Chapter 65. Divorce, al-Talaq

65.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

65:1 O prophet when they seek divorce tell them to

cease intercourse

and wait three menses

and be in Wise Fear of God Who Is Always Looking On.

Expel them not from their households nor let them go forth except if they do a major wrong the commandments

those are the Limits Of God.

And whoever transgresses the Limits Of God has wronged their soul.

Do they not know that God Can Bring About grave new difficulties for them?

65:2 And when they reach their term inquire if they are sure

then if so separate them honorably

by calling as witness two just men among you.

And uphold the witness before God

for by this they are exhorted

those who believe in God and the Last Day.

And whoever is in Wise Fear of God

know He Will Make a way out for them.

65:3 And He Can Provide For them without reckoning

so whoever places all their trust in God

He Will Be Quite Sufficient for them.

Because God Reaches Through us by His Command

and God Has Set His Measure for all things.

65:4 And for women no longer menstruating if there is doubt their waiting period shall be three moons

as well as for those who do not regularly menstruate.

For those found to be bearing their waiting period shall be till they lay down their burden.

And those in Wise Fear of God He Will Give them Ease.

65:5 That is the Command Of God He Sent Down to you.

And whoever is in Wise Fear of God He Removes their evil from them and Readies Fair Compensation.

65:6 Let them dwell in what manner you dwell out of your means

yea do not press upon them or put them in bad straits.

And if they be bearing spend on them until they lay down their burden

then if they suckle for you compensate them.

And if this causes difficulty consult others

about letting another suckle the child.

65:7 And let those of abundance spend for God of it

and whose wealth is light let them spend for God of What God Has Given them.

God imposes not upon a soul beyond what He Gives it

and after hardship tests God Will Bring Ease.

65:8 And how many a city scorned the Command Of its Lord and His Messengers.

So We called them to stern accountings

punishments with scourges and horrific deaths!

65:9 So they tasted the consequences of their affairs

yea the final outcome of their affairs were total loss!

65:10 And God Has Also Prepared A Far More Severe Punishment for them so be in Wise Fear of God O you possessed of insight who believe!

Yea God Has Sent This Remembrance Down To you.

65:11 And a messenger reciting to you Proofs Of God that are made manifest

that He Might Bring Forth those who believe and do deeds of Righteousness from darkness into Light.

And whoever believes in God and works Righteousness He Makes Enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow

they abiding forever therein Eternally.

Yea God Has Made a Goodly Provision for them.

65:12 God Is He Who Created the seven Heavens

and upon the Earth their like in diversity. 7 continents

His Commands descend from On High unceasingly

that you might know God Is Powerful Over All Things

and that God Encompasses All Things In His Knowledge.