remind them how many generations We culled before them while amid those whose dwellings they live?

In that is Evidence for possessors of common sense.

20:129 And were it not for the Word come forth From thy Lord Naming a term it would surely be closer at hand.

20:130 So be thou patient over what they say

and give glorious praise to thy Lord before dawn thru eventide

and some periods of the night

give thou glory. Remember and praise God always!

Yea between each two ends of the day glorify Him

that thou might be well pleased. upon meeting Him

20:131 And do not strain thine eyes towards what enjoyment We have granted some among them to take of the splendor of life in this world.

It is so We might subject them to temptation thereby.

Yea your Provision Of thy Lord is Better and Everlasting.

20:132 And enjoin upon thy people the Prayer and be steadfast therein

and remember We do not ask thee for provision.

Nay. We provide for thee!

And the final outcome is for those of Wise Fear.

20:133 And they say: Oh that he would only bring us a Proof From his Lord!

Has there not come to them enough Clear Evidence in previous scriptures?

20:134 And had We destroyed them by a scourge of death before it they would have said:

Our Lord O that Thou Had Only Sent a messenger to us

so we might have followed Thy Proofs before we were humbled and disgraced for Eternity!

20:135 Say: All are waiting so wait.

Yea we will all come to know who the companions of the Straight Path are

those who deserved to be Rightly Guided By God.