Chapter 39. The Companies, az-Zumar

39.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

39:1 The Successive Revelation of this Book is From God

The Almighty, The Wise.

39:2 We have sent it down to thee in Truth

so serve God and be sincere to Him in doctrine.

39:3 For is not all service and sincerity due to Him?

Those who ask for protection from other than Him say:

We only associate with them that they might bring us nearer to God in proximity.

But God Will Be Judge between them concerning that wherein they differ.

And God guides not one who is a liar or disbeliever.

39:4 If God Wanted to Take a son He Would Choose from whatever He Willed to Create. a 1,000’ tall ET for example

Glory Be Unto Him!

He Is God The One, The Omnipotent!

39:5 He Created the Heavens and the Earth with Truth

and He Wraps the night into day

and He Wraps the day into night.

And He Made serviceable the sun and the moon

each running for a named term.

Is He not The Almighty, The Forgiving?

39:6 He Created you from a single soul

then Made its mate from it

and He Created tamable livestock in eight pairs for you. Oxen, Cattle, Horses, Donkeys, Camels, Sheep, Goats and Llamas.

He Creates you in the wombs of your mothers

Creation after Creation hers then yours

in three coverings placenta womb and belly

that is God

your Lord

and To Him Alone Belongs the Dominion.

There is no god but He

so how are you diverted?

39:7 And if you deny

God Is Free From any need of you

but know He is not pleased by denial from His Servants.

But if you are grateful He Is Pleased with you.

He does not allow any bearer the burden of another

then to your Lord is your return.

And He Will Inform you of Everything you did

for He Knows All that is in the hearts.

39:8 And when affliction touches mankind they call to their Lord turning to Him as if repentant.

Then when He Confers His Grace upon them they

forget they called Him and make equals to God which

also causes others humans/jinn to stray from His Way.

Say then: Enjoy thy denial a short while

for thou are the companions of the Fire!

39:9 Are they like the devoutly dutiful who in the watches of the night

are prostrating

or standing in Prayer

fearing the Hereafter

and hoping for the Mercy Of their Lord?

Say: Are those who know and who do not know equal?

Truly only those possessing insight recollect.

39:10 Say: O my servants be in Wise Fear of your Lord.

For those who do Good in this world is Good in return

and Gods’ Kingdom is spacious and abundant.

Hence the patient can be paid their Rewards without reckoning.

39:11 Say: I am Commanded to serve God and be sincere to Him in doctrine.

39:12 And I am Commanded to be the first of the submitted. Mohamets’ people had no messenger prior so, like Moses, he was first.

39:13 Say: I fear if I should disobey my Lord the Punishment of an Onerous Day.

39:14 Say: I serve God and I am sincere to Him in my doctrine

39:15 so serve what you will besides Him.

Then you will be of those who lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection.

Is that not the clearest loss?

39:16 They will have the Fire roaring above them

and beneath them Forever.

And with that Does God Put His Servants in dread.

Yea Says God: O My Servants be in Wise Fear of Me!

39:17 Those who do not serve idols jinn and are repentant

for them are Glad Tidings

so give thou Glad Tidings to these of My Servants.

39:18 Those who hear the Word and follow the most thereof

these are whom God Guides

and are possessing insight.

39:19 Then there are those upon whom the Word of Punishment has become binding.

Does thou think thou can rescue them from the Fire?

39:20 Nay. But those who are in Wise Fear of their Lord

they have High Places in which tall chambers are built

and beneath them rivers flow.

That is the Promise Of God

and God does not break His Promises!

39:21 Has thou not considered how Gods’ Designs allow water to be sent down from the sky

then to penetrate becoming fresh springs in the Earth?

Then He Brings Forth crops in differing hues

before they wither

and thou watches them turn brown

when He Turns it all into fertilizing chaff.

In that is a reminder for those possessed of insight.

39:22 So is one whose heart God Has Expanded for submission not under a Bright Light From their Lord?

Then woe to those in whose hearts is darkness and hardness against the Remembrance of God!

These are in obvious error.

39:23 Now God Sends Down this Best Narration

the Book that is consistent in its oft repeated parts that gives goose bumps to those of Wise Fear.

Then their skins and their hearts soften with the Remembrance of the Mercy and Forgiveness Of God.

That is the Guidance Of God wherewith He Guides whom He Wills.

And those whom God Sends Astray

for them there is no guide.

39:24 Are then they who are in Wise Fear avoiding a Terrible Punishment on the Day of Resurrection?

Yea and it will be said to the wrongdoers:

Taste what you earned!

39:25 And those before them rejected

then death overtook them by complete surprise.

39:26 God Made them taste degradation during this life

but the Punishment of the Hereafter is greater.

Had they only taken the time to have known.

39:27 Yea We have presented many parables and examples to mankind in this Quran that they might take heed.

39:28 Indeed it is a Perfect Arabic Recitation that they might be in Wise Fear. We can’t imagine anything being Perfect but it is!

39:29 God Presents a parable:

A slave guided by quarrelling partners

and another slave guided by one man.

Are they equal in guidance? No. One is confused like polytheists.

Praise Belongs To God!

The Truth is most of them do not know.

39:30 All that matters is thou will die

and they will die.

39:31 Then on the Day of Resurrection before your Lord some will despise each other. For misguiding/deceiving them.

39:32 And who is denser than one who ascribes a lie to God and denies the Truth when it reaches them?

So is there not a just home for fools in Hell?

39:33 And whoever hears the Truth and confirms it

these are of Wise Fear.

39:34 For them is whatever they desire With their Lord

and that is the Reward for the doers of Good.

39:35 That God Might Remove the worst of what they did from their records

and Reward them for the best of what they did.

39:36 Is then God not Sufficient for His Servants?

Yea they wish to frighten thee with their idols and sorceries and curses.

But it is whom God Sends Astray that should fear!

Yea for them there is no guide.

39:37 While those whom God Guides

for them there is none to lead astray.

Thus then is God not Mighty

Able to Repay?

39:38 And if thou ask them: Who Created the Heavens and the Earth?

They will say: God.

Say: So have you contemplated upon what you call to other than God?

For instance if God Wills any affliction for me can they remove it?

Or if He Wills His Mercy for me can they bar it?

Yea God Suffices Absolutely for me

and those who place all their trust in Him Alone place all their trust in the Truth.

39:39 So live according to your way

for I am living my way

and you will come to know

39:40 who earns a Humiliating Punishment.

Yea and it is the Lasting Punishment.

39:41 We sent this Book to thee for mankind in Truth

and whoever is Rightly Guided

it is for their soul.

And whoever strays

they only stray against it

but thou are not a guardian over them.

39:42 God Takes all souls at the time of death.

He also Takes souls temporarily during their sleep.

In So Doing He Keeps those He Has Ordained Death and Sends Back the rest for a named term.

And in that are Clues for people who reflect!

39:43 And if you see them taking intercessors besides God

say: You worship them even though they have no power over anything

nor are they of reason?

39:44 Say: Unto God Belongs All Intercession

for His is the Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth

and to Him you will be returned.

39:45 And when God Alone is remembered the hearts of disbelievers recoil

but if others beside Him are remembered some rejoice.

39:46 Say: O God

The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth

The Knower of the unseen and the seen

Thou Alone Will Be Judge over Thy Servants concerning that wherein they differed.

39:47 And if the wrongdoers possessed all that is in the Earth plus the same again

they would seek to ransom themselves with it from the Punishment

on the Day of Resurrection.

Yea they will be desperate when they see what they had not anticipated.

39:48 When the Hell they earned appears before them

and We Who they mocked encircle them.

39:49 Those who when affliction touches them they call to Us

then when We give them grace they say:

This be given unto me because I am wise and worthy!

But the Truth is it was a test to find the grateful/humble

yet most do not know.

39:50 This was said by many before

and what they were given availed most not.

39:51 Yea their ingratitude was manifest

and those who go on to do wrong among these will see the evil of what they earned lighting upon them

then they cannot escape.

39:52 Do they not know that God Expands and Restricts His Unlimited Provisions for whomever as He Wills?

Yea in that too are Clues for people who believe.

39:53 Say: O my servants who sin against their souls

do not despair in doubt of the Mercy Of God

for if you are repentant God Forgives transgressions one and all truly He Is The Forgiving, The Merciful.

39:54 So turn in repentance to your Lord

and submit to Him

before the Punishment approaches

for then you will not be helped and cannot escape.

39:55 Yea follow the Best of What God Sends Down to you

before death comes upon you unexpectedly and then later you realize you were not ready at all.

39:56 Hence these Warnings are given lest a soul say:

How I regret I was not told to thank God for Everything.

Or: Woe that I was not warned to avoid derision!

39:57 Or lest it say: Had God Gave me Guidance I would have been among those of Wise Fear.

39:58 Or lest it say when it sees the Punishment:

Unfair! Return me so I can be of the doers of Good!

39:59 Verily My Proofs came to all

but most denied them

and were arrogant

among the ungrateful and the fools.

39:60 And on the Day of Resurrection thou will see stark faces worn by those who lied to themselves about God.

So is Hell not the just home for the arrogant?

39:61 But God Will Deliver those who are in Wise Fear to their Places of Safety.

Yea where no harm touches them

nor will they have regret.

39:62 Know that God Is The Creator of All Things

and He Is The Guardian Over All Things.

39:63 His are the Keys of the Heavens and the Earth

and those who deny the Proofs Of God

these are the losers.

39:64 Ask: Is it other than God you command me to serve

O you who are ignorant?

39:65 Yea thou has been instructed

and those before thee.

The deeds of those serving other than God

including self serving are vain

and they will be among the losers.

39:66 So God Alone should thou serve

and be among those who are grateful.

39:67 Some do not measure God with the measure due Him!

For the Earth is completely in His Grip and so is the Day of Resurrection

when the Heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand. This deserves contemplation of a literal meaning wherein God and His Archangels are absolutely Huge! Rev 21:15-17 tells us His Holy City the New Jerusalem to come down from Heaven is about 1,500 miles long and wide!

Yea all Glory Will Be Unto Him

and Exalted Is He Far Above what they serve!

39:68 The trumpet will be blown

and whoever is in the Heavens and whoever is in the Earth will fall down thunderstruck

except who God Wills.

Then it will be blown again

and then they will all be standing looking on.

39:69 And the Earth will shine with the Light Of its Lord

and the Books recording our lives will be laid down

and the prophets and the witnesses will be brought

and it will be concluded between them in Truth

and they will not be wronged.

39:70 Each soul will be paid in full for what it did

and He Knows Best what they did.

39:71 And disbelievers will be driven into Hell in throngs

when the Gates thereof will be opened

and the keepers will say to them:

Did not messengers come from among you recounting Proofs From your Lord

and Warning you of the Meeting this Day?

They will say: Yea.

Hence the Word of Punishment upon fools is binding.

39:72 It will be said: Enter the Gates of Hell

for you will be abiding Eternally therein

and horrific is the dwelling of the arrogant.

39:73 And those who are in Wise Fear of their Lord will be driven towards the Garden in throngs

when the Gates thereof have been opened

and the Keepers will say to them:

Peace be unto you!

Yea you did well so enter ye

the Successful abiding Eternally.

39:74 And they will say: Glory Be! All Praise Belongs To God Who Fulfilled His Promise to us

and Made us inherit the Earth!

For we may settle in the Garden wherever we will.

Excellent is the Reward of those who worked!

39:75 And thou will see the angels surrounding the Throne

glorifying with the Praise of their Lord

then it will also be decided in Truth between them

and it will be said: All Praise Belongs To God

The Lord of the Worlds!