Chapter 36. Ya Seen, Ya Sin

36.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

36:1 yā sīn

36:2 By the Wisdom of the Quran.

36:3 Thou are among the ones sent

36:4 upon the Straight Path

36:5 with this Successive Revelation From The Almighty, The Merciful

36:6 that thou warn a people whose fathers were not warned.

Yea those Arabs you are sent to do not know.

36:7 Yet binding is to become the Word upon most of them

for they will not believe.

36:8 Hence We will place yokes on their necks

up to the chins

so they will be of the stiff necked ones.

36:9 Because We will make a barrier before them

and a barrier behind them

and then cover them

so they cannot see the Truth.

36:10 Yea it is the same to them whether thou warned them

or not

for they do not believe.

36:11 So thou really only warns those who already follow a Remembrance The Vedas, Torah, Psalms, Gospel and/or Apocrypha

and fear The Almighty in the unseen.

Bear thou Glad Tidings of His Forgiveness and a Noble Reward to these.

36:12 Yea We give life to the dead

and We recorded both their traces and their deeds

We have Everything documented in Clear Records.

36:13 And give them the parable

of people of the city when messengers came to them.

36:14 When We sent those two Simon and Thomas

and they rejected them

so We reinforced with a third Simon Peter

who all said: We are Messengers to you From God.

36:15 The people replied: You are only mortals like us

and The Almighty has not Sent Down anything

so you only lie.

36:16 They said: It is well enough to us that our Lord Knows we are messengers to you

36:17 and upon us is only the Clear Communication.

36:18 The people replied: Nay! We see no omen in you

and if you cease not hexing us we will stone you.

Yea certainly a painful assault will touch you from us!

36:19 They said: Unlikely. You are ones who now bring upon your own wrath so tell us is it due to us reminding you?

Nay. You were already a people committing excess.

36:20 And a man came running from the far part of the town

saying: O my people follow these messengers!

36:21 Yea! Follow these who ask no reward of you for they are Rightly Guided.

36:22 For why should we not serve Him Who Made us

and to Whom we will all be returned?

36:23 Shall we take gods besides He Who

Punishes Justly?

Those whom their intercession will avail us nothing

nor can they protect us?

36:24 Truly we would be in obvious error

36:25 and truly I believe in our Lord so hear me.

36:26 It was said to him: Enter the Garden

and he said: O if only my people knew!

36:27 For my Lord Has Pardoned me and Placed me among the Honored.

36:28 And after saving him We did not send down upon his people any army from the sky

nor were We required to send more messengers.

36:29 Indeed it was one blast and then they were silent!

36:30 Oh the sorrowful regret upon such servants

for no messenger came to them who they did not mock.

36:31 Had they not considered how many generations We destroyed before them?

Those who will not return no not ever.

36:32 And each will be summoned before Us one and all.

36:33 More Evidence for them is the dead Earth

when We give it life

and We bring forth from it grain

then they eat thereof.

36:34 And We made therein gardens of date palms and grapes

and We caused springs to gush forth

36:35 that they might eat of its fruit

while their hands did not craft it.

Yea then they are not grateful?

36:36 Glory Be Unto Him Who Created All the pairs

of what grows on Earth

and of themselves

and of that which they do not know. jinn.

36:37 More Evidence is the night

when We withdraw the day

so they are in darkness.

36:38 And the sun runs for a term appointed to it

Foreordained By The Almighty, The Knowing.

36:39 And We ordained phases for the moon

then it is as if it dies like the date stalk blown away!

36:40 The sun behooves itself not to reach the moon

nor the night to outrun the day

while each is in circles swimming. In H20 above the firmament.

36:41 And a Proof to them is that We carried their progeny in the laden ship

36:42 and We designed for them the likes thereof on which many still embark.

36:43 And if We will We drown them

then there is no cry for help for them

nor are they rescued

36:44 except by mercy from Us

as an enjoyment for a time.

36:45 It is said to them:

Be in Wise Fear of what is ahead of you resulting from what is behind

that you might obtain Gods’ Mercy.

36:46 But nothing comes to them among the Proofs Of their Lord that some don’t turn away from.

36:47 And when it is said to them: Spend Goodly for God Of What God Has Provided you

those who disbelieve say to those who believe:

Shall we feed those whom Had God Willed He Would Have Fed Himself?

You are only in obvious error.

36:48 And they ask: When is this Promise if you be Truthful?

36:49 They await only one blast which will take them while they are disputing

36:50 and they will not be able to leave a legacy or return to their people.

36:51 Then the trumpet will be blown

and from the dead they will hasten to their Lord

36:52 saying: Woe is us!

Who has raised us from our resting places?

This is What The Almighty Promised

yea the messengers spoke the Truth!

36:53 So it is only one blast

and then they are summoned before Us one and all.

36:54 This Day no soul is wronged in any way

you are not Rewarded except for what you did.

36:55 And on this Day the companions of the Garden are engaged in gladness

36:56 they and their brethren in comfortable shade

reclining upon raised couches.

36:57 And they have fruits therein

or whatever else they call for.

36:58 And: Peace

will be the Word from The Compassionate Lord.

36:59 And you will be separate this Day O evildoers!

36:60 O children of Adam did I not warn you to not be deceived by the degenerate snaking imposters?

Lo they are clear enemies to you.

36:61 Yea you should only obey Me

for that is the Straight Path.

36:62 Yet they led astray a great multitude among you.

Did you not use reason? Nay!

36:63 So this is Hell which you were Promised.

36:64 Burn therein this Day for what you denied.

36:65 This Day We seal their mouths

and their hands speak to Us

and their feet bear witness of the evils they did with them

as to what they earned.

36:66 And had We willed We would not have given them eyes

so they would have to struggle to find their ways

but still how would they truly see? the way

36:67 And had We willed We would have stilled their bodies

so they could neither proceed nor go back.

36:68 And whom We bring to old age We reverse in creation.

From strength back to weakness. Will you not use reason!

36:69 And We have not taught the messengers poetry

for it does not behoove them no poems nor songs

only the Remembrance and now a Quranic recitation

36:70 to warn the living

so that the Word becomes binding

against the fools.

36:71 Have they not considered how We Created grazing livestock for them with all else Our hands have made?

Then they are their masters?

36:72 We subdued them to them so that some of them they ride and from some of them they eat. This isn’t speaking solely of eating their flesh when too old to work but rather of what they help man produce in the fields and of milk.

36:73 Yea they have in them many benefits and drink ditto

will they then not be grateful?

36:74 And they take gods other than God the jinn

that they might be helped without Him.

36:75 But they will not be able to help them for they are themselves among the summoned.

36:76 So do not let their speech grieve thee

for We know what they conceal and what they make known.

36:77 Has humanity forgotten that We Created them from a drop of sticky slime?

That is when they are clearly adversarial in ingratitude.

36:78 And then they stupidly present an example to Us

and negate Our Creation of them by saying:

Who will give life to these bones when they are rotted away?

36:79 Say: He Who Put their souls into physical forms the first time Will Give them Life

for He Knows All of His Creation Intimately!

36:80 He Who Designed fire from once green trees for you

yea He Is Why you can kindle therefrom.

36:81 Think not He Who Created the Great Heavens and the Earth is Able To Create far lessor likes of such as you?

Verily, He Is The Omnificent Creator.

36:82 The Command Is Only His

and when He Intends anything He Only Says: Be thou!

And it is.

36:83 So Glory Be Unto Him in Whose Hand is the Dominion of All Things!

And to Him you will be returned.