Chapter 37. The Rangers, as-Saffat

37.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

37:1 By those lined up in rows

37:2 and those who urge forcefully

37:3 those who recount the Remembrance

37:4 that your God Is One.

37:5 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and Everything between them

The Lord of the Sunrise.

37:6 We made the lower sky pleasing with the adornment of the stars

37:7 and as protection from the jinn and their hybrid minion

37:8 so they cannot listen in on the exalted assembly

and are pelted from every side

37:9 repelled.

They have a Perpetual Punishment

37:10 and those who snatch a fragment of what is said

a piercing flame follows them.

37:11 So ask them: Are they harder to Create or are the humans We Created?

We Created them of clinging clay.

37:12 And thou does marvel at Gods’ Creations

while they deride.

37:13 And when they are reminded they bear not in mind.

37:14 Yea when they see a Proof they return to derision

37:15 saying: This is only obvious fantasy.

37:16 When we are dead and become dust and bones we will be raised up?

37:17 And our forefathers?

37:18 Say: Yea

and you will be of the abased.

37:19 It will only be one cry

and next all will see.

37:20 And they will say: Woe is us! This is the Day of Judgement!

37:21 Yea this is the Day of Decision which you denied!

37:22 Gather those who did wrong and their kinds and what they used to serve

37:23 instead of God

and drag them on the road to Hell.

37:24 But stop them at one point

for they are to be questioned:

37:25 What ails you that you did not help one another?

37:26 The Truth is this Day they are in complete submission!

37:27 And some come forward to others demanding answers saying:

37:28 You were an authority guiding over us!

37:29 And they will say: You were not believers

37:30 and we had no authority over that.

The Truth is you were people transgressing all bounds.

37:31 So the Word Of our Lord became binding upon us all

and now we are tasting it.

37:32 And if we misguided you

it is because we were misguided.

37:33 So this Day they are partners in the Punishment

37:34 and thus do We do with the evildoers.

37:35 They whom when it was said to them: There is no god but God!

They were proud

37:36 and replied: Are we to abandon our gods for a possessed poet?

37:37 The Fact is he brought the Truth and confirmed the messengers before him

37:38 so you are to taste the Painful Punishment Forever

37:39 and you will be Rewarded only for wrongs you did.

37:40 But the Pure Hearted Servants Of God

37:41 they have a known provision

37:42 of sweet fresh fruits

and they will be honored

37:43 in Gardens of Bliss

37:44 upon couches facing one another.

37:45 A cup from a running spring being passed about among them

37:46 pure white and a pleasure to the drinkers

37:47 from which comes no headache

nor are they intoxicated by it.

37:48 And with them maidens of modest eyed gaze

37:49 as if they themselves were eggs closely guarded.

37:50 And some of you will draw near to one another

in conversation

37:51 when one among them will say: I had a comrade

37:52 who used to ask: Art thou of those who believe and say

37:53 that when we are long dead as dust and bones that we will then be held accountable?

37:54 One will say: Will you now look?

37:55 Indeed look and see them in the midst of Hell now!

37:56 And it will be said: By God they had almost brought me to ruin.

37:57 And were it not for the Grace Of my Lord I would have been among those summoned to the Fire.

37:58 And now we are not to die ever

37:59 except our former death

and we will not be punished.

37:60 Yea and that is the Tremendous Achievement!

37:61 For the like of this let those who work work

37:62 for is this better as a welcoming gift or the bitter tree of zaqqum?

C:\Users\YasuMasih\Desktop\Health-Zaqqum Tree1.jpg

For the translator; The Food of Fools

37:63 We made it among the Persecutions for wrongdoers.

37:64 It is a tree that comes forth at the source of Hell.

37:65 Its spathes are as the heads of the degenerate snaking imposters. This is a wild affirmation of the correctness of re-identifying shaytans/satans as DSIs herein! Remind yourself that God Created this plant then mentions it and their skulls in association with Hell here!


Elongated skulls are common among DSIs many of whom hid the abnormality with various kinds of hats/crowns historically. (i.e. popes, kings, queens, etc.) Their DNA also make them fuse differently along completely different suture lines than that of Adamites.


37:66 They are to eat thereof

and fill their bellies therewith.

37:67 Then on top of it they have a scalding liquid

37:68 followed by their return to the deeper depths of Hell.

37:69 They found their fathers astray

37:70 and they hastened following hard upon them.

37:71 And most of the former peoples had gone astray before them

37:72 even though We had sent them Warners.

37:73 So see the Final Outcome of those warned

37:74 except for the Pure Hearted Servants Of God.

37:75 And Noah called upon Us

and how excellent are Those Who answered!

37:76 We delivered him and his household from the horrific ordeal.

37:77 And We made his progeny the only humans on Earth.

37:78 And We left a legacy for him among those who came later

37:79 who say: Peace be unto Noah among all humanity!

37:80 Thus We reward the doers of Good

37:81 for he was among Our believing servants

37:82 while We drowned all the others.

37:83 And of his blood line was Abraham

37:84 when he came to his Lord with a sound heart

37:85 saying to his father and his people: What is it you dare serve?

37:86 Is it falsehood of gods besides God that you desire?

37:87 So what is your opinion about The Lord of the Worlds?

37:88 And he contemplated looking to the stars

37:89 then said: Indeed I am sick. with confusion

37:90 But still they turned from Abraham and left.

37:91 Then he turned aside to their idols and said:

Will you not eat?

37:92 And what ails you that you do not speak?

37:93 Then he struck them with his right hand

37:94 and a crowd came running towards him in fury.

37:95 To whom he said: You serve that which you yourselves hewed?

37:96 When God Created you and that you make them from?

37:97 They said: Build a box for him and cast him in a blazing fire. And they did cast him in a fire but he walked out unscathed.

37:98 They intended for him their plan

but We made them the lowest.

37:99 And he said: I will only go to my Lord

and He Will Guide me.

37:100 Then he said: My Lord Give me one among the Righteous. a son

37:101 So We gave him Glad Tidings of a forbearing lad.

37:102 And when he reached age to work with him he said:

O my dear Ishmael not Isaac as falsely promoted by deceivers

I saw in a dream that I was sacrificing thee.

So consider

what thou thinks of it?

He said: O my father do what thou are commanded.

Thou will find me among the steadfast if God Should Will. Note young Ishmaels’ total and amazing trust/faith in God!

37:103 And when they had submitted and he had put him upon his shoulder

37:104 We called to him: O Abraham!

37:105 Thou has confirmed the dream

thus We reward the doers of Good

37:106 for that was a clear test.

37:107 Hence We ransomed him by this great would be sacrifice. Note there is no senseless killing of a Ram in this version of the story.

37:108 And We left his legacy among those who came later

37:109 who would say: Peace be unto Abraham!

37:110 Thus We reward the doers of Good.

37:111 Truly he was among Our believing servants.

37:112 Then We gave him Glad Tidings of Isaac his 2nd son a prophet among the Righteous.

37:113 We blessed him and Isaac

but among their progeny are both doers of Good

and those who clearly wrong their souls.

37:114 And We bestowed favor upon Moses and Aaron

37:115 by rescuing them and their people from the persecution of pharaoh.

37:116 And We helped them become the victors

37:117 then gave them the Clarifying Law the Torah

37:118 and guided them to the Straight Path.

37:119 And We left their legacy among those who came later

37:120 who would say: Peace be unto Moses and Aaron!

37:121 Thus We reward the doers of Good

37:122 for they were among Our believing servants.

37:123 And Elijah was among the messengers

37:124 who said to his people: Will you not be in Wise Fear?

37:125 Will you call to baal a jinn while forsaking God

37:126 The Great Creator

your Lord

and The Lord of your fathers of old?

37:127 But they rejected him

hence they are those summoned

37:128 unlike the Pure Hearted Servants Of God.

37:129 And We left his legacy among those who came later

37:130 who would say: Peace be unto Elijah!

37:131 Thus We reward the doers of Good

37:132 for he was among Our believing servants.

37:133 And Lot was among the messengers

37:134 when We delivered him and his household altogether

37:135 except his woman who We left behind

37:136 then We destroyed the city.

37:137 And you pass by their ruins in the morning

37:138 and at night

so will you then not use reason!

37:139 And Jonah was among the messengers

37:140 when he fled to the laden ship

37:141 and cast lots with them and was of those refuted.

37:142 The fish swallowed him when he was blameworthy.

37:143 And were he not among the givers of glory

37:144 he would have tarried in its belly till Resurrection Day.

37:145 Instead We cast him on a barren shore while sick

37:146 and caused a tree of gourd to grow over him.

37:147 And We sent him to a hundred thousand or more

37:148 and they believed

so We gave them enjoyment for a time.

37:149 And ask thou them: Are daughters only for thy Lord while for them be warrior sons?

37:150 Did they witness as We Created the angels as females? “We”, Arabic “Nahn” is God as Royal Monarch lending honor to His Angels

37:151 In Truth it is among their lies that they say:

37:152 God has begotten daughters.

Yea they are liars.

37:153 For He Chose daughters to bear His Wrath over sons?

37:154 What ails you?

How judge you?

37:155 Will you not then recollect!

37:156 Or do you have a clear decree?

37:157 Then bring it if you be Truthful.

37:158 And they make kinship between Him and the jinn

but most jinn know they will be Summoned By Him!

37:159 Glory Be Unto God High Above what they imagine!

37:160 But not the Pure Hearted Servants Of God.

37:161 So you and what you serve

37:162 will not tempt the messenger

37:163 only those who are to burn in Hell.

37:164 And there is none among us without an appointed station

37:165 yea we are those standing in ranks

37:166 and we are the ones who glorify God.

37:167 And they said:

37:168 Were we to have the Remembrance of the former peoples

37:169 we would be the Pure Hearted Servants Of God.

37:170 But they denied the Remembrance

so they will come to know.

37:171 Yea the Word has gone forth to Our servants the messengers

37:172 and their followers

they will be those helped

37:173 and all Our armies will be the victors.

37:174 So shun them for a time

37:175 and watch

for they will come to see Our might.

37:176 And could they hasten Our punishment?

37:177 Nay! But when it descends in their courtyard

hard will be that morning of those who were warned.

37:178 So shun them for a time again

37:179 and watch

for they too will see.

37:180 Glory Be Unto thy Lord

The Lord of Greatness

Far Above what they describe!

37:181 And peace be unto His Messengers!

37:182 All Praise Belongs To God

The Lord of the Worlds!