Chapter 40. The Forgiver, Ghafir

40.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

40:1 ḥā mīm

40:2 The Successive Revelation of this Book is From God The Almighty, The Knowing.

40:3 The Forgiver of transgression

The Accepter of repentance

The Severe in retribution

and The Possessor of Abundance.

There is no god but He

and unto Him is the Journeys’ End.

40:4 Only those who disbelieve dispute concerning the Proofs Of God.

And do not let their frivolous going to and fro in the land dishearten thee.

40:5 The people of Noah and those after them rejected too

and every community sought to seize their messenger.

They disputed with falsehoods trying to refute Truths

so I Took them

and how had been My Repayment!

40:6 And thus the Word of thy Lord became binding upon those who are deceived

they are the companions of the Fire.

40:7 While those who bear the Throne

and those around it

give glory with the Praise of their Lord

and believe in Him

and ask forgiveness for those who believe saying:

Our Lord Thou Are Over All in Mercy and Knowledge

so Forgive those who repent and follow Thy Way

and Protect them from the Punishment of Hell.

40:8 Our Lord Make them enter the Gardens of Perpetual Abode which Thou Has Promised them

and such of their repentant parents and spouses and progeny for Thou Are The Almighty, The Wise.

40:9 And protect them from doing evil

for whomever Thou Protects from doing evil

Upon them Has Thou Shown Thy Great Mercy

and that is winning the Sublime Triumph!

40:10 While those who disbelieve will be told:

Gods’ Hatred of you Is Greater than your hatred of Him

because you were openly invited to believe but denied.

40:11 They will say: Our Lord Twice Thou Has Given us Life

and Twice Thou Has Shown us Death

and now that we admit our transgressions

is there any way out?

40:12 Nay! Because when called to serve God you denied

but when partners are ascribed with Him you believed.

And True Judgement Belongs Only To God

The Exalted, The Great.

40:13 He It Is Who Shows you His Proofs and Sends Down His Provision from the sky for you

and none recollect but those who repent in this life!

40:14 So call to God

sincere to Him in doctrine

even though fools dislike it.

40:15 The Raiser of Degrees

the Owner of the Throne.

He Sends the Spirit Of His Command upon whom He Wills of His Servants

to warn of the Day of Meeting.

40:16 The Day they emerge nothing of them will be hidden from God.

So Whose is the Dominion this Day?

Yea it Still Belongs To God, The One, The Omnipotent!

40:17 This Day each soul is Rewarded for what it earned.

There will be no injustice this Day

and God Is Swift in Reckoning.

40:18 Yea warn thou them of the Approaching Day

when hearts will choke in the throats

with no intimate friends for the wrongdoers.

Nor have they any intercessor to be obeyed.

40:19 He Knows the betrayal of the eyes and all that the hearts hide.

40:20 And God Decides in Truth

and those to whom they call do not decide anything

for God He Is The Hearer, The Seer.

40:21 Have they not travelled in the land and seen the final outcomes of those disbelievers before them?

Some were stronger than them in power and grew greater upon the Earth.

Then God Seized them for their transgressions

and they had no defender from God.

As seen below “not so mysteriously” abandoned in the 1,100s Cambodias’ Angkor Watt is the largest known temple complex in the world. It wasn’t built for worshipping YHWH because it’s chock full of idolatrous statues and symbols. So what do you think happened to its people? Uh huh, likely another “winnowing wind” of ionizing radiation! And again the reason the vast majority of We the People don’t know about all this is because DSIs and their jews have covered it up to keep us from knowing/believing.





40:22 Because their messengers brought them Clear Evidence

but they denied

so God Seized them.

And He Is Strong, Severe in Retribution.

40:23 And We sent Moses with Our Proofs and a Clear Warrant

40:24 to pharaoh and haman and korah who only said:

A fantasizer or teller of lies.

40:25 And when he brought them the Truth from Our presence they said:

Kill the sons of those who believe and keep their women.

But the plans of those fools were only made to error.

40:26 And pharaoh said: Let me kill Moses

while he calls to his Lord

for truly I fear that he will try to change our doctrine.

40:27 And Moses said: I seek Refuge in my Lord from every proud one

who does not believe in the Day of Reckoning.

40:28 And there was a believing man of the house of pharaoh who out of fear concealed his faith and said:

Would you kill a man because he says: My Lord Is God

and has brought you Clear Evidence From Him?

For if he is lying

upon him is his lie

but if he is Truthful what he promises will befall you!

God guides not committers of excess or tellers of lies.

40:29 O my people today the dominion is yours

you being prominent in the land

but who will rescue us from the Wrath Of God if it comes to us?

Pharaoh said: I only show you what I think

and I only guide you to the path of my reason.

40:30 And he who heeded the Warning said: O my people

I fear the likes of days gone by for you.

40:31 Like the case of the people of Noah

and Ad

and Thamud

and those after them.

God does not want injustice for His Servants!

40:32 And O my people I fear for you the Day of Summoning.

40:33 The Day you will be forced to turn and go forward to His Judgement without any defense whatsoever.

Yea whom God Sends Astray

for them there is no guide nor defender.

40:34 And Joseph brought you Clear Evidence before

but you ceased not doubting what he brought.

And when he had perished you said:

God will not raise up any messenger after him.

Thus Does God Lead Astray committers of excess and the baseless skeptic

40:35 who disputes concerning the Proofs Of God without any reason.

It is a Great Abomination in the Sight Of God and in the sight of those who believe.

Thus Does God Seal every proud self serving heart.

40:36 And pharaoh said: O haman build a tower for me that I might reach the routes

40:37 the routes of the Heavens

to look upon the God of Moses

for I think he is a liar.

And thus was the evil of his deed made seem fair to


and he was diverted from the Way

so the cunning of pharaoh ended only in ruin.

40:38 And he who heeded the Warning said: O my people follow me

I will guide you to the Path of Reason.

40:39 O my people the life of this world is only brief

but the Hereafter that is the Enduring Abode.

40:40 Whoever does evil

is only Rewarded with the like thereof.

And whoever works Righteousness

whether male or female and is a believer

these will enter the Garden

wherein they are given provision without reckoning.

40:41 O my people how is it that I invite you to Deliverance and you invite me to the Fire?

40:42 While you call me to deny God and to serve other than Him with that whereof we have zero knowledge I invite you to the Well Documented and Widely Known.

The Almighty, The Forgiver!

40:43 Beyond doubt you only invite me to that to which there is no calling in this world or in the Hereafter

for our return is to God.

And the committers of excess will be the companions of the Fire.

40:44 Then you will remember what I say to you now!

So I commit my affair to God

and God Sees All His Servants.

40:45 Then God Protected him from the evil which they schemed.

Yea then a loathsome Punishment gripped the house of pharaoh.

40:46 Then the Fire

they are to be exposed to it morning and night

for the Day the Hour comes it will be said:

Cause the house of pharaoh to enter the Most Severe Punishment!

40:47 And when they will dispute together in the Fire

those who were deceived will say to those who deceived them:

We were your followers

so will you avail us from a share of the Fire?

40:48 Those who were proud will say: We are all in it

for God Has Been Judge Over us.

40:49 And those in the Fire will say to the keepers of Hell:

Call to your Lord to Lighten the Punishment for a time.

40:50 They will ask: Did a messenger not come to you with Clear Evidence?

They will reply: Verily.

Then they will say: So call yourself

but the calls of fools are only for naught.

40:51 We help Our messengers and those who believe during the life of this world and the Day the witnesses stand.

40:52 The Day their excuses avail not the wrongdoers

for they have the curse upon them

and they earned the miserable Abode.

40:53 And We gave Moses the Guidance

then the children of Israel inherited the Torah

40:54 as a guide and a reminder for those possessed of insight.

40:55 So be patient

for the Promise Of God is True.

And ask Forgiveness for thy transgressions

and give glory with the praise of thy Lord morning and night.

40:56 Those who dispute concerning the Proofs of

God without any authority having come to them

in their minds is only greatness they will never attain.

So seek thou Refuge in God

for He Is The All Hearing, The All Seeing.

40:57 Gods’ Creation of the Heavens and the Earth is Infinitely Greater than anything mankind can construct

but most do not know.

40:58 And certainly not equal are the blind and the seeing

or those who believe and do Righteous Deeds

compared with disbelieving doers of evil.

Little do they take heed.

40:59 And truly the Hour is coming

there is no doubt about it

but still most do not believe.

40:60 And your Lord Said: Call to Me and I Will Respond.

But those who are too proud to serve Me they will enter Hell abased.

40:61 God Is He Who Made the night for you that you might rest therein

and the sight giving day.

God Is Bountiful towards mankind

but most are not grateful.

40:62 That Is God

your Lord

the Creator of All Things.

There is no god but He

so how then are any deluded?

40:63 Yea deluded are those who reject the Proofs Of God!

40:64 God It Is Who Made the Earth a fixed lodging for you

and the sky a structure

and Designed you

and Made your forms Goodly

and Provides Good Things for you.

That Is God

your Lord

so Blessed Be God

The Lord of the Worlds.

40:65 He Is The Living

there is no god but He

so call to Him sincere in Doctrine

for All Praise Belongs To God

The Lord of the Worlds.

40:66 Say: I am forbidden to serve that to which you call besides God

and Clear Evidence From my Lord has come to me.

I am Commanded to submit to The Lord of

all humanity.

40:67 He It Is Who Created you from dust

then from a drop of fluid

then from a clinging thing

then He Brings you Forth as a child

then you reach maturity

then you become old.

And among you are they who are caused to die early

or upon reaching the named term before resurrection.

So in that you might use reason.

40:68 He It Is Who Gives Life and Gives Death

and when He Decrees a thing He Only Says:

Be thou!

And it is.

40:69 Has thou not considered those who dispute concerning the Proofs Of God

how then are they diverted even more?

40:70 Those who refuse the Torah and other Recitations We sent with Our messengers

they will come to know.

40:71 Yea when there are yokes and chains on their necks

being dragged

40:72 into a scalding liquid

then they are burned in the Fire.

40:73 And it will it be said to them:

Where are those to which you ascribed a partnership

40:74 to God?

They will say: They have strayed from us.

The Truth is we did not call to anything worthy before.

Thus Does God Send Astray the foolish.

40:75 That is because you crowed on the Earth without right

yea it is because you were conceited.

40:76 So enter the Gates of Hell

abiding Eternally therein

for miserable is the dwelling of the proud.

40:77 And be thou patient

for the Promise Of God is True.

And whether We let thee see something of the chastisement We promise them

or We take thee before then

it is to Us all are returned.

40:78 And We sent messengers before thee it’s said 120,000 total

among them are those We have told you about

and there are those We have not told you about.

And it was only for all messengers to bring Proofs by Gods’ Permission.

Then when the Command Of God comes the matter will be decided in Truth

and those who follow vanity will be lost.

40:79 God It Is Who Created livestock for you

so you might ride some

and obtain food with some.

40:80 And you have other profits in them

and satisfaction from a desire to take care of them in Good stewardship We placed in your heart

and upon them and ships you are carried.

40:81 He Shows you His Signs

then which of the Signs Of God will you deny?

40:82 Have they not travelled in the land and seen the final outcome of those before them?

Some were more numerous

and stronger in power and grew greater in the Earth

yet nothing they had availed them.

40:83 When their messengers brought them Clear Evidence they were arrogant as if knowledgeable

while what they knew not surrounded them. angels/jinn

40:84 And then when they saw Our might they said:

We now believe in God Alone and deny those to which we ascribed partnership!

40:85 But their late coming faith did not avail them when they saw Our might.

For that is the Practice Of God with His Servants

which had been before

hence all such fools are lost.