Chapter 38. Saad, Sad

38.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

38:1 ṣād

By the Quran full of Remembrances.

38:2 The Truth is those who disbelieve are false in pride and ignorant in dissension.

38:3 How many a generation We destroyed before them

while they cried out and there was nowhere to escape.

38:4 Yet most are in disbelief when a Warner comes to them from among themselves.

Those fools who say:

This is a fantasizer or a teller of lies.

38:5 For has he made all our gods into one god?

Yea that is an amazing thing!

38:6 And the leaders among them step forward

saying: Go and be steadfast to your gods

this is the right thing to do.

38:7 For we did not hear of this in the earlier creeds

so it can only be fabrications.

38:8 For how is it that the Remembrance was sent down upon him from among us?

The Truth is they are in doubt concerning My Remembrance

and they have not tasted My Punishment yet!

38:9 Or do they own the Treasuries of Mercy Of The Lord?

He Being The Almighty, The Bestower.

38:10 Or do they have His Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth and what is between them?

Then let them ascend as if with ropes!

38:11 Nay they are the deceived and defeated among you.

38:12 Yea like the people of Noah who rejected the Word before them and Ad

and pharaoh the lord of bloody stakes.

38:13 And Thamud

and the people of Lot

and the companions of the woods Jethros’ people

they were all losers.

38:14 All rejected their messengers

so My Retribution became binding.

38:15 Truly these wait only for one blast

and it will come without delay.

38:16 And they say: Our Lord Just Get the Day of Reckoning over with!

38:17 Be thou patient over what they say

and remember Our servant David the possessor of strength

yea he was one turning in repentance.

38:18 We subjected the mountains to giving glory to God with him at evening and daybreak.

38:19 And the birds assembled unto him during his prayers

all turning in submission towards God with him.

38:20 And We made his dominion strong

and gave him Wisdom and discernment in speech.

38:21 Has the story of the litigants come to thee

when they scaled the wall of his palace

38:22 and entered upon Davids’ chamber

shocking him with surprise?

They said: Do not fear we are only two litigants one of whom may have oppressed the other.

So judge between us with Truth

and be not unjust

and guide us to the Evenness of the Path.

38:23 For this my brother has nine and ninety ewes and

I have but one

and he said: Place thou her in my charge

and he overcame me with a convincing argument.

38:24 David said: He has wronged thee in asking for thy ewe.

Many among acquaintances wrong one another

and those who believe doing Righteous Deeds are few.

Then David realized We had subjected him to a test

so he sought Forgiveness Of his Lord and sank down bowing humbly and was penitent.

The test was to see if David would act hypocritically by condemning the man who had 99 sheep for asking for the only one of his brother. The reason it’s hypocritical is because he himself had asked for the wife of Uriah the Hittite when he already had many wives. (If done with respect, asking for something belonging to another can be considered a compliment. And of course there is no obligation for anyone to allow it. Asking isn’t a crime.)

38:25 But We forgave him that

and now he is seen near Us at a Goodly Journeys’ End.

38:26 O David: We place thee as vicegerent in the Earth

so judge thou between everyone in Truth

and do not follow vain desire lest it will cause thee to stray from the Path Of God.

Those who stray from the Path Of God have a Severe Punishment due to forgetting the Day of Reckoning.

38:27 And We did not Create the Heaven and the Earth and whatever is between them in vain.

That is assumed of those who disbelieve in the Fire

and woe to those who disbelieve!

38:28 Do We treat those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness like the workers of corruption?

Yea do We treat those of Wise Fear like disbelievers?

38:29 Nay. And We have sent down this Decree to thee

one blessed that they might ponder upon it

and that those possessed of insight might take heed.

38:30 And We gave David Solomon

how excellent a servant!

He like David was one turning in repentance.

38:31 When he had his favorite well bred racing horses delivered to him one evening to be admired

38:32 he said: Forgive me for I have cherished what I love instead of practicing the Remembrance of my Lord

this evening!

38:33 Return them to me so I may bid them farewell!

Then he patted them a kind goodbye.

38:34 Yea We subjected Solomon to tests

for he was but a body put on a throne by Us

and again he did repent. After losing his throne for 40 days due to bringing an idolatress wife into the house who stole his ring for witchcraft.

38:35 He said: My Lord forgive me and give me a dominion of such grandeur not to be seen by anyone after me

for Thou Are The Great Bestower.

38:36 So We made serviceable to him the wind blowing gently by his command whithersoever he directed it

38:37 and the degenerate snaking imposters and the jinn

yea every builder and diver as his slaves

38:38 bound together in shackles.

38:39 This is Our gift to you

so grant to or withhold from them what thou wish without reckoning!

38:40 And he is now near to Us at a Goodly Journeys’ End.

38:41 And remember Our Servant Job

when he called to his Lord

saying: The degenerate snaking imposters have injured me with toil and persecution!

38:42 We said: Jump and strike your feet upon the ground! Behold two ponds appeared

one for a bath and the other for a cool drink!

38:43 And We returned his household along with their like as gifts of mercy

and as a reminder for those possessed of insight.

38:44 And We said to Job: Take in thy hand one hundred blades of grass and strike the arm of thy wife with it

then you will not break thy oath! His wife had lost her temper and mistakenly blasphemed God while in distress over Jobs’ health so he swore that if he got well he would smite her with one hundred (real) lashes.

Yea We found him patient

and how excellent a servant!

He was one turning in repentance.

38:45 And remember Our servants Abraham

Isaac and Jacob possessors of strength and vision.

38:46 Truly We chose for them an exclusive quality

the constant reminder of the Abode.

38:47 And they too are now seen near to Us among the chosen yea the excellent.

38:48 And remember Ishmael

and Elisha

and Ezekiel him of the pledge

for all are among the excellent.

38:49 Yea this is a Goodly Remembrance

and for those of Wise Fear it is a Goodly Journeys’ End.

38:50 Gardens of Perpetual Abode

where the Gates are opened for them.

38:51 Reclining therein they call for plenteous fruit and drink

38:52 and with them well matched friends of modest gaze.

38:53 This is what you are Promised for the Day of Reckoning

38:54 for this is Our provision

and it has no depletion. Because this is all an illusion.

38:55 This is so!

And for the people transgressing all bounds is a miserable Journeys’ End.

38:56 Yea it is Hell wherein they will roast and burn

how miserable is their Eternal Prison.

38:57 This is so!

So let them taste it

scalding liquids of filth

38:58 then twice more of like kind.

38:59 This is so!

Crowds of damned being hurled into Hell

where no Glad Tiding is there for them

they will burn in the Fire with those who misled them

38:60 to whom they will say: There is no welcome for you

for it was you who brought this upon us

so also difficult is their Final Lodging.

38:61 They will say: Our Lord those brought this upon us so Increase for them a double portion of Punishment in the Fire.

38:62 And they will say: What is wrong that we do not see all the poor and troubled folk seen among the lowest

38:63 those whom we took as laughing stock?

Does our vision miss them?

38:64 Truly there will be many grievances among the people of the Fire.

38:65 So say: I am but a Warner

and there is no god but God The One, The Omnipotent.

38:66 Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and what is between them

The Almighty, The Pardoning.

38:67 Say: It is fantastic news

38:68 which you turn away from.

38:69 For I being a man had no knowledge of when the angels disputed about Adam. Yet he is recounting it now!

38:70 I am only instructed to recite and be a Clear Warner.

38:71 Yea when thy Lord Said to the angels: I Am Creating a mortal from clay.

38:72 Then when I Have Formed him and Breathed Into him of My Spirit

bow down to him in submission.

38:73 And the angels submitted all of them together

38:74 but not lucifer

he was a proud fool among the jinn.

38:75 God Said: O lucifer what hinders thee from submitting to that which I Have Created With My Two Hands?

Note that God Has Two Hands. Have thou become arrogant?

Or are thou of the exalted? angels, archangels and God Nay!

38:76 Said he: I am better than he for Thou Created me with fire and him of clay. 15:27 And we created the jinn before humans from a mixture of fire. Those tie together proving lucifer is jinn not angelic! Also the bible and hadiths tell us God Created the angels from light not fire.

38:77 God Said: Go thou forth from hence

for thou are now Accursed By Me

38:78 and My Curse is upon thee till the Day of Judgement.

38:79 He said: My Lord Grant me respite till the Day they the 313 saints are raised. to fight alongside Al-Mahdi

38:80 God Said: Thou are of those Granted respite

38:81 a span till the Appointed Day. When the Al-Mahdi kills him.

38:82 Said he: Then by Thy Great Glory I will deceive them all

38:83 except Thy Devoted Servants among them.

38:84 God Said: Then the Truth

do I Speak

38:85 in that I Will Fill Hell with thee and them who follow thee one and all.

38:86 Say: I ask of you no reward for this

and I am not of those who make things up.

38:87 It is only a Remembrance for all mankind

38:88 and you will come to know it is True in some time.