Chapter 41. Revelations Detailed, Fussilat

41.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

41:1 ḥā mīm

41:2 This is a Successive Revelation From The Almighty, The Merciful.

41:3 A Decree set out and detailed

in Arabic verse as a Recitation for people who know.

41:4 It is from a bearer of Glad Tidings and a Warner

but most of them do not listen and turn away.

41:5 Some say: Upon our hearts are coverings against that which thou invites us to

and in our ears is deafness

yea between us and thee is a strange barrier.

So work thy doctrine

and we will work ours.

41:6 Say: I am only a mortal like you

and am instructed simply that your God Is The One God

so go straight to Him and seek Forgiveness From Him.

And woe to the polytheists

41:7 those who do not give God the Respect He Is Due

and are deniers of the Hereafter.

41:8 But those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness

they have an Unfailing Reward.

41:9 Say: Do you deny He Who Created the Earth in two days and imagine equals to Him?

That Is The Lord of the Worlds.

41:10 And He Made firm mountains atop it

and Blessed it

and Decreed therein its sustenance in four equal spans winter, spring, summer and fall for those who ask.

41:11 Then He Turned Towards the sky when it was smoke and Said to it and the Earth:

Come willingly or unwillingly

and they replied: We come obediently!

41:12 And He Ordained seven Heavens in two periods

and Instructed each Heaven in its purpose.

And We adorned the lower Heaven with lamps for protection. Stars/angels to defend against would be escapees of this test which is why we cannot explore beyond the firmament. Watch NASHA

That is the Ordainment Of The Almighty, The Knowing.

41:13 Then if they turn away say:

I warn you of a thunderbolt like those sent upon the cities of Ad and Thamud.

41:14 When the messengers came to them before and after saying: Serve not any but God Alone!

They said: If our Lord Had Willed He Would Have Sent Down angels for Proof

so we are deniers that you have been sent.

41:15 Then as for Ad

they were proud in the land without cause

when they said: Who is mightier than us in power?

Had they not considered that God Who Created them He Is Mightier than them in power?

Yea and they denied Our Proofs.

41:16 So We sent a violent wind upon them

in days of calamity

that We might make them taste the suffering of degradation

in the life of this world.

But the Punishment of the Hereafter is incomparably more degrading

and they will not be helped.

41:17 And as for Thamud

We guided them

but they preferred blindness to Guidance.

So the thunderbolt of suffering and humiliation took them for what they earned.

41:18 But We rescued those who heeded Warning and lived in Wise Fear.

41:19 On the Day the enemies to God are gathered they will march in ranks headlong towards the Fire.

41:20 And when they see it

their ears and their eyes and their skins

will bear witness against them as to what they did.

41:21 And they will say to their skins:

Why do you bear witness against us?

They will say: God Gave us speech He Is Who Gave All things speech.

This may be speaking of how God and the angels use DNA to store the memories of ones’ existence within its’ empty strands which have been proven to provide a vast storage medium. However, it is also possible this is more anecdotal in nature and that Everything is being recorded by the angels and/or God in some other fashion beyond digital storage not conceivable to us. Regardless, it is an oft repeated warning that Everything down to the smallest is being documented and stored for Judgement Day.

And He Created you the first time

and to Him you will be returned.

41:22 So no one hides anything because your ears and your eyes and your skin bears witness against you.

Yea you thought God did not know Everything you did!

41:23 And that foolish assumption which you invented about your Lord brings you to ruin on this Day

hence you are now among the losers Forever.

41:24 And even if they are patient and calm in repentance

on this Day the Fire will still be home for them.

Yea when they then seek to make amends

they are not of those who can make amends.

41:25 And We assigned intimate companions to them

who made what was before and what was to come seem fair to them.

And hence upon the former and latter communities of jinn and humans is how the Word became binding

thereby they become the losers Forever.

41:26 And those who disbelieve say:

Do not heed the Quran and talk idly during its recital

so that you might retain control.

41:27 But We will cause those who disbelieve to taste a Severe Punishment.

Yea We will reward them for such evils they did.

41:28 That is the Reward for the enemies to God.

The Fire

for them Hell is the Eternal Abode

as Reward for their denial of Our Proofs.

41:29 And those who disbelieve will say:

Our Lord Show us those who led us astray among jinn and degenerate snaking imposters and humans.

We will lay them under our feet so they are the lowest!

41:30 While those who said: Our Lord Is God

and remained on the Straight Path

the angels descend upon them saying:

Fear not nor grieve

but rejoice at the Garden God Promised to you!

41:31 We are your Friends in the first life and in the second

and whatever your souls desire is in the Garden

yea for you therein is whatever you ask.

41:32 An Accommodation from The One Forgiving, Merciful.

41:33 And who is better in Word than one who invites others to their Lord and works Righteousness while saying:

I am of the submitted.

41:34 Yea Good and evil deeds are not the same

so use the former to repel and replace the latter.

Then would be enemies become like intimate friends.

41:35 But only the patient are granted such grace

and only they will receive the Abundant Reward.

41:36 So when tempted from whispering jinn and the degenerate snaking imposter to do evil deeds

seek refuge in God. Recite surahs #1 and #114 and Psalms 23.

For He Is The All Hearing, All Knowing.

41:37 And among His Proofs are the night and the day and the sun and the moon

but do not worship the sun nor the moon.

Yea submit to God Who Created them

if It Is He YHWH you serve.

41:38 And while some are too proud

remember those angels who are with thy Lord give glory to Him night and day

and they never grow weary of it.

41:39 And among His Signs is how thou sees the Earth barren

until We send down water stirring it to life then giving abundance.

And He Who Gives it Life Is Also The Quickener of death

for He Is Powerful Over All Things.

41:40 And those who deviate concerning Our Proofs are not hidden from Us.

So is one who is to be cast into the Fire better off now

or is one to have security on the Day of Resurrection?

Yea do what you will

He Sees Everything you do.

41:41 Those who deny this Remembrance when it comes to them are being watched

and truly it is a Mighty Book to disregard!

41:42 Falsehoods cannot reach it from before or after it

a Successive Revelation from One Wise, Praiseworthy.

The original Arabic words memorized by millions of Muslims have not changed since its revelation to Mohamet which is now verified by the extremely advanced mathematical miracles encoded deep in its prose. If one single letter were changed the entire code would collapse. Now recall Mohamet didn’t write and that the Quran was delivered telepathically!

41:43 And there is said to thee only what was said to the messengers before thee:

Thy Lord Is The One Possessing Forgiveness

and The One Possessing Painful Retribution.

41:44 Had We made it a non-Arabic recitation they would have said:

Oh that its verses were only set out and detailed

in an Arabic tongue from our fellow Arab!

Say: In it is Guidance and Healing for those who believe

but those who do not believe in their ears is deafness

and in their hearts is darkness.

Yea they are as if called from a distant place unhearing.

41:45 And We gave Moses the Torah but it was disputed.

Had it not been for the Words From thy Lord prior

it would have been concluded between them

for they were already skeptical. Speaking of either the Vedas or early biblical scriptures like Enoch or Job which are thought to be the oldest are likely what’s being referred to here.

41:46 Whoever works Righteousness it is for their soul.

And whoever does evil it is against their soul

for it is not thy Lord who is unjust to His Servants.

41:47 Unto Him is referred Knowledge of the Hour

and no fruits come forth from their sheaths

and no female bears or gives birth

without His Knowledge.

And the Day He Summons all polytheists Asking them:

Where are My partners now?

They will say: There is not among us a witness who ever knew them!

41:48 Yea strayed from them will be who they called to

and they will see that they have no place of refuge.

41:49 The disbeliever tires not of asking for enjoyment

but when hardship touches them

they are left in despair without hope.

41:50 And if We cause them to taste mercy after an affliction touches them they say:

This is my doing

and I think not that the Hour will take place

but if I am brought back to meet my Lord it will surely result in greatness for me.

But We will inform those who disbelieve about what they did

and We will make them taste a Stern Punishment.

41:51 Yea when We are gracious to some they turn away and remain aside.

Then when hardship touches them

they are full of Supplication.

41:52 Say: Have you considered even though Everything is From God

you were ungrateful for it?

Who is further astray than ones in such extreme schism?

41:53 Soon We will show them Proof in the horizons

and in themselves

then it will be clear to them that this is the Truth. We will see massive foreign craft approaching in the sky and hear majestic voices speaking plain words from every language in our heads.

Then will it not suffice concerning thy Lord that He Is The Witness to Everything?

41:54 Yet still most doubt the Meeting With their Lord

He Who Encompasses Everything.