Chapter 70. Ascending Stairways, al-Ma’arij

70.0 In The Name Of YHWH: The Almighty, The Merciful.

70:1 One supplicant Noah asked for a Punishment to come

70:2 upon all the fools for which there is none to avert it

70:3 from God

The Owner of the Stairways of Ascent.

70:4 The angels and the Spirit Gabriel ascend to Him during a span the measure whereof is fifty thousand years. This is likely speaking of their lifespans in their current states.

70:5 So be thou patient with a graceful patience.

70:6 And know they jinn/humans see it as distant

70:7 but We see it near at hand.

70:8 The Day the sky becomes like molten brass

70:9 and the mountains like clusters of wool

70:10 when no loyal friend asks of another loyal friend

70:11 even though they see each other there.

And the evildoer will wish they could be ransomed from the Punishment of that Day

by selling their children

70:12 and their spouses

and their siblings

70:13 and their kin who sheltered them

70:14 and whomever and whatever is in the Earth altogether

if it could save them.

70:15 But no indeed! It is the Fire of Hell for them

70:16 and it sears away the skin

70:17 raging upon those who drew back and turned away from the Truth

70:18 or gathered wealth and hoarded it.

70:19 Truly mankind was Created anxious.

70:20 When hardship touches them they are distressed

70:21 and when Good touches them they are unthankful.

70:22 But the ones who Pray

70:23 those who are consistent and have Wise Fear.

70:24 And those who use their wealth to pay Gods’ Dues

70:25 to the ones who ask and the ones in need.

70:26 And those who confirm the Day of Judgement.

70:27 And those who are in Wise Fear of Punishment from their Lord

70:28 for there is no safe harbor from Punishment Of God.

70:29 And those who are custodians of their modesty

70:30 except with their spouses

or what they possess rightfully

they are not blamed.

70:31 But whoever seeks beyond that

these are the transgressors.

70:32 And those who honor their word and their pledges.

70:33 And those who are upright in their witness.

70:34 And those who keep to the Prayers.

70:35 These are who are honored in Gardens.

70:36 So what is with the ingrates you see acting deplorably in front of thee?

70:37 Polytheists on one side and nontheists on the other.

70:38 Is there hope for any of them to enter the Gardens?

70:39 Nay! If they only knew We Created them.

70:40 So nay! And I swear by The Lord of the Rising and the Setting that We are able

70:41 to exchange them for better than them

and We are not outdone.

70:42 So leave them to jest and play until their Day which they are Promised.

70:43 The Day they will come forth from their states of death in haste as if hurrying frantically to a goal.

70:44 Then indeed the Sight of Hell will humble them

and their stupidity will cover them in abasement.

That is the Day they were Promised.

The Day they will lose the Only Thing that was Everything.