Chapter 64. The Cheating, at-Taghabun

64.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

64:1 Everything in the Heavens and the Earth gives glory to God.

To Him Belongs All Dominion

and To Him Belongs All Praise

for He Is Powerful Over All Things.

64:2 He Is Who Created you.

And among you is the fool

and among you is the believer

and God Sees Everything you all do Always.

64:3 He Created the Heavens and the Earth in Truth

and He Designed you and Made you of Goodly forms in His Bipedal Image and to Him is the Journeys’ End.

64:4 He Knows Everything in the Heavens and the Earth

yea He Knows what you conceal

and what you make known.

Yea God Knows Everything that is in the hearts.

64:5 Has the story of the fools who were here before not reached you?

They tasted the miserable consequences of their affairs

yea then they have a Far Worse Punishment.

64:6 Because when their messengers came to them with Clear Evidence they said: Shall mortals guide us?

Hence they denied and turned away

but God Is Omnipotent

He Alone Is The Free From need, The Praiseworthy.

64:7 Those who disbelieve claim they will not be raised

so say: Verily By my Lord you will be Raised!

And then you will be informed of Everything you did!

That is Easy For God.

64:8 So believe in God and His Messenger and the Light which We have sent down

for God Is Aware of Everything you do at All Times.

64:9 The Day He Will Raise you for the Gathering

that will be the Day of mutual loss and gain.

Whoever believes in God and works Righteousness

He Will Remove their evil from them and

Make them Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

abiding forever therein Eternally.

And that is the Tremendous Achievement!

64:10 But those who disbelieve and deny Our Word

these are the companions of the Fire

ones who will dwell forever in it Eternally.

And how miserable is their Journeys’ End!

64:11 No misfortune befalls without Gods’ Permission

and whoever believes in God He Guides their heart.

And God Knows All Things.

64:12 So obey God and obey the messenger

but if you turn away

upon Our Messengers is only the clear communication.

64:13 God

there is no god but He

so in God let the believers place all their trust.

64:14 O you who believe among your spouses and your children are enemies to you

so beware of them. Disbelievers, jews and DSIs.

But when you overlook or forgive a disbeliever

know that God Too Was Forgiving, Merciful to you.

64:15 Your wealth and your children are only Tests From God

but with Him is the Immense Reward.

64:16 So be in Wise Fear of God as much as you are able

and listen

and obey

and spend in Godly Ways

for it is better for your souls.

And whoever protects themselves from their own stinginess these are the successful.

64:17 For if you lend a Goodly loan to God He Will Double it and Give you His Forgiveness.

For God Is Appreciative, Forbearing.

64:18 The Knower of the unseen and the seen

The Almighty, The Wise.