Chapter 22. The Pilgrimage, al-Hajj

22.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

22:1 O mankind be in Wise Fear of your Lord

for the convulsion of the Hour is an astounding thing.

22:2 The Day you see it every nursing mother will neglect her sucklings

and all bearing will deliver her burden unexpected

and thou will see mankind intoxicated yet not intoxicated

for the Punishment Of God Is Severe.

22:3 And among fools are they who dispute concerning God without knowledge

while following the degenerate snaking imposters.

22:4 It is Decreed that whoever takes them as allies

they will lead them astray

and guide them to the Punishment of the Inferno.

22:5 O mankind should you be in doubt concerning the Resurrection consider:

We Created you from dust carbon 12 which is the only element with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, hence all life on Earth is 666!

then from a drop of fluid sperm

then from a clinging thing the egg

then from a fleshy lump the fetus

formed and unformed looking like a leech at first

that We might make things clear to you.

Then We cause to rest what We will in the wombs to a named term 9 months

then We brought you forth as a child

then see you reach your maturity. At about 40

Or among you are those who are taken die

and among you are those aged to a feeble age

so that they have no knowledge after knowledge. senility

And thou sees the Earth lifeless

then when We send down water upon it which stirs and gives increase

and puts forth every sort of delightful kind.

22:6 Because God

He Is The Truth

and Only He Gives Life to the dead

for Only He Is Powerful Over All Things.

22:7 The Hour is coming

there is no doubt

and God Will Raise the dead!

22:8 And among you are those who foolishly dispute concerning God

without seeking His Knowledge

nor having His Guidance

nor an Illuminating Decree.

22:9 Twisting their necks to turn away

as if being drug away from the Path Of God.

For these is degradation in this world

and on the Day of Resurrection We will make them taste the Punishment of the Consuming Fire.

22:10 That solely due to what their hands sent before them

for God is not unjust to the servants.

22:11 And among you are they who serve God upon a fence.

If Good befalls them they are assuaged thereby

but if a test befalls them they turn about their face

losing in this world and the Hereafter

that is the clear loss.

22:12 They call to that besides God which cannot harm them nor benefit them

and that is the extreme error.

22:13 Yea they call for misguidance instead of Guidance

so evil is their associate their jinn

and miserable is the acquaintance.

22:14 While God Makes those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness enter Gardens

beneath which rivers flow

for God Does What He Intends.

22:15 Whoever thinks God cannot help them in this world and the Hereafter

let them stretch out means towards the Heavens

then let them cross the firmament

and let them see the Kingdom Of God

does their plan remove that whereat they rage?

22:16 And thus do We send this down with Clear Proofs

then God Guides whom He Wills.

22:17 Those who believe

and the talmudic jews

and the sabaeans

and the zeus/idol worshipping christians

and the zoroastrians

all those who serve other than God

are Promised God Will Decide Between them on the Day of Resurrection.

For God Is Witness Over All Things.

22:18 Has thou not considered that to God will submit whoever is in the Heavens

and whoever is in the Earth

and the sun

and the moon

and the stars

and the mountains

and the trees

and the creatures

and the wise among all of mankind. jinn and humans

Then the Punishment becomes binding upon most

it is those whom God Humiliates

and they are left with no honor whatsoever.

Yea God Does What He Wills In Perfection.

22:19 There are two main factions contending about The Lord

and for those who are deceived in nontheism

garments for the Fire have been cut for them to soak up scalding liquids poured from above their heads.

22:20 Yea also fused therewith is what is in their bellies

and inside their skins.

22:21 And they have restraints of refined iron.

22:22 Whenever they cry in desperation from distress to come out therefrom

they are hurled deeper therein with a message:

Taste the Punishment of the Consuming Fire!

22:23 But God Makes those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness enter the Gardens

beneath which rivers flow

wherein they are adorned with bracelets of gold

and pearls

and their raiment is silk.

22:24 For they were guided to the Good of speech

yea they were guided to the Path of the


22:25 While those who disbelieve

barred others from the Path Of God

to the Kaaba

which We made as an equal glory for all humanity

near and distant.

And whoever seeks to violate it with injustice

these We will cause to taste a Painful Punishment.

22:26 And when We settled Abraham at the position of the house he was reminded:

Ascribe thou not a partnership with Me to anything and purify My House for those who move about and those who are local

for the humble and the submitting it is a gift.

22:27 And proclaim thou among mankind the pilgrimage.

They will come to thee on foot

and on lean camels

from deep mountain passes

22:28 that they might witness things that benefit them.

And remember The Name Of God over the livestock you slaughter in mercy when He Delivers them to you after a life of service to you.

And eat thereof

feed therewith the unfortunate and the poor.

22:29 Then let them finish their ritual washing

and live up to their vows

and circumambulate the ancient house.

22:30 All of that

and whoever magnifies the Inviolable Things Of God

it is Good for them in the Sight Of their Lord.

And the livestock are Lawful to serve you

but shun the abomination of idols

and abandon false speech.

22:31 Incline towards God as monotheists

not of those who serve other than Him.

For whoever serves other than God

it is as if they had fallen down from the sky and birds pecked them away

or the wind had blown them to a far off place in ruin.

22:32 And whoever honors the Ceremonies Of God

operates from piousness and Wise Fear in their hearts

22:33 because in them are profits for you in this life

thus is the sacrifice of pilgrimage to the ancient house.

22:34 And for every community We appointed a rite

such as remembering The Name Of God over what He Has Provided them of livestock.

For your God Is The One God

so submit to Him

and give Glad Tidings to those who are humble.

22:35 Those whose hearts are afraid when God is recalled

yea those patient over what befalls them

who uphold the Prayer

and spend of what We have provided them for God.

22:36 Yea like the livestock!

We appointed them for you among the Gifts Of God

and much Good is in them for you.

So remember The Name Of God over them when they are lined up for work or being driven.

Then when they become aged laying on their sides mercifully slaughter them and let those in need eat thereof.

Thus have We given them to you with great value

that you might be grateful.

22:37 God calls not to flesh and blood only to living souls

so your Good stewardship of livestock Pleases Him.

Thus have We made them serviceable to you

that you might magnify God in His Guidance of you

and give Glad Tidings to fellow doers of Good.

22:38 God Will Defend you one and all

for God loves not those who are evil or mean.

22:39 But permission to kill enemies is given to those who fight because they were wronged

yea and Almighty God Will Often Help them!

22:40 Like those who are turned out of their homes for no cause other than saying:

Our Lord Is YHWH!

For were God not to Repel some people by means of others

pious communities would be destroyed

along with places of worship wherein The Name Of YHWH is remembered much.

So God Helps those who help Him

and God Is Strong, Omnipotent.

22:41 Those who if We establish them in the land

uphold the Prayer

and are conscious of Gods’ Presence

and enjoin what is Right

and forbid what is wrong.

Those know the Final Outcome of all matters are With God.

22:42 And if some reject thee O messenger

as were rejected before thee

by the people of Noah

and Ad

and Thamud

22:43 and the people of Abraham

and the people of Lot

22:44 and the people of Midian.

Yea like Moses was rejected

but I Reprieved those fools for a time

then I Seized them

and how stern was My Punishment?

22:45 O how many a city did We destroy while they were doing wrong

yea and they are now desolate!

Struck down with deserted wells

and abandoned castles.

22:46 Did deniers not travel in the land to see with their eyes

or use their minds to reason

or their ears to hear?

Nay. For it is not those parts that are disabled

disabled are the hearts in their chests.

22:47 And when they ask thee to hasten the Punishment

say: Fret not for God does not fail in His Promises

but a day in the Sight Of God is as a thousand years of what you count. Peter3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant that one day is with The Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

22:48 And how many a city did I Reprieve for a time while it was doing wrong!

Then I Seized them

and to Me Is the End of All Journeys.

22:49 Say: O mankind I am but a Clear Warner to you.

22:50 Those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have pardon and a noble provision.

22:51 And those who strive to undermine Our Proofs

these are the companions of Hell.

22:52 And We did not send any messenger or prophet before thee

who when tempted by whispers of jinn the degenerate snaking imposter did not cast fuel into his temptations.

But God Will Abolish what they cast.

Hence God Makes His Proofs Clear

for God Is Knowing, Wise.

22:53 He Makes what the degenerate snaking imposter casts a call for those in whose hearts is disease

and those whose hearts are hardened.

Yea the wrongdoers are in extreme schism without aid.

22:54 So that those who have been given Knowledge might know that it is the Truth From thy Lord

and believe in it

and their hearts might humble themselves to Him.

Yea God Guides those who believe to a Straight Path.

22:55 But disbelievers will not cease having grave doubts

until the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly. Yea

when on a Barren Day the Punishment comes to them.

22:56 The Dominion on that Day Belongs To God Alone

and He Will Be Judge Over all.

When those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness are given the Gardens of Bliss.

22:57 But those who disbelieve and deny Our verses

are given a Humiliating Punishment.

22:58 And those who emigrate for the Cause Of God

and in so doing are injured or die

God Will Provide a Goodly Provision for them.

And God

He Is The Best of providers.

22:59 He Will Make them enter by an entrance with which they will be satisfied

for God Is Knowing, Forbearing.

22:60 That is so!

And whoever retaliates with the like whereof they are attacked

then is wronged again

God Will Help them

for God Is Pardoning, Forgiving.

22:61 And Only God Can Make the night enter into the day

and the day enter into the night.

God Is The All Hearing, All Seeing.

22:62 And God He Is The Truth

and that to which they call besides Him is in vain

because God He Is The Exalted, The Great.

22:63 Has thou not considered that when God Sends Down water from the sky the Earth becomes green?

God Is Subtle, Aware.

22:64 Yea To Him Belongs Everything in the Heavens and the Earth.

And God He Is Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

22:65 Has thou not considered how God Made Everything in the Earth serviceable to you?

The ships only run upon the seas by His Designs

which also hold up the sky lest it fall to Earth before His Permission.

God Is Kind and Merciful To mankind.

22:66 Yea He It Is Who Gave you Life

then He Will Give you Death

then He Will Give you Life again.

Yet lo mankind is ungrateful.

22:67 For every community We appoint a rite for them to perform

so do not let them dispute with thee concerning which is correct.

Just say: I invite thee to serve thy Lord

do that and thou are all upon Right Guidance.

22:68 And if they continue to dispute with thee say:

God Knows Best Everything you do.

22:69 God Will Be Judge between you on the Day of

Resurrection concerning that wherein you differ.

22:70 Know thou not that God Knows All of what is in the Heavens and the Earth?

That is in a Decree

and it is Easy For God.

22:71 And they serve besides God that for which He has not sent down warrant

and that whereof they have no knowledge.

So say: For the wrongdoers there is no protector.

22:72 And when Our clear verses are recited to them

and thou recognizes misery in the faces of disbelievers

who all but attack those who recite them

say: Shall I inform you of what is worse than recitals?

God Has Promised the Fire for those who disbelieve

and that is the Sore Misery of their Journeys’ End!

22:73 O mankind a parable is presented

so pay heed to it:

Those jinn to whom you call besides God Will never create a fly even if they all gather together to try.

And if a fly snatches a crumb from them they will not recover it.

Indeed weak are the seekers as are the sought!

22:74 They do not measure God with the measure due Him

for God Is Strong, Omnipotent.

22:75 It Is God Who Chooses His Messengers among the angels and mankind.

God Is The All Hearing, All Seeing.

22:76 He Knows what is in advance of them and what is behind them

then unto God are all matters returned.

22:77 Yea! O you who believe be humble

and submit

and serve your Lord

and do Good

that you might be successful.

22:78 And strive for God with striving due to Him!

He Chose you and did not place religion upon you for any distress

yea this is the creed of your Adamite father Abraham.

He named you those-who-submit

and in all this

that the messengers might be witnesses unto you

and that you might be witnesses unto humanity.

So uphold the Prayer

and be conscious of Gods’ Presence

and hold fast to God

for He Is your Benefactor.

And Excellent Is He As your Benefactor!

And Excellent Is He As your Protector!