Chapter 69. The Reality, al-Haqqah

69.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

69:1 The Reality.

69:2 What is the Reality?

69:3 And what would cause thee to recognize what the Reality is?

69:4 The cities of Thamud and Ad denied the Reality.

69:5 Then as for Thamud

they were destroyed by a storm with the greatest thunder and lightning never to be recounted by any!

69:6 And as for Ad

they were destroyed by a deadly scourge of violent winds

69:7 which He Set Against them seven long nights and eight days without let.

And thou could see the people therein laid prostrate like uprooted date palms.

69:8 Does thou hear any recount of those who suffered it?

69:9 And there came pharaoh

and those before him

and the cities thrown down due to their errors.

69:10 They opposed the Messengers Of their Lord

so He Seized them With a Tight Grip.

69:11 And when the water rose We carried yours in the ship

69:12 that We might make it a reminder for you

and that the hearing ears might take heed.

69:13 The trumpet will be blown with a single blow

69:14 before the Earth and the mountains are leveled with a single leveling and everything therein is taken up.

69:15 That Day the Inevitability becomes the Reality.

69:16 Yea the Day the wide Heavens will be rent asunder

as if feathers blown about.

69:17 The angels will be upon its borders

and eight will bear the Throne Of thy Lord above them.

69:18 That Day you will be presented your books

and no secret among any of you will be hidden.

69:19 As for those given their Book in their right hand

they will say: Here read my Book

69:20 for I knew that I would meet my Reckoning.

69:21 Then they will have a pleasing Eternal Life

69:22 in a High Garden

69:23 where the fruits hang low and it is said:

69:24 Eat and drink with ease for what you sent before you in days past.

69:25 But as for those given their book in their left hand

they will say: If only this record of mine were not kept!

69:26 And this were not my Reckoning!

69:27 Yea if only the first death had been my end!

69:28 Now my wealth does not avail me

69:29 and gone from me is my security and authority!

69:30 All that is said is: Take them!

And fetter them!

69:31 Then burn them in Hell!

69:32 And anchor them to chains of seventy cubits in length!

69:33 For they did not believe in God, The Almighty

69:34 and did not encourage helping those in need.

69:35 So for them there are no intimate friends this Day

69:36 nor drink except foul pus

69:37 which is only drank by those who erred.

69:38 This do I swear by what you see

69:39 and what you see not. i.e. jinn, angels, Heaven, Hell and God

69:40 It is the speech of Gods’ Noble Messenger

69:41 and not the speech of a poet

yet so little do most believe!

69:42 Indeed it is not the speech of a soothsayer

yet so little do most take heed!

69:43 A Successive Revelation From The Lord of the Worlds.

69:44 And had the messenger fabricated some sayings

69:45 We would have taken him with Our right hands

69:46 and severed his aorta.

69:47 And not one among you could have prevented that nor anything else We do!

69:48 Yea this is a Kindly Reminder to those of Wise Fear

69:49 and We know who among you denies

69:50 so this is a sorrow upon all those fools.

69:51 For it is the Certain Truth

69:52 so give thou glory with The Name Of thy Lord, The Almighty.