Chapter 51. The Winnowing Winds, ad-Dhariyat

51.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

51:1 By the winnowers a winnowing

51:2 and the bearers of burden

51:3 and those sailing with ease

51:4 and those Who distribute the Command!

51:5 You are Promised what is True

51:6 and Gods’ Judgement Will Befall

51:7 by the sky full of paths

51:8 for you are ones at variance in your sayings!

51:9 Yea misled by the misled

51:10 and damned are the tellers of lies

51:11 those who are in oblivious confusion.

51:12 They ask: When is the Day of Judgement?

51:13 Say: It is the Day when they will be tried by Fire.

51:14 So taste your prosecution

that which you sought to hasten!

51:15 While those of Wise Fear will be among Gardens with springs

51:16 taking That which their Lord Gives them.

For before that they were doers of Good.

51:17 They often slept only little of the night

51:18 and at the break of day sought His Forgiveness.

51:19 And of their wealth was an obligation for the ones who needed and the ones deprived.

51:20 And in the Earth is Evidence for those who are certain

51:21 and in yourselves

do you then not see?

51:22 And from the sky comes both your provision and What you are Promised. i.e. air, sun, rain, then the angels and God!

51:23 Then by The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth

it is as True as Truths you yourselves speak.

51:24 Has there come to thee the story of the honored guests of Abraham?

51:25 When they entered upon him and said: Peace!

He said: Peace strangers!

51:26 Then he turned away from his people

with a fatted calf.

51:27 And brought it near them

saying: Will you not eat? confusing them with carnivorous jinn

51:28 Then he had a sense of fear of them

but they said: Fear not

and gave him Glad Tidings of an intellectual lad.

51:29 And his wife came forward crying out and struck her face and said:

I am only a barren old woman!

51:30 They said: It be thus Sayeth thy Lord

for He Is The Wise, The Knowing.

51:31 He said: Then what is your case O messengers?

51:32 They said: We are sent to an evildoing people

51:33 that We might rain upon them molten stones

51:34 Sent By thy Lord for the committers of excess.

51:35 So We went to bring forth the believers therein

51:36 but found not but one household submitted. Lots’

51:37 And We left it as an example for those of Wise Fear.

51:38 And in Moses

when We sent him to pharaoh with Clear Authority.

51:39 But he turned away with his people and said: A fantasizer or one possessed and insane.

51:40 So We seized him and his forces drowned in the sea

for he was blameworthy.

51:41 And in Ad

when We sent upon them the winnowing wind.

51:42 It leaves nothing it touches without being as if decayed. i.e. cooked via ionizing radiation

51:43 And in Thamud

when it was told to them:

Enjoy yourselves for a time.

51:44 But they scorned the Command Of their Lord so the thunderbolt took them while they were looking on.

51:45 They were unable to even stand up imagine this

yea they could not help themselves at all.

51:46 And the people of Noah before

who were wantonly disobedient people.

51:47 And the universe We built with great might the big bang and truly We are Ones Who still expand it. as now known

51:48 Then We spread out the Earth

and how excellent are Those Who spread! for God.

51:49 And We Created life in pairs

that you might take heed. of the import of heterosexuality

51:50 So flee to God

for I am a Clear Warner to you From Him.

51:51 And do not make another god with God

for truly I am a Clear Warner to you From Him.

51:52 And there came no messenger to those before them who it was not said of the like:

A fantasizer or one possessed and insane!

51:53 Have the fools handed this saying down between themselves as an inheritance?

Yea. They are a people transgressing all bounds.

51:54 So turn away from them

for thou are not to be reproached by them.

51:55 Just remind them

for the Reminder profits the believers.

51:56 And I Created the jinn and humans only that they might serve Me.

51:57 I desire no provision from them nor do I want what they offer to feed Me.

51:58 God He Is The Provider, The Lord of Might, The Sure.

51:59 And for those who do wrong is a portion like the portion of their companions

so do not let them seek to hasten My Judgement.

51:60 And woe to those who disbelieve in their Day which they are Promised!