Chapter 23. The Believers, al-Mu’minun

23.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

23:1 Successful are the believers

23:2 those humble in their Prayer

23:3 who turn away from vain speech

23:4 and act in accordance with God Consciousness.

23:5 Those who are custodians of their modesty

23:6 excepting while with their spouses

or what they possess rightfully.

Then they are not blamed.

23:7 But whoever seeks pleasure beyond that

these are the transgressors.

23:8 But those who are compliant with their trusts and their pledges

23:9 those who keep to their obligations

23:10 these are the heirs

23:11 those who inherit Paradise

wherein they abide Eternally.

23:12 We Created humans from a strain of clay.

23:13 Then with a drop of fluid We placed them in a secure womb.

23:14 Then We designed a clinging thing from it

and formed the clinging thing as a fleshy lump

and fashioned in the fleshy lump bones

then clothed the bones with flesh.

Finally We brought it into being as another Creation

and Blessed Be God, The Only Creator!

23:15 Then after life you will die.

23:16 And on the Day of Resurrection you will be raised.

23:17 We have Created above you seven paths

and We are not heedless of any Creation.

23:18 We send down water from the sky in measure

and settle it in the Earth

and We are able to take it away.

23:19 We Created gardens of date palms and grapes

so for you there is much fruit therein

yea thereof is what you eat.

23:20 And a tree comes forth from Mount Sinai that yields oil

and a relish for the eaters thereof. the olive tree

23:21 And in some of the livestock is a lesson for you

We give you what is in their udders to drink

and there are many other benefits for you

for by their labor you till and sow and reap and eat.

23:22 And upon them and upon ships you are carried.

23:23 We sent Noah to his people

when he said: O my people serve God for you have no god but He.

Will you not then be in Wise Fear!

23:24 Then the eminent ones who were deceived among his people said:

This is only a mortal like us desiring to take command over you

for had God Willed He Would Have Sent Down angels.

Yea we did not hear of this from our fathers of old.

23:25 He is only a man possessed

so wait for him for a time.

23:26 He said: My Lord Help me because they have rejected me.

23:27 And We instructed him:

Make the ship under Our eyes and by Our instruction

then when Our command comes

and the sea boils up

load two of each kind therein.

And board thy household except ones whom the Word has gone forth against among them.

And speak not to Me on behalf of those who do wrong

for they will be drowned.

23:28 And when thou takes thy place with whoever is with thee upon the ship

say: Praise Belongs To God Who Delivered us from the wrong doing people.

23:29 And say: My Lord Land me at a blessed landing place

for Thou Are The Best of those who land.

23:30 In that are Proofs and We are testing.

23:31 Then We brought into being another generation after them.

23:32 And We sent a messenger from among them saying:

Serve God

you have no god but He.

Will you not then be in Wise Fear!

23:33 The eminent ones of his people

who were deceived and doubted the Meeting in the Hereafter

and whom We gave opulence in the life of this world said:

This is only a mortal like you

for he eats what you eat

and drinks what you drink.

23:34 And if you obey a mortal like yourselves

you will be the losers.

23:35 Does he promise you that when you are dead and have become dust and bones you will be brought forth?

23:36 Far fetched!

Yea far fetched is what you are promised by him!

23:37 There is only our life of this world

we live and we die

and we will surely not be raised.

23:38 Yea he is just a man who invented a lie about God

and we will not believe him.

23:39 He said: My Lord Help Thou me because they have rejected me.

23:40 Said He: Soon they will be remorseful!

23:41 Then the blast took them altogether!

Yea We made them like decaying refuse while saying:

Away with the wrongdoing people!

23:42 Then We brought into being other generations after them.

23:43 And no community rushes its term

nor does it postpone.

23:44 Then We sent Our messengers in succession

and each time one came to a community it rejected them.

Then We caused some of them to follow others and made them unpopular tales.

Yea away with another people who did not believe!

23:45 Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our Proofs and a Clear Warrant to

23:46 pharaoh and his eminent ones.

But they were proud

a self exalting people.

23:47 They said: Shall we believe two mortals like ourselves

while their folk serve us?

23:48 So they rejected them

and they were among those who also perished.

23:49 And We gave Moses the Torah

that his people might be Rightly Guided.

23:50 And We made the son of Mary and his mother a Proof

and We gave them shelter on high ground

a place of rest

and a running spring.

23:51 Saying: O you messengers

eat of My Good Things

and work of Righteousness.

For I Know Everything you do.

23:52 And this your religion is one religion

and I Am your Lord

so be in Wise Fear of Me.

23:53 But then they divided their Books among them into sects each party thinking theirs was best.

Again we must hearken to an earlier prophesy from Acts 3:22 “For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall The Lord your God Raise Up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet (Mohamet), shall be destroyed from among the people“. That means this Quran from Mohamet now during end times when great masses will be killed by the Christ/Mahdi with armies of angels, saints and believers.

23:54 So leave them in their confusion for a time.

23:55 Let them think their wealth and children are gifts.

23:56 Do We compete in doing Good deeds for them?

Nay. They are not aware of the Truth.

23:57 But those who are apprehensive with Fear of their Lord

23:58 and those who believe in the Proofs Of their Lord

23:59 and those who ascribe not a partnership to their Lord

23:60 and those who give what they give

while Wise Fear is in their hearts

they know they are returning to their Lord.

23:61 Yea and those who compete in Righteous deeds

they are the ones who take the lead as the vanguard.

23:62 And We task not any soul beyond its capacity

and with Us is the Record which speaks the Truth

so they will not be wronged.

23:63 Yet in some hearts is confusion over all this

and they do deeds besides what they should do.

23:64 Until We have seized their opulent ones with a scourge of death

then they will cry out.

23:65 But nay. Cry out not on this Day!

For you will not be given help from Us.

23:66 Indeed My Word was recited to you

but you turned your back

23:67 in false pride

conversing by night and speaking evils.

23:68 Do they not ponder Gods’ Word?

Or is it that different from what was given to their fathers of old?

23:69 Or can they not recognize their messenger?

Is that why they reject him?

23:70 They say: He is possessed.

The Truth is he brought them the Truth

but most of them dislike it.

23:71 For had the Truth aligned with their vain desires

it would mean the Heavens and the Earth and whoever are therein were corrupt.

Yea We brought them their Reminders

but they are disinclined to them.

23:72 And it is as if thou asked them for a great reward.

But nay for the Reward Of thy Lord is Better

He Is The Best of rewarders.

23:73 Thou invites them to a Straight Path.

23:74 But those who do not believe in the Hereafter stay away far astray from the Path.

23:75 And even if We had mercy on them

and removed what is with them of distress

they would still be resolute in their defiance wandering about unwilling to see.

23:76 So We seized them with a deadly scourge

for they did not yield to their Lord

nor become humble.

23:77 Yea and when We open the Gate of Severe Punishment for them

then they are seized in despair thereat.

23:78 And He It Is Who Brought you into being and Gave you hearing

and sight

and intellect

yet little are you grateful.

23:79 Yea He It Is Who Seeded you in the Earth

and to Him you will be gathered.

23:80 And He It Is Who Gives Life

and Gives Death

and His Is the Alternation of night and day.

So will you then not use reason!

23:81 The Truth is they say what the people of old said.

23:82 Yea they say in doubt: When we are dead as dust and bones we will be raised up?

23:83 We have been promised this before both we and our forefathers

but these are only the legends of former peoples.

23:84 Say: To Whom Belongs the Heavens and the Earth if you be Knowing?

23:85 Watch as they will say: God.

Say: Yea will you then not take heed!

23:86 Say: Who Is Lord of the Seven Heavens

and Lord of the Tremendous Throne?

23:87 Again they will say: God.

Say: Will you not then be in Wise Fear!

23:88 Say: In Whose Hand Is Dominion of All Things?

He Whom Grants Protection

and against Whom there is no protection

if you be knowing?

23:89 They will say: In Gods’ Hand.

Say: How then do you deny? Are you under a spell?

23:90 We brought them the Truth but they are deceived.

23:91 And God takes not any son

nor with Him are any other gods.

For if so each god would have sought what He Created

and some of them would have fought with others.

Glory Be Unto God High Above All that they allege!

23:92 The Knower of the unseen and the seen

is Far Exalted Above that to which they serve!

23:93 Say: My Lord if only Thou Were To Show me what they are Promised i.e. Himself, the angels, Heaven and/or Hell

23:94 yea so as not to place me among the wrongdoers.

23:95 We may show thee what is Promised to them.

23:96 But if not just repel the evil with Good

and know We know best what they allege.

23:97 And say: My Lord I seek refuge in Thee from the temptations of degenerate snaking imposters.

23:98 And I seek refuge in Thee my Lord that they not be in my presence.

23:99 And when death has come to one of them

they say: My Lord please Send me back!

23:100 Yea that I might work Righteousness in what I left behind.

But no indeed! It was but words that they said

and behind them is a barrier until the Day they are raised.

23:101 Then when the trumpet is blown there will be no ties of kinship among them that Day! Blood ties here are nothing!

Nor can they ask anything of one another. Ponder all this!

23:102 Then whose balance is heavy in Good deeds

these are the successful.

23:103 And whose balance is light

these are they who lost their souls

they will abide Eternally in Hell.

23:104 The Fire scorching their faces while wailing and scowling in morose Forever. producing energy to fuel the universe

23:105 For was My Word not recited to you

then you rejected it?

23:106 They will say: Our Lord our miseries had overcame us

and we were a people led astray.

23:107 Yea our Lord Bring us Out of This

and if we still revert then we are wrongdoers.

23:108 He Will Say: Nay! Be despised therein

and do not speak to Me!

23:109 For unlike you some of My Servants said:

Our Lord we believe

so Forgive us

and Have Mercy on us

for Thou Are The Only One Who Has Mercy.

23:110 But you took My Messengers as a laughing stock while forgetting My Remembrance. Yea you laughed at them.

23:111 So I Have Rewarded them for their patience on this Day

and they are the Triumphant.

23:112 He Will Say: How many years did you tarry on Earth?

23:113 They will say: We think in comparison to this Eternity we tarried but a day or part of a day and know not really

so may we ask those angels who keep count?

23:114 He Will Say: You tarried just a little

had you only known. How long Eternity is!

23:115 Yea did you think We Created you in vain

and that you would not be returned to Us?

23:116 Then Exalted Be God

the One True King!

There is no god but He

The Lord of the Noble Throne.

23:117 And whoever calls to another god with God

while certainly having no evidence thereof

their Reckoning is only With their Lord.

And those fools are not successful.

23:118 So say: My Lord Forgive

and Have Mercy

for Thou Are The Forgiving, The Most Merciful.