Chapter 21. The Prophets, al-Anbiya’

21.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

21:1 The Reckoning to mankind draws near

yet many are in heedlessness and sorely disinclined.

21:2 There does not come to them any Remembrance From their Lord

that they at best hear but do not listen while they play.

21:3 Their hearts oblivious

and while in private the fools say:

Is this messenger not a mortal like you?

Will you believe fantasy when you can see?

21:4 My Lord Says: He Knows what is spoken in the Heavens and the Earth

for He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

21:5 But they say: He has only had jumbled nightmares!

Yea he has invented it

surely he is only a poet

so let him bring us a Proof like those sent unto to the people of old!

21:6 Thus also no city believed before among those We destroyed.

Would they then believe?

21:7 And before thee We sent others whom We instructed.

Ask the people of their existence if you do not know.

21:8 And yes We gave them bodies that ate food

for they were not immortals.

Let us connect some extremely important dots about immortals. It is well documented both scripturally and in real life experiences (That’s Marzinksi vid #2!) by all who have been “visited” or full on “possessed” by others that the entities seem to be feeding off of our emotions, hardships and/or adrenalin/dopamine creating experiences. So, is it too far fetched to believe that God and His angels in the unseen whom don’t eat food, instead feed off of our energy? Could this be why God Created all of us and says He Will “fill Hell with jinn and humans one and all” who will then by their own choosing live in “high energy producing terror” for eternity? Think the Matrix! And choose wisely!

21:9 Then We fulfilled the Promise to them

by delivering them and whomever else We wished

and We sentenced the committers of excess to Hell.

21:10 Thus We have sent down this Decree to you wherein is the Remembrance

so will you then not use reason!

21:11 And how many a city of wrongdoers did We reprimand

only to bring into being another people after it.

21:12 And upon experiencing Our might they tried to get away from it.

21:13 But none get away no not ever!

Recall that wherein you were given temptations of opulence and secure dwellings

that you might be questioned.

21:14 They said: Woe is us! We were wrongdoers.

21:15 And their calls ceased not until We laid them silent.

21:16 We did not Create the firmament and the land and what lives on the Earth in jest.

21:17 For had We wished to take a diversion for play We could have Created anything for that sole purpose

if We were Ones Who do so.

21:18 But instead We hurl the Truth against vanity

which negates it

then it passes away

so woe to them for all they imagine!

21:19 To Him Belongs Whoever is in the Heavens and the Earth

and those in His Presence the angels are not too proud to serve Him and Him Alone

nor do they grow weary.

21:20 They give glory night and day failing not no never. This and other verses assure there are no such things as “fallen angels” just jinn.

21:21 If they take gods from the Earth who would resurrect?

21:22 Were there in Earth gods other than God they would have all been corrupted

so Glory Be Unto God

The Lord of the Throne

High Above what they imagine!

21:23 He is not questioned about what He Does

but they will be Questioned By Him!

21:24 If they take gods besides Him say:

Bring your evidence.

This is a Remembrance of those with me

and a Remembrance of those before me

but most of them do not know the Truth

yea they are disinclined.

21:25 And We sent no messenger before thee that was not instructed to warn for God:

There is no god but I

so serve only Me.

21:26 Then they say: The Almighty Has Taken a son.

But utterly remote is the thought that He would have human progeny!

Nay. They are only His Creations honored to serve Him!

21:27 We the angels precede Him not in speech

and act only by His Command. Pure subservience, no resistance.

21:28 He Knows what is at our time and what follows.

We cannot intercede except for ones with whom He Is Pleased.

We ourselves are apprehensive in Wise Fear of Him!

21:29 Whoever says: I am a god besides Him.

For that We Reward them with Eternal Hell

thus We Reward all wrongdoers.

21:30 Have those who disbelieve not considered that the Heavens and the Earth were once one thing

then We ripped it apart as said of the Big Bang

and made every living thing of water? A scientific fact

Will they then not believe!

21:31 And We made firm mountains in the Earth lest it sway with them

and We placed therein mountain passes as paths that they might find ways through.

21:32 And We made over the sky a protected roof the firmament

but they are heavily deceived about that Evidence! yep!

21:33 He It Is Who Created the night and the day

and the sun and the moon

each disks in a circuit swimming. in H20 above the firmament

21:34 And We did not appoint immortality to any mortal before thee

whereas while thou will surely die

they will not? Nay.

21:35 Yea every soul will taste death

and We try you with evil and with Good as a temptation

then to Us you will be returned.

21:36 And when those who disbelieve see thee they make mockery saying:

Is this he who speaks of one God?

And they deny Remembrance of The Almighty.

21:37 Yea mankind is prone to denial in haste but do not ask God to Make Haste of His Last Proof! Total annihilation.

21:38 So they ask: When is this Promise if you be Truthful?

21:39 If those who disbelieve only knew the time they will not be able to shield their faces

or their backs from the Fire.

Lo they will not be helped!

21:40 Yea it will come upon them unexpectedly

rendering them speechless

they being unable to repel it

nor will they be granted respite from then on Forever.

21:41 Certainly messengers have been mocked before thee

then suddenly there surrounds those who mocked with what they mocked! God, His Leagues of Angels and the Fires of Hell.

21:42 Say: Who can protect you by night or day from The Almighty?

But they are disinclined to the Remembrance of their Lord.

21:43 Or have they gods besides God who can defend them?

Nay! None are able to help them

and none have any protection from God.

21:44 Yet We give many enjoyment and make life seem long to them.

But have they not considered how We appear on Earth from out of nowhere then disappear the same way?

How can any win against that?

21:45 Say: I only warn you as I am Instructed By God

but the unwilling ones do not hear the Call when they are warned.

21:46 And when just a glint of the Punishment From thy Lord touches them they will say:

Woe are we!

We were wrongdoers!

21:47 And We will set the Balance of Equity for the Day of Resurrection

when no soul will be wronged in anything

for if it be of the weight of a mustard seed We will bring it.

Yea quite sufficient are We as account takers.

21:48 And We gave Moses and Aaron the Criterion between Right and wrong

with an Illumination

upon a Remembrance for those of Wise Fear.

21:49 Yea it is for those who fear their Lord in the unseen

and are apprehensive of the Hour.

21:50 And this Last Blessed Remembrance We sent down

do you not recognize it? As our Final Words From God.

21:51 And We gave Abraham sound judgement before

yea We knew him well.

21:52 When he said to his father and his people:

What are these idols you are devoted to?

21:53 They said: We found our fathers serving them.

21:54 He said: You and your fathers are in obvious error.

21:55 They said: Has thou brought the Truth

or are thou of conjecture?

21:56 He said: Your Lord Is The One True Lord of the Heavens and the Earth.

He It Is Who Made All This

and I am of those who bear witness to that.

21:57 And By God I will continue to outwit you and disregard your gods after you have gone.

21:58 And he broke their idols into pieces

except the one most revered of them

so that they could return to it in inquiry.

21:59 They said: Whoever has done this to our gods is among the wrongdoers.

21:60 Yea we heard a youth blaming one called Abraham.

21:61 So bring him before the eyes of the people

that they might bear witness.

21:62 They said: Did thou do this to our gods O Abraham?

21:63 He said:

This one their chief the statue he left unbroken surely did it

so ask him if indeed he speaks to you!

21:64 And they gathered to themselves saying: Our idol cannot speak so yea we are the wrongdoers.

21:65 Then they recovered themselves saying: Thou knew that these do not speak!

21:66 He said: But still you serve besides God what cannot speak or benefit you or harm you in any way?

21:67 Fie upon you and all that you serve besides God!

Now will you not use reason?

21:68 They decreed: Burn Abraham and defend our gods if we be just. They threw him into a fire.

21:69 But We said: O fire bring thou coolness and peace upon Abraham.

21:70 They desired that end for him

but We made them the most in loss!

21:71 And We delivered him and Lot to the land We had blessed for all of humanity.

21:72 And We gave him Isaac

then from him Jacob Israel

We made each Righteous.

21:73 We made them leaders guided by Our command

and instructed them in doing Good deeds

and upholding the Prayer

and being conscious of Gods’ Presence

yea they served Us.

21:74 And We gave judgement and knowledge to Lot

then We delivered him from his city of sins

where an evil wantonly disobedient people were.

21:75 We made him enter into Our mercy

for he was of the Righteous.

21:76 And Noah

when he called out

We responded to him.

Yea We delivered him and his household from the dreaded ordeal. Imagine surviving worldwide annihilation!

21:77 We helped him against the people who denied Our Proofs

for they too were an evil people

so We drowned them altogether.

21:78 And David and Solomon

when they passed judgement concerning the crops when the neighbors sheep escaped to pasture therein.

Yea We were witnesses to their sound judgement. He decreed to give ownership of the sheep, their milk and wool to the crop owner until the crops were restored by the sheep owner.

21:79 We gave Solomon full understanding of it

but We gave each judgement and knowledge.

And We made the mountains serviceable to David giving glory

and the birds.

Yea We were the doers of it all.

21:80 And We taught him the making of garments for you to protect yourselves in battles. chainmail

Are you then grateful?

21:81 And to Solomon

the tempest winds

running by his command towards the Earth

We blessed him and We knew Everything.

21:82 And among the degenerate snaking imposters

those diving for him and doing work besides that

We were the custodians overseeing them.

21:83 And Job when he called out to his Lord:

Adversity has touched me

and Thou Are The Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

21:84 So We responded to him

and removed the adversity that was upon him

then gave him and his household and their like with them a mercy from Our presence

as a reminder for those who serve.

21:85 And Ishmael

and Enoch Another validation of the Book/life of Enoch

and Ezekiel him of the pledge

all were among the patient.

21:86 And We made them enter into Our mercy

for they are among the Righteous.

21:87 And he of the whale Jonah

when he left in wrath

and supposed We had no power over him

then he cried out in the darkness:

There is no god but Thou

glory be unto Thee!

I have been among the wrongdoers!

21:88 So We responded to him

delivering him from distress

as thus do We deliver the believers.

21:89 And Zechariah

when he cried out to his Lord:

My Lord do not leave me alone

for Thou Are The Best of inheritors.

21:90 Then We responded to him and gave him

John and made his wife Right for him.

They all competed in Good works

calling to Us in thanks with hope and fear

for they were humble towards Us.

21:91 And Mary who guarded her chastity

We breathed Our spirit into her

making her and her son Proofs for all mankind.

21:92 Indeed this is your one religion

and I Am your Lord

so serve Me.

21:93 But they divided their religion among them

yet all are returning to Us.

21:94 Whoever works Righteous deeds and is a believer

there is no downplaying of their efforts

and We are the documenters of it.

21:95 When a prohibition is upon a city We have destroyed

none will return

21:96 until Gog and Magog nations of jinn/ETs have been loosed

issuing forth in every direction. mostly from Antarctica

21:97 Then the Promise draws near when the eyes

of disbelievers whiten and stare declaring:

Woe is us! We had been heedless of this

and the Truth is we were wrongdoers.

21:98 You and what you serve besides God the jinn are the firewood of Hell!

You will arrive at it.

21:99 Had they been gods they would not have arrived at it

but you all are abiding therein Eternally.

21:100 For all therein are roaring flames with cries and moaning

but as if alone they do not hear to help each other.

21:101 While those whom get the Best from Us

they are far from it.

21:102 They will not even hear a low sound distant

for they abide Eternally in what their souls desired.

21:103 The greatest terror will not grieve them

for the angels will receive them saying:

This is your Day which you were Promised.

21:104 The Day We roll up the Heavens

like the rolling up of a library of scrolls

as We began the first Creation We will repeat it.

Yea it is the Promise upon Us

and We are Ones to do it.

21:105 And We decreed to King David upon giving him the Psalms after the Torah: See Psalms 37:8-11

My Righteous servants the meek will inherit the Earth.

21:106 In this is a communication for people who serve.

21:107 We sent thee as a mercy for all mankind.

21:108 So say: I am only instructed that your God Is The One True God

so will you then submit?

21:109 And if they turn away say:

I warned you all alike

regardless if near or distant what is Promised comes.

21:110 And God Knows what is public of speech and what you conceal.

21:111 And for all I know it might be temptations and goods for a while more.

21:112 But my Lord Will Be Judge to us all in Truth

for our Lord Is The Almighty

the One Whose Leniency will be sought on the Day.