Chapter 35. The Originator, Fatir

35.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

35:1 All Praise Belongs To God

the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth

the Appointer of the angels

those messengers possessing wings

two and three and four. technically a disk has 2, planes 3, helos 4

He Increases in Creation what He Wills

for God Is Powerful Over All Things.

35:2 What God Provides for mankind of His Mercy

none can withhold it

and what He Withholds

there is no sender of such after Him

for He Is The Almighty, The Wise.

35:3 O mankind remember the Grace Of God towards you

for is there any creator other than God Providing for you from the Earth and the sky?

Nay! There is no god but YHWH!

So then how are you confused?

35:4 And if they reject thee recall that

messengers before thee were rejected

then Unto God are all matters referred.

35:5 O mankind

the Promise Of God is True

so do not let the life of this world deceive you

and do not let any deceiver deceive you about God!

35:6 The degenerate snaking imposter is an enemy to you

so take them as enemies

for they only call for followers that they might be among their companions of the Blaze.

35:7 And those who disbelieve

they have a Severe Punishment

but those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have Forgiveness and a Great Reward.

35:8 And there are those whose wrongs seem fair to them

indeed they see evil as Good and Good as evil.

Hence God Leads Astray whom He Wills

and God Guides whom He Wills.

So do not let thy soul regret for them

for God Knows what they craft.

35:9 God Is He Who Sends the winds that stir up a cloud

then We drive it to a dead land

and give life to the Earth after its death.

Thus is the Resurrection.

35:10 And some desire greatness but True Greatness Belongs To God Alone

for unto Him the Good Word ascends

and deeds of the Righteous raise it.

But those who plot evil

have a Severe Punishment to come

and their schemes

will come to nothing.

35:11 God Created you from dust

then from a drop of fluid

when He Made you in pairs.

And no female carries or gives birth without His Knowledge.

Nor are years of life prolonged or reduced unless in a Decree From Him

and that is Easy For God.

35:12 And the two waters are not alike

one sweet and palatable

delicious to drink

the other salty and bitter.

From each you eat succulent fish

and extract ornaments to wear.

And thou sees the ships plowing through waves seeking of His Bounty

that you might be grateful.

35:13 He Makes the night enter into the day

and He Makes the day enter into the night

and He Made serviceable the sun and the moon each running for a named term.

That is God

your Lord

and To Him Belongs the Dominion.

And those you call besides Him do not possess the white spot of a date stone.

35:14 If you cry to them they will not answer your cry

yea they will not respond.

And on the Day of Resurrection they will deny your association with them

and none can inform of this but The One Who Is Aware.

35:15 O mankind

you are in utter need of God

but God He Is The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

35:16 If He Wills He Will Remove you and Bring a New Creation.

35:17 For that is not difficult For God.

35:18 No one bears the burden of another

and if one burdened seeks help with their burden

nothing will be lifted even if they are relatives.

And thou really only warns those who already fear their Lord in the unseen

and uphold the Prayer.

Those who purify themselves

only to purify their own souls

then unto God is the Journeys’ End.

35:19 Not equal are the unwilling to see and the seeing

35:20 nor the darkness

and the light

35:21 nor the shade

and the heat of sun.

35:22 Yea not equal are the living

with the dead

yet God Makes whom He Wills hear

while thou cannot make anyone hear no more than those in the graves.

35:23 Yea thou are only a Warner.

35:24 We sent thee with the Truth

as a bearer of Glad Tidings

and as a Warner.

And there is no community that a Warner did not come and go among it.

35:25 And if they reject thee

those before them rejected.

Yea their messengers came to them with Clear Proofs and with the Psalms and the Illuminating Law.

35:26 Then I Seized those who were deceived

and how was My Disapproval?

35:27 Has thou not considered that It Is God Whose Designs determined how water falls from the sky?

And We bring forth therewith fruit differing in its hues

and among the mountains of rock are streaks

white and red

differing in their hues

and others raven black.

35:28 And among mankind and beasts and livestock

also differing in their hues.

And only those who fear God are appreciative among His Servants

knowing God Is Mighty, Forgiving.

35:29 Those who recite the Word Of God

and uphold the Prayer

and spend for God secretly and openly of what We provided them

these can expect a fair trade that never ends.

35:30 He Will Pay their Rewards in full

and Increase them out of His Bounty

for He Is Forgiving and likewise Appreciative. of efforts

35:31 And that which We instruct thee of the Quran it is the Truth

confirming within it what was before

and God Is Seeing, Aware of His Servants.

35:32 We give the Truth as an inheritance to those We have chosen among Our servants

and among them are those who wrong their souls

and those lukewarm

and frontrunners in Good deeds by Gods’ Permission.

That is the Greater Grace.

35:33 Gardens of Perpetual Abode

they enter them adorned with bracelets of gold

and pearls

and raiment of silk.

35:34 And they will say: Praise Belongs To God Who Has Removed all grief from us!

Truly our Lord Is The Forgiving, Appreciative.

35:35 He Who Has Settled us in the Enduring Abode of His Bounty

where labor does not touch us

nor does fatigue.

35:36 But those who disbelieve

they have the Fire of Hell.

No final end is for them in death

nor is their Punishment lightened

thus We Reward every ingrate.

35:37 And they wail therein: Our Lord get us out!

Please we will work Righteousness

not what we did.

But did We not give you enough time to take heed of that which you should have taken heed?

Indeed the Warner came to you

so taste it!

For the wrongdoers have no protector.

35:38 God Is The Knower of the unseen of the Heavens and the Earth

He Knows All that is in the hearts.

35:39 He It Is Who Made you successors in the Earth

and whoever denies

their denial is upon them.

And the ingratitude of fools increases them not in anything except Abomination From their Lord.

Yea the denial of fools increases them only in loss.

35:40 Say: Have you considered of your partners to whom you call instead of God?

Show me what they created of the Earth

if they have a partnership in the Heavens.

Or if We have given them Guidance

have they clear evidence or proofs thereof?

Nay. The Truth is the wrongdoers promise one another only in delusion.

35:41 And Only God Stops the Heavens and the Earth from being displaced.

And if He Quit no one could hold them after Him.

Truly He Is The Forbearing, Forgiving.

35:42 And they swore by God their strongest oaths that if a Warner came to them they would be better guided than all the other communities.

But then when a Warner came it increased them only in aversion!

35:43 Growing proud in the land and scheming evil

but the evil scheme ensnares none but its authors.

So do they await to be sent a creed different than that of former peoples?

Nay. For thou will not find any contradictions in the Customs Of God

nor will thou find corrections to the Customs Of God.

35:44 Have they not travelled in the land and seen the final outcomes of those before them?

Some were stronger than them in power

but God is not weakened by anything in the Heavens or in the Earth and nothing escapes Him.

For He Is The All Knowing, All Powerful.

35:45 And were God To Take mankind To Task for what they earned

He would not leave a single one alive in the Earth.

But He Guides and Delays to a named term

and when their term comes

they will know God Had Been Seeing of His Servants.